i guess it's kinda both idk

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Idk ima confess i guess.. I have a huge daddy kink, like fuck yes.. But I also kinda want someone to call me daddy and for them to be basically my little 'kitten' And baby boy??? Like.. I have aspects of both a daddy and a little and its constantly a fricken struggle??? Like fuck? I want to bsically be treated how I would take care of someone but??? Idk im confused as fuck???

well maybe you’re just a switch ??

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I mean since you were in Korea you maybe know better how cbx was received by the public but I felt like they were kinda successfull tho? Idk, how did they flop (and i rlly just ask cause I'm genuinely curious about this, not attacking or anything)

well enough recieved to be called successfull, but they didnt do as expected by a sub unit of exo - WHICH WASNT THEIR FAULT AT ALL, i guess the general public werent all that about exo being split with sub units now.. i dont know… which is why im saying they both flopped and didnt flop… bc like its not my own opinion here bc in my book it was FUCKING GREAT. I’m just saying how things actually were you know? - also they went up against Twice which also made the debut a bit more difficult for them, BUT THEY DID WELL THOUGH MOST LOVE HEY MAMA.

Lol but like what if when Russia said “Why don’t we make your gums bleed a little?” to America he replied with “Heck yeah!!!” and kinda just proceeded to make out with Russia right then and there.

That would be interesting to watch.