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Once Upon an Allergy

The Spring Exchange fic authors have been revealed, so I can post this here now!

This was my exchange fic for @baneismydragon! I hope you enjoy(ed) it, you gave a really good prompt! Shout out to @reyxa for lending me her soulmates au where the sneezes of soulmates sync up.

Summary: "After pouring two packs of chocolate powder in each mug, she felt a sudden sensation in her sinuses thanks to the powder that remained in the air. Quickly, she put her finger below her nose, pleased when the sneeze stopped. After that, it was quick work to pour the water and stir the mix in, and just as she was about to bring them out-

She sneezed.

She stared at the mugs of hot chocolate, her eyes impossibly wide. There was no way. She had to be dreaming. She did not just hear three consecutive sneezes come from her friends in the living room.”

Or, a soulmate au where the sneezes of soulmates sync up after you meet them.


“Alright, class, we’ve got two new students joining us this semester. Please, introduce yourselves for us,” their teacher, Madame Bustier, said.

Standing in front of the rest of the class were two students, one that looked excited and fiery, and another that looked shy and awkward. To the class’ surprise, the shy one spoke first.

“Hi, my name’s Adrien, and I look forward to working with all of you in the future.” He punctuated his statement with a quick little wave and a sweet smile.

After he finished speaking, the other spoke. “I’m Alya, and I just moved nearby from across the city.”

Madame Bustier gave them both a smile and gestured for them to find their seats. Alya moved instantly, spotting an empty seat in the second row, next to a girl she’d actually ran into before school started. Adrien rubbed his arm, his eyes sweeping across the room. He saw a childhood friend of his waving for him to sit by her, but he cringed when he saw her trying to push her seatmate out for him. In the hopes of letting the poor girl keep her seat, Adrien sat as close as he could by taking the empty seat in front, next to a student that looks uninterested in what was going on.

While the two settled in, their teacher was about to continue speaking when two synchronized sneezes sounded from the back of the room. Adrien and Alya both turned to look, eyes wide at actually having a pair of soulmates in their classroom. They saw a couple sitting next to each other in the row behind Alya, both of them blushing a tiny bit as their hands intertwined.

Patient though she may be, when Adrien and Alya didn’t look away, Madame Bustier cleared her throat and brought their attention back to her. It was only then that the two noticed nobody else had turned to gawk, which could only mean they all knew already.

“I understand that soulmates are an interesting topic to talk about, let alone see in person, but we do have class to tend to, Monsieur Agreste and Mademoiselle Césaire.” With that, she turned around and started writing on the board. Adrien looked sheepish and stared down at his desk while Alya turned to the girl beside her and started whispering.

“So girl, mind spilling the beans on those two behind us?” she asked, not quiet enough to keep Adrien and his seatmate from hearing. “Are they really… you know?”

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Hello! I heard you were taking requests?? Could you do a cute little kissing in the rain headcannon/scenario (up to you??) for Levi, Eren, Armin, Ymir, and Mikasa if that's too many people you can just choose the ones you want?? Thank you so much if you get around to this! -much love

Howdy, anon! We hope you don’t mind but we decided to split these and each take someone for a scenario. Mod spookzz will do Eren and mod Elle is doing Levi (can u tell who our bias are??? lmao). Enjoy!


You aren’t sure when you started feeling different about Eren–you’ve known him for too long to be certain anymore, but if you had to venture a wild guess, you might say you’ve always felt this way, at least if you were truly honest with yourself. Eren had never been just another friend; he was nothing like Jean or Armin, and even the title of best friend you had given him when the two of you were no older than eight years old could do your feelings any justice. Silence was comfortable with Eren in ways it just wouldn’t be with anyone else, and no matter how many times your pessimistic side tried to convince you that there was no way you and Eren would keep in touch for the rest of your lives, there was a stronger side of you–the better side–that fought for otherwise. No matter what way you tried to see it, you always pictured you and Eren ten, fifteen, twenty years from now, laughing together as you reminisced with old yearbooks and even older inside jokes.

You’re laughing now as you fall into stride next to Eren, the misty smell of rain permeating your senses and you both know its about to start pouring. Neither of you brought an umbrella and your fingers are icy as you shove them under your armpits in an effort to escape the dropping temperature. Eren is so much taller than you now and you wonder when he’d sprouted and where you’d been to completely miss it. The rest of him had followed suit–he was no longer the scrawny bean pole you’d teased him to be when you were teenagers, and you knew that, despite your best efforts to think otherwise, he had grown into an extremely attractive man. An extremely attractive man that, someday, would have an extremely attractive girlfriend. The thought caused your lips to involuntarily curl into a displeased frown, and the sudden action from laughing to practically scowling had Eren sending you a concerned look.

“Are you–?”

The words never get to finish escaping his lips as the first drop of rain slaps against his cheek, and then another on his eyebrow until finally its full-on raining just enough to soak your clothes through to the bone if you stand there long enough. Thankful for the interruption that allowed you to escape Eren’s prying question, you jerk your head toward your home, the place you’d been heading in the first place.

“Come on, we’re going to get soaked!” you called, trying to yell over the rain and taking a step back as you connect your gaze with Eren’s.

You register something solid against your back and you barely realize its a telephone pole before Eren is closing the distance between the two of you, slyly slipping his hand behind your back and carding his fingers through your semi-wet locks of hair. His teal eyes focus so intently on yours that they become all you can see, and suddenly the once deafening sound of the rain becomes silent.

You can feel his breath ghost across your lips and then involuntarily open, your own chest rising and falling while your heart tries desperately to jump from your chest. You aren’t sure what’s happening or why he’s so close, but all too suddenly you’re assaulted with a memory.

Last week in your intro to philosophy class a girl had asked how true love could possibly exist if no one could explain it. She always asked questions like that–questions she thought might earn her brownie points or kudos from the professor for “thinking outside the box”. It was intensely tiring and you were extremely sick of her attitude. Eren knew your feelings about the girl since he shared the same philosophy class with you, and you could feel his eyes on you as you finally decided to answer her directly. 

