i guess they were all more or less testing tara at that time

Shambles ll

Imagine you’re a SAMCRO member, on watch with Chibs when kidnapped and attacked. He has to see it all and confesses his love to you when the boys come to your rescue. 

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When the club found both of you, your heart was calmed again, yet, it felt broken in a million pieces. You even had faint memories of that, too. How Happy walked in, killing everything with a heartbeat, a real blood bath in that bathroom, how Jax went directly to Chibs, cheeking in he was alright, seeing him cry and twirl; And Juice, picking you up easily and leading you out of the room, a trail of blood behind you. 

You had spent entire days smoking in the bath. Staying there until the water was cold as ice, sometimes even until midnight trying to erase that day activities from your body and your mind. You became a ghost of who you were, just a shell. You spirit was forever broken, your dignity was dragged through the floor and played it. Who would want something broken? You thought at you extinguished another cigarette on the water of the tub, shaking breaths leaving your body. 

Jackson had given you the week off, after Tara checked everything up and helped you with some pain killers and some test you better took. When you came back home you started to think about the club in your life, and the life you put into the club.

Since you were a little girl you would have given your life to be a SAMCRO member just like Daddy and Grandpa before him. It was in your blood, in your destiny, but that didn’t meant easy. That day, SAMCRO duties almost took your life, and it sure took a bit of you; You died a little. You sighed, sliding down into the bathtub and sinking for a few moments. 

Chibs was emptying bottles next to Jack for the first time this week. He had remain quite silent since the club found then in the Nazis hide away, only saying necessary words when spoken too, doing his assignments and then going straight back home, avoiding everyone. It was the soldier in him, they guessed. Silent after a traumatic event. But  tonight, Jax actually convinced him to stay for an hour or two, talk about what happened. 

“Nice Whiskey…” Chibs said, because he felt the silence cutting up the vibes. Jax nodded, even though he was drinking beer. He’s had his men being killed, tortured, beaten to a pulp, slit throats and 20 broken fingers but they never raped one of them mans. A woman, this occasion.  It hitted him like a ton of bricks, too, and he blamed himself for your situation a lot of times, he still did, but he figured Chibs needed more help with this. 

Jax knew about Chib’s feelings. Even if he didn’t told him, he would have noticed. Always riding next to you, always asking him on the low if he could pair up with you, and always taking care of you in every mission the club was; the Scotsman was hooked on a feeling with you, that’s why he couldn’t imagine what Chibs was feeling right now. 

“You know you can talk, brother.” Jax took a shot. “The more you talk about it the more you’ll grow out of it. Help (Y/N) grow out of it too.” Chibs went back to his mutism. He took another drag of the bottles,as if to gain some bravery. 

“There’s nothing to talk about.” Chibs said. “I failed her, i failed this club…” another drag of the bottle, because it was getting too real. “ I failed myself. I wanted to kill those bastards, brother.” Jax nodded, listening to him. “I saw their intentions as soon as they ripped their jeans.” He was looking at nothing, as if re-living what had happened three days ago. “Her face was…I’ve never seen her so scared. She grew up among us and became a member and i never saw her scared or less than a soldier but that day she looked so fragile and…” He gulped, starting to tear up. Jax was out of words. “I couldn’t do a damn thing about it. She was looking at me the whole time, Jax…” 

Jax was now feeling the guilt and pain run down his chest.

“I think i saw her soul leave her body…”He sniffed as tears started to run down his cheeks, him trying desperately to push them out. “And my sanity leave with her.” 

Jax tried to understand his brother. He felt guilty, like the rest of the club, but it was different for him. Chibs saw the woman he loved get raped and couldn’t do one single thing about it. He was a wreck, didn’t even want to see her. 

