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i was going through ur blog, saw all the watermelon asks, laughed a bit, got a notification from youtube and fucking guess what. "SciShow just uploaded a video: Don't Eat the Watermelon Snow!" I LOST MY SHIT I CAN NEVER SEE WATERMELONS THE SAME WAY ~javie

It’s really scary because after the watermelon post became a thing all I am hearing is peoples experience of extremely coincidental situations and I am now forming a theory that maybe that post IS cursed


Some old doodles that I did last year uwu since you guys loved this au so much!

Some things to know about this au (aka: the parent trap au) 

  • Lance and his girlfriend had the baby the last year of high school. Lance is the type of guy who wanted to wait for “the one” before having sex, so you can guess how in love he was about her. Sadly, the gf didn’t felt the same and the moment she had the baby she left him with her. 
  • Adriana has ADHD just like her father
  • Lance is studying to become a pediatrician but also he has a part-time job in a store. His parents pay for his studies but he has to pay for his apartment and their everyday need. 
  • He barely has time to spend with Adriana, so here comes cool uncle Hunk to help them out and be Adriana’s baby sitter whenever Lance needs it
  • Keith is Adriana’s favorite teacher, even if she hates math, he always helps her when she is lost (also he has a motorcycle! how cool is that!?)
  • Adriana has the looks of his father but the shape of her eyes are like her mother, she was of asian roots so Adriana has asian shaped eyes. 
  • Lance and Keith knew each other from high school, but they never really talked before
  • Lance has a new girlfriend right now. she’s the first gf he had had since Adriana’s mother left him. Adriana hates her.
  • Normally is Hunk who goes to the parent meetings and to pick Adriana from school. 
  • Adriana really loves his dad, she’s so proud of him and knows he’s doing his best. 
  • Adriana is a very smart girl, her favorite classes are science and PE. She can’t seem to be still though, school is difficult some times when there’s too much written information.
  • In this au Lance, Keith and Hunk are 25y/o while Adriana is 7 
  • Adriana stopped asking about her mother when she was 5y/o, she realized that it hurt her father and she left betrayed by her.
I’ll overthinking everything, and that’s not your fault. I’m wired that way. My brain makes me believe that everything & everyone is temporary, and though there is some truth to that, some people truly aren’t just “temporary.” It’ll take me a little bit to wrap my head around that. I don’t ever mean to offend you when I say some of the things I do, or when I try to push you away, that’s just a defense mechanism. Like a reflex, I guess. Something I always end up doing. I shouldn’t, I know. I will need reassurance. Tons of it. This goes back to the whole “everyone is temporary” thought I mentioned earlier. Everyone I think will stay eventually gets pushed away by all these little faults, and I know I need to get better, I know I shouldn’t think these things, and I know you’re not like everyone else in my past. I’m sorry, I will try to make myself understand that, but I need you to work with me. I need you to have patience. I need you to believe me when I tell you that the last thing I want in this world is for you to leave me. There will be great nights when I’m able to push all these thoughts out of my head, but these come along with terrible nights when I’ll be distant. I’ll wonder if I make you happy. I’ll wonder why you stay with me, because even though you say nothing is wrong, my brain convinces me that I’m not good enough. This is when I need you the most, though I’ll continue to act like everything is fine. It’s not. My mind is running a thousand miles per hour, filling my brain with doubts and fear of how it’ll be when you leave, or about how vulnerable I’m making myself, and the worst of them all, about how all this happiness & joy I’m feeling will just be temporary. I know I’ll push you away, and I know you’ll want to give up, but please don’t. I want this. I want us. I don’t want to believe any of these things, and I’ll need your help. Reassurance, patience & time - that’s what will help. I understand if you don’t want to go on with someone who needs all of this to feel that a relationship will be successful, and hell.. I can’t really blame you, but all that I ask is that you remember that I love you. I will always love you, and I will never give up on you.
—  Something I wish all those who date someone with anxiety would understand

ppl always use lyrics from shake it off to make a dig @ taylor’s songwriting skills which i find hilarious because the shake it off lyrics are genuinely the most profound and meaningful lyrics i have ever heard in my life. like literally look me in the eyes and tell me that the haters aren’t, in fact, going to hate. you can’t do it. because the haters WILL hate and that’s just the way things are but i guess the truth of that statement is too confronting for some ppl </3


Another quick coloring job to pass some time. This time @sho-n-d let me butcher one of his cool drawings, he didn’t really but I changed some stuff here and there, hope he doesn’t mind.

