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My thoughts on 13 Reasons Why (trigger warnings)

Hannah baker: the only problem I have with the character of Hannah baker, is how she sent those tapes without any consideration towards how those tapes were going to fuck the recipients up monumentally. Take Alex for example, whether he was as suicidal before Hannah’s suicide/tapes is another thing, but Hannah sent those tapes consequently doing what she was criticising everyone else in the tapes for doing. Being the driving force behind someone else’s suicide.

Bryce walker: I absolutely love that this show is one of the few that show no sympathy towards the rapist whatsoever (apart from Courtney but I think Ryan settled that one) and I think the actor portraying him was beautifully cast (and if I see any hate towards him I will pat you on the head with a brick).

Justin foley: i think their are two types of people in this world. Those who think Justin is irredeemable, and those who think he was good kid that got monumentally messed up but abusive parental figures and made some wrong choices, and is going to pay for them for the rest of his life. As you may have guessed, I come in the latter category. Don’t confuse me for someone who is excusing his actions because I’m not, I’m stating that I understand why he did what he did. To him it was either do the right thing and possibly loose everything, or keep quiet and live a lie. It was shown how Bryce was the only person (before Alex) that helped Justin out at all with his home situation, and had Justin wrapped around his little finger. Just please keep an open mind when judging him.

Finally, as much as I pride the show in portraying different counts of suicide and self harm in truthful and relatable ways, I wish it would have explored the root of someone who is just as depressed and suicidal as Hannah, or Alex etc.. but knows they cannot commit suicide due to family commitments, It’s alright being suicidal but if you only get recognition if you actually plan on killing yourself then you and a lot of people are stuck in an endless cycle (e.g. Skye). So yes the show was brilliantly done and I can’t fault them on what they did show l, but I wish there was more representation of mental illness.

Oh and I almost forgot; JEFF ATKINS DESERVED BETTER.

I’m Not a Kid: Part 2

I’m Not a Kid

Word count: 5.6k

Genre: smut, dirty talk

Another part was requested by anon (anon let me know if you like it.) I wasn’t sure if I was going to do it but then I couldn’t stop thinking about office sex with Jungkook. Anyway, I listened to TIO by Zayn while writhing this ;) 

part one

It had been a week since you’d seen Jungkook. You’d forgotten that his father had a business trip and wanted Jungkook to come with him so he see the ropes of the family business.

They were in Australia and wouldn’t be back until Monday. You’d gone all week and weekend thinking about Jungkook. It was Sunday night and here you were again, nervous and thinking about seeing him tomorrow. You were sitting in the living room with your roommate trying to focus on a movie while eating dinner but you couldn’t.

As soon as you got home Friday night you woke her up and told her what you had done. You were still on a high from Jungkook fucking you but you knew you were going to regret it in the morning, and boy did you, at first. You couldn’t believe that you had let the your boss’s 20 year old son fuck the shit out of you in a restroom at a nightclub, but as days went by with no sign of Jungkook, no flirting, no touches, no lingering looks, no singing of your name your thoughts became consumed of him.

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Big Bang Reaction to Their Relationship Being Exposed on TV

telekinetic-m asked:

Yop! 💚 Love your blog definitely 💕 Can you do a BigBang reaction when their relationship is being exposed on tv ? For example, on a live someone ask about their s/o relationship habits and a member/celebrity make a mistake (like “it’s what … prefers with her!” Etc…) 😊💕 thx cutie 💚

Thank you for always supporting me <3 And sorry for letting you wait for such a long time, but finally here you go :) P.S. This was written at an airport after a night without sleep, but I hope it’s intelligible enough!

