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Sometimes writing fanfiction is so hard, you don’t have any ideas and you just stare at your screen for 2 hours. Then you give up and spent your whole day on tumblr.

And sometimes writing fanfiction is so easy, it just flows out of your fingers and even if you don’t know where you’re going, you keep typing and you keep having great ideas.

But most of the time, you have great ideas, but no words to describe it. Like you know where you’re going, but you don’t know how to get there.

Writing is hard, man.

I think its also important to see the source of all these liberal rags saying “2016 WAS THE WORST YEAR EVER” like when was the last time the huffington post was on our side lol. I obviously feel for and want to support to the best of my abilities he migrant proletarians and marginalized groups threatened by the rise of trump and brexit but its important to look between the sensationalist headlines.

This apocalyptic misanthropy is just daft tbh, its very easy to see us as losing or being beaten but in 2016 we’ve seen the biggest strike ever in history in india, autonomous workers in china seizing factories and lynching bosses, the kurdish comrades make massive gains in terms of both territory and setting up communes and collectives, the western liberal establishment shit itself, the far right lock itself in the dead end of reformism even here on this rainy fascism island we’re greeting the new year with a wave of logistics strikes and migrants on the frontline making demands in the gig economy and winning tbh.

On a more radical note the whole economy hasnt recovered since 2008-11 and to riff on the kaiser chiefs I predict many more 2011 style insurrections in the coming decades both here and abroad. And as a marxist, not just of struggle but of crisis too its important to remember that capital is eating itself and collapsing so of course things look dire, I mean I think Gramsci hit the nail on the head when he said “The old world is dying, and the new world struggles to be born: now is the time of monsters.”


For my 300 follower special I’ve been working hard on this rough anime…ish opening thing for my comic, Two more days! Its not the best, but its my first time making anything like this using sony vegas and I had a lot to learn– but it was fun! I hope everyone likes it!!

Read the comic here: http://dontasksalamence.tumblr.com/tagged/twomoredayscomic

If you can’t view it here, its also here!https://youtu.be/ZmsCNb5vt3s

Jack and Max (aka Bon n Fox)

it’s been a looong time ago since the last time i drew my favourite pairs together;; finally i got a chance to draw them :DD 

they’re in suits cuz… you’ll guess then its easy xD anyway i enjoy colouring them except while sketching, i got a hard time managing their anatomy (i’m kind of perfectionist :P) at least the result is quite satisfying :D

fyi their respective real names are Jack Hare and Max Kanine :P

reblogs are appreciated <3 <3

every time someone reblogs the “was i abused list” and bolds a lot of things I get horrified at how cruel some people can be and how awfully some children have to live and i completely forget i literally made that list off of things done to me personally :’)

Say my name

Deaf Marinette AU

Nope. Totally do not have a half-written one-shot. Totally.

Also, guess who’s sick times two


Marinette furrowed her brows as she saw the blond boy who was kneeling next to her chair, putting a gum on her seat. She patted Alya’s hand and saw what Marinette was pointing at.

“Hey! What are you doing to my friend’s chair?” The girl snapped

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Hey here’s a poem because it’s my birthday and I love myself, and I’m really working on self worth.

“Lightning Scars”

Lightning scars are everywhere.

Though time has passed since the ground was struck,
They burn and blister
When the echoes of distant thunder claps
Pass over ear.

Yes, these storm’s voices are thunderous,
Though they may only whisper,
Or speak solely with their eyes;
Casting aversive shadows
On the lightning scarred terrain.

In some spots the
Spindly marks
Are dark with the red magma and tar
That bubbles up from deep inside.
It settles and leaves an obvious
A disfigurement of the land
That detracts travelers from venturing near,
And is caused in part by the
Unrest and collapse
Of the planet’s own core.

A cosmic inhabitant:
Tearing itself apart from the inside out.

However these lightning scars may char the land,
They serve to cauterize the breaks
That form in the crust
As volcanic eruptions and tectonic disturbances
Add mass and height to the already uneven surface.

They hold together the divergent regions
Of an unexplored and fertile world
That threatens to split apart,
Like how ice sheets separate on the southern seas.