“I told her i loved her but i don’t think she listened…” He looked around, hurt, vulnerable, a little bit drunk. “Since Fiona, it’s been the worst, trying to find someone to love, then she appeared.” His smile was a bit visible now. “She was all leather and boxing titles and soldier material without a dick, how could i resist her? She was everything i wanted and now I can’t even look at her face right now…”

Jax grabbed the bottle and took a long swing, feeling like he needed it. Chibs got up and cracked his neck, placing the bottle on the picnic table and looking at Jax.

“I’m going home.” He simply said as he started to walk away. Jax knew Chibs was a strong man, one of his most loyal Sons, but watching him break down like this, made him think that maybe, the Scotsman wasn’t made of steal. 

He didn’t went home. He drove around town for a few minutes, trying to get his mind off things for a change, trying to be strong. Without noticing, or maybe noticing, he ended up in your front door. There was mail in the entrance, and the house was lockdown and dark. He stared at the door as if it was going to open in any minute but it didn’t. He hopped on his bike and looked around, when his cellphone started to ring. He looked at it, your number on the screen. He frowned and picked up.


“What are you doing in my house?” Your voice was lacking it’s life and cheerful tone. Chibs sighed and looked at the windows, trying to find you. You were still smart as fuck. 

“Just…checking up on you.” He started walking at the front door, seeing the lights turn on. “Where are you’”

“Front door”. You answered. He knocked on it, but you remain silent. 

“Are you going to open the door?”

“No…” you sighed into the phone leaning against the door and sliding down. “What for?”

“I love you.” He said, bluntly. “I love you, and i’m here to take care of you. I know i fucked up but…” he gulped. “I love you, (Y/N). I’m so in love with you…” on the other line, you were starting to tear up, sobs trying to come out of your mouth.

“How can you?” You started. “How aren’t you disgusted by me?” You sniffed, making him tear up as well. “They raped me.” Chibs closed his eyes. “They fucking raped me, i’m useless. I’m worthless, i’m disgusting. I can still feel their hands…” You stopped for a minute, trying to gain composture. “I don’t care how in love you think you are, you don’t deserve someone as dirty as me.” 

“Get away from the door.” He said, fixing himself up. “I mean it. I’ll kick it open.” 

“Chibs, go home.” You said, still getting up. “Please…”

“Are you away from the door?” He asked. You sighed and yelled when you hear him kick the door open, the poor door giving in. He walked inside of you and dropped the phone, coming at you and grabbing your face softly, pressing a loving kiss into your lips. You cried into the kiss, holding him close as tears fell down your face. You pushed him off you by his chest, slowly. He looked down on you.

“Go find someone better. Someone good…”

“You’re all I’ve ever wanted…” he said, shrugging and shaking his head. “Where am i supposed to go when everything i want is right in front of me?” 

You were tearing up, a sobbing mess by this moment. Chibs came closer to you, wrapping his arms around you and kissing your forehead as you cried into his chest.

“You’re not broken…and if you think you are, i’ll fix you. I love you…you’re the most beautiful thing I’ve seen in my entire life and i love you” Chibs said. “I love you…” he repeated. The night went by as you both stayed and hugged each other. It was going to be hard from now on, but at least, you weren’t alone. You were being born again, from your shambles, with the help of Chibs. 

#22 - You Tell Him You're Pregnant

Liam: You adjusted your pale green cocktail dress, twirling in front of the mirror. Could you see the baby bump? You’d only been pregnant for three weeks so you could have just been imagining the bump. The dress wasn’t tight-fitted, so it hid it a little bit with the A-line shape.

Liam appeared out of the bathroom, dressed in a white v-neck, blazer and jeans. The two of you were going out clubbing with the other boys and their girlfriends, “Babe? Can I ask you something?”

Your heart jumped but you nodded, turning to face him, “Of course, love.” You replied. 

“Are these…” He fished two pregnancy tests wrapped in tissue out of his pocket, “Are they yours?”

“I-” You began, “Liam…”

“Are they?” He asked more forcefully. You couldn’t tell if he was angry.

“Yes. They are. I was going to tell you but I thought you’d get angry and…” You trailed off. Liam hugged you tight, his arms around your waist.

