i guess rofl

Barduil Week - Day 3: Dreams/Nightmares

“They say a sickness is growing within the very forest, and that no elf is left unaffected. The King of Dale has lost all contact with his most precious ally. For some reason, he keeps trying. To no avail. The woods remain deadly silent. If you ask me, he should give up already. Poor Lord might be only driven by the energy of despair.”

so today at christmas i was facetiming with my mom while i opened her gifts to us (she lives in another state) and i was opening out this blanket she got me

and when i was trying to see what was on it i said “it’s a house”
and my husband said “it looks like a floorplan”
and i said “it’s a floorplan…?”
and my mom goes “IT’S LIKE THE HOUSES ON YOUR SIMS.”

and you guys, it IS.