Choi Seunghyun (T.O.P)

It had been less than a month that Seunghyun had been released from the military and he and the other members had already been invited to participate in a TV show introducing different scenic places in South Korea. On a particular long drive, the boys decided to kill time by answering short questions the audience had sent in and to stream the talk live. When the host of the TV show asked who was most likely to get married first, Daesung nudged Seunghyun with his elbow and happily blurted out: “Seunghyun, you are the one who can best answer this  question!” It would take Daesung a few questions to realize his mistake and notice the flustered expression on Seunghyun’s face. However, since there was nothing the other members could do about the fact that Daesung had just spilled his hyung’s secret, Seunghyun would decide that it was time to speak the truth. He would bravely stare straight into the camera, and with a shy smile on his face he would admit to his relationship with you. “Daesung is right… and my answer is probably long overdue. I am planning to get married by the end of this year, and I couldn’t be happier about the fact that I will be a married man soon.” Although the other members would be surprised at Seunghyun’s confession on TV, they would clap their hands vigorously and congratulate him excitedly. When they pressed Seunghyun to tell their fans more detail about the wedding and the lucky girl, he would simply shake his head and say that he would give an official statement later. He would call you and YG immediately after filming ended to explain the unexpected situation. Since his love for you was sincere and the wedding already scheduled, Seunghyun would follow through with his promise to post and official statement on the fancafe and also YG’s website, asking his fans to continue to support him, his relationship with you and Big Bang as a whole.

Dong Yongbae (Taeyang)

After Seunghyun went to the army to serve his mandatory military service, the other members had had more time to focus on solo activities and personal matters. That’s also when he met you, and since the other members were like brothers to him, he had told them about your relationship from the very first day. Right now, he was filming a live show with Daesung and Seungri, as well as a few other idols. Halfway through the filming, the camera team announced a short break for everyone. Of course, the viewers were still going to be entertained by short interviews with the idols. When it was Big Bang’s turn to answer the audience’s questions, one question read: “If you are dating someone, would you prefer a) to have a casual date night at home b) to eat out and go watch a movie afterwards or c) to go on a fun date in a theme park?” More like an automatic response, Seungri grinned at Yongbae and whispered, “It’s definitely not going to be c) after what you told us. I still remember your pale face when you came back that night after going to the theme park with Y/N.” What the maknae did not know was that the camera had captured his every word, and only after looking up and noticing the surprised looks on everyone’s faces did he realize his mistake. Yongbae could not even be mad at Seungri; it was true that the older member had been talking about you almost every day and that his relationship with you had become a hot topic among the members. Since the interview was live, there was nothing Yongbae could do to save the situation, and so he just smiled shyly into the camera. “I guess Seungri is right. I am currently in a relationship with someone, and going to theme parks is definitely not something I would do regularly.” When the camera team bombarded him with more questions about you, his girlfriend, Yongbae would only say that you two had been dating for more than two months now, and that he wished that he could have announced the news to his fans earlier and in a more official way. After the show, he would call you and YG to figure out the best way to handle the situation. He would be upset at himself for putting you in such a risky position, but he was sure that things would turn out fine as long as you loved each other and believed that you could overcome potential criticism by fans and the public.

Kwon Jiyong (G-Dragon)

Jiyong was happier than he had been in a long time: although work as an artist was as stressful and time-consuming as ever, Seunghyun had finally been released from the army and Jiyong’s relationship with you could not be any better. Therefore, he was in an especially good mood when he and the other members were participating in a live interview after performing their newly released song, a song he had composed as a thank you message for his fans and you, for always giving him strength. When the group was asked to describe their ideal type of girl, Seunghyun,  after making sure that the camera team could not hear or see him, leaned over to Jiyong and whispered: “Now you can give a detailed description of your girlfriend, Y/N.” However, the oldest member did not realize that there was more than one camera, and it had captured his every movement and word. Interested in Seunghyun’s comment, the interviewer asked Jiyong to explain more. When Seunghyun realized his careless mistake, all color would leave his face and he would glance over to the leader, a twinge of panic visible on his face. Jiyong would be quiet for a moment, thinking about how to best solve the awkward situation he was in. But since there was nothing he could do to reverse what had been said and since his love for you was sincere, Jiyong would decide that it was time to tell the world the truth. A shy smile on his face, he would nod at the interviewer and admit: “Yes, I have been dating someone for over three months now, and I could not be happier. I don’t want to say too much, but she is beautiful and has a bright personality, so she is also my ideal type right now.” Although the members already knew, they would congratulate Jiyong and tell him that he can always ask them for relationship advice, making the camera team laugh. After the interview, Jiyong would call you and inform you that he would come over to your apartment as soon as possible to discuss how to deal with the new situation.