“I’m not angry.” He whispered, “We’ll be the best parents the world has ever seen.”

Niall: "Love?“ You heard Niall from outside the restaurant bathroom, "Are you okay?”

You were out for dinner with the other boys and some managers, but you’d been feeling queasy all day. The restaurant had one unisex bathroom, so the line had been incredibly long. By the time you made it in, you felt so ill you knew you were going to be sick. You’d been throwing up for fifteen minutes which had worried Niall.

“Y-yeah.” You stuttered. You knew exactly why you were throwing up. Your period had been a week late as well. You were pregnant, “Just food poisoning I guess.” Niall didn’t need to know just yet.

“Well, (Y/N)… Can you open the door?” He said and you opened it just a crack. Niall slipped into the bathroom with an envelope. You gasped softly. You’d been to the hospital earlier that week for your pregnancy test result, “You’re pregnant, aren’t you?”

“Y-yeah.” You stuttered, “I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be sorry, (Y/N). I love you. I want this kid.” He smiled and kissed you softly, both of you seated on the bathroom floor.

Louis: You wrapped the Best Dad Ever mug up in red wrapping paper and placed it in the center of the dining table. You and your husband of three years, Louis, had been trying to get pregnant for two years now. But it had finally worked. You were pregnant. You decided to tell him by cooking him a fancy dinner to celebrate.

Louis walked into the house, looking stressed after a meeting with management, “Baby? What’s all this?”

“Lou… are you okay? You look stressed.” Your excited expression dropped off your face and was replaced with one of concern.

“Yeah, just tired.” He chuckled, “What are we celebrating?” He gestured to the table and champagne. You picked up the mug and placed it in his hands.

“Maybe this’ll make your day a bit better.” You smiled as he unwrapped the present. He stared for a moment before looking up at you, shocked.

Best Dad Ever…” He whispered, “(Y/N), are you pregnant?”

You grinned and nodded, so excited you were speechless. He hugged you so tight that your feet were off the ground, both of you laughing in pure ecstasy.

Zayn: You shake your head, declining a flute of champagne for the fifth time that night. You were at your wedding reception with Zayn. Everyone was drinking champagne and getting tipsy, but you were one month pregnant with Zayn’s baby. Wearing big t-shirts and thankfully all the long dresses you’d chosen allowed for you to hide the bump, but alcohol was obviously out of the question entirely.

“(Y/N)? You’re not drinking?” Zayn asked, frowning at you, confused, “Why not?”

“Big day at work tomorrow.” You fibbed, “Don’t want to be hungover.”

“Tomorrow’s Saturday, baby girl. You don’t have work.” Zayn looked more confused, “What’s going on?”

You were about to reply when you were approached with a martini, your favourite drink. Under ordinary conditions, you’d jump at the chance to have one. You could feel Zayn’s eyes boring into the side of your face. He knew that you’d never turn down a martini. But the baby had to come first, so you rejected it.

“(Y/N), are you…” Zayn whispered next to your ear, “Pregnant?”

You pressed a finger to your lips, smiling teasingly. Zayn’s expression went from shock to happiness and he pressed a finger to his lips too, ginning.

Harry: “How come you’re eating a salad?” Harry asked over the restaurant table. You looked up at him, shocked that he’d noticed, “You usually order the ravioli here.”

“Just eating light.” You shrugged, “No biggy.”

“Mm…” Harry nodded, still sounding disbelieving, “So babe, you said you had something to tell me?”

You swallowed your mouthful of lettuce and nodded. You had been pregnant for three weeks and were ready to tell Harry, even though you weren’t sure how he’d take it. You fished the Ziploc containing your pregnancy test out of your purse and handed it to him. He stared at it for a moment, silent.

“You’re pregnant?” He whispered.

“Surprise.” You grinned. Harry pulled a small box out of his pocket.

“I was going to propose tonight.” He laughed.

“Well, in that case, yes.” You smiled and he slid the ring on your finger.

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