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Hey, do you know of a Turk!Cloud fanfic where he's a hacker/computer expert, his dad is an angel from Earth, Jenova is a demon obsessed with his dad, Lucrecia was the evil one who experimented on herself and Sephiroth, and Hojo was a good guy? I can't remember what it was called but I know it was on AO3. I can't find it now though... T_T

Oooh. No, I don’t. That sounds pretty distinctive, I think I’d remember if I had read it. (Is it a multichapter? I imagine it must be. I have this terrible habit of not reading multichapters because, ‘oh, I’mma wait until I have some time free/more energy and read through that properly *never has free time/has forgotten about the fic by the time free time is available*’)

Once again, any followers out there who can help??? Tonight is fic search night. xD

Someone online was translating lots of Osomatsu-san fanart for people and I asked if I could draw them something back since they’d been doing all of this for free. They asked for a bee Karamatsu and, well, that’s my specialty these days, isn’t it?


#Work Doodles Part 5. Oh boy. Someone better answer the grumpy Asian kid or things are not gonna be pretty. (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7)

I Have a YouTube Channel Now!

Ever wanted to watch two gay ladies play video games and make real dumb jokes? WELL, you’re in luck! My friend @emilysbagelsandwich and I have started a YouTube channel together: the Gaymer Girls (har har).

We started with Until Dawn - of course - and our first video is already up. We’ll be posting new videos every Wednesday and Saturday.

You can find our channel HERE, and keep up with us on Twitter HERE. And a big thank you to @banhmiboy for all of our awesome channel art! ADIOS!


December 30 is a day that should be celebrated because it’s when these 2 love birds got married. Happy 5th Anniversary!


Everyday people do everyday things but I
Can’t be one of them
I know you hear me now, we are a different kind
We can do anything


I haven’t seen any Parsley fanart
That’s unacceptable

THIS WAS VERY… Experimental? There’s a few things I’m not happy with but overall I’m trying to improve my poses and effects…. Y’know. So that they’re not always stuck at the same ¾ angle. So please excuse any mistakes, I’m just…. learning, I guess!

I’ve included a version WITH the Lucidia on it, and without- Cause I couldn’t decide which I liked more.

hands are hard

[Parsley belongs to @loverofpiggies!]

[ rei voice ] ikari-kun

twenty days left till AN and i don’t think i’ll get to do a fenris one haha

eta: changed a couple of things up top

eta2: apparently i got the quote wrong 8D;;;;;;;;

I realized in the last fight, when we were fighting against the fire giant general and the fucking wizard that took control of her, the minute it came down to it she turned around, she was like “fuck you!” and just, like, shot him in the head. And I was like, ‘ah, Vex, what are you doing?’ And I thought about it afterwards, I was up all night going 'you didn’t fulfill the thing you’ve been trying to!’ But I guess that’s human nature––half-elf nature, or whatever––you don’t, you don’t–– you try, you know what you want, but it’s a struggle, it’s a process… But she did think about it afterwards and she was definitely upset she didn’t fulfill what she was after.
—  Laura Bailey, talking about Vex’s struggle to forgive and grow on Talks Machina
Okay, so, I need to say some things...

I’d planned to do this as part of my review of the latest SU episode, The New Crystal Gems, when I post it this Tuesday, and I will probably mention a lot of this again then, but I’m peeved enough that I need to rant about it now.

If you plan on watching my review, and you don’t want any aspect of my opinion of the episode spoiled, then don’t read this, I guess. If you don’t mind hearing my ideas twice, though, or you don’t plan on watching the review, then let’s talk a little bit about Lapis.

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  • Hair-Dresser: So, do you have any plans for college?
  • Me: *that sound Jack makes after Davey says "tell me how quitting does Crutchie any good!")

Watercoloured Elf - yeah i really didn’t know what else to call it xD but I’m super happy with how it turned out. It’s been a while since I made an OC and now that I think about it I don’t think I ever used colour.. I wanted to try and work with watercolours to see how it’d turn out andddd needless to say I might use those from now on ^^” I’m super satisfied with the outcome. Here’s to more fanart^^ artblock begone!

Made by jiyu-koya. Please do not repost, do not remove source

quick update since i woke up from my nap and i feel like i should get this out here before i lose my nerve but these past few days have been pretty rough, and i feel like the upcoming days will be pretty rough too. as of now, it’s really hard for me to juggle in-character interaction with out of character interaction, so i will be attempting to focus more on actually roleplaying to get myself feeling better again. if you see me posting replies and not responding back to messages it’s just me attempting to regain my equilibrium. thanks for being so patient with me mates, i’ll be back to being moderately active tomorrow or at least i’ll try a lot harder. 

there’s a line in a children’s story
that goes like this: something
is not quite right. something
keeps you awake at night,
chest constricting, hands
trembling, breath shuddering
because it’s wrong wrong wrong—
you’re wrong. there is something
in you that feels all out of place,
pieces of your body that you wish
to stretch and tear and strangle
until you can fit into your own flesh.
you were born into this tragedy,
all your own, all alone, all invisible
despite the symptoms you can list
by heart. you know it makes me
want to die? thoughts at war
as a daily dosage of things
i seek escape from. i wish
you could understand, but
i’m glad you can’t.
—  “dysphoria” for @phantmby

love interests from the dating sim ‘ok but why’

  • Raphaëlle: Hey, maman, imagine that like, hypothetically, in an alternate reality, you've been brainwashed and experimented on to make you like, the most skillfull assassin ever, wouldn't that be messed up?
  • Amélie: I guess...but how do you even come up with such things? That's pretty dark...
  • Raphaëlle: I dunno, sometimes I just get these...random thoughts? Also, in this hypothetical reality, you and Lena may or may not be trying to kill each other, like, all the time.
  • Lena: Pfftw, yeah, as if.