Kang Daesung

It was New Year’s Eve and the four remaining Big Bang members had been invited to perform a cover version of an old but popular song. Since the show they had been invited to aired all performances live and was intended to make the country’s waiting for the countdown seem shorter, it was no surprise that there would also be lots of interviews to entertain the viewers. When it was Big Bang’s turn to answer the MC’s questions, the topic turned out to be a rather unexpected one: “If you are dating someone, what makes the relationship with you special or different from the other member’s dating styles?” Each of the boys took turns answering the question, drawing laughs from both the MC and the audience. When it was Daesung’s turn, Dongbae couldn’t resist to lean over to the younger member and tease him about his relationship with you. “You definitely won’t have to speak in the past tense.” Little did the two of them know that not only the other members but the entire audience and all viewers had heard his short remark due to the sensibility of the microphones. Only when Daesung and Dongbae looked up and noticed the surprised expressions on everyone’s faces did it dawn on them that Dongbae had just spilled the younger man’s secret. Daesung would get really shy and flustered, not sure what to do in such a situation. Deciding that speaking the truth was always the best way to tackle a problem, he would gather his thoughts and confess his relationship. “Right, um… I guess hyung is right. I am seeing someone right now, and I would say what makes my dating style different from the other members’ is that I always bring small souvenirs from wherever I go so that she feels as if she had been there with me. I really care about sharing experiences, even if we can’t always be together.” After the show, Daesung would get really nervous about telling you that your relationship just went public, but the other members would comfort him and promise that they would be there to support the two of you, no matter how fans would react. 

Lee Seunghyun (Seungri)

He was in the middle of filming a music show as an MC, when the organizers of the show decided to have a break in order to prepare for the second set of performances. To keep the viewers entertained, Seungri was asked if he could call one of the other Big Bang members and have a short conversation with them. Not seeing a reason why not, Seungri agreed and entered the number of the group’s leader, Jiyong. The maknae did not have to wait long since Jiyong picked up the phone after only a few seconds. “Seungri, what’s up. Are you calling to ask for relationship advice with Y/N again?” Seungri could clearly hear the mocking tone in Jiyong’s voice, but the maknae’s face went blank for a moment when he realized that the entire country and even world would know about his secret in a matter of hours. Seungri could barely hide how flustered he was by the situation. “Um, actually, I am at a music show right now. I wanted to call you and have a chat with you, if you are not too busy right now.” There was nothing that could be done against the awkward silence that followed. Only after Jiyong recollected his thoughts and Seungri tried to give the camera an uneasy smile would the conversation turn normal and more comfortable again. Although both the leader and the maknae tried their best to ignore the mistake Jiyong had made and pretended to go on as if nothing had happened, the internet would be full of comments and questions about Seungri’s relationship with you. Right after the show, Jiyong would call Seungri and apologize, but your boyfriend would simply say that Jiyong could not have known and that they could not change the situation anyway. Seungri would call you first, hoping that you would not get too angry at the news. He would promise you that the two of you could work it out, that nothing about your relationship would change and that he would be there to protect you if necessary. Then, Seungri would call YG to discuss what to do next and work on an official statement which would be released the next morning or even the same night.

based on a conversation i had with @jacehvrondale last night

Magnus sat in his favorite chair, drink in hand, staring at nothing. It was well after midnight and he knew he should probably go to bed, but he’d found that it was nearly impossible to sleep without Alexander beside him.


