i guess this also works for high school students

To the woman who owns my high school:

Let me just say that telling a Deaf student that they should “Learn to lipread if they ever want to succeed in getting a job” is completely inappropriate and it’s also complete bullshit. 

Implying that I need to pass as hearing in order to be successful is terrible. I have a job that I love, and I didn’t need to lie to get it. I didn’t need to strain my eyes and struggle to understand to get my job. And guess what! We use ASL at my job all the time. Not even just for work but for casual conversations in the store. 

To tell a Deaf student that they should want to be more like hearing people and that it’ll make them more successful, ESPECIALLY if you’re the founder of the school, is inappropriate bullshit and I will NOT stand for it. 

Since the Yu-Gi-Oh! 20th Anniversary I have yet to draw a double shot of the protagonists! The movie and the original work have concluded, Yugi has also graduated from being a high school student so I don’t have to draw him in a school uniform~! LOL

They grew up a bit huh?!

Also look forward to DUEL LINKS!


(NOTE: Yugi is talking about not being able to play Pokemon GO since Duel Links, the new YGO! App, is coming out. The English translation is pretty bad. If I had to guess what they’re actually saying in Japanese:
Yugi: GOはできない! GO ha dekinai! [I can’t play GO!]
Atem: それはたしかな!相棒〜! Sore ha tashika na! Aibou~! [That is so! Partner~!])

great news friends! I have decided to start studying Swahili which I’m really excited about.

Why? : I love the sound of the language. It’s also really going to help me out a lot with my applications to a foreign exchange program I’m very interested in. Last year at my high school I was fortunate enough to meet some amazing students from Uganda who came to visit our school as a part of the school’s sistership with their high school. I made some really good friends and I guess they’re also a part of my inspiration for doing this.

When? : I will be working at my Swahili over this summer. My aim is to have a basic understanding of conversational Swahili by September which should help me a lot moving forward with the language into university when I will have less time.

Where? : I will be using a bunch of apps and textbooks, if you know any good ones please let me know! So far I am armed with Duolingo and Swahili: Beginners Course by Living Language, audio. I will update my progress on this Tumblr and occasionally post vocab sheets amongst other things.

What? : I’m beginning with personal pronouns and basic vocab, as well as simple greetings. I’m also working on my pronunciation.   

Who? : So far I am embarking on this linguistical adventure on my own, but I would be delighted to find someone to practice with! I’m literally just starting out so if you’re interested in the language please please let me know and we’ll do this together 

This is bit more langblr for me, so hi, langblr community :) I’m so hyped for this.

lots of love, Niamh

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Do you know of any fashion summer programs for high school students?

Okay so here are some I found on Teen Vogue’s website. Note: None of these are free of course, but I’m assuming you can do that part yourself. 

Rhode Island School of Design (Providence, RI) has a precollege course in the summer. (here) You have to be 16-18 years old. "Includes fashion design, jewelry, and even furniture design, to gain specialized expertise. Fashion design students will have the opportunity to show off garments that they designed and constructed at an exhibition at the end of the program.“

Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) (New York, NY) "features courses in magazine design, advertising, model drawing, and menswear design. The school also offers a four-day boot camp with crash courses in costume and couture, fashion forecasting, and fashion journalism— ideal for students with busy summer schedules.” (here)

LIM college: (New York, NY) “LIM, a school that focuses exclusively on the study of business and fashion, is offering a four-week pre-college program with courses on topics such as fashion photography, celebrity styling, event planning, and marketing communications. There’s even a class called ‘Fashion Police!’” (here)

The New School: Parsons (Paris and New York)“Why wait until college to study abroad? Parsons is offering two- and four-week-long "boot camps” in art design to students 16 years and older in Paris. In the “Fashion Industry Now: Paris” class, students will draw inspiration from the streets, fashion exhibitions, and retail districts in the city. For those who want to stay closer to home, Parsons also offers classes in New York’s Greenwich Village.“  (here)

Pratt Institute (New York, NY)"High school students can earn four college credits at Pratt’s intensive college-level program. Fashion classes are offered in jewelry/metal arts and fashion design, and students can choose between Pratt’s downtown Manhattan campus and its Brooklyn location.” (here)

Drexel (Philadelphia, PA)“During Drexel’s two-week program, students will work in design studios and take field trips to retailers and boutiques. The program also helps students create personal portfolios, which is an important part of the design school application process." (here)

Columbus College of Art & Design (Columbus, OH) (I’m not sure if they discontinued their high school summer program) it’s in ohio though, so I’m not sure if you’re interested but if you are then I guess find a way to contact them. But they offered: "Basic pattern drafting and sewing construction techniques.” and middle schoolers had their own programs. 

