i guess this is my best edit by far


So I guess some people are wondering about my cartoon. So basically I’m working on a (personal) pilot. Been wanting to make it for a while now and it’s finally (very slowly) happening.

If you’ve been following me for a while now you probably seen a bunch of concept art already, but it’s called “The Dark Harvest” and basically it revolves around the life of a sort of “rookie grim reaper” and her grandfather training her and whatnot… It’s sci fi and paranormal and all that good stuff…

This is my first time actually writing dialogue for a cartoon and I’m not really the best writer so I’m trying my best to make it good. I’m also just one person working on the whole thing (animation, backgrounds, sound effects, editing, some music probably etc.) so this will probably take some time. I really like how it looks visually right now (people say it looks like Sym Bionic Titan, and I’ll take that as a compliment!) but as far as how the cartoon is going to turn out like story wise, guess you’ll have to wait and see.

obsessed-sims  asked:

Hi! I just started posting today and I am so anxious about it. Do you know how to get so more confidence to post things? I am asking since you're a new simblr too. Thx 😊

Hi! Welcome to simblr!! I know the feeling, I was super nervous to start posting my legacy as well. I guess all I can say is to make sure you’re having fun. My posts definitely aren’t the best, but I love my sims and try not to focus on the number of followers/notes I get and it really helps! Another thing you could do (I don’t because I’m lazy) is edit your screenshots to your liking so you’re more confident in them! If you need anything else feel free to message me!

edit: I checked out your blog and I love what you have posted so far! keep it up 💛💛

Aki Fujishima for @ohimebento ヾ(´∀`○)ノ
I got a lot of feels after replaying his route so I guess you didn’t have to wait that much heh
Not my best edit so far but I reeeally don’t care I NEEDED to keep track of all the things Aki says (✿´‿`)

It’s kinda sad to think how they could’ve been best friends, if Kuvira didn’t choose the war criminal path… still, she’s one of my favourite characters by far.

I’m not over it yet… I really want to rewatch the four seasons…

Edit: Someone pointed out Kuvira’s skin was too light, what I found true (guess she was more in the tone of Asami), I particularly care for it when coloring LoK, cause I believe is one of the best and stronger points about that universe, so I edited it, hope is better. Choosing the colors and adjusting them to each other on the piece is a point I still struggle about. But that’s it, I won’t go back to it and generally wouldn’t edit anything cause of a complaint (this one was just fair and something I really care about), keep going back to a drawing to perfect it is a particularly bad habit for artists, one I’m trying to overcome, so I hope you’ll be understanding about that too.

february 15, 2014 ) to vixx’s resident rapper, songwriter & sleepyhead, ravi 

to be quite honest, i never once imagined that my first bias would be, of all people, a rapper. even now, about 6 months on, i still have no idea how it happened, but somehow you have wormed your way into my heart and settled yourself there quite permanently.

why do i like you? it’s something i ask myself quite often, really. maybe it’s your adorably droopy eyes, or your sexy immeasurably attractive baritone voice, or those deadly lips, or muscles, or legs, or even that silly old birthmark of yours that you always cover up. but more than that, i adore your mischievous sense of humour, your contagious laughter, your protective nature, your subtle sensitivity to those around you. i love how open you are about your feelings, that you don’t hide your tears, nor do you hold back your goofy grins.

perhaps i am too far gone and blind to your flaws, but i guess it wouldn’t be too far-fetched to describe you as my ideal man.

and yet all i can do is wish you, from afar, the very best in all your future endeavours. you have worked so tirelessly these few years, and i hope that you will be rewarded with every ounce of success and recognition you deserve. but above all, i wish you eternal happiness — may you never lose that delightful laugh or adorable smile.

from the bottom of my heart, happy birthday, kim wonshik.

I'll Never Tell - Winchesters Edition

Dean: Out of the pit guess I’m glad to be back
           With Sam by my side.
           A forty year stretch with the souls on the rack
           Still screaming inside…
           He doesn’t know it yet,
           But I wake nightly in a sweat.
           The things I can’t forget -
           I’ll never tell.

Sam:   While Dean was gone I just had to go on;
           What else could I do?
           He was in Hell, I was left all alone
           As far as I knew.
           Then Ruby lent a hand:
           She came up with a cunning plan.
           It’s for the best and - no
           I’ll never tell.

Both:  ‘Cause there’s
           Nothing to tell.

Dean: He pouts

Sam:   He glowers

Dean: He always hogs the shower

Sam:   He looks at me for hours
           Like I’m some kind of freak!

Dean: He lies, I know it

Sam:   Don’t trust me and he shows it

Dean: This isn’t how I chose it when I made my deal.

Both:  The vibe gets kind of grumpy

Sam:   Like he doesn’t really trust me

Dean:  All our inside jokes are rusty

Sam:   Can’t forget when it was just me

Both:  But it’s all very well
           'Cos God knows I’ll never tell

Dean:  In hell I tortured -
           Now things are really awkward;
           We both of us are altered
           From my time down below.

Sam:   He won’t discuss it
           And I don’t want to rush it
           I bet -

Dean:  He never flushes!

Sam:   This is my verse, hello!
           He -

Dean: Look at me! I’m dancing crazy!

Both:  You know

Sam:   You’re still my brother

Dean:  And there’s no other

Sam:   My love for you just triples
           As I watch your muscles ripple
           I’m fixated by your–
           HUNTING SKILLS!

Dean: He’s cute

Sam:   He’s charming

Dean:  Our co-dependency’s alarming,
           That’s why I’ll never tell him that I’m wrecked inside.

Sam:   This thing can’t fail:
           He’ll think it’s a betrayal;
           But I can’t get beyond
           How Lilith made him die.

Dean: I lied, said I’d no memory

Sam:   I’ve tried, but this desire I can’t quell

Dean:  Will I ever be the same again?

Sam:   If I drink too much blood, what then?

Dean: What if he can’t help dark-siding
           When he keeps on exorcising

Sam:   When I’m such a go-juice addict
           That my eyes are black and savage…

Sam:   Am I crazy?

Dean: Am I dreaming?

Sam:   Am I becoming a demon?

Dean: This could end up being worse than when I went to Hell

Both: So thank God, I’ll never tell!
           I swear that I’ll never tell

Sam:   My lips are sealed

Dean:  I’ll take a fifth

Sam:   Nothing to see

Dean: Move it along

Sam:   I’ll never

Both:  TELL.

- obviously, mad props to Joss Whedon for the glorious original, and to sammichgirl for reminding me about this half-finished thing! If anybody does any more Supernatural-does-Once More With Feeling (I’m thinking Bobby as Giles? Cas as Spike?), let me know!!