Magnus missed him more than he was willing to admit. He missed going to bed with him and falling asleep on his chest and waking up next to him. He missed planning dates around the world that usually ended up being in Magnus’s apartment or Alec’s office because Alec had lost track of time. He missed the way Alec always seemed to know what he was feeling and always made Magnus feel safe enough to share those feelings.

But Alec had lied to him. He hadn’t told him that the Clave didn’t have the Soul Sword, that Valentine did. Valentine, who wanted Magnus and all Downworlders dead. Valentine, who had lived inside Magnus’s body, an experience from which Magnus had yet to recover. Valentine, the most evil Shadowhunter in history, had the Soul Sword and Alec didn’t trust Magnus enough to tell him.

If he thought logically about it, he could see Alec’s side of the argument. Magnus wouldn’t want to put Alec in a position where he would have to lie to his people, either. But Magnus wasn’t ready to think logically and Alec had lied to him.

Sighing, Magnus made to get up and go to bed when a fire message appeared in front of him. He snatched it out of the air, knowing it must be urgent, since he had made it known that he was not to be bothered past ten o’clock unless it was an emergency.

Mr. Bane, it read.

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Creepypasta #1144: Killing Strays

Length: Medium

I’ll start off by just plainly letting you all know I’ve killed someone. It was in self-defense, but that didn’t make it any easier.

There was a homeless man that lived down the street from my apartment building. His “home” was a park bench, and I would sit with him occasionally, give him a few bucks, keep him company, and just try to let him feel human since no one else ever paid him much more than a contemptuous glance in his direction.

Guy was his name, which is kind of fitting for a man without much of an identity. He used to tell me about his life, or at least tell me what he could remember. He spoke slowly, as if he was waiting for the memories to catch up to what he wanted to say. I never really got a full story from him those days on the bench.

He could’ve been drugged out or alcoholic, but I didn’t really mind. I figured he could use someone that just wanted to listen. It wasn’t my place to judge his life, which I guess is an ironic thing to say considering…

Anyway, it was last March, and I had gotten up at around 2am to take a piss. I walked out of the bedroom, and right there in the hallway some shadowy figure was frozen like a deer in headlights.

Seconds tick by slowly when you’re confronted with an intruder like that. Home is safety. Home is personal. Someone was violating my personal safety. That someone charged me, and before I knew what had happened, I had been tackled to the carpet.

“I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry.” The voice of the shadow was one of desperation. “I need the money. Please, I need the money. They’ll kill me.”

I recognized the voice but couldn’t immediately place it, and it was too dark to make out who was wrestling me to the floor. I shimmied away, kicking in every direction until the figure yelped and recoiled. There was a gun in my bedside table, and once I made it there and grabbed the thing, I didn’t hesitate.

Two quick shots, and the pleading voice fell silent.

I turned on the light.

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First You Fall

Maisie Dalton fixed things.  And Niall Horan was definitely broken.

Chapter 21

Maisie spent three days at Kyle’s place wallowing in self-pity.  She hadn’t cried this much since…well ever.  She dreaded going home.  She dreaded running into anyone who would ask her how excited she was about being engaged.  

Maisie needed answers.  She wanted to know why Steven had tried to poach Niall from her.  She wanted to know if Mere knew about it and if she’d been the one to order Steven to do it.  She wanted to know why Janina wasn’t answering her texts.  And while she couldn’t and wouldn’t admit it to herself, she did want to know if Niall meant it when he said he was in love with her.

Maisie’s confidence was at an all-time low.  She had never felt more worthless in her life.  But Maisie couldn’t acknowledge the one thing she needed to.  She knew that the state of her life was entirely her doing.  But she couldn’t let that in yet.  It would mean a complete meltdown.