“Love is supposed to be unexplainable,” you’d tried, gritting your teeth in annoyance. “It’s supposed to be like…like a kiss in the rain! Impulsive, exciting, and no one can really explain why they feel so inclined to do it when they know it’s only going to get them soaked but they just do and no one minds it in the slightest.”

After class Eren had fallen into step beside you, unusually quiet when he was always so anxious to talk after his least favorite class. Finally he spoke, though it was quiet. “Have you ever kissed someone in the rain?”

You’d blushed, eyes glued to the floor, and only offered a simple shake of your head.

“Then how do you know what it feels like?” Eren had pressed, his eyes practically burning holes through you.

“I guess I don’t,” you finally responded, fingertips digging too tightly into your clutched textbook. “But I can dream, can’t I?”

Eren had merely shrugged, and the topic had been dropped as you entered your next lecture. Things had been normal between the two of you–like the small yet intimate conversation had never even taken place.

Until now.

You swallowed thickly as your back pressed further into the pole, Eren’s fingers finding purchase on the fabric of your jacket and the other hand still gripping tightly to your hair.

“Do you want to know what it feels like?” Eren whispered against your goose-bump covered skin, eyes searching yours.

You knew exactly what he was referring to and you immediately knew the answer, but you had no intention of admitting it aloud. You knew your eyes must have given your true feelings away because Eren’s softened with an unmistakable hunger, and then he was pressing his lips against yours while the rain continued falling around you. A few drops slip over your lips, between them and you weren’t sure if the rain drop had started on you or Eren.

He’d taken you by complete surprise but after the shock had worn off you were doing your best to kiss him back, your palms laying flat against his shoulders while he tilted his head to deepen the kiss. The moments fly by and extend forever, but when he finally pulls away you know you’re blushing as your eyes flutter open.

“There’s your kiss.” He’s matter-of-fact and confident, but you can still hear the small nervousness slip through his tone. “Was it everything you were expecting?” he asks just as quietly while your heart hammers away in your chest, your brain and the organ communicating just what meaning had been behind his impulsive, exciting behavior.

“Everything and more,” you whisper back, smiling encouragingly back at him and slipping your fingers between his. You find yourself immersed in happiness when he doesn’t pull away, and the two of you begin your final trek to your house, hearts in hand. 

Mod Elle here to deliver you an AU that no one asked for. The one time I have a chance to write fluff and it comes out bittersweet. I hope you enjoy, anon! 


The pungent odor of decay and rot was temporarily muted by the frigid rain that fell from the angry skies, chilling you straight down to the bone. Against your back, the shotgun’s metal barrel felt like ice, your soaked-through clothing sticking to your skin, offering little to no protection against the elements and against them.

They were still there—any human who had been subjected to this nightmare recognized the low, throaty moans of pain that echoed from their festering lips. Still, the rain slowed them down, or so you and your partner had observed one morning, which gave you ample time to put distance between you and them.

A quiet string of curse words tugged you from your reverie, eyes sliding to the profile of your partner and the way his brow furrowed in concentration. A pile of boxes and other material blocking the intersection was your current obstacle and, from the way they were mounted on top of one another, there was no way that the car two of you had been driving thus far would make it through.

“Fucking fantastic,” you muttered underneath your breath and placed a hand on your hip, studying the situation for a few more moments until you glanced over in his direction. “So what now, Levi?”

“We walk,” came his simplistic answer accompanied by the taciturn expression that had taken you months to figure out.

If you had the option to choose one person to be by your side when the world was ending, Levi Ackerman wasn’t that horrible of a pick. He was fierce when faced with a horde and even more deadly when it came to corrupt humans, so your chances of survival increased drastically the day you met him. Solemn and over times guarded, Levi was an anomaly that you still hadn’t figured out completely despite the fact that you two had been traveling with one another for the better part of the year.

Despite his blunt, abrasive words, the two of you somehow managed to come full circle and develop a level of trust that extended far beyond words. Whenever you felt like there was no point in pressing on, Levi would be there to pick you up and knock some sense into your thick skull.

Slowly, that trust blossomed into something more; something that was dangerous in this world, where death and loss came too quick and too sudden. The feeling whenever his cool gaze met your own scared you more than anything—more than zombies and more than anything else this messed up world could possibly offer you. How could you develop romantic feelings for someone who might not even be there when the dawn broke through the next morning?

To the best of your abilities, you swallowed down your own feelings and simply did your best to survive, which led to your current situation.

“Levi, it’s storming and we’re freezing our asses off. We need that car.”

Slate-colored hues flickered from the blockade to where you were standing, ebony hair plastered against his forehead and neck until he eventually agreed, “Fine. We can’t take time to move all of that with the horde behind us, so we’ll have to blow it up.”

You blinked in disbelief. “Blow it up?” you questioned incredulously, making sure to keep your voice down. “Levi, that’s insane. We’ll attract every damn zombie in a five-mile radius. No—no way.”

“Unless you have any more bright ideas,” came Levi’s blasé response as he dug around in the bag slung across his shoulder. Retrieving the bomb, he took a moment and looked at the disdain painted across your features, yet it didn’t derail his actions. Instead, he judged the amount of debris blocking your way, a soft sigh falling from his lips. “I’ll go back for the car while you go ahead.”

“No way.” When Levi raised his eyebrow at your heated protest, you stalked closer and reached out, fingertips digging into the soaked material of his jacket to get your point across as you protested, “If you even think that I’m going to stay here while you go back across town where the horde is waiting for you, then you’re an idiot.”

Unfazed by your reaction, Levi’s narrowed eyes sliced straight you. “I survived a lot longer than you did without anyone by my side. Get to higher ground and wait for me. If I’m not back in—”

“Levi,” you sharply interrupted, your grip on his forearms tightening, “I don’t give a damn about what you want me to do. I am not staying here while you risk your life!

In retaliation, he parted his lips to throw something back at you that would sound too convincing and logical, so you did the only thing you could think of to stop him from saying anything else.

You leaned forward and pressed your lips against his own.

