i guess it's just bc i like blue

“im sorry, the old david can’t come to the phone right now. why? oh, cause he’s dead!”


“My favourite music is Justin Bieber !”

im honestly laughing bc my dad, who watched the original Voltron, got so excited about the reboot right?? so we binge the 3 seasons together. AND EVERYTIME THERE IS A MOMENT WITH SHIRO AND KEITH HE JUST GIVES ME THIS LOOK. “Im not gonna say it. but im just saying. they care about eachother a lot” and its literally the funniest thing ever??
like i tested it out and said something about how Keith is so worried about Shiro and my dad just- “well yeah… Shiro is really important to him”

and my sister (7) gets jealous cause she really loves lance (only bc her fav color is blue) and she wants him to be leader. And Keith is my boy so i tease her about Keith being better/leader/etc. idk i just find it really funny and platonic klance reminds me of my sister and I


mmmm heres my dnd chara, Eva!!! shes cute please look @ her

heres also.. multiple color palettes bc honestly??? i still cant decide??? i like them all,,,,,

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Okayokayokay so I've been scrolling by some deh art on my dash and honestly, I'm just so confused, wHAT COLOR. ARE EVAN'S. EYES. Because when I first drew Evan and Connor I looked at pics of Mike and Ben and said 'okay they both have blue eyes cool' but nOW??? I QUESTION MYSELF ON THIS????? CAN YOU HELP P L E A S E (in super perfectionist when it comes to getting colors right, if you couldn't tell)

shrugs its all subjective. some ppl base the way they draw the characters after their actors, and some dont (for example, the way i draw connor is loosely inspired by mike faist, but the way i draw my evan looks nothing like ben platt - i dont even draw him w the same eye color as ben’s, whose r blue, but thats partially bc i forgot what olor ben’s eyes were and just guessed and then brown stuck w/ me for evan)

i’d say do whatever feels comfortable! :0c

it kind of amuses me that every time I see a victuuri angel/demon au it’s always ‘innocent angel yuuri’ and 'seductive demon victor’ bc yall are forgetting that the gpf is an actual thing that happened. I mean, sure, your little innocent angel yuuri katsudon katsuki got drunk off his ass, stripped, pole danced, seduced the figure skating legend, and then left him for months to die of blue balls bc he forgot all about it in the morning like some inconsequential fling he has dozens of

like, come on now 

Okay so like here’s this @raccoonsinqueen-taxes  

This is Tart, my maid for the MafiaSwap(?) Bros!!

 She’s pretty sweet by default, but the second you’re creepy/rude to her, it’s like she becomes a completely different, salty being. She does have a little trouble owning up to being the issue in certain situations, though.

 She’s really kind and motherly to MS!Sans, she actually likes it when he rambles on and on while she cleans up, it’s sort of soothing… At the same time, though, she also enjoys cleaning a silent room with MS!Paps sleeping in it, it makes her feel like she has a little power?

I guess you could say she’s on okay terms with both of them, but she’s a little timid around MS!Paps.

Guys I have a theory!
So the five floods that we see in the Hades’ lair 

they all have a door on each side right? and all of them have a different color!
that reminded me of something we already have seen in OUAT.

Jefferson’s Hat, it had doors that lead to different worlds! Each door had a different color just like floods in Hades’ lair. 

SO what I am assuming is that:
the Green Flood leads to Oz (mainly bc this color is associated with this land)
the Gray Flood leads to Land without Color (everything was, grey and in black&white)
the Red Flood leads to Wonderland (just like with Oz, red is associated with this land)
the Blue Flood leads to Earth/Land without Magic (and i guess that 1920s England where Cruella DeVil is from is also in this world)
and the Yellow Flood lead to the Land with Magic where: Enchanted Forest/Mist Haven, Arendelle, Agrabah, DunBroch and Camelot bc they are in the same world! 

There is no flood representing Netherworld bc its a place where a soul goes directly when its put into a slumber with Sleeping Curse so you cannot really die there I guess. There is no flood representing Neverland either bc in Neverland you never grow old that means its a land of eternal youth where you cannot die! 

Okey, sure there is more than 5 doors in Jefferson’s hat but I think that Jefferson could use doors to enter not only another realms but also lands within the same realm like instead of taking a boat from Arendelle to Enchanted Forest like Anna did or teleporting himself from Enchanted Forest to Arendelle like Rumple he could use the doors in his Hat! But Hades who is a god and can do magic wouldn’t have to use doors he could just easly teleport himself like Rumple.
But why does Hades’ have floods from different realms in his lair? Well I think it’s bc with those floods the soul from those worlds can go to Underworld and from there they either stay there or go to Someplace Good or Worse, and with that Hades would has a doors that would led him into those worlds kind of like those in the Hat. 

Another thing is that who created the dark curse

We know that it wasn’t Rumple bc he stole it from Chernabog together with Queens of Darkness 

and we know that he manufactured it somehow just like Regina or at that time The Evil Queen who has cast the curse

but we also know that the curse can be reused, reversed and even mixed with another spell/curse

and it seems like it works only on the land that it was used in (with Enchanted Forest inhabitants being taken to Earth with Regina’s/Charmings’ curse and Camelot inhabitants being taken with Merlin’s/Hook’s) 

I think it was Hades who created the Curse so he could be abel to put all the realms in one and only realm where magic does not exist. In that way he could be able to have everyone who would die after the curse come to the Underworld bc they would have an unfinished business! Look all who had cast the curse have somehow manipulated memories of its victims but I think that when they die they would come to the Underworld with all of their memories from theirs real life and would be really confused about what actually happened to them. That way Hades would have a tones of souls trapped in Underworld that who could commend. He wasn’t pleased with the fact that Henry Mills went to Someplace Good and that the clock moved (just like it time started moving when Emma came to Storybrooke I see what you did there OUAT creators) So I think that’s why curse can be reused like, so it can be used on different lands and realms!

It was also questioned why does Underworld look like Storybrooke and let me tell you why I think it does:
So Regina casted the curse at the same time when it was 1980s in the Land without Magic that means the town would take a form of something modern for that time. If the curse was casted when Baelfire/Neal came to England in 19th century I think that Storybrooke would take a form of a 19th century city. 

So that is my thoughts about the recent events in OUAT, im sorry if grammars aren’t proper but English is not my first language! I wish you guys could share your thoughts with me according to this! 

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ddo uyou have any reccomendations for some good yuri to read

(this took so long and is a really long list sorry)

-kase san (ch. 9 has nudity)
-hana to hoshi
-prism (theres nsfw in some chapters, alcohol consumption)
- girl friends (really long, some nsfw, minor alcohol consumption)
-aqua blue cinema
-mistress servent yuri book (its nto what it sounds like its so cute please read it)
- quallia the purple (less yuri than a lot of the other ones on this list but still really good . i havent finished this one but theres a lot of gore)
- if u really want to read sakura trick go ahead 
- inugami san to nekoyama san sux but its kind of cute
- chouchou nannan
- girlish sweet
- Game! 
- takemiya jin has a lot of good short things that i cant remember the name of
- raubritter (some nsfw)
- gokujou drops (i couldnt finish this one bc its kind of annoying but i know theres nsfw)
- flag time (again i couldnt finish this one bc its annoying but its pretty good until chapter 12 lol theres nsfw)
-akuma no riddle is queerbaiting pretty much but its a good read
- Candy
- My girlfriend
- stretch is not exactly “yuri” but its a good read also . its pretty gay
-secret recipie is ok
-rainy song
-black and white
-husky and medley (some nsfw)
-heart throbbing after school
-concerto (theres nsfw probably . i forget the content of this one but its short i know that)
-yellow drops (nsfw)
-okujo PikaPika romance (really cute @-@)
-out of the blue ! (kind of weird)
-my beloved
-yukemuri sanctuary (nsfw, kind of weird, cute though)
-a divine love alone (again its like. kind of yuri i guess. i never finished it bc i got bored but  maybe others will like it more)

i am forgetting a lot sorry !! in addition love live doujins r nice if youre looking for something small and nice. u dont even have to like love live tbh . this is by no means like. every yuri manga lol im super picky  this is just every one i’ve read that i can both remember the name of and thought they were good enough to share. a good website to browse on is dynasty-scans and also mangahere.co . 
(im not providing links bc this already took so long .. ask me for links if you absolutely cant find them)


“You’re not odd. This, what you can do… it’s beautiful.” He came close, and wrapped me in his arms. “You’re beautiful.”
My breath hitched in my throat.
Our lips met. I pushed him against the glowing glass, the stubble of his chin scratching mine. I rested a hand on the Penglass, the cool blue light bathing us as we kissed, careless of who might see.”

-Shadowplay, Laura Lam

I read this book yesterday..(so good) and i really wanted to do some fanart and this scene was really cute…so yeah.

what even do the penglass domes look like i don’t know so i just made a glowing blue lump

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Also I mentioned that Felix didn’t have to do much because, I honestly don’t think he did. I don’t think he had to talk Locus into being partners, I think Locus did that all on his own. I mean, Felix would’ve definitely encouraged him sure, cause what better partner than someone who’s willing to overlook Felix’s absolute disregard for life.

But I mean, they wanted the same things, ‘the one thing they’d always agreed on.’ Felix wanted to keep killing for pleasure and validation, and Locus wanted to keep killing to make himself feel better, so he’d never have to deal with the things he’d done. It’s not like Felix had to pull his leg about it. They relied on and used each other for different things. And Locus relied on him for validation, so he could keep being Locus and avoid responsibility and guilt. And what better validation for Locus than a partner who also kills but doesn’t see anything wrong with it. Felix sees neither of them as bad or doing wrong. All Locus had to do was watch Felix and listen to him when he said ‘who cares if they’re dead, we’re better than them anyways.’

And I mean, I guess that depends on when and how he became Locus, which is 120% speculation. 

I’m just partial to the idea that they became partners because of mutual ground and wanting the same thing. And relied on and needed each other for slightly different reasons.