i guess lol

Thinkin about that part in the It book when Richie invites Ben to the movies but Ben doesn’t have enough money and Richie instantly is like i can pay for you!!! even though he just spent aaages doing chores for a tiny amount of pocket money and then Ben is so surprised because he thought not having money meant he would just have to not go because he’s never had friends before but Rich is just like yeah just give me “owesies” and Ben has never!!! had!!! friends before!!!!! and is so happy about this concept of owesies!!!! fuckin hold me im cry

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listen to this my dude... madison is a pretty intimidating fella. he may be short, but he got some serious biceps, a stare that could melt glaciers. shit, the man is always calm but when he loses his temper? fuckkkkk. mads is an intelligent man, manipulative when he wants to be and determined. but then you look at him, he sneezes and falls over

oh i like where this is go—

help him ple a se


I really don’t know what I’m doing with my life anymore…. This took me like two hours. I think it’s pretty hilarious though. 


for the people that have the song blocked in their countries!!!