The cold chill of the rain fell down on the both of you, but the only thing you took notice of was the way Levi froze as soon as your lips made contact with his own. You refused to let him break away and kissed him harder, allowing your desperation and every other emotion you couldn’t properly express to flow through the moment. He shifted until his hands tangled in your wet hair and pulled you closer, paying no mind to the fact that you could catch your deaths out in this weather.

Nothing mattered in the moment except for him and the way his fingers pulled through your hair and traveled down your neck, or the way his body shifted closer to your own. Levi was the first to pull back and rest his forehead on your own, his hot breath fanning out across your still-tingling lips.

Neither of you said anything in that moment before you reached down for his hand, quietly threading your fingers through his own. It took him a moment, but Levi eventually squeezed back, murmuring, “We’ll get the car and drive it through. Let’s go.”

You didn’t know what the future would hold or if you even had a future to begin with, but having Levi by your side made you feel safe and that was all you could really ask for.

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What are your favorite Alycia quotes? :)

Ooh okay here are some of my favorite ADC quotes

  • “I like being able to make people feel something. I think that’s I most want to achieve out of it and that’s what I enjoy about it the most. Making people go ‘I know how that feels.’”
  • “I often think about how, if we were all placed in an apocalyptic situation, you’d realize quickly how stupid, petty things just don’t matter anymore. Who you love is who you love, and it doesn’t matter.”
  • “With any sort of minority, issues of ostracization or misrepresentation are clearly rampant. It’s just so deeply rooted in our culture and there are so many levels that it trickles down from. It becomes an issue of diversity and equality and race and gender. In a parallel sense as well, there’s the issue of black characters being killed off first. I know that’s been a topic of conversation over the last couple of years. So these are huge-scale cultural and social barriers that we’ve established—and I guess now it’s time to start breaking them down.”
  • “I just love squids alright.”
  • “Look at these majestic crabs.”
  • “Everything you see is about global warming or the environment, the destruction of humanity, what the internet is doing to us, what is it doing to our brains? This amalgamation of… A climax to what? What’s going to happen? Do we kill ourselves or the world will kill us?”
  • “If you look at the 50s, it was all about space exploration and the journey and the excitement. That was what was important. So it’s interesting… Does life imitate art or art imitate life?”
  • “When I was younger I could get that white-knuckle grip of holding onto an idea and not wanting to let go, but the moment I started to let go and seeing that there are no rules, there’s more flexibility and openness and knowing that if you follow something it creates its own path.”
  • “My whole philosophy has been to let the work speak for itself, because that’s really what you want to show.”
  • “So swiftly your world flips from chaos to monotony and it can be Oh. So. Destructive. It becomes the fight to survive suspended in the unknown.”
  • “I literally didn’t know what to do other than buy ice cream, hide under the blankets and watch Netflix.”
  • “I feel like my personal needs wouldn’t be efficient or essential. I’d be like, I just want to know that I’ll have some comfy socks and a few great avocados around. Can I just have those?”
  • “But beggars, can certainly not be choosers. In the short term, I’m starting to write my own scripts. It’s fucking hard.”
  • “The stormtroopers were having some kind of protest march against Darth Vader and I didn’t understand like kind of why it was going on but they had signs and everything. I was like, ‘Wait, what are you protesting?’”
  • “That’s the most amazing thing about humans. They will make sense of anything illogical until it just is unfathomable. You’ll try and rationalize anything.”
  • “I was nineteen once.”
  • “Goodnight, Siri.”
  • “It suddenly came crashing down on me that I was ruined and I’d never sleep again and I became traumatized for like a year!”
  • “I’m obsessed with space.”
  • “I just wanted one so I could read the Guardian and NASA updates.”
  • “I’m really good. I’ve got this lovely cup of green tea here, which is just- Oh, what a beacon of hope in my morning.” 
  • “I used to think cube was my favorite word.”
  • “What I really want is some ham.”
  • “Whatever floats your fancy.”
  • “I’m going out on a whim!! Being spontaneous!!! Livin the life! LIVIN LA VIDA LOCA!!!!”
  • “Sometimes the good thing about losing your credit card is you get tea.”
  • “Oh no! It’s Ola Ola Ola!!!!   Excuse my ignorance of the beautiful Portuguese language.”
  • “Thank you to all the fans for bringing her further to life, your passion is everything. It has been an honour to portray her. To envelop myself in her skin. To be given the freedom to represent a moment in our cultural and social zeitgeist - she has left a great imprint on me. I will miss her.
  • “And thanks to the Academy - seeing I’m coming across a bit intense and getting super sappy all over your timeline… cue the music”
  • “I know It’s not tbt, so I’m gonna send it back Sunday… ? I don’t know if that should ever be a thing.”
  • “I kind of almost hit someone but there’s a reason.”
  • “Way too keen.”
  • “Don’t have sex with a zombie.”
  • “I’ve got a crazy last name. Sorry.”
  • “She [Lexa] is just like ruthless. She won’t even say it. She’ll just do it. And people will be like, ‘whoa Lexa, what the-’ and she’ll  be like ‘Don’t question me. Are you my gun-bitch or what?’”
  • “There is one living organism called the tardigrade and that has survived the five great mass extinctions on Earth and it can survive a vacuum in space and boiling hot water and freezing sub-zero temperatures.”
  • “C’mon guys don’t let me down….Don’t kill me off this show!”
  • “Now when I point out the obvious which is quite often everyone makes fun of me.”
  • “That is so sweet and I feel so so loved. You know what, it’s a particularly somewhat difficult night I would say for myself, so thank you, your love means a lot right now.”

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True you're right. We don't have any right to know what is happening in her personal life. I guess the thought of trying to hide a relationship gives me anxiety cause she's thinking too much about what the media/gp would think and can't just live her life, you know? I just imagine having to worry about being seen with a secret bf and not being able to go out whenever she wants and do what she wants can turn into a burden. If she's hiding it's cause she's afraid of the backlash. Part 1

Part 2: & I feel like when she dated Calvin she finally was in a place where she felt comfortable enough to date someone publicly even if they were also private most of the time. It’s like everything she worked for to live as freely as she could went to hell once she was w/ Tom. & I kind of makes me sad that IF she’s secretly dating someone that she feels the need to hide it & isn’t comfortable to be seen in public cause of what the media will say. So I just hope whatever is going on shes happy

i think when we make decisions, especially important ones, most of the time, we weigh the pros and cons of our choice. Perhaps the privacy and avoiding everyone spouting off an opinion about her choices in her personal life is well worth not being able to waltz into chipotle for dinner together.    

