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Can I just remind people that many bisexual and pansexual people, myself included, use gay as an umbrella term for all people attracted to the same sex and we use it as a descriptor for our and everyone’s same sex attraction because it’s specific to that part of our identity. So please stop policing me for using gay to describe my and characters’ same sex attraction. Using gay as an umbrella term is not the same as invalidating and erasing a bi/pansexual person’s identity.

Hey here’s my hc on how Jeremy and Michael met: So in The Play we hear Michael say “say you appreciate that she’s smart”. So I think that when they were younger Jer got a good score on a kind of hard assignment and Michael was so amazed!!! So he just went up to Jer and started gushing about how he did well on the assignment and they were best friends ever since!

OiHina Week: Day 7 - Free Prompt

The idea of Oikawa humming to Hinata while they dance together in their pj’s in the kitchen literally turns me into a giggly blushing mess. So of course I had to draw it for the final prompt! :D

I found this photo on Instagram, right.

And my first thought was “Barzagli would probably be so excited over that bc he loves ladybugs.”

And then this happened.

I drew this while I was supposed to be studying for exams, but… No regrets. Also, why is it so small? Who knows. SAI is still a mystery to me. 

Update: I tried to make it a bit bigger but now it’s blurry but here.

Here have another plot bunny that I’ll say I’ll get to maybe and then put off for a while because I’m distracted with university:

So Tony is just as much of a kisser as rdj and if he kisses you on the cheek or anywhere on the face then you know he’s accepted you and you’re part of the family

And after civil war Tony’s hanging out with the new crew and at this point he’s given kisses to basically everyone except tchalla and tchalla is like any day now now… It’ll happen any day now… And he’s doing stuff for Tony (and kinda leaning over a little bit so Tony can reach his cheek/forehead better which is a constant source of hilarity for anyone watching) but despite how grateful and how nice Tony is to him he never gets that damn kiss and he’s sad about it but he respects Tony’s wishes

But then Tony kisses carol and forget sad now he’s full blown upset because oh my god it’s been literally two weeks?? She saved your arse one time and she gets a kiss where’s my kiss damn it why aren’t I good enough so when Tony finally turns to him with this big smile and shining eyes he’s annoyed with him because flirting with someone can only take you so far, now Tony’s being mean to him (which is a fair enough assumption to make TBH)

So t'challas upset and now Tony’s upset as well because t'challas upset with him and eventually someone is like oh for fucks sake and explains to tchalla that tony is actually in love with him but was worried that tchalla would somehow figure it out if Tony was too physically affectionate (and would be disgusted by his feelings) so instead of explaining anything there he kept his distance and misunderstandings everywhere! (because they can both be kind of socially stunted at times)

so tchalla confronts tony and tony confirms what the person said and then they apologise to each other for hurting the others feelings and admit their feelings and they kiss on the lips and also on the cheek because FINALLY THATS WHAT TCHALLA BEEN WAITING FOR HELL YEAH

(Tony teases that tchalla is more excited about the cheek kiss than the lips kiss, tchalla just kisses him again in response)

So… I’ve been seeing a few headcanons/idea’s and I have one for you.

Maui being a clingy sleeper.

Such as, anything (not immediately dangerous, I imagine) comes within reach he will nab it in his sleep and just cuddle and hug it, and no matter what the *coughvictimcough* subject cannot escape.

Just a cute little thing I thought you might like to think about.
(And even cuter is Moana being the clingy sleeper and Maui being unable to get out of it because Wow this girl has a strong grip)

Not gonna lie, the first thing I thought of when I read this is, why would he do this? Well, it’s not like he had anything else to hold on to when he was a child. No parents, no toys, just his hook. Makes sense he’d get attached.

On a happier note though, I’m sure that makes for some hilarious scenarios for the people of Motunui! Imagine someone wandering through a coconut grove early in the morning and stumbling across their patron demigod clinging to the underside of a tree like a glorified koala. Snoring loud enough to shake the trunk.

They’d probably go get Moana immediately. “Hey hey look what Maui’s doing he looks so ridiculous”, and then it would become a village-wide inside joke. It’s debatable, whether or not Moana ever fills him in. 

That’s such a cute idea when it involves Moana though. Because he’s a demigod, he doesn’t need much sleep, right? So maybe one night Moana wakes up and she can’t move and she turns face-to-face with some really horribly fish-smelling odor and it takes her a little while to be like…that’s Maui. 

I didn’t think even Maui slept???

He’d be hilariously mortified when he woke up, but hey. It’s nice to know he trusts her enough to fall asleep around her.

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my kink is phil playing along with his weird bf's strange antics because he's cute and phil likes him

crushes are weird but i guess its kinda cute

Was trading deaf Sherlock headcanons with @irrelevantbl0g and thought I would share this one:

What about Sherlock asking to put his fingers over John’s mouth while he speaks to see if he can figure out what John’s saying just by feel. And it’s not super duper effective but they do it until it works to a point.

And then John suggests maybe the inside of Sherlock’s wrist might be better, since the skin there is a bit more sensitive. Sherlock agrees, but it’s a bit harder to focus like that. For reasons. Sherlock claims he’s ticklish and snatches his hand back.

Then John says Sherlock should see if he can figure out what he’s saying if he talks against Sherlock’s shoulder, and before Sherlock can protest, John’s pulled his shirt collar aside to murmur something against his shoulder. He pulls away and looks at Sherlock to see if he can guess what he’s just said, but Sherlock definitely didn’t catch it that time. He was a bit…distracted. So John looks at his bared skin thoughtfully, before leaning in to try again.

Only this time he moves up a few inches, so his lips are brushing against Sherlock’s neck. And Sherlock’s brain is nearly offline at that point, so when John pulls away to ask him if he caught what he said that time, he just kind of blinks at him.

And when John goes in again, Sherlock’s breath catches as his lips move against his skin just under his ear. Sherlock doesn’t respond except with a little shiver, so John moves again. He mouths against Sherlock’s jawline now, and his lips aren’t moving quite as precisely as they were before, his breath warming Sherlock’s skin as he moves along his jaw.

And John’s last stop is Sherlock’s lips. It’s not quite a kiss—he’s just speaking against Sherlock’s mouth while their lips brush together, while their breath mingles, and when John finally draws back again, both of them seem to be in a bit of a daze.

And Sherlock has NO IDEA what John has been saying at all, so when he can manage it, he asks what he said. And after a little pause where John’s cheeks go a shade pinker, he slowly signs and speaks at the same time:

“I’d really like to kiss you right now.”


"What is it like, owning a pet snake?"
  • It's walking in your room and turning on your light, then seeing them tense up and you put your hands up in mock surrender and turn the lights back off.
  • It's the frustration because they won't sit still for cute pictures.
  • It's having the insatiable desire to hold them when you shouldn't.
  • It's the pride you feel when they "kill" a dead rat.
  • It's the unrequited love you know they can't share, but you continue denying they don't love you back.
  • It's the little things they do because they're comfortable that tell you you're doing a good job.
  • It's the moments that they tell you you're familiar, and they trust you more than the stranger or new place.
  • It's the love for these beautiful animals that are misunderstood and undervalued.
  • I wouldn't trade my snake for the world.

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