i guess the show is a little mature

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Got7 reaction idol gf slipping on stage because of rain

Okay, I’m doing this on mobile for now, so please forgive me for any mistakes haha.

JAEBUM/JB and JINYOUNG/JR: They would both have similar reactions. I see them as like the ‘dads’ or daddy in JBs case (omfg chill bitch) so they would obviously be worried about you. They’re normally kinda calm, but when it comes to you they would act a little more out of character I guess? Like afterwards they would be so protective and at your next show they would try to watch it online or smth to make sure you’re okay.

MARK: Another mature one (also daddy asf) anyways, Mark is kinda the quiet one in got7 so I think he would be the most chill out of all of them. He would be concerned and take care of you like the good boyfriend he is. I think when it comes to his gf or someone he is really close with he opens up more, so he would verbally and no verbally express his concern for you. i.e. Always telling you to be careful and all that other fluffy stuff.

JACKSON and BAM BAM: Literal meme boyfriends and so so extra. When they hear you slipped on stage they would freak out and probably ask all of the boys what to do. They would honestly be so scared that you broke your leg or smth and Bam Bam, the ever resourceful social media hoe would be o line seeing if anyone was saying negative things about your accident. If you did get seriously injured though, they would be weird asf throughout your recovery to do whatever they could to make you smile. I high key think Jackson would cry tho.

YOUNGJAE: Sunshine bb okay. He would be really optimistic about it, not to say he wouldn’t be scared or concerned, but he would look on the brighter side. If his gf was injured he would be very caring and sorry, but he would say smth like, “Oh, only two weeks recovery time? That’s nothing. I know, we can spend it together! Haha” you know, just usual Young Jae things.

YUGYEOM: Inexperienced maknae in this situation. I don’t think he would be full Jungshook but he would still ask his hyungs like, “Uh, y/n just fell. Wtf do I do?” Mark would give the best advice in my opinion and luckily Gyeomie would listen to Mark instead of Jackson whose advice was just panicking. He would bring you flowers to your room and chocolates or a stuffed animal because he is such a sweet and caring boyfriend you have no idea. He would probably have a baby heart attack when he hears the news, but he has his hyungs to ask help from.


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bts as things my gay friend has said.

seokjin: in this pool of straight guys there has to be one that finds me attractive, i mean  look at me, i’m a total babe.
yoongi: sometimes i just can’t be around people who have sticks up their asses, myself included.
hoseok: the first time i saw another dudes dick, i screamed, like full on screamed. i was so scared.
namjoon: society teaches us that men are the superior and smarter gender. but guess what i just did? i burnt my pinkie by boiling water.
jimin: excuse me? who in this friendship has the ass that everyone stares at? 
taehyung: i don’t care if he’s attractive, he says haikyuu is lame. he’s a little bitch in my eyes.
jungkook: my plan is to show him some memes and then ask to suck his dick. it’s a mature and well thought out plan if i do say so myself.


Just a thought, in Greg the Babysitter Greg wore only one earring on his left ear. In both prior Greg flashback episodes, his design had three earrings on his left ear. Prior to this episode airing, I was talking with people and someone mentioned, as the episode was about Steven learning how Greg got his job at the car wash, that he might have taken the other two off in order to look “more mature” in order to get the job.

However, most of the episode is just Greg being casual, both around Vidalia and Rose. Now things in this show are very intentional, they wouldn’t just forget a design of a character. My theory is, with the episode being about Greg maturing a bit, even the song with the line saying “I guess I need a little change” - I like to think of it as a visual representation/metaphor of that.

That’s my theory at least.