I honestly dont think it’s that big of a deal if she’s hiding a rs, and whatever else she isn’t sharing either. In fact i say good for her.  I think she’s done sharing her personal life with the public - and i would be too. The press is ruthless and honestly i think this has been a long time coming. One day she’s got a boob job, the next day she’s eating her weight due to misery, or she’s freezing her eggs, the next day she’s mocked for being in a band of skinny girls only, the following week she’s working out because a/b/c - but not because exercising makes you feel strong and healthy. They twist and turn every little thing.  She cant even go to the gym and bring a purse w/o articles mocking her choice saying “her purse is worth more than your macbook!” 

I mean damn. Wouldn’t you be done sharing anything ? She and her friends get made fun of for being in a #squad, it’s now this whole Thing going on two years now, and that gets torn apart (too skinny, too white, too pretty, too rich, too privileged, whatever the soup du jour is for the press that week). Her most recent rs got mocked for being fake, for being a music video, for being PR, for being to get back at her last boyfriend, it was called anything BUT what it probably was which was two people who were attracted to each other and even though the timing was god awful they went for it anyway bc that is just what you do sometimes in life, you see the odds stacked against you and you give it a shot anyway.  And for about 2.5 weeks they were “public” you could SEE it wearing on her, and they cut if off after the SwiftyCam arrival in Australia. 2 weeks of trying to live like normal people for once and they both paid for it for months. 

And icing on the cake, TMZ is a bunch of assholes and releases a picture of her being groped thats like the most personal and private thing she didnt want out there.  So IMO it’s with her middle finger in the air she’s gone and said Game Over Bitches, my life is mine now and no one elses, she’s avoiding cameras and sightings and only giving the press what she chooses, and for once in her life getting to be Taylor. I couldnt be happier for her taking control like this, it must be great. 

So if those who keep saying she would never hide a rs, or why would she hide a rs, if you would put yourself in her shoes for 0.01 seconds i think you might see why she is acting the way she is. Don’t let it give you anxiety or feel sad for her, be glad that she has been courageous and brave to say enough is enough and do things on her terms. 

guys can we talk about this for a second please?

when i first saw this scene i was much younger and tbh i couldnt understand it at all and my first thought was “PB, you are such a jerk choosing your kingdom over the one who truly makes you happy
i was sooo naive, and quite stupid yeah, now 2 years later i understand and rewatching this episode almost brought me to tears

as a med student, what i used to call "studies” before at high school would be a (lame) joke compared to what i have to study and learn now (and by learn i mean, to be able to explain it without stutter) all the information and crazy names about amazing and beautiful stuff about the human body… well, what did you expect? to take such a decision, to study something that hard and tiring yes one must love it a lot and to be honest i am in love with my career there’s no doubt about it, whatever it could take me to succeed i would take all that and all the bullets without even thinking twice
however, before my career there was someone, this person, a good friend, someone i would blindly follow to the end of the world, a potential lover, heck! i have met plenty of people after her and to be honest i’ve never found someone who can make me feel the same
anyway…. we could be together, yeah, this topic comes out between us all the time, and whenever we get to see each other there is tension and a lot happens, its beautiful, id love it if it could be like that forever… 
if only it wasnt for my career

it takes a lot of time and plenty of sacrifices, sometimes i have to choose between a couple extra hours of study or visit family members, to party and hang out with friends or read what’s for tomorrow’s class, it sucks yes (but trust me, at the end its so rewarding, no regrets..)
and when i do have free time, well… you really can’t just choose to spend the little free time you got with only one person you know?
so yes, it’s not easy but whenever we get to see each other it feels like a million stars twinkling inside me, all over again, even if i dont get to see her for a long time, i still feel the same
we decided to take different ways, she knew it and i told her: “to force someone to wait for me..that would be very selfish, i want you to live, you dont have to wait for me, nobody has to, if its meant to be…. we’ll find a way, but i need you to know that i really care about you, so much…but right now i have a big dream, my dream and i have to follow it.. alone” now…  was it easy? hell no, did it hurt? yes, a lot

                                   ( -trust me, she’s not Marcy )

but at the end..  thats just how it is, sometimes, you cant be with the one you love because there are more important things to do by the time (for the people you love or yourself), and to be with that someone in such a difficult moment could hurt even more than just remaining as “occasional best friends” (best option in my opinion) i dont really have to explain this do i? perhaps Bonnie acted distant with Marceline to prevent hurting her but still she did  

However, Princess Bubblegum does not love her kingdom more than she loves Marceline (if we believe in the theory that she was talking about her when she told that to Finn) she knows right now it’s just not the moment, that’s why she doesnt have any interest in having a relationship with anyone because she already knows who’s the one for her, now, will Marceline wait for Bonnie? well, since this is a cartoon (after all) it’s very possible (Hey, it happened in How i met your mother so why not Adventure Time?) … we just have to wait and beg Pen Ward i guess?

Anyway…Now you see why Bubbline is so important for a lot of people? because many can relate to Bubblegum or Marceline, and thats why this couple is so important, i think… thank you

(and to my Marceline, i’m so sorry, i wish for you to live so,so happy that you dont even feel sad for a second because of my memory while i’m gone, i hope the best for both of us, together or not.)

Silence (part 10)

Redid my blog and playlist! Tell me what you guys think? Anyway, here’s Silence! I can’t believe it’s already chapter 10!!! This story is winding down…

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Setting: High School AU

Summary: Being new to the school wasn’t Lucy’s only problem; try being mute as well. Also add in being bullied for her disability, but fortunately for Lucy a pink haired male swore to protect her. Befriending the mysterious man, Lucy realized she wasn’t the only one with troubles in her life.

“Well, I guess I better be heading home. It was nice seeing you, Lucy.” Gray said as he walked to the door. Lucy nodded in return.