They keep in the goodness that
Lets this planet of life create
And sustain and evolve and love–


When the sun shines on this ground,
They become stitches of a fine thread–
Woven with a delicate yet robust material–
That marks and stretches across miles;

And secures. Supports. Maintains.

These lightning scars,
Though they display a
Chilling and disheartening face,
Are truly something that reflect
The adversity and endurance
Of a celestial being.

They prove the strength and fearlessness
That these worlds posses
In order to combat the calamities
That threaten to erode them
To dust.

Definitions that hold
These worlds to be intrinsically

I am beautiful–

I am beautiful,
And I know this by my
Lightning Scars.

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Caleb is portrayed as this dark, edgy, cocky badboy who then falls for a girl and she brings out his good character traits and shes the only thing that matters to him. It´s a cliché but it always works esoecially with teenagers. Toby is different. He´s introverted, sensitive and genuinely cares about a lot more than his gf. Not only are those trait considered unmanly but apparently its also selfish to have your own moral values and not just do everything your gf commands you to

… Wow. That is a shockingly accurate analysis and I’m secretly hoping it will be reblogged 10,000 times. :)

You put into words exactly what I always felt inside but didn’t have the words to express, I guess? And seeing it written out like that only makes me love Toby more because it makes me realize what a refreshing character he is. He defies clichés and stereotypes, and as someone who is both very sensitive and very introverted I’ve seldom been able to relate to any character as much as I do to Toby. So thank you!

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Today , me and Marilenasinpiearts will play a game we created online and we invite everyone to play with us !

The game will start at exactly 20:30 according to the Greek current time .
The games we will play are called Mh…who ? and Guess who I am drawing !!!

At Mh…who? someone describes a character from a movie/book/series..etc. and the others try to find the character he/she is describing .The one who finds the answer  describes a character nexT.

I think that you all understand what the game ‘’Guess who I am drawing’’ is
so I wont describe its rules .

To play you must reblog this post !

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how do u befriend someone whos an artist..//?????////? im an artist(((i guess????))) and its so loNELY IN HERE I WANT TO HAVE FRIENDS

welll…….. i might not be the best person to ask bc i dont have too many friends on here either, and i don’t really go out of my way to look for any? i think its something that comes pretty naturally and takes time… but at the same time u gotta reach out too! like, reblog that post! like it, reply to it sometimes! dont be overbearing, obvs, but sometims u gotta make ur presence known

Cursed Chain Mail: A Translation

Cursed Chain Mail
by Seiji Midorikawa
A Translation
(originally from The Cursed Book by Seiji Midorikawa)

Another scary story from The Cursed Book! I really enjoyed translating this one because I remember when chain emails were popular and how annoying they were. (I almost never forwarded them.) These days I guess the current incarnations are the things on tumblr like money cat or all the posts that call you a horrible person if you don’t reblog them (bleh). Anyway, enjoy this flashback to the mid-2000’s when this book was published and everyone’s inboxes were full of chain mail.

Translator’s notes:

  • Shingon Buddhism is a Buddhist sect found in Japan. It’s known for its secret “mikkyou” teachings and is sometimes connected with magic use. (Shingon or Mikkyou Buddhism has come up in Red Data Girl a few times so any RDG readers may be familiar with the term.)
  • Annin tofu is a soft, sweet dessert made from almond milk, agar, and sugar. It’s not actually tofu but it has a similar texture.
  • Natto is fermented soy beans.
  • It’s common for people to use their cellphones while taking baths in Japan so many phones are waterproof.
  • In Japanese, the number 4 is pronounced “shi”. “Shi” (死) also means death so the number is often connected with it. This connection shows up a lot in Japanese pop culture. (Soul Eater comes to mind for me.)

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It’s hard being a small time artist on tumblr sometimes. Especially when most of your followers are mostly in it for the fandom/shit posts. 

On one hand, you want to show people what you’ve done and be proud of your accomplishments and improvements. On the other hand, since most people don’t end up seeing/liking the art anyway you end up not reblogging it as much as you want because you feel like you’re just annoying everyone.

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