FIDM (California) “Aspiring designers can take workshops such as "Draping the Dress” during this three-day crash-course program that teaches high school students about launching a career in the fashion industry. The flexible program is offered throughout the summer at FIDM’s various campuses across California.“  (here)

Savannah College of Art and Design (Atlanta, GA) for people interested in building their visual art portfolios.  ”Fashion technology, video production, and drawing classes" (here)

School of the Art Institute of Chicago (Chicago, IL) Design, illustration, “provides a foundation in draping, patternmaking, and sewing. Students can develop an original garment from first sketch to sample.” (here)

Teen Vogue Fashion University: Red carpets (meaning you step on a red carpet on your own with your “diploma” and a bunch of photographers take your photo), Celebrity Seminars, workshops, private shopping events for three days (here)

Collide Prt. 3

Prompt: Riley Matthews is a struggling writer who works as a bartender to pay off her student loans. Lucas Friar is a rich kid from Texas who’s lost his way. One night fate brings them together causing their two different worlds to collide.
A/N: This chapter is mainly to give a little bit of backstory on Riley and its meant to be the lead up to her opening up to Lucas and explaining why she’s changed so much since high school. Obviously something went down between her and Maya which caused the switch in personalities. I also wanted to include her second guessing her initial judgement of Lucas. Hope this wasn't too boring. xo
Word Count: 2,070
Part [1] Part [2]

Part 3 - “Our Spot.”

I considered calling him but in the end I decided no good would come of it. No matter how charming or relentless he was we were still from two different worlds. He’s champagne and trust funds and I’m cheap beer and student loans.

Every so often I get a few days off and it just so happened that this week was the week where my presence wasn’t needed at work. We were over staffed for the weekend so Lou offered me a three day vacay and I took it.

Whenever I do have off I like to drive down to Connecticut and visit one of my oldest friends, Isaiah. He and I met in high school and got along straight away. He is probably the funniest person I’ve ever met. He’s witty and clever and always has the best stories. We had a short lived fling for a while but it was over before it ever really started. We both knew we were doing it for the wrong reasons and we also knew we were better off as friends.

I get the closest parking spot on the street than I can find and figure its best to just walk the rest of the way. Downtown New Haven is beautiful in the fall. It’s a thing New England is known for but it’s the beautiful architecture and small shops that surround the green that really make it pop.

Zay moved to CT right after graduation. He was a drama major at Southern State and after that he started performing in plays and productions of musicals. He was close enough to the city for him to commute if he needed to but he had his own little actor’s studio here and a loft right above where he lived. Big enough for just one with huge windows that overlooked the town square. It’s in my top 5 favorite places to be.

I walk in just in time to catch the ending of what sounded like Cell Block Tango. I stand quietly towards the back until they’re finished to avoid any interruptions. Once their rehearsal is over Zay spots me in the back and waves me over.

“Well if it isn’t Cotton Candy Face.” He chuckles, “C’mere you.” He pulls me in for a hug and I can’t help but sink into it. Sometimes you don’t know how much you need a hug from a friend until you get it. Nothing was wrong, it was just one of those days where you just don’t feel like yourself.

“I needed that.” I sigh when I finally let him go.

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Do you have any High School AU/headcanon for the AkaYona characters? ♥

Of course I do anon!! :3 I guess I’ll just go from character to character: 

Yona: She’s a diligent student, hard-working even if she doesn’t get the best marks. She’s prone to daydreaming in class, especially if said class is maths, her weakness. Gifted in the humanities, her best subjects are politics, legal studies and history. Naturally, she joined the archery club, but she also attends dance club, even though Hak teases her for her inability to dance. She’s always had an interest in being class rep., but has never put her hand up for it because she’s too scared of stuffing something up.

Hak: He may act like he’s above school, but he’s actually a pretty good student and doesn’t mind studying. He’s naturally gifted at sports, and the different teams at the school have been begging him for years to sign up to their specific club, but he doesn’t. Lazy afternoons at home are much more appealing to him, though he does get roped into staying at school after hours to help out the student council a lot no thanks to Soo-Won. Food tech is his weakness - he once got kicked out of class for setting a pot of rice on fire. 