“Yeah, yeah now get out of here before Lucy’s Dad kills me for letting another guy sleep over here.” Natsu grumbled from behind Lucy.

Gray scoffed. “What the hell are you talking about? We didn’t even sleep, Lucy did.”

The blonde swore she heard Natsu mutter something along the lines of ‘yeah I had to make sure nothing happened to her’ but since she couldn’t question him further, she just let it go.

“Just leave would ya?” Natsu said rather rudely, causing the ink haired boy to raise his middle finger towards his best friend.

“Yeah, yeah I’m going asshole.” Gray grumbled, turning his attention back to their blonde companion. “See you at school, Lucy.”

Lucy shyly nodded at the man, waving goodbye to her friend. Once the door shut behind Gray, the blonde heard her boyfriend give a sigh of relief. “Thank gosh your Dad isn’t here yet, he’d kill me for having another guy over here.” Natsu scratched the back of his head sheepishly. “I think he has a hard enough time trusting me with you…”

Lucy pulled out her phone, hastily texting a message to him.

“My Dad is very overprotective, I’m honestly still in shock that he let me over here. I’m just use to being alone all the time when he’s out on business… it’s nice to have some company.”

Lucy watched Natsu’s expression as he read her latest message, a smile adorning his lips. “Ha, well you know me now Luce. I’ve been alone for awhile.” He looked up to her with his infamous grin. “I can’t complain about having company either.”

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As Fate would have it - Chapter3

It´s been about twelve years since Hiyori last saw Yato. Twelve years since he cut ties with her. With tears in his eyes he explained that it was all for her sake so she could finally start to live a normal life.
What he didn´t know back then was that their ties could never be cut.

Hiyori remembered everything about him, Yukine and the far shore.
At the time Yato and she parted ways Hiyori was already pregnant with a baby girl that grew up knowing nothing about her father.

Chapter 3 - Who are you?

Words: 1331

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Main Characters:

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this blog’s purpose is to both describe my (the nerd’s) adventures and also to help future college students get to where they want to go, so here’s a post relating to college apps, specifically college essays

so. you got college essays literally everywhere you look and you have no idea what to write. 

luckily, I have some advice for you because I struggled with my common app essay topic for a good two months before I wrote it a couple weeks before my first deadline (hadn’t even written it yet this time last year, and it ended up being this random topic i chose at 11 at night and wrote in the span of 45 minutes and i think that was the draft i submitted)

ok, so ideally, well i see no inherent problem with this, but this probably is a bad thing , you should try to have multiple drafts


  1. read your essay topic, and write down the first few things that come to mind
  2. write out paragraphs for all of them
  3. whichever one was easiest to write, go with that one first
  4. proofread, have your counselor go over it (if you’re comfortable w that)
  5. if you’re really not content with it, try another idea
  6. make changes, make sure you spelled things correctly, and you’re good

Now, here’s the spiel- in college essays, the whole point is to make yourself stand out, what’s your unique story that no one else (or maybe barely anyone else) can tell? If you were to tell this story to your friend or your teacher, would they be able to tell that that’s you? If the answer is yes, then you’re good fam~

So, naturally this applies to open-ended questions like “describe a time you were challenged” or “whats important to you”, for me, writing stories was the best way to talk about a unique thing that happened to me also in my own voice. That’s really important, to have your own natural voice. Don’t write it like a formal essay, don’t make it sound forced, don’t make it sound like you’re trying super hard to impress the admissions officers.

If you’re having trouble coming up with someone that’ll captivate your audience or impress them, then maybe you need to stop looking so hard. What often happens is we try to look for the most impressive events of our lives, the awards, the wins, the performances, the community service trips, and those are good, but we often forget what’s important to us is often the things that remain constant through our whole lives. If nothing really stands out as being absolutely groundbreaking in your life, thats really ok, because probably most people haven’t had anything super significant happen in their first 17/18 years of life. Look at what’s around you, what you do every day, what you make time for everyday. The way I found my essay topic was I thought about what I did that day: I called my grandpa and then went to go practice my guitar, and that’s what I wrote about - my family and my music. I applied engineering to every school so don’t think your essay necessarily needs to be about what you plan to study (though, if you’re applying to a STEM school, or a specialized, you should consider using one of your essays to talk about it.)

So I guess if you’re stuck on an open-ended question like that, take a step back, think about what makes you happy, what’s important to you, maybe a specific day in your past when those specific important things made you really happy.

i hope that helps but i’ll probably write a more detailed guide to responding to specific questions in the near future.

anonymous asked:

When the new year started, I said to my friend: I'm gonna miss Harry haha I just always thought that if he doesn't have band obligations and have to be in the limelight he'll chose not to. Same goes for SM. Now maybe he would tweet more IF the current band & private situation would be different etc. but I do think he's a private person, also has limited options due to the ongoing band/image/stunt mess. He seemed to have some influence how to behave this whole year&that's how he did it. 😉

I love your tag too haha I remember a good post about MIA Harry going around! I think what some people forget is that we aren’t talking about 3 months etc. It’s been almost 1 year!!! So many predicted he’d be the first who can’t wait, instead we’ve NIALL and LIAM with singles/announcements first! And Harry did a movie and one magazine! Total different direction, which wasn’t that surprising if you paid attention to everything going on :) 1 year of being mostly MIA & in the same city as Louis :)

Oh, yes, I think that when considering Harry’s situation in 2016, there are several points to keep in mind.

1) Every celebrity, whatever their field of (artistic) competence is, needs promo. Promo while working to sell their product, promo while they’re not working to keep their own status up; promo promo promo, 95% of the time that’s all what it is about. But not every celebrity (and their team) has the same idea of promo or to what extent they intend to work for it. Some literally live on and off that (honestly often because they don’t have much else to offer), some find a balanced way to handle their public and private time and some just choose to keep a very, very low profile (it’s rare and generally happening with older people, used to a different environment- generally). I think that whoever followed Harry for some time would agree that he’s not part of the first category and that, given the choice, he won’t obsess over self promo and an oversharing of his daily life.

