i guess it's my way to show my love


Guess who didn’t post shit for Raffles week even though I got maybe 70% of the prompts done bc I had to finalize my designs

and i never got to scan them bc the scanner never got fixed so here are more phone quality photos I love YOU GUYS

Like I used to know the way you said things with a certain brilliance to it. I no longer see ghosts in the shadows. I no longer hear shit in my sleep, but some days, I’m still afraid to sleep. My first thought is to stay up and write about it. My last thought is that I should’ve just passed out, nothing is more bothersome than this restlessness. The things I cared about last year, oh my, haven’t they changed? Have I changed? I guess time does its part. I guess art does its job. I guess the poet writes his stress down and the late night gambler grumbles his life away. Like I used to know the way you smiled and such. It used to be my first thought before waking up, everything was so much easier back then. I could tell love to wait for me. I could keep quiet, but what’s on my mind shows on my face– I guess I’m easy to read. I could love you, but what’s in my heart shows in my words and let me tell you something else, we all die with our secrets– I guess it wasn’t supposed to work out between us.
—  6 minute slow dance

my fave part of barn mates is how much peridot has been influenced by amethyst? like its just so clear in the way she talks how much shes picked up from her. some parts stand out more (i got yo numbah!) but its there throughout and its just. she so clearly admires amethyst and looks up to her and now shes started picking up on her speech i just. :’)

and then just in case you didnt notice throughout the episode theres the “holy smokes” right at the end. i love this show.


I am so happy to be contributing for the 1 year anniversary of Miraculous! 

Okay, time to get deep for a minute! 

The first time I saw miraculous was when the PV came out, and I saw the characters and I was like.. This will not be good. WELL GUESS WHO WAS WRONG! I am so lucky to have re found this show because it has ruined my life in the best way possible. It keeps me inspired, and if I didn’t find this show, then I probably wouldn’t have continued on with my drawing! But only a year of drawing people has been improved so greatly because I spend everyday drawing Chat Noir! And I love it! Its now apart of my life and I may or may not have gotten a few of my friends obsessed with this. But they all liked Volpina and they ship Marinette with Adrien. And that is the only ship they shall ship! And I’m the only one who ships the whole love square + Djwifi. Yeah! It has turned me into a full blown trash can that can’t stop making puns! xD But yeah. I really want to thank Thomas but I’m to afraid to actually tell! ;~;.

 But this has been an amazing first year and this is the longest I’ve ever stayed in a fandom and drawn it a whole lot! WOW!!!!! But yeah! HAPPY ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY MIRACULOUS!!! also this isnt the only fan art I shall upload. I am going to upload all the ml fan art I haven’t uploaded yet!


so i’m watching this and i shall write my commentary

1rst of all the first seconds were freakin adorable

and now hes talking about the real things ahh

yeah i cannot watch for more than 5 secs without getting overly excited ahhh

oh and leothegiant is in the background haha

ok i am gonna go and try to watch and not just listen hahaha

and omg his singing is shown ahh — side note thatsthat24 i sing alot too haha like literally when i’m annoyed i sing hahaha

omg thomas you have amazing tv show taste

oh my gosh thomas you are so wise ugh i love you

this video is so great and i am only half way thru

more thoughts:

thomas you are an adorable geek and we are all geeks really haha

no YOU thomas are so darn cute!!!!!!!

oh my gosh noo its ending

yayyy he spoke about lelah 

well i just finished and can i just say 10 m ins is wayyyy to short hahaha

i guess i need to watch it 5 more times then huh? haha