i guess that wasn't very obvious

Btw did I tell y’all that I made a Pottermore account for Carver because I’m trash? He got Gryffindor which doesn’t surprise me in the least. I figured he would. He is a VERY obvious choice for Gryffindor, but I still disagree. I definitely think he’d get sorted into Hufflepuff to literally everyone’s surprise, be bitter about it at first, and then wind up being the loudest + proudest Hufflepuff you’ve ever met. The more I think about it, though, the more I feel like his sorting would resort in a hatstall and it’d be almost a flip of the coin decision, y’know? Because he DOES have some very strong Gryffindor tendencies. I can get behind him being sorted into Wampus, though.

He got a ginger cat as his patronus, and I literally laughed out loud when it was revealed. I suppose it suits him well enough, but I just imagine him casting the charm for the first time and expecting some big, tough animal like a dog or a lion or what have you. But, no. He gets a lithe, little ginger cat. He’s a lil embarrassed at first (he’s not even a cat person), but it grows on him. Wand is Walnut with a Unicorn hair core, 14″, supple flexibility. I can deal with all of that. A lil iffy on the flexibility level, but I suppose it does work when all is taken into account.