2) After 5 crazy and abnormal years in the circus that One Direction was turned into, Harry, as the other boys, absolutely needed some time to properly rest, recover, recharge and just live (Niall completely fell off the radar for months and Liam has disappeared for weeks at a time; Louis didn’t have a moment to breath until summer and that’s been our first concern).

3) Harry, as the other boys, is likely not entirely free from some of his old restrictions and ties and he’s shown more than once in the past how unhappy he is to be portrayed in a certain way. It’s not that hard to imagine he’d prefer to keep quiet and wait it out until he can present himself according to his own will, as he’s partially (and clearly) been able to do with AM.

4) I also don’t think it’s that much of a stretch to guess that considering his partner and the revolting situation he’s been living in for the past year+ and how close and supportive they appear to be one of the other, Harry wouldn’t exaclty jump of joy at the prospect of going on and living his life as a rising star. And as odd as FSm management has been in the past months, they also proved to be more than effective and capable when they needed to be and they’re certainly more than aware that as famous and promising as their young client can be, this was NOT the moment to have him SO quiet, off the cool circles, off the press, off SM, off everything if not mentions here and there by other people while he just doesn’t show his face. Not in such a delicate moment of transition. 

I believe we’ll get a good idea of how Harry Styles wants to lead his mix of public and priate life, what he wants his perception to be, the moment point 3 and 4 eventually, definitively shift and settle.

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Wait wait, why are you against romantic orientation? Like for me personally, I'm asexual, but I am still very much interested in dating. So I classify myself as a heteromantic asexual. I don't see how that's bullshit in any way. :o

Either you are asexual or you are not. If you’re going to put stipulations and exceptions in place so you can be “kind of asexual” (and LGBT by extension) then you are not asexual. It’s not a spectrum and your “other orientations” don’t send you sliding up and down it.

Essentially, what you just said is:

“Personally, I’m dead, but I’m still very much interested in being alive so I classify myself as a Breathing Corpse”

That’s pretty much why I don’t support it. Literally, it makes no sense AT ALL, and, again, it’s clearly used so straight people can feel special. You’re basically trying to make a sexuality out of not being a whore. But still a STRAIGHT not-whore regardless.

Which is a common everyday thing. In fact, it’s the opposite that is “odd”.

Nb4 “Billeh, it’s not that you don’t want to but that you cant!” Don’t bullshit me. Half the people claiming this label are virgins, basement dwellers, and people who haven’t hit puberty yet anyway. I feel like it’s easier to say that one is asexual and snowflake it up with romantic orientations than to admit that they can’t get laid. *shrug*

I think you people get on here and convince yourselves that you’re asexual for whatever reason you wanna come up with on the fly. I’m sorry to break it to ya, but chances are extremely high that you’re just as normal as the rest of us. Terrible, I know.

The only one I get behind is “aro asexual” because it’s the only one not trying to play games. Which, it’s very obvious that a lot of you are.

The LGBT movement and the struggles we’ve dealt with over the years because of these types of labels and vocabulary, the way society has reacted to them, is not a toy for you to entertain yourself with. I do not support the “romantic orientations” because I don’t support straight people playing semantics so they can call themselves something else just for the fuck of it. Even if it was a legit thing, society really doesn’t give a shit if you’re banging or not but they deff care that 2 men are walking around holding hands, so really, honestly, what am I meant to support here? Personal validation? Why should anyone care that you actually don’t want sex? You still ganna date members of the opposite gender right? All we need to know. Thus, hetero. Straight. It’s funny that your label is meaningless if you remove the assumption that everyone else around you is actively sexual, which is what makes you “different” right? What if I I said that the whole “everyone else is doing it” shit is something only high school kids think. Are you no longer asexual after you graduate and stop basing your own shit on what everyone else may or may not be doing? If a bisexual isn’t suddenly gay when they date another man then why does an asexual have a whole “spectrum” to choose from when they decide to fuck or whatever?

See, I like women. I came to this conclusion because I like women, not because I thought everyone else around me liked men. My sexuality doesn’t change based on whether or not I’m the odd man out.

And please don’t come at me with that completely unfounded defense of “asexuals get raped because people think it will fix them” cause a bunch of people claiming thats that a thing doesn’t actually prove that it’s a thing like that. I’ve never seen any proof of this claim, just shit loads of the claim itself. Seems more like a myth these days. Anecdotes aren’t proof.

Also, I know this seems very “you must be oppressed to be allowed in!” Which is not what im saying. The LGBT movement is for lgbt people and their allies to stand as one. I’m asking why you’re trying so hard to jump into the spotlight of a group that was built on the nessisity of liberation and a desire for equal treatment. This is the BASE context and everybody knows it. So what I don’t get is why it seems like y'all so badly seem to want to be included in that context when… you arnt. Because for all intents and purposes the world sees you as striaght.

Also also, I don’t want any shit about “I’m not trying to do that I just want a word that fits me” like, try “human”, and just because you don’t acknowledge that you’re also doing the shit above doesn’t mean it’s not what’s happening. It’s the inherent context of the situation.

It’s like saying you want and deserve the right to be supported as a subsection of the KKK but you don’t see why that should have anything to do with whether or not you hate black people and also you refuse to wear the uniform.

It’s like being in an AA meeting and someone comes in saying they’ve never touched booze a day in their life, but they’re a non drinking alcoholic and deserve the right to be there and regarded the same…just cause. And then somehow they manage to be louder than everyone else in the room.

I don’t support people putting their desire to “fit in” over reality. Reality of it being that my ass can’t go to a support group and actually find support anymore cause its all about these new genders and sexual orientations, people talking about how they only want to date boys on Tuesdays and wear skirts on thursdays meanwhile us “old school LGBT members” just need to suck it up I guess like who cares if the LGBT groups have nothing to do with LGBT shit anymore? I don’t go to groups anymore cause my ass could stay on tumblr for the same content and I wouldn’t have to get dressed for it.


I promise you that there is more in the FAQ, you can’t miss it it’s the biggest section there. I’ve said more than enough on this topic already, this topic always drags on for days…it’s all in there for you.

