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winchestersinlove  asked:

Um can we please talk about impressionist painters?? How about Renoir and Monet painting side by side in a gorgeous resort outside Paris. Like those two just being art boyfriends bringing in the new age of painting in one of the most gorgeous places ever as they literally make two paintings that together make a combined image. Like??? If that's not the 1800's version of a friendship locket I don't know what is. My heart for La Grenouillere. <3

Oohhhh yes yes yes! I have a love for all things French (although my favorite French artist–technically post-impressionist–is Van Gogh) but wow the Impressionist movement was just so incredibly crazy and interesting. So La Grenouillère was a place where people met to swim, drink, and do…things, I guess. Heh.

Claude Monet:

Auguste Renoir:

I think my favorite is Renoir’s, with the slightly softer lines (especially in the water) and…yeah let’s not even pretend that I’m good at analyzing art. BUT…

I’M LOVING THIS! Painting BFs for live, no?? I mean…so adorable. So cute. So gay. Basically the epitome of 1800s French art.

Thanks for the ask, darling! I’m always down for some Francophone 411. (God I sound so old.)