i guess there are people who have those urls

this is just a tiny sampling of what my inbox looked like this morning. i didn’t even bother screenshotting the messages from antis (and there were A LOT) because those at least i’m fairly immune to at this point.

‘it’s 2017. be nice. be good’

i guess the people who claim to love harry so much missed the memo.

anyway i’m turning anon off and i’m not leaving but i am seriously limiting how much time i spend here. i’ve been scapegoated and attacked twice in the past month for something i didn’t even say and quite frankly i’m tired of it.

i have another main blog i’m permanently switching over to. if you want the url message me or im me and i’ll let you know what it is.

i will still check in here but honestly i don’t really want to be part of a fandom that thinks it’s okay to treat people the way i was treated last night. that was unacceptable and if anyone thinks harry would have been okay with all that nastiness being done in his name and on his behalf then i think they need a gigantic fucking wake up call.

(dont reblog) honest q:

Is the concept of a blog that is deliberately small/private/secluded, but not password-protected, familiar?

Examples of what this might look like under the cut. Leave a quick answer in the replies or somewhere private if uncomfortable.

- If YES, maybe guess how many people (incl. yourself) you know that do this.
- I also need NO’s if you have them.

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This is completely unrelated to anything I post on my main blog, but I’m tagging it so the right people find it.

I’m looking to start a Kingkiller Chronicle-centric blog. I have two urls saved, and want opinions on which is better. As we know, the names of things are important.

1) talentpipes


2) lookingformyaloine

You’d have had to have read The Name of the Wind to get the reference from either of them, but that’s kind of the point.

I think talentpipes is a lucky catch, I’d have guessed someone would have taken it already. But I feel that lookingformyaloine is an even deeper pull, and has a more romantic sound to it for those who are unaware of the reference.

So, which do you think? 1 or 2?


Hey has the Pokemon community ever tried to do a blind date matchmaking event? Would you all be interested? I think it could be a fun way to branch out!

How it would work: one person (like me) gathers all participating blog urls signed up in a post and randomizes the list. Each blog signed up will get an ask with their blind date’s url! It’s up to your character to decide how they want to go about the blind date with the other rper.

I’ll have a private list to keep track of: people who absolutely do not want to interact with specific users, users with multiple rp blogs signing up that don’t want to accidentally get themselves, and multimuse/multiverse blogs and those who do not want to interact with MM/MV.

I…guess reblog/like this if you wanna try it? I suppose I’d make a new post and put the blind date sign up cut off for September 20th and blind date notice on 21st/22nd.

So today i hit 3.5k! I want to thank everyone for helping me! I never thought i would make it this far. I never thought I would make some awesome friends. So, i was like, why not do some snazzy things? So i sent a poll out for you guys to vote for what i should do for this day. (x) and the choice was chosen that i draw peoples url, even though i put it in there for fun. Not expecting it to win (i srsly cant draw, i warned you guys!) But here i am.., So here are the rules..

1) Must be following me. I will not make a drawing for you if you aren’t following me. (Some will be excused)

2) Re-blog this. Spread the word :)

3) Send a ask. Say what your favorite food is! if this isn’t included, then i wont draw your url!!

4) Have your url. I mean if you want to be anon and send another blog url i guess that’s fine but if not be anon and say your url or send me an ask none anon!

I mean i guess thats all! Im going to give some shout outs to those who helped me and i truly love and/or inspires me! (no real order)

@high-functioning-hobbit @phillphowell @danceanddanandphil @dontcryxcraft @hufflepuff-on-the-tardis @cityofdan @gxldenboyphil @philester @demondannie @themostfuniveverhad @amazedhowell @phansterdam

those are some but they are reason i keep going on tumblr, i feel extreamly awkward tagging people who i’m not mutuals with, but they inspire me like the moon! (forgive me) Thank you and i cant wait to start drawing!

An Open Letter

I mentioned this in the previous ask with plutonis, but yeah, I really fell off the map with this blog. There has been a separate art project going on, but nothing I felt the need to link over here. So I just…fell off updating. But when I log in, I’m glad to see y’all still here.

