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Castle Cupid

(Also posted on AO3)

“What the fuck?!” Potter threw up his hands and then promptly jammed them in his hair. He stopped his pacing and stared at the archway where a door had been about… -Draco idly cast a tempus- an hour ago. Apparently, Potter had been driven to distraction simply by the idea of sharing a space with him and was flirting with a level of mania that made Draco quite uncomfortable.

Draco laced his hands together in his lap, uncrossing his legs and recrossing them the other way. He was expecting Potter to start throwing spells again if he kept to the pattern he had established so far. Hopefully, he would cast something that would rebound and turn him into something quiet, like a rabbit.

Potter spun toward him though, “Why aren’t you upset!” he snapped.

Draco raised an eyebrow, “It seems to me you’re doing a good enough job for the both of us.”

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I’m in love with Bucky Barnes

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Unnamed OFC

Rating: General

Genre: Fluff, Romance

Word Count: 1,169

Summary: Singing in the kitchen leads to confessions.

Note: This is for the wonderful @becaamm 1K followers! Go follow her if you love Marvel or Supernatural! 

“If there’s a prize for rotten judgement, I guess I’ve already won that. No man is worth the aggravation, that’s ancient history. Been there, done that,…”

The song blasts through the kitchen as I dance and sing along while making breakfast. The image of one man continues to force its way to the front of my thoughts as I take in the lyrics.

“… He’s the Earth and Heavens to ya, try and keep it hidden, Honey we can see right through ya.”

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Helping Hand (Part 1)

(Your neighbor Namjoon lends you his assistance and ends up making a confession.)

Warning: fluff, absolutely no smut here, this was supposed to be a one shot, but I’m putting the smutty bits in part 2 as a service for you guys who prefer your romance to be a little more chaste

You cursed yourself under your breath as you wrestled a package almost as tall as you down the hallway towards your apartment.  A trip to Ikea earlier this morning resulted in the purchase of a tall cabinet that you thought would look adorable against your living room wall.  It was too bad your penny pinching ways prevented you from paying to have the box delivered, because now you were struggling to maneuver a much too large and much too heavy box into your home.

You were half way to your apartment when you lost your grip and the box fell to the floor with a loud thud.  In your exhaustion and frustration, you threw yourself to the ground, thinking now would be a good time to take a nap. You needed to rest and gather your strength before making the rest of the journey down the hall.

“Do you need some help with that?”

You raised your head just enough to see your neighbor, Namjoon, laughing at you and offering his hand.

“Maybe just a little help.”  You raised yourself off the floor with Namjoon’s assistance and he picked up the box and started walking down the hall towards your apartment.

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look one of two things could happen if the guardians of the galaxy visit present day earth. the first is that peter loves every and all kinds of music and pop culture and just everything. hes caught up on harry potter and star wars within 4 days. he knows all the lyrics to six different taylor swift songs. he loves it. he adapts. hes been here a few days but already knows everything. take notes, rogers. the second thing is the exact opposite. what have they done to music. where did all the rhythm and beats go. what the fuck is dubstep. everything else is alright i guess but what they did to music is unforgivable. rocket put that thing down. i dont care what its called. that ‘ipod’ contains all the horrible things in the galaxy that shouldnt exist

  • Me: Okay, I should really just get on and write this essay. I've got it all planned out, I just have to write the damn thing.
  • Avoidant part of my brain: Yeah, okay, but how about we do this other thing first. Then we'll get to writing it up. It won't take long.
  • Me: Yeah, okay, I guess it's early enough.
  • Sensible part of my brain: Or you could just do it now and get it over with.
  • Me: It's fine. It's totally fine. I can get to it later.
  • Anxiety: It's kind of not fine, though. Let's freak out a little.
  • Me: Okay, maybe I should do it...
  • Avoidant part of my brain: Orrrrrrr you could do this other thing you've been putting off.
  • Me: Well, that does need to be done, and I do still have a couple of weeks before this essay is due.
  • Sensible part of my brain: Omg, just do the fucking essay already. It'll take you, like, two hours, tops.
  • Me: Two weeks! It's fine.
  • Anxiety: This is definitely not fine.
  • Me: Yeah, okay, maybe doing it would be good.
  • Avoidant part of my brain: You know what you haven't done in a while? Laundry. Do you even have clothes to wear tomorrow?
  • Me: Well, I do need clothes...
  • Sensible part of my brain: Okay, that does need doing, but then straight back onto this essay!
  • Me: It's fine, I'll get to it.
  • Anxiety: That's it! I've had enough! This is an attack! An attack of anxiety!
  • Me: Okay, okay, sheesh! I'll do the damn essay.
  • Avoidant part of my brain: No! Two weeks, remember? Two whole weeks!
  • Me: I'll just do the introduction to shut anxiety up... Hey, this is way easier than I thought it would be...
  • Anxiety: Oh thank god.
  • Me: Why do I feel like I'm about to pass out all of a sudden?

“It took me 10 years to be ready for this. I’ve got a pretty good foundation of friends and family that will always keep me grounded no matter what. But I don’t think I would have been ready for it 10 years ago. So I’m really happy with the way it worked out. You need to learn how to do this. You need to learn how to keep your cool, learn how to be a leader on set, learn how to act. F—, I still know I’ve got a ton to learn. It’s all a learning experience. I’m