The only thing that got her to open Kyle’s door when the bell rang was the fact that she was starving and there  should’ve been a large pizza behind it.  However, Janina’s judgmental stare was the only thing waiting for her on the other side of that door.  Maisie instantly felt her heart pounding in her chest.  Janina looked just as surprised to see Maisie as Maisie was to see her.  But all Maisie need do was read Janina’s sneer to know exactly how this conversation was going to go,

“You live here now?”  Janina asked, sarcasm dripping off of every word.  

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Another Girl That isn’t Me

Pairing: Sam x Reader, Dean

Word Count: 1800

Summary: Set during season 8, Sam tells you that he is thinking of quitting the hunting life and you are struggling to tell him how you really feel. 

Warnings: All the angst, unrequited love

A/N: This is for @luci-in-trenchcoats , Michelle’s 2k follower Challenge, my prompt was to use the quote  “I guess, I’m wondering, how someone quits one life for something completely different.” I decided to go with some good ol’ season 8 angst. 

You flung yourself out of the rental car as fast as your legs would let you. It didn’t even matter that the wheels were still rolling slightly as you hopped out. Tearing across the gravel your head was focused on the one point in this whole town that you actually recognized. Funny how it was almost identical to the place you knew in too many similar small nowhere towns. You didn’t pause for a second in your movements because you knew that the man who had been driving would come after you.

Get to the room, your mind repeated, get to the room. You were trying to quash your feelings down with an overwhelming force, this wasn’t how you wanted to lose it. Screaming, in some shitty motel parking lot, this was obviously a discussion meant for privacy. Jamming the key into the lock as hard as possible, ignoring the harsh scrape and grind you heard, you jimmied it open. Walking through the threshold you slammed the door behind you as quickly as you could, you noticed how it thudded against what you hoped was his face, but you didn’t bother turning around. Apparently, his long strides were making it easy for him to match your frantic pace.

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To the one that has her heart next:

Make sure you tell her how much you mean to her. Don’t give her a reason to believe she’s not good enough for you. Love her more than you’ve loved anyone before and she will love you the exact same way. Treat her the way she deserves to be treated. Show her off to your friends and family. Make her smile and laugh all the time because godamn they’re both so contagious. Hold her hand when she gets anxious and starts biting her nails. Protect her from everything and anything. Hold her tight at night and keep her safe. Kiss her goodnight every night even if you get in a fight. Give her your sweater, your smell keeps her safe. She likes her touches so make sure you let her have a hand on you or you have a hand on her, it makes her feel safe. Her favourites when you put your hand on her cheeks. Kiss her in public, show everyone that she’s yours. She will be your biggest supporter. She will push you to be a better person. Her favourite colour is purple. Her favourite animal is the blue footed booby and a giraffe because she is one. She loves hedley and her favourite song from them is for the nights I can’t remember. She likes her coffee with 2 milk and 2 sugar from McDonald’s and if she’s studying 2 milk 1 sugar. If she wants breakfast from timmies get her a sausage breakfast sandwich. Also she hates smell of oranges but loves the taste. She can be a bit stubborn but you’ll get used to it and love her even more for it. She wants to be a lawyer so that explains it. She’s the smartest, athletic, beautiful, amazing, selfless individual you’ll ever have the honour of loving and being with. If you end up marrying her know that she is a size 6 ring and she wants kids before 30. Her favourite girl name is Isabella and her favourite boy name is Lucas. And she wants all of your love so give it to her. Don’t lose her because I promise you, it will be the biggest regret you’ll ever make losing someone so special like her. You’re probably wondering why I’m telling you all of this. The truth is that she was the best thing that ever happened to me but our timing was off. We were never in the right place at the right time. I guess you could say I never felt like I really had her. And maybe I didn’t. I’ll never know and that’s okay. I just need you to promise me a few things. Don’t give up on her. She has been through hell and back and I’m sure you will figure that out. She is so damn strong and you will see that in her as well but sometimes she needs a shoulder. Respect her. Love her. Be honest with her. And always be loyal. I wish you two the best.