Soo-Won: Definitely on the student council, and adored by the teachers. Rumour is he’s an all-round A+ student, but that’s actually not true: he’s not so great at science, and he finds certain areas of maths challenging. 

Yoon: A junior who has skipped several grades and takes waaaay too many advanced classes for his own good. His specialities are biology and health sciences, though he’s pretty awesome at every subject. The only thing he’s not so good at is sport: he almost died running 100m in fitness training. Despite his age, the others all like to be tutored by him, and he helps out everyone with their assignments when need be.     

Kija: A student teacher currently studying at university who does placement at Yona’s high school. He’s still training, so he often gets a little jittery when he first teaches, but the students quite like him for his straightforward and effective teaching methods… and the fact that he’s adorable when he gets flustered. Kija’s very vocal about everyone meeting their potential and striving to do their best. 

Shin-Ah: A transfer student. He’s very quiet because he doesn’t know anyone, though seems to have taken a liking to Yona and her friends. He’s dyslexic and as such has trouble reading and writing, but he puts in heaps of effort and gets quite good grades. Yoon helps out a lot here and Shin-Ah really likes studying with the younger boy. In his spare time, Shin-Ah often visits the art club. He doesn’t talk to anyone there, but the members of the group adore his art, and always secretly admire him from afar as he works.

Jae-Ha: He’s an arts and music teacher, known for being a bit of a weirdo, but fun; he also watches over a number of clubs. He has a habit of running late and always flies into class at the last second. Hands-on and interactive teaching methods are his style, so his classes are always a blast to attend. 

Zeno: That kid at school that everyone swears they’ve seen before and who should have graduated by now. But nah, he can’t have been in his final year last year… right? Zeno’s that kid that sleeps noisily in class, but somehow never misses any notes and always knows the answer if he’s called upon. He doesn’t have the best grades, but he doesn’t seem to care either. Everyone in class has a habit of sharing some part of their lunch with him and the lunch ladies adore him. 

Now that we’ve seen how happy and adorable Jack and Bitty are as a couple, I know a lot of people (myself included) are wondering what’s next for them, specifically in the drama area.  Since there’s still two years of their story left in the comic and they’re already together, there’s got to be some kind of conflict left for them.  My personal guess?  At some point, money is going to cause some tension.

Bitty is only able to attend Samwell because of his athletic scholarship, his father works for the high school, Bitty doesn’t have a car, and he spends most of his summer working as a camp counselor.  As someone who also lives the lower-middle-class/broke-student lifestyle, I can confirm that Bitty having a famous pro-athlete boyfriend is going to be - not bad - but weird for sure.

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You say you study wolves in your spare time. Do you go to specific websites or do you read any books about wolves? I would like to study more about wolves but I don't know which websites to go to. I have a couple books but I wanted to ask you about your opinion c:

I read scientific articles/studies and that are available online, and spit through the references to find new reading material. There are websites like Google Scholar that help to find proper informative material. Perhaps you could visit libraries from universities etc. I read Dutch and English scientific/non-fiction wolf books. Currently reading “Wolves: Behavior, ecology, and conservation” by David Mech and Luigi Boitani a lot for my thesis - I would recommend this book to everyone since it contains literally anything you want to know about wolves. 

Eh, what else. I regularly check out websites from good wolf centers and sanctuaries, such as the Wolf Conservation Center and the International Wolf Center. Some of them even post informative vlogs in which they discuss subjects such as wolf behaviour. I also follow websites of organisations focussed on wolves, such as Wolven in Nederland (Dutch, sorry, heheh). Sites like that often post topical news/articles.

I follow a ton of wolf related Facebook-pages. Really anything from just “fan”-pages to official pages from wolf centers, organisations, documentary makers working on new wolf documentaries, etc. I use Google Alerts and track wolf related terms. I watch documentaries – there are a lót of good ones available online for free.

Oh and I follow some biologist students etc. on Tumblr who sometimes post interesting stuff as well.

Also, I guess it counts in a way as well that I used to “study” them by drawing and photographing them, and I used to visit a pack of wolves in a zoo often, since I could visit almost costless due to high discounts on the entrance ticket my art school provided. 

That’s about it. If you are looking for something specific or anything, I’d be happy to help you out! :)