So here she is, the cute Shimakaze. I really like her and been meaning to draw her for quite a while but just hadn’t been struck by the will or inspiration to do so. Here’s the next best thing tho… really liked the way she came out if I say so myself. Anyways, I kinda wanna be more active so… see you around I guess/?

The marauders obviously did some fucked up things to Snape, but can I remind everyone that canonically, James and Severus were rivals. Not just a bully and his victim, as far too many people seem to think.

Answering Dump

I’m going to start cleaning up my ask bin with small posts like this. I can’t answer all of them because that would be too much and create lots of clutter. So here’s the start of me catching up on the backlog of asks:

I took this test a couple years ago and I got ISTJ. I just took it right now and I got ISTP. Have years of experiences changed me? Have I matured as a person? Or did I just take the test wrong? i dunno

Oh yeah I’ve heard of webtoons. I’ve thought about posting some comics there as well but nothing has come of it yet. If I ever decide to jump on that I’ll be sure to make a post about it.

…In a way. If you can guess which one you get a prize.

I use ClipStudio to make my comics. I draw these comics on a cintiq 13 inch drawing tablet. I’ll make a FAQ page or something to clear things like this up. Maybe I’ll do a process video too in the future who knows.

I suppose that’s just the way I am. I only see the best in people; when the flaws in their facades arise, I’m so quick to blindly overlook it. It’s just easier that way. I idealize these so-called “friends” even though there are so many signs that point towards how terrible they’re being to me.“

"I guess there’s just some kind of sick satisfaction in the blissful ignorance. It’s so easy to fall into a pattern of believing the best and only the best in people. It’s less painful to repair the existing friendship, when in fact the only things holding it together are lies and fake smiles. But it is important to realize when it’s time to say goodbye.

1. Are you okay? It’s been a week now since we’ve had proper conversation. Usually I wouldn’t worry too much because these things happen, and I’d get some kind of warning from you about your mental or emotional state, but this time, nothing. It’s driving me a little nuts because I have no way of knowing if you’re alright unless you tell me. So are you okay? Even if it’s just a sentence reply “I’m not fine.” Or “I’m okay.” Something, anything. Just let me know.
2. Alright. I don’t know what’s going on with you, but I guess we’ll talk when you want to or can. I’m not necessarily in a good place right now, so I don’t want to worry too much. You’ll be back when you can be I guess. Sorry if I annoyed you.
3. I hope you’re okay. I really hope you’re okay. It’s driving me insane. You’re driving me insane. I’m worried about you, so much. I don’t know why, but this time doesn’t feel normal, maybe it is and you’ll be back but it doesn’t feel like you will be.
4. I hope you’re okay. I don’t know what to do. I can’t get through to anyone else to find out how you’re doing. I’d hate if something was wrong all this time, since I’ve kept messaging you despite getting no response and am probably annoying the heck out of you, but I can’t help it. I mean, I could, but it gets worse if I do. It gets worse if I try to stay away. I miss you a lot, and it feels horrible..
5. You know I hate being vulnerable like this, but you’ve seen me like this before. I’m honestly scared. Best case scenario is nothing’s wrong. Worse case scenario, something is wrong. And who knows, nothing could be wrong but you haven’t told me anything. Plus, if there was truly nothing wrong, we’d be talking..I’m in the dark here, and there’s no one except you to pull me out.
6. I hope you can forgive me for being so annoying, even now. I just can’t leave you alone. You’re probably disregarding all of this for a day when you figure I’m worth tolerating, if ever again..but I can’t seem to stop. This feeling is weird, if it isn’t love then it’s the closest I’ve even been to it. Literally everyday I’m thinking of pieces to write and things to say to get my family to accept you.
7. It’s so hard to just sit by knowing that for some reason you refuse to talk to me. It’s hard to sit by while days and nights pass without me hearing your voice. I’m so bent on making sure I make sense that I have to revise everything, even now. I keep trying, I keep calling, texting, messaging you on Tumblr, posting on our personal account..I can’t just sit by while you’re gone.
8. I guess you haven’t seen anything of this, or you’re willingly refusing to. Either way, it really hurts being away from you more than I’ve ever been. This kind of thing has happened before so I probably shouldn’t be going crazy like this but I can’t stop. Just because you’ve left before doesn’t make it easier. I can never be certain if you’ll be back..
9. I hate the thought of that so much. The thought that this is where it ends. I don’t like that idea at all..but even if that is the case, if you’re simply done with me for whatever reason, I’d like for you to tell me. If you’re not done with me, then I’d like for you to come back..I hate to sound selfish but sooner than later would be nice. I can’t express how much this hurts.
10. I guess what I’m really trying to say is I want you back in my life, for real and not one-sided. There’s a very good chance I’d lose a lot for fighting for you..but at the same time, I don’t feel content not fighting. Perhaps I’ve already lost the fight..? Maybe you’ve moved on already. If so, I’d like to know that too. Better than waiting for something that no longer has a chance of happening. I really miss you. I hope in some way, shape or form, this reaches you.
—  They say that when you’re in love, you just know. I was never sure. Maybe it was because of how I was brought up. Maybe it was my life experiences. Even so, I always questioned it. I always questioned you, and still am, even now. // Maxwell Diawuoh, Texts I Actually Sent #1/ “Was I in love with you?” (349/366)