Part 2, Chapter 5: Taconic

Sylvia and her mother had their lives changed forever when they stopped for gas at Sunoco at East Fishkill.

We search for signs and prophecies of the great changes that are waiting for us, but most often they come suddenly, in mundane places while we do mundane things. A heart attack while watching Netflix. A phone call about the pregnancy while you’re deciding on which brand of granola to buy at the supermarket. A sudden act of violence when you’ve stopped for gas.

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Safe Place - Avengers x Reader

Originally posted by hechoseyou

Words: 736 (a bit short…sorry)
Pairing: /some/ Avengers x Reader
Featuring: it’s basically Natasha Romanoff, Tony Stark, Steve Rogers and Clint Barton
Warnings: sad, reader feeling depressed
Requested by @mychemicaltimewar
Can you do an imagine when you are feeling depressed so you go hide in a library and one or all of the avengers come to cheer you up.
Authors Note: (I hope this is what you meant with your request, hah) This one took quite a bit longer to get out, but it’s shorter. Sorry about that…while writing this my mind was kind of everywhere, lol.


Everyone was laughing and having a good time. Cracking jokes, and smiling. Taking photos, and attempting karaoke.

You weren’t doing any of it, though. And it felt as if no one noticed, or even cared.

You weren’t feeling good. Not like you were sick, but you weren’t feeling good inside your head.

During the mission that everyone was celebrating about, you had it in your mind that you did horrible. You had got taken down to the ground by a few agents, and had to be saved by Tony and Steve. It was, embarrassing.

You were anything but celebrating. You couldn’t stop worrying and thinking about what happened, and you couldn’t stop thinking that no one cared.

You began to sink deeper and deeper into that horrible feeling. You continued to get quieter and more reserved, and your mind never seemed to shut up.

The whole day continued to run through your head, and you continued to beat yourself up over it.

You were so consumed in your thoughts that you didn’t notice Steve mention to Tony that you were being strangely quiet. Or Tony mention to Clint that something seemed off. Or even Natasha trying to talk to you.

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I Knew it Was a Bad Idea (But I Did it Anyway)

Summary: You left Sam fourteen years ago to try and give your daughter a normal life, but she is determined to find him. When you have to go and get her from the bunker… You almost lose your resolve.
Word Count: 3,468
Pairing: Sam x Reader; Sam & Your Daughter
Warning: None
A/N: If you like guys like maybe I’ll make a second part ^-^
“I” is your daughter, Elizabeth Casey, everyone else is in third person, this is a reader insert.
Also, a little bit of help, what tags should I use, or, what tags do you guys look for the most when you’re looking for this kind of thing. I’m still trying to figure out how to tag things.
Much love, hope you enjoy

Sam and Dean were sitting at a table doing research when someone knocked on the door. Dean and Sam locked eyes, each asking if the other had invited someone.

Dean took point, gun in hand and Sam right behind him, where he’d be hidden behind the open door.

So, I knew that it was a bad idea. I knew that, I just didn’t care. Mom would be pissed, so pissed, but you know what, this was what we both needed. To see Dad. Or, Sam, I guess I can’ trust call him Dad, or maybe I can. I’m not sure how that actually works.

Well, Dad/Sam was in for a surprise, if he was alive. Let’s be honest though, he’s alive. I know that he is. He has to be.

If Sam weren’t alive, that’d be a weird thing to leave out of the books.

So, if Sam and Dean weren’t dead yet, they’d probably be here, at this super secret bunker whose location a thirteen year old girl could find. Of course, I’m a very persistent thirteen year old girl.

I knocked on the door and waited, expecting to have a gun pointed at me when the doors opened, and I was right. I didn’t know who the person was pointing a gun at me, but I smiled and tried to act as naturally as possible. I’d never been told stories about my father by my mother, but I’d managed to coerce some other people into telling me stories, and this was the greeting that I was expecting. The intense man edging on fifty was fit and attractive, so I kind thought be might be one of the men I was looking for.