“Romantic orientations” and all the new genders and the spectrums… literally all this shit does is take away from what makes the LGBT community LGBT. Not in the sense of like gatekeeping, that y'all ain’t allowed, but the fact that y'all are coming in and changing the core of shit, the fundamentals of the shit that helps define the type of life I live and the sort of support I need to live it so it can suddenly be all about you? I’m shoved in the backround for the sake of “all inclusiveness” -including people who literally don’t need any resources or anything since their ass doesn’t have to live this life…. why should I support that? So you can feel valid or like you belong?

Do y'all even consider what this “new wave of lgbt identites” is doing to the “old wave” who still to this day need help but have been forced to the side to make room for you people and your make believe problems? Policy changes or descisions made that only benefit you and fuck us over? (For example, do you know how many LGBT people want the word Queer to die off forever, but y'all think it’s cute and wanna reclaim it so…fuck us, I guess. I have a t-shirt from my last trans event that says Super Queer across the front, and a button that says Keep Calm and Queer On. It makes the “new wave” happy so who fucking cares that the rest of us are uncomfortable right?) Why should I support this? What about any of this should I be backing here- other than to let you feel like you “found the word to describe you” and slap it on yourself or w.e while the rest of us have been trying to escape the stigma and/of these types of words that society has forced on us and used to hurt us for decades?

Like…give me a reason that isn’t about stroking your ego.

There I go ranting again…


Gay Pride Parade

Dan suggests him and Phil go to the parade but it gives Phil the wrong idea. They fight, they make up and they come out basically :)

Dan P.O.V  

Colors swirled around us and people screamed gleefully as they watch the dancers and floats slowly make their way down the street. Every few minutes a new beautifully decorated vehicle runs past us with dancers and music flowing from its depths. Streamers and rainbow flags basically rain from the sky and a marching band comes down the street, making sure my heart hammers with the violent beat of the synchronized drums.

“This was a pretty great idea Dan!” Phil, my best friend and boyfriend, tries to yell over the people yelling ‘happy pride’ every five seconds.

“Yeah, but really who would’ve thought somewhere in the Uk anyone would host a gay pride parade.” I holler back.

“I know right.” He smiles at me, reaching for my hand.

As he almost grabs it, I pull away from him and a hurt expression spreads across his face. I hate doing that to Phil. He sighs heavily.

“Dan. You suggested we go to a gay rights parade and you still refuse to show anything! Come on! Someone can see us here and suspect everything but yet you still won’t let me hold your hand!”

“Its different.” I sigh now. Why can’t he just understand I’m not ready. I know I don’t make sense but it is different. I mean I could say we were here to support a friend in the parade or something. If someone saw us close to each other like hand holding, there is no coming back from that.

“How the fuck is it different?” Hes angry now. Literally the only thing we fight heavily about is this fucking topic.

“Phil, it just is. Please don’t cause a scene. Besides you said you’d wait till I was ready.” I try to stay calm, and smile so the people around me can remain having a good time.

“Dan its been 4, almost 5 years and I’ve been ready and waiting for 3, almost 4 years now! Most people would be married or something by now!”

“Yeah and youre almost 30! I still haven’t reached the age where I finally know everything about myself! I still have like 2 years left!

"FYI I still have 3 years left before I’m 30! And are you saying I’m too old for you now? Well fine! your too young and immature for me then! Apparently you haven’t decided if you really want to be with me or not because you ‘haven’t reached the appropriate age’! Am I truly not good enough to show off Daniel? I mean I know you’re better than me at almost everything but come on! Why arn’t I good enough to have while people do what they do. Hate isn’t that bad when you have a shoulder to cry on. ”

“I didn’t mean it like that and you know it and people can be really mean Phil.” The tenseness and numb warmth has reached my heart/brain and everything around me is being muffled to the point where tears are trying to fall but I resist them falling. It’s getting harder to breathe properly without sobbing and I can barely speak.

“That’s what it sounded like! You act like I haven’t experienced how people can be! I mean before I know it you could ‘FYI I like virgina’ all over my heart.”

“Phil that doesn’t even make sense!”

“IT DOESN"T HAVE TO, IM JUST A SENILE OLD MAN TO YOU!” People started to look our way.

“Phil! SHHHHH!” I try to grab his arms in a hug to try to keep him quiet but he just pushes me away.

“NO! GET OFF ME! ITS OBVIOUS YOU DON’T LOVE ME! PLEASE JUST STOP! I don’t want to wait anymore, even if we did get hate I wouldn’t care! Id have you to tell me its ok when hate gets bad! I don’t even care if I get hate though Dan! I care if people hurt you and that is why I’ve waited so long! But i’m not going to for much longer! You need to decide what you want to do and grow up!” Phil ends his speech looking at me with blood shot blue eyes that have turned a dark blue.

“Phil I  love you! I’m sorry, I didn’t mean..” He cuts me off as I try to get him under control again.

“No! Dan stop lying! I’ve had enough! I’m done. I’m done pretending. I’m done with all this.”

“Please don’t do this.” I whisper as waterworks finally fall down my face.

“I can’t Bear, I just..” And thats it. He run away. And I don’t have the strength to follow him. so I fall, down the curb. My legs couldn’t handle my weight anymore I guess. I move into a sitting position with my head in my hands sobbing as the parade continues around me.

They keep up the happiness in their world as mine falls apart. My heart feels like it’s been hacked out with a machete, beaten, cut into pieces, sewed, then ripped apart by a rabid squirrel as people laugh and say I deserve it. And I do deserve it. Why couldn’t I have been ready to tell people? Or have suggested something else to do? I would tell everyone though. Getting hate for being who I am with Phil is a whole lot better then losing Phil all together. He deserves so much better than me!

How could I be so stupid? He hates me now. Hes probably going to ask me to move out. I don’t think I could handle that. I don’t think I could survive without Phil in my life. But he seems to be able to live without me just fine. I mean I don’t blame him.

I don’t know how long I sit there but I’m disturbed when someone presses their hand to my shoulder. I jump and look up to see a woman smiling sadly and handing me a medium sized brown teddy bear with pride written on its stomach.