I love love love that North American wands mostly seem to have really cool things as the handles. Like thats a style over here I guess. Generally the british wand handles are just extensions of the shaft or else carved in a way that makes it look like a handle.

But I just got Queenies wand, and the handle is a seashell. (which is weird cause Newt’s has a shell handle too)
Madam Presidents handle is a crystal.
Graves’ has a metallic stopper looking thing.
THAT EXECUTIONER LADIES WAS THE COOLEST, it was like some kind of creature’s head at the handle. 
Tina’s was the only one that was kinda bland, its just a basic straight piece of wood with the end carved.

beeeeeeh I wanna know their correeess, though Graves and Queenies might be Wampus Cat Hair since they both have mother of pearl inlays, and thats a mark of a Jonker wand… 



The Vampire Diaries Sentence Starters

  • Answer me. Who are you?
  • Any chance you let me buy you an “I’m sorry” drink?
  • Be careful. You just sounded generally concerned for me.
  • Can we talk about this tomorrow? I just needed a place to crash.
  • God, I miss you.
  • Guess the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree…
  • Here’s the thing. I don’t know what to say, or do, or think.
  • How about I show you some of my other talents?
  • I can’t lose you again.
  • I choose you. I’m here because of you.
  • I don’t know who I am without you.
  • I forgot you don’t care about anything.
  • I hate how good that felt.
  • I have always wanted to be loved by someone in the way that you loved me. And I would rather have these memories than a future where I destroy them.
  • I have this theory that you’re meanest to the people you care about most.
  • I know I said it doesn’t bother me but what if it does?
  • I love you. It’s why I have to let you go.
  • I need a drink. And a buddy. And right now you are my only buddy available to drink. I’m overlooking the fact that you nearly killed me the last time we hung out.
  • I never fooled myself into thinking that what I had with you would last.  
  • I never thought I would ever be happy again and then I met you.
  • I really wanna rip your clothes off right now and kiss every square inch of your body.
  • I think it’s time you and I have a talk.
  • I understand if I have to wait for you. And I will. I’ll wait.
  • I walked out last time. Now it’s your turn.
  • I’m an expert at dealing with loss, you know?
  • I’m going through a highly emotional situation right now and you’re just sitting there mocking me.
  • I’m not going anywhere because I love you.
  • I’m not gonna give up on you. I never will.
  • I’m not okay with this decision. I’m not okay with never seeing you again.
  • I’m not sure what else to say.
  • I’ve never felt more alive than when I am with you.
  • I’m so sorry. Give me a chance to make it right.
  • If there is even a fraction of you that cares about me, do not walk out that door.
  • If you could stop gloating in the face of my misery, that would be very much appreciated.
  • If you think this is a crazy plan, now’s the time to speak up.
  • If you want to talk about last night, talk!
  • Is that what you think of me?
  • Is this a bad time?
  • It’s funny how one event can change the outcome of your entire life.
  • It’s like you want to confirm everyone’s lowest expectations of you.
  • It’s probably a good idea to stay as far away from me as possible.
  • Look, don’t you think it’s about time we level with each other?
  • Look, we can’t escape this life. So shouldn’t we make sure we’re at least living it right?
  • Me? Jealous? That would imply I cared. I thought we’d already established that I don’t.
