i guess these are a recurring thing now

Top 10 Spookiest Things From The Newest V3 Trailer

#10. The fact that I wasn’t expecting to hear Hoshi’s voice again this early, and am now laughing way to hard because of it.

#9. This frame, which looks way too similar to one of Angie’s poses:

#8. The Monokumarz dabbing.

#7. This shot, where Gonta is mad. Please don’t make Gonta mad, folks.

#6. Another dead-eyed expression from Angie: 

#5. The fact that Yumeno wasn’t ready to get her picture taken in this shot:

#4. Whatever the hell Monokuma is doing here:

#3. This sprite of Amami, kicking him out of the Way-Too-Chill club:

#2. This sprite of Kaito, now in it’s full glory.

#1. This shot of Hoshi. Like, geez, dude. Back away from the camera, will you?

anonymous asked:

I guess we can all take a breather from complaining about Robbie's absence on social media. The guy has been busy filming a move, two tv shows and dating. Let's all calm down now xx

The whole inactivity thing has actually gone over my head hahah. I’d forgotten about it until you mentioned it now! I’m (and the rest of us here at DRK) just super proud he’s landed an appearance in Grey’s Anatomy, on top of recurring Sleepy Hollow episodes…as well as No Postage Necessary (like you’ve said). Cold Moon should be released around June too. I have a good feeling 2017 will be Robbie’s year.

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Have you ever bleed in your pants while having a period? Ever been unprepared? Are you perfectly in sync with your vagina and menstruation? Are you poor?

I’m not going to share my financial status with you but I definitely make below average income. And there have been times where I’ve been much poorer. But guess what. I could still afford to buy a box of tampons every now and then. 

Believing that public restrooms should not be forced to supply tampons/pads to people has nothing to do with how in sync a person is with their menstruation cycle. I don’t care if your cycle is completely unpredictable and takes you by surprise every time, it’s still not a business’ responsibility to give you free stuff.

Women know they have a menstruation cycle. They know it’s a recurring thing. They know it can happen unexpectedly. This is a scenario any woman should know to be prepared for. If you always have tampons/pads with you, then you will always be prepared it if comes unexpectedly. It has nothing to do with being perfectly in sync with your cycle, it has to do with being prepared.

Even if you were negligent and didn’t prepare, they are very easy to obtain as you can find them at any drug store and even most grocery stores. And there are even ways to temporarily deal with such a situation if you can’t make it somewhere right away. You don’t need a public restroom to give you tampons for free, that’s just what would be most convenient so you think you’re entitled to it. 

‘I’m falling’ Grantaire thought. 'I’m falling and falling and falling’

He’d had this recurring dream since he was a little kid. It was like a panic attack in a dream. He was falling, down and down and down, with now bottom in sight but it was all too much and all too overwhelming and he kept on falling with the wind rushing past and -oh!

This time, someone caught him. Someone blonde and beautiful, shining like the sun.

Enjolras shook him awake 'Taire, love, Taire, I’m here, it’s okay’

And he wasn’t falling any longer. Enjolras was holding him, loving him, and he wasn’t falling any longer.

The only falling Grantaire ever did again was asleep, nestled against his boyfriend.