So…on to another topic. I’ve come to notice sometimes that when certain characters become popular, be they cartoons, video games, or anything, one of the popular ways to make those people feel bad for genuinely enjoying something and having fun is by saying that their fave is “the next onceler.”

Now, I feel like we should be over the concept of “cringe interests” as a thing, and how stifling they can be for young artists and just people in general when all they want to do is just have…harmless fun with something. Buuuut more often than not people try and justify themselves by saying they’re totally not like these guys. And I suppose, it’s understandable, but it’s still disheartening to see when it happens. So, personal thoughts.

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anonymous asked:

i need more blogs to follow because i feel like my dash needs to be rebuilt. who are you favorite mutuals and why?

Oh god. Unless I talk to people on a daily basis or I see them on my activity a lot then I have not a single clue who my mutuals are off the top of my head. Honestly. But these are the people who put up with me pretty frequently either here or on separate groupchats. This is in no particular order so don’t feel less loved if you’re near the bottom by the way. There’s plenty of Kryzz to go around :p

@hedawolf - My little Vitus. Probably one of my oldest mutuals. We’ve been mutuals for years and have been enemies for just as long. We bicker like an old married couple and call each other names, but I know she loves me (more than I love her. I don’t love her at all. yuck! GROSS)

@taryondarringtons and @acrocera - This groupchat is the worst but I somehow put up with them. It takes a lot of courage and patience, but I do it anyway. Mostly because we really have a burning hate for a lot of the same people/things jkhgskjldfg

@everybodyhatesjroth, @queenluthor, @longlivetheheda, and @cohenisabadass - I’m pretty sure I have over 300 unread texts from this groupchat that I keep forgetting to check into for like…a month now??? but I SWEAR it’s not on purpose lol. I LOVE YOU FUCKS!

@elyzas - She lied to me about being Asian so our relationship got off to a rocky start and even though she loves to put trash men on my dash I’ve forgiven her because now we have two children (shoutout to Leroy and Billy Bob) and go on the MOST INSANE internet adventures that we can never tell anyone about jksdfhgskjdfg

@destroyrofnations - My rant buddy! She’s the best. We agree on most things, disagree on some…but we’re adults and we know how to handle that. 

@darlingheda - Someone I have really intelligent conversations with because she’s such a cool, smart, rad pal. 

@uninhibitedimagination - Just…the absolute best of the best. I like you and Ali likes you even more ;)

@biclarke - We made one of the best AUs of all times. Of All Times!

@racoonhearteyes - Her reactions to my fic make my day every single time. 

@fuckyeahhayleywilliams - Someone who loves Paramore and Clexa as much as I do? Winner.

@lovelikesongbirds - We’ve never talked but I feel like we’re always reblogging/liking stuff from each other. It’s one of those silent friendships lol

Mix - She changes her URL more often than my cats eat and they eat every fifteen minutes so like…whatever your new URL is today Mix, I love you. Whoever knows where she’s at tell her I love her salty ass lol. 

@lezbeanieluv​ - Almost forgot my wife had tumblr lol. She’s rad…I guess :)

I think that’s all the people I can come up with without having through like dig for names. All worth a follow and a chat to say hello. They’re the raddest people. 

pure-bliss-and-halcyons  asked:

It is so stupid that people unfollowed you! YOU ARE WITHOUT A DOUBT ONE OF THE COOLEST BLOGS HERE! Those people don't deserve to be followed by you.

Thank you so much for this ❤️ I probably got unfollowed after i changed my url though , i guess people didn’t recognize who i was so that’s why there was the confusion :/ I’m glad I still have most of my mutuals though. I’m not leaving all my friends here 😊🤗
Love you dear 😘 and I hope your day is going great 👍

anonymous asked:

trigger warning exist for rape and abuse... you think that people who are triggered with rape are... retarded? stupid? wtf is wrong with you.

Well you could have come off anon, but I guess you’re just one of those cowards… You could’ve tried with some manners, too, and just ask politely, but alright, you’ll get what you give.