“Hi,” I said, “I’m looking for Sam Winchester.”

“You’re a kid,” He said, never lowering his gun.

“I’m his kid, more specifically. Hi,” I smiled, waving my hand at him. I was acting more bubbly than I normally would, but having a gun pointed at you is surprisingly scary.

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anonymous asked:

I'm still young I guess (gonna be a freshman!!) but anything romantic or having crushes comes really hard for me. All of my friends have dated someone or had a few crushes except for me. Is it just because as an ENFP I need to feel a deeper connection than is available to me now? Or am I just sorta weird?

honestly, you’ve still got a lot of time to figure out and usually ENFPs are really careful with their feelings and yes, it absolutely has to do with the need to have a deeper understanding, because how else will we trust someone else

to be real, im in college and i still haven’t trusted anyone to give such a special part of me as love so there’s no hurry; when it’s meant to be it’ll happen

Parent-Teacher Conferences

Originally posted by arlothia

Clint Barton x Reader

Parent-Teacher Conferences

Prompt: Can you write an imagine where Clint is a single dad x teacher!reader?

Note: Super hella cute prompt. I love the idea of Clint being a dad and stuff. So in this, Laura isn’t dead. Let’s just say that Clint’s adopted a bunch of kids over time and is taking care of them. Again, Laura isn’t dead, just not in the picture.

Warnings: None?

“Sorry I’m late,” a very tired, much over-worked Clint Barton. In his hand was his third coffee of the afternoon, and he had a baby attached to his chest with a baby sling.

“It’s not a problem, Mr. Barton,” You told him, standing to shake his hand. “And who is this little cinnamon bun?”

“This is my youngest, Nathan. He should fall right asleep as soon as we start talking about school,” he smiled, poking the baby. You laughed softly and sat at your desk.

“So, Mr. Barton, you’re aware Cooper brought a Nerf archery set to school and shot Harley Stark with it, right?”

“That’s why we’re here, isn’t it?” Clint shook his head. “I guess he just wants to be just like me.”

“Into archery?” You asked with a laugh. Clint shrugged.

“You could say that, yeah,”

“Well, it’s the first time he’s acted out, so I’m sure I can let this one slide, a warning.”

“Thank you so, so much.” Clint nodded. He looked to your left hand. No ring. Huh. He figured someone as young and beautiful as you had already been taken. “Say, Ms. (L/N), you don’t happen to like coffee, do you?”

“I do,” You nodded, drawing your lips into a small smile. “Are you asking me out, Mr. Barton?”


“I haven’t been out in a very, very long time.” You stated, staring at your bare ring finger. You’d been alone for a while, maybe this was the chance you were looking for.

“And you’re not seeing anyone?”

“I’m not,” You replied.

“Well then, in that case, I know this great little coffee shop downtown. I’m about due for another cup.”

“But the baby,” You pointed to his son, fast asleep on his chest.

“I don’t think he’ll mind.”

“Great,” You nodded, smiling. “Let me go grab my bag.”

Waiting On You

Hello, hello. Here’s a short Hakona A/U fic for you guys! I was meant to have it up before I went to Japan, but… yeah, obviously it didn’t work out. Still, I tried to make it a little fun, so hopefully you enjoy!! :D

PromptYou’re my waiter and I’m on a really crappy date with an asshole.

I also apologise in advance to Tae-Jun. I love you honey, but this role suited you so perfectly, I couldn’t resist XD

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sroloc--elbisivni  asked:

CONGRATS ON THE 500 FOLLOWERS. Could you do a ficlet where one of the cluster wanders into the Leverage brewpub and eliot gets driven up the wall tryinto figure out why their entire body language keeps changing, please?

The woman who just walked into the brewpub is dangerous. 

