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EP 12: Yuuri’s Exhibition Gala + the pair skating we all wished for

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Title: A Million More Deaths

Canon: Rogue One

Pairing: Jyn/Cassian

Rating: R

Notes: for the Rogue One kmeme prompt, Jyn/Cassian rebel base hookup

Impossibly, they live.

Bodhi suffers from burns, but a couple of soldiers pick him up off the ground from where he lands. They run. They are lucky enough to find one of their own ships still flying.

Chirrut is barely hanging on, cradled in Baze’s arms when they are picked up. It takes a bit of yelling for Baze to let go enough for them to apply the bare minimum of treatment to keep Chirrut going.

Jyn threads her fingers through Cassian’s, waiting for the impact. Waiting for death.

The ship barely makes it out of the atmosphere, the tail end nearly catching the Death Star, only for them to hit into enemy fire.

Impossibly, they live.

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Friendly reminder that they didn’t mentioned THE KISS because: 

1. The anime is a sports anime, romance was never the focus; 

2. The romance is presented as just any other healthy romance, no yaoi tropes, just two people in love;

3. They’ve probably have been together for a while, there’s no need for them to discuss it since it wasn’t the first one.

So what we got was: them being even healthier together, them being embarrassing together, flying kisses and stuff as a subtle way to say it happened you can chill, them being super supportive, them being dads, them looking like they’ve been married for 10 years.

And is it good? YES. In media, western or Japanese, non-straight relationships are presented as something out of this world, some big deal, full of drama, full of lust, full of pain. It’s so refreshing to see a same sex couple being just like any other couple would be, healthier than most even. So hey, worry not, we’ll probably have more chances of watching them being lovey-dovey, let’s just appreciate how nice it is to watch a normalised gay couple just being good and pure for once ^^

tfw ur friend comes to watch u practice but he falls alseep in the stands. (headcanon: yuri sleeps w his tongue stickin’ out sometimes and curls up in a lil ball like a cat)

anonymous asked:

How can you like Ruby and Qrow together, or just Qrow in general?! He's a drunk jerk to most people, his semblance is no excuse. I mean, it's obvious he even managed to piss Tai off. Yet he still hangs around the guy's house and kids. He didn't deny using Ruby as bait yet he denied having a hand in Pyrrha's death and has yet to apologize to Jaune. Then he gets his sorry ass dragged to Mistral. Ruby deserves better, honestly.

1. I’d like to see how nice and optimistic you’d be after living decades with his semblance. He’s adapted, he’s still trying. You don’t have to be perfect to be a good person.

2. The fact he’d rather not deny using her as bait than admit his semblance shows just how much saying it aloud, to Ruby of all people i’m sure, hurts.

3. Yes Ruby and friends had to carry him to Mistral. But are we not going to talk about the fact that the reason he got injured and thus had to be carried is because he saved Ruby and friends?

4. I feel bad for Jaune, I do. Pyrrha is my favorite Beacon student outside RWBY. But Qrow is literally the last of the group (of people trying to protect the world) that deserves Jaune’s shit, let’s be real. Qrow defends Pyrrha’s painstakingly made choice, but doesn’t defend himself against Jaune’s salty jab at him personally. Hmmmm….

Since someone very kindly asked what hair colour my Ryder had yesterday, I thought I’d whip this up (if only so that I don’t forget). This is Freya’s look au naturel, but she goes through so many phases of hair and lip colour, it’s kind of hard to keep up. Pretty flippant for a Pathfinder.

what the shit are these spoilers??? “robert is nervous” “aaron is overwhelmed” ???? are they sure they’re talking about the characters or the fans??


Amy Acker as The Machine #GoddessMode