“No I couldn’t, its ok I’m fine.” Trying to reason with her is like trying to reason with a brick wall though as she just nods and then takes off back to her float. Oh, she ripped it off her float and ran over here to give to me.. great..

Do I really look that pathetic that people think they need to try to cheer me up? It was really nice of her though. Not to mention, this is a really cute bear. Wait, it has a velcro on its right hand. I wonder what was supposed to go there? Either way, I’m not in the mood for a parade anymore. All I want to do honestly, is go home, crawl under my blanket with one of Phil’s sweaters and cry myself to sleep because that is more than likely going to happen anyway.

Slowly, I trudge through people and get on the tube home. I don’t even bother to look for Phil.. He doesn’t want anything to do with me and hes a big enough boy to find his own way back.


When I get home, I notice lights are on so I guess Phil made it home before me. I don’t see him though so he must be in his room. Well.. our room. Was our room, probably his now.. One good thing about having to keep the spare room done up so I can film is I don’t have to sleep on the couch when this happens. Not that it happens often.. but what does it matter anyway? Hes either packing or packing for me..

I walk through the kitchen, and notice a medium sized lion plushie on the counter. It looks like Phil just threw it on the counter in a rush. Mustve gotten it at the parade like the bear. I wonder if it was the same girl and he was doing the same thing? I doubt it.. Turning the lion on its back, I see the word gay written on its stomach. Hmm.. I look at its left hand and sure enough a little velcro thing was there.

I decide to put them together, they deserved to happy when the real pair couldn’t be. I placed the Bear’s hand into the Lions on the counter and sit them up. A small smile crosses my face. The woman knew what she was doing. I guess the community has to look out for each other one way or another..

Taking out my phone I snap a picture of the pair and on in limb decided to post it to twitter with a caption saying ‘I’m sorry Philly, Bear is nothing without his Lion :( He can’t do this alone.’ I guess I should go ask someone if I can stay at theres for a while. Not even a few seconds past or a step is taken before I start getting replys and likes for the tweet. The Phandom is probably going nuts.. Oh well.. Guess Phil will be slightly happy..

Once in my room, I crawl under the covers and curl up, ready to call Chris to see if I can stay at his.

Phil P.O.V

Why are people blowing up my phone? Why does everyone want my attention when I’m not in the mood to deal with anyone. Maybe someones hurt or something. Guess I should check it but I’ll give it a few more minutes.. If it was really important, someone would call me.

I am a little thirsty though and I’m not in danger of running into Dan because I just heard him go into the extra bedroom so thats good. With that in mind, I get up from the cocoon of blankets I’ve burrowed myself in to cry for the past hour.

I can’t believe its over. We’ve been together so long, I don’t even know how to be single anymore. I don’t really feel anything though. Just numb. Like just lay down and stay there numb. I want to lay down and never get up again. Never see or hear anything ever again. But really I just want to feel something. Whether its grief, regret, or even anger. I want to feel something! The kitchen comes into view and so does something else.

The bright pink and green letters of GAY PRIDE catch my eye as I walk in. And I notice that its a Bear and my Lion from the parade. I guess Dan got one too. Why would he bother putting them together if he doesn’t love me anymore though? Maybe hes just trying to be cruel.. Its working.

Just then a buzzing went off in my jeans, and I fish for my Phone. I see the flashing face of Louise. Why is Louise calling me? She just calls Dan. Either way I answer.

“PHIL! Have you checked twitter? What even happened? The Phandom is going mental!” She rushes.

“Woah Louise! One thing at a time.”

“What happen with Dan?!”

“We had a bit of a falling out”

“No kidding!’

"Wait how did you know that?’ Did Dan call her first?

"Phil check twitter and I’ll get back to you on that..” Then she hung up. What the hell was that?! I finally look at my messages and see everyone of my friends have texted me to check twitter and is asking what happened.. Even my mother what?! Alright Fine! I’ll check twitter! Gosh!

I get on my news feed and look for a tweet from DaN. Then I see it. He took a picture of the Bear and Lion. AaAAAAWWW that caption though! No wonder everyone is freaking out. I need to apologize. I can’t do this alone either to be honest.

Slowly I creep my way to his room and listen to him through the crack in the door.

“Chris please, I’m begging here.”

“Come on, he won’t let me stay.”

“Yes I’m sure”

“Well no I Haven’t.”

“Because I know ok, just please?” Hes crying now. My poor Bear!

“FINE! Ill try someone else! Maybe they will help their friend when they are in need!” He hangs up the phone and plops onto his bed with his head in his hands.

“Fuck! What am I going to do?”

“Dan?” I finally make my presence known.

“What do you want? Ready to kick me out?”

“I’m not going to kick you out love.” I sigh as I sit down and pull him into my lap. He willingly goes and curls up to me, still trying to stop the tear flow. Its like when he was 18 all over again. When we would have go through this at least 3 times a week.

“Dan I’m sorry I said all those things earlier..I was just worried you didn’t love me anymore. And you are not too immature, really I’m immature for saying that. You kept trying to keep everything together while I yelled on like a child..” I hug him tighter and run my fingers through his hair.

“Its my fault Phil.”

“No, it mostly mine but I guess we both took part in it. I saw the picture btw. It was so cute. Lion needs his Bear too.” I felt Dan grin a little bit into my leg.


“Really really, oh and everyone decided to blow up my phone. I’m sp proud of you Dan. But we can have an official coming out video when your ready.”

“How about my next video? Or we can make it creative and make it a game of some sort. like a web quest?

"That could be fun, we haven’t done of those in a while. So many good ideas Daniel.” I smile and ruffle his hair.

“Hey! Stay off the Hair Lester!”

“Fine!” I grab his ribs and watch him jerk around.

“P..PHIL….STOPP..P.” He laughs trying to grab my hands to make me stop tickling him. Soon I had enough and paused long enough to grab his face and kiss him. I really wouldve missed this. We soon needed to breathe and both me and Dan breathed heavily into each others mouths.

“I love you Dan.” I say holding him once more.

‘I love you too Phil and don’t you ever forget  it.” 

Alrighty.. sorry if that was terrible.. I tried.. anyway have a nice day :)