i guess this counts as being productive


When does Gotham take place?  Although Gotham’s producers have stated that it takes place in an undefined era, there are some clues that suggest when that might be. In the top two gifs from s1e14 we see Selina eating a cereal called “Fruit Brute”, which was originally produced from 1974-1982; and then briefly re-released in 2013.

Then, in s1e16, Harvey and Jim question Alphonse Grayson and Owen Lloyd about their family feud. The feud started before World War I, which began in July, 1914. If we accept the standard definition of a generation as 20-25 years, and count forward from 1914, that places the date between 1974-1989, which overlaps with the original production of Fruit Brute. Gotham, then would be taking place during the mid 70s to the early 80s.

This would mean that Jim earned the distinction of being a “War Hero” in Vietnam. Of course, since this is an alternate universe, who knows for sure? But it’s fun to guess!

Thank you to @rhavewellyarnbag for spotting the Fruit Brute!

27.11.15 | 3/40 days of productivity
didn’t do much today since i’ve finally hauled my lazy ass out of the house to (finally) breathe in some fresh air. i guess looking through my proposal and research material to start outlining my essay is counted as being productive??? right???? hahaha side note: can’t believe i’m the only one doing the music essay in my cohort, now i’m soooo stressed out meeting the deadline since i’ll be the only student the teacher’s gonna focus on ughhhhhh