She immediately checks lines of sight for possible snipers. She looks for every possible exit. She takes in every customer who’s stopped by for a drink. She takes a seat at the bar with a view of the door. 

In other words, she acts just like Eliot.

He texts Hardison and Parker: possible tough customer at the bar. tall woman in nice boots. stand by. Then he comes out to the bar and says to the woman, “How can I help you, ma’am?”

And just like that, she’s not dangerous at all. She swivels her seat so her back is to the big windows. She focuses on Eliot completely, no awareness of the other customers in her gaze. Her muscles relax, so it’d take her at least a second to spring over the bar into a fight.

The only other person Eliot’s met who can change body language that fast is Sophie Devereaux. This woman is more dangerous than he thought.

“My name’s Nomi,” she says. “I’m here to talk to the management. I’m guessing that’s you.”

“And how do you figure that, ma’am?” Eliot says in his sweetest down-home drawl.

Nomi leans forward and becomes the tough customer again, in the blink of an eye. “Because you’re at just the right angle and distance that I can’t reach right over the bar and punch you out.” She settles back down, all ease and smiles, someone who’s never had to look over her shoulder for someone about to stab her in the back. “Take me to meet Leverage International.”

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What's a good way to find out if someone is an ally/ at least accepting of the queer community without outing yourself?

( I wish I had a good way to answer this. But I guess really you just have to figure that out by hanging out with them, or being around them? If they make jokes about being gay and shit like that, chances are they’re not a great ally, even if they say they don’t mean anything by it. In those situations though, you can call them out on making jokes about people being queer without outing yourself because it’s just right to treat people as people and not a joke. 

I don’t think there’s really a right way to bring up that conversation casually, and it’s hard for me to say right now because I have surrounded myself in the queer community for the last four or so years. I honestly forget sometimes that not everyone is queer to some capacity. So I would say just take your time with things and telling someone you don’t get a clear “this person is supportive” feeling from. Sometimes it’s better to wait before outing yourself unless you’re okay with everyone knowing. Then you’re fucking golden, rub it in their face. You deserve it. )

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thank you for that link! that post was 100% me (crushes on 'safe' people, liking someone and when they actually like you back, being all 'nope, do not want', even a friend who figured out she is ace :D). i guess i was just struggling with the fact that i already had 'omg, i am not straight' crisis five years ago and now, at almost 30, i am having another 'omg, i am ace?' moment. thanks for sharing your experience! <3

yeah im around your age and it took me until now too. (but like i said i never really cared) everyone around me just keeps telling me that i just need to ‘meet the right person’ and im like………………….ehhhhhhh lol

but youre welcome, im glad if it helped you in any way :)

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I getchu Dara I was raised hella religiously and while ive separated myself from that sect it still tugs at me sometimes and im like why???? Half the shit dont make sense??????? And yet here i am practicing another religion that is probably equally as silly or unimpressive; religion is weird that way! I have a hatehatelovehate relationship with it lolll

yeah, i was raised religiously (well, i went to church. my parents weren’t religious) but i never felt…. spiritual. ever. at all. i didnt believe in all that, like i guess i was just super realistic as a kid in some ways. 

someone telling me what i could and could not do? bullshit to me. i do what i think is morally right/wrong and figure things out in my own way.

idk i had a very independent/leader type personality so things like religion and having no control over certain things about myself were never things i let slide (which is why i wasnt openly trans for several years)


other than just like let’s just say enjoying that video i’m also trying to figure out how he did that transition

here’s the best i can figure: he already had the eye makeup and wig on and that was hidden by the shadow of the hat. and of course he had all the drag outfit already on under the suit. then when he went behind the umbrellas he had all of like three seconds, so the suit must have been a snap-button pull-off one, right? and i’m guessing while someone yanked off the snap suit, someone else must have done the lipstick and quick, right?

because i mean goddamn there was five seconds MAX between tom in a suit without apparent makeup and tom in full drag with a face of makeup