I have explained this before, but for you I’ll gladly do it again, honey.

Let’s start simple. I guess you are referring to my url & blog title. (don’t worry we’re gonna go slow so you can understand it too.)

Both my url and my blog title are meant as criticism. People are blurring words, or rather, their meaning. Everything is rape these days. Everybody is a Nazi. People (*cough*sjws, feminists and the like *cough*) are being “triggered” over pink razors and chocolate. Things like going outside and seeing a man are triggers now (not because of trauma, but because these people are assholes who want to push their own agenda and narrative and don’t give a shit about real victims and survivors).

Still with me? Was that paragraph too long?

Good then. Let’s go on to the part where I rip you apart (not literally of course) <3

Never did I ever fucking say that “I think people who are triggered with rape are retarted”, you stupid fucking asshole.

Those are YOUR words, which gives an interesting insight into YOUR mind and beliefs.

If you had actually looked at my blog AT ALL you would’ve seen that I’m not the kind of person who goes around upsetting others just to go “AWWW YOU TRIGGERED YET LITTLE SNOWFLAKE?”

You would have seen that I’m fed up with all those people who try to blur these words and many more (and make up stupid shit like mansplaining or manspreading to boot) and that I very much am sympathetic for people with actual traumas who have triggers (survivors of rape, (ex-)soldiers etc.). I am tired of people who ruin words (or try to) which have an actual meaning. People who make real survivors, victims, people with trauma, a joke to so many others who think “triggered” now means that you’re a whiny bitch.

I hope you can at least read this since you obviously couldn’t read the rest of my blog.

And now get the fuck off my blog and off the internet and do something productive for once. Maybe learn some manners -I’m sure there’s classes for that. Good luck, I think you might need it.

I never thought that I would come such a long way with tumblr and all the people here, that I would wake up every morning and tumblr would be the first thing I check when my eyes are only half open. Thank you for supporting this amateur blog and helping me achieve 3k+ followers… I simply adore all my followers, each and one of you. i want to go up to talk to you guys personally but i’m too chicken /cries  i’m pretty bad with words of gratitude (unlike exo) so I can’t explain my feelings accurately ;-; Also thank you to all those blogs who took their time to message me once in a while, i guess i have f-f-friends?? This follow forever is to thank my followers, my friends and my senpais. If any of you don’t remember me, my old url was exo-water-you-doing. I LOVE YOU ALL, YOU GORGEOUS BLOGS BUT EVEN MORE GORGEOUS PEOPLE. All of you I really admire, and for others whom I don’t know that well personally, I hope we can get to know each other better~ Oh, and, please message me if i forgot you!  

Bold = chingus, hover for a messaji (for some of you i don’t know as well, i hope the feeling is mutual ;3;) 

Italic = mutual follow 

* = shout to those who deal with me irl 

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To the fandom

Today I sent message to incredible stupid  and shallow url which already is deacttivated, girls in there were posting rumors from “ their sources” about ski jumpers. Some of them were really low and hurtful. I’m asking what the fuck is happening to us? I get looking at ski jumpers social media I totally get it, they keep us in touch but what’s interesting in looking for a cheap sensation? It’s none of our business who they are with or with who they sleep with or even party with. I guess a lot of people  reblogging those shits don’t even know how destructive those rumors can be, we have no idea  with what  some of the jumpers are dealing in their lifes. Let them be  okay?


The other day this incredible thing happened. I reached 1,000 followers. I’ve been on this website for like 3 years and never would have thought this would happen. But really this last year where I committed to being a fandom blog has been amazing. I’ve made new friends and my experience on this website just got so much better. I want to thank all of my lovely followers-from those of you who have stuck with me from the very beginning and those who have just recently clicked the little “+follow” button.  

I have been putting this off though and since today is my birthday I decided to upload it!

now without further ado the follow forever :)


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~i’m really sorry if i missed anyone or didn’t catch your changed url and if i knew how to add those personal notes i would have especially for certain people who can guess who they are but unfortunately i do not~