  • Neither one of us should be here right now.
  • Please don’t give up.
  • So I’m gonna die? Is that what you’re trying to tell me?
  • So look, I don’t know what we were, or are, or are supposed to be. All I know is I want to see you.
  • So, I hear you’ve been having sex dreams about me?
  • Something happened between you and me and I’m not going to let you pretend that it didn’t.
  • Tell me something I don’t know about you.
  • The thing is, nothing’s changed. We are still bad for each other.
  • There’s no such thing as moving on, it’s a lie.
  • This is my “you’re being a dick” face.
  • We have the house all to ourselves for a whole weekend and you wanna talk politics?
  • Well, that’s the problem. Not all of us are okay with pretending.
  • What are you afraid of?
  • What are you doing in my bedroom?
  • What took you so long to answer your phone?
  • What was that for?
  • When you told me you hated me, it was pretty much the worst thing I had heard in a long time.
  • You can’t blame this on me!
  • You changed my life, you know that? You completely turned it around.
  • You do realize you’re dating a reformed womanizer, right?
  • You know this’ll never not be weird.
  • You know, I don’t know how I went so long without saying this, but you’re a real dick!
  • You know, we’re not meant to like each other, you and I.
  • You lost the right to my attention when you decided to leave without saying goodbye.
  • You’re a good person. And I need a little good in my life.
  • You’re not the least bit interested in why I’m here?
  • You’re supposed to trust that I’m nothing like him/her.
  • You’ll never have to worry about me again.
  • You’ve driven away every soul who has ever cared for you.
Some alternate ways to conceptualise mindfulness

One of the things practically any mental health professional will tell you these days is to try mindfulness meditation. And non-judgementally observing the moment can definitely help with a number of things, but unfortunately the default mode of implementing it generally seems to start with “focus on your breathing”, which mostly just makes me self-conscious and start second-guessing my autonomic breathing functions, and proceed through a kind of body to mind inventory that I find very difficult to actually maintain focus on. Maybe that’s the ADHD, or maybe I’m just scared of the reality of my embodiment. I’ve noticed that those of us whose neurotype and/or mental illness involves some degree of habitual dissociation and/or self-hate tend to complain about not finding mindfulness useful/doable. It is not calming to ask yourself how you’re feeling when the answer is “I don’t understand the question” or “DANGER WILL ROBINSON”, and it’s hard to push through those to a more specific result.

I’ve been working on some alternate mental frameworks for obtaining the information mindfulness is supposed to bring you. Whether or not you find the act calming, self-care is a lot easier and more effective when you have a process to figure out what you need. These mental pictures offer something to focus on that’s a little detached from reality, but still contains relevant information channels.

·         Internal diagnostic scan – for when you feel like a malfunctioning robot. Lean into that feeling for a little while, and do what a good robot mechanic/programmer would do with a unique, valuable robot like you when it malfunctions. Check the fuel gauge. Run status checks on vital systems. Inspect the hardware and the working environment. Be an affectionate mechanic, or a businesslike one, or an apprentice who’s in over their head but determined to do their best – whichever feels most natural to you.

·         Consensus-based democracy – for when you’re not sure who “you” are, or what that question even means. Bypass it by imagining your mind & body as a collective working on a project, with committees and subcommittees responsible for different aspects of your existence – the social cues working group, the posture committee, the unwanted thought syndrome defense league, whatever – and let each group line up in an orderly fashion and have their say. Report decisions, air internal disagreements, minute action items, take a vote on conflicting priorities. You’re composed of many stakeholders and it’s important that they collaborate in a reasonable & equitable manner.

·         Recon mission – for those days when your mind and/or body feels like a survival horror videogame landscape. Roll with it – survive the level. Check out the terrain, find defensible locations & mark them as places to regroup, figure out what supplies you need if you’re going to venture into the shadowy areas. Note down useful geographical features and places that could be reinforced with a bit of engineering.

lance: and i thought i was the team’s sharpshooter, but i guess no one else thinks that. maybe i don’t have a thing. they wouldn’t keep me on the team if i didn’t contribute in some way, would they? maybe I’m just a fifth wheel… seventh if you count coran and allura. that’s a horrible wheel to be.

me: [breaks through my screen] you’re valuable and i’m here to love and support you

Dogs of Future Past  - Part 22

And it’s another new part of Dogs of Future Past that’s written! Sans and Timedog attempt some form of communication, but might raise more questions than answers…

–Dogs of Future Past–


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Masterpost and FAQ

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Sure, there are days when I need my space, and you need yours. But I know that we’ll always find our way back to each other. All the fights and obstacles that stand in our way have made us stronger. They’ve helped us learn about ourselves and realize things aren’t perfect. Hell, we wouldn’t know what to do if they were. I guess I’m trying to say I wouldn’t change anything about you. You’re the one I fell in love with, and days like today fall for you all over again. If by some miracle you’re reading this, just know that I will always love you.

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So, I'm going to start working on my own AMV/PMV, and I wanted your opinion. What things do you believe are crucial for a good PMV/AMV? You seem pretty good at making these amazing SIMVs, and I would like to know what you look for when making your own videos.

man ok well obvi we’re not experts bc we have a long way to go still, but some things we try to keep in mind/usually follow are -

1. environment palettes - just like a map, we usually make several palettes to fit our pmvs. it helps give the video a strong united theme throughout and you can really play with color theory and how it affects the mood (best example is our leopardstar mv where the colors change from red + gold to purple + gold)

2. timing + storyboard - are you telling an interesting story?? i think a lot of problems ppl have w/ PMVs is that they choose slow songs because they don’t want to draw as many frames/drawings, and while it can be great, often times it comes off boring and slow (and people tend to click away). try and think of neat ways to break up your composition in your storyboard and always be sure to include environment shots - these are real characters in a real setting, not just cats on a black BG

3. originality - if someone has already used the song for something warriors related, we usually won’t do it. a lot of our storyboards/ideas have been left to collect dust bc someone put out a map with the same song (even if it’s different characters). try and broaden your music taste + character range (minor characters!!!) and do stuff that no one else has 

4. the hot stuff - does your storyboard/idea make you super excited??? are there parts where you’re like “oooOHHHHHHH!!!!!” ???? if you find it super hot, chances are that most other people will like it too. don’t be afraid to revise your storyboards/ideas a lot, our original ideas + compositions usually contrast wildly with what our final product is.

5. editing - i can’t say too much on this because I’m not the editor, but editing is crucial in making an interesting pmv. always try to have something moving, even if it’s just a slow tween of clouds going by or a slow zoom. your mv needs to be visually interesting as well as tell a good story. try not to get too caught up in adding camera effects + tweens though, it is easy to go overboard and do too much so make sure that it flows with the song + mood. 

“I don’t understand tattoos,” Cas says. It’s a random and unexpected statement, out of the blue, but Dean’s used to that from Cas. He glances down at his chest, still bare from just getting out of bed, the anti-possession tattoo sticking out on his skin. “I understand your tattoo, of course,” Cas continues, “but I don’t understand ones that are purely decorative.”

Dean shrugs. “Some people like the art of it, I guess. Self-expression or something.” Cas stares in that way he has as Dean thinks for a moment, then speaks again. “And I think most people get them because they mean something to them. Remind them of something or someone important. Mark an occasion. Whatever.”

“Like they want to be permanently marked with the things they love,” Cas says, somewhat to himself, as he ponders Dean’s words.

"Exactly,” Dean says.

It isn’t mentioned again, and Dean promptly forgets the conversation.

It’s months later when it’s brought up again.

“Would you ever get another tattoo? One that was just for you?” Cas asks.

The Impala is on a busy street, stopped at a red light next to a tattoo parlor. Cas is peering through the window, and Dean rolls his eyes affectionately at his weird mind.

“I never really thought about it. But I guess. Maybe. Depends on what it was.”

Cas nods absently, still staring at the shop.

“Why?” Dean pries. “You thinkin’ about getting one?

Cas doesn’t answer, and the light turns green. Dean pulls away without giving it too much thought.

Again, it’s months later before it’s brought up another time.

They’re fighting a demon, one that unexpectedly showed up outside their motel for no reason other than it heard the Winchesters were there, and foolishly thought it could take them. Dean’s not really struggling with this fight, and he’s just about to pull his knife and finish the guy off, but Cas is suddenly there between them.

Cas is fierce, in protective mode, all electric grace and wings as he takes the demon out with almost no effort at all- just the wild look on his face he always has when Dean is threatened.

“Uh, thanks, Cas,” Dean says automatically, unable to really mean the words. He’s too busy staring at Cas.

Cas’ wings are green.

Dean recognizes that color green. He sees it in the mirror every morning. And he’s sure as hell that Cas’ wings weren’t always that same color.

“What, uh…um, that’s…” Dean’s stammering, unsure of how to ask his question, unsure of what his question is.

Cas looks embarrassed, which is so unlike him that Dean almost laughs. “I decided to change the color of my wings. It’s much the same as a human getting a tattoo.”

He doesn’t need to say anything else. Dean remembers their conversation about tattoos meaning something, about the art being about something or someone important. Marked with the things you love.

It takes a second to sink in, takes another second (or several) for Dean to gather up the courage to say what he’s feeling. “They’re beautiful, Cas.”

Their eyes meet, Cas’ full of surprise and hopeful joy, and Dean feels himself smile.

“I guess we have some things to talk about,” Cas murmurs.

“I guess we do.”

Dean takes a deep breath, then leans in and kisses him instead.

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i'm learning german and swedish at the moment, but there's also chinese and italian and i'm like ??? i know 4 languages at the same time is impossible to do, but do you have any advice ? i know it's not the sensible thing to do and that it'll probably take me years to reach fluency in them but i really don't know what to do ? could you give me some advice on either if it's feasible in one way or another or if i'm just insane and should take it slow and one by one ?

It’s not insane :) Although I agree w sticking to two would be faster.  But if you really want to learn another, I say go with Chinese (I’m guessing you’d want Mandarin) since you can learn some characters every day and can go back to Italian after some time of advancing at German/Swedish. I suggest looking at these online courses to make it easier for you to learn. Different people have different methods of learning but many people agree that as long as you are at different levels, you should be fine. Your main focus would be to learn something every day if you are doing multiple languages and perhaps make a language schedule. Try to do 30min - 1 hour a day if possible.

The hardest thing will be to make time for languages and to incorporate them into your life. Mix immersion strategies with grammar studying. For example, on YouTube I watch a Russian Let’s Player, when I get ready in the mornings I listen to a language podcast. Here is a sample schedule and how you can create your own. As for me, I started using Habitica for languages and here is how I have it set up. 

You can also use the printables below. As long as you are using your time wisely and not hating your languages, you should be good :)

And yeah, baby, I’m invisible to you.
You used to kiss my lips and taste nothing.
We used to smell the coffee together,
but, darling, oh darling, we’re still tired.
I used to touch your skin,
but we’re paper thin–
the hearts we’ve used,
the things we’ve said.
We’re out of touch,
we’re out of it.
You used to speak to me everyday,
we were something back then–
voices replaying in the back of my head,
some people are just dead to us.
We don’t really listen,
two ears–
but we don’t hear much.
I used to see you everyday,
but you’re only ever in a dream.
I guess in a way,
you’re invisible to me too.
—  Outline this smile