i guess no one on tumblr likes him *sigh*

whenever i see photo’s like this one i imagine the dumbest things, like this one is like, you’re walking down the street with Ross, maybe going out to eat, doing something on your phone, and you look up briefly in front of you just to make sure you’re not going to walk into anything or anyone, and you see Ross just looking at a car or a person or just something unimportant on the side of the road and it’s such an ordinary, insignificant moment but it just makes you smile because how did you get so lucky to be with him like this and waIT i’m NOT, IM SITTING AT HOME ON MY LAPTOP ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE WORLD CRYING OVER A PHOTO ON TUMBLR why do i do this to myself

Do You Remember..(Stiles)

Stiles Stilinski Imagine

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Do you remember your first love?…..I remember mine. You might know him actually.

His name is Stiles. Stiles Stilinski. I have known him since Pre-K. He’s squeamish, funny, adorable, and the list goes on. Truth be told he’s the best boyfriend a girl could have.

We dated for a while back in middle school…..but he was never really into me….It was always her….Lydia Martin. The thing is I always gave him the attention he deserved, and Lydia never even turned her head when he tried to talk to her. I guess he’s into that stuff.

The saying,”You always remember your first love,” is true. I have never forgotten about Stiles, even when I moved.

I’ve dated other guys, but I still think of Stiles. Maybe it’s because everything reminds me of him, or maybe it’s because I never got over him. A guy like Stiles is hard to get over I guess….

It doesn’t help that my parents decided to move back to Beacon Hills, my Senior year of high school. Being back in Beacon Hills brings back fond memories…not just the one of me and Stiles, but the ones of me and my 3 friends. Stiles, Scott, and Theo. 

“Mom I don’t see why you can’t home school me,” I sighed, as my mom pulled up to the school.

“Because you’re anti-social, and spend to much time on that Tumblrbook,” she stated.

“It’s Tumblr and Facebook,” I corrected,”And I’m only on Tumblr, I have like 5 friends on Facebook.”

“Whatever,” she sighed,”Plus it’s gong to be nice to see Stiles again. Now get out.” I huffed then got out of the car.

I looked at  the school, before walking in and getting my schedule from the office. Please don’t let me run into Stiles, I’m still trying to get over him.

As I was looking for the AP Biology class, I couldn’t get over the fact that someone was watching me. I looked around, and I wish I hadn’t….When I turned around I locked eyes with an all to familiar face. And of course it had to be Stiles……Who else would it have been? Thank you universe for hating me. 

I quickly turned back around, and walked down the hallway towards where I think the class was. I could hear footsteps trailing behind me, and I picked up my pace.

Soon I found my class, and walked in. Everyone looked at me, and I saw some familiar faces like Lydia Martin, Scott McCall, and Theo Raeken. Great.

“You must be the new student,” the teacher greeted. I nodded, and she held out her hand, which I shook. “I’m Mrs. Finch,” she smiled.

“I’m Y/N L/N,” I smiled. Mrs. Finch turned to the class, and announced,”Class this is Y/N I hope you all welcome her with open arms. Y/N there is an open seat next to Theo back there.”

Theo waved his hand so I knew where to go, and I sat down next to him. I looked up at the board only to see Scott, Lydia, and some chick with black hair looking back at me.

“Alright class I want you to read pages 106-116 for the remainder of the hour,” Mrs.Finch announced. I pulled out my book, and flipped to the assigned page. I didn’t get very far before, Theo spoke up.

“Long time no see Y/N,” Theo interrupted. I looked up at him, and weakly smiled.

“It’s been awhile,” I sighed.

“You look good,” he smirked.

“You look,” I paused,”Buff.” He chuckled, and the bell sounded. Thank god. I quickly gathered my stuff, and dashed out of the classroom. I had free period, so I took the time to explore the school.

I found the doors that led to the library, and I walked in. This place is huge! I looked through the book shelves, and I was drawn to a book that seemed interesting. The Dread Doctors.

I stood there, and read the book until I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned around, and saw Stiles.

“Y/N,” he gaped. My heart rate picked up, and my palms got sweaty. I was unable to speak, and all I could do was stand there and look at his perfection.

“Do,” he paused,”Do you remember me?” Of course I remember you….how could I forget you. 

“Yes I remember you,” I choked. It was silent for awhile, an awkward silence I always try to avoid.

“What are you reading?”he asked, breaking the silence.

“The Dread Doctors,” I replied. Stiles eyes widened, and looked at the book, then at me.

“I umm,” he paused,”I’ll see you around.” Stiles quickly scurried out of the library leaving me more than confused, and a little heartbroken……but I guess I’ll have to get use to it.

I looked at The Dread Doctors book, and continued to read it. Man why does this book make me feel so…..strange?

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The loud crash of thunder woke you up, making you sit up quickly. You scrambled to get out of bed, stumbling over your own feet but managing to get out of the door. You run down the hallway to Dave's room and quietly open his door. "Dave?"

You were laying back on your bed with your shades on, scrolling through tumblr on your phone. The website was rather boring when you had no one to talk to. A loud crash of thunder. Guess you weren’t sneaking out tonight, and Davey was already driving you half nuts. You heard your door creak and you jumped up, grabbing your katana. You were standing in only your boxers socks and shades holding your katana as you saw your petrified little sibling standing there in the doorway. You sighed then. “Cal, don’ scare me like that” You tell him, putting your sword down. “I could’ve sliced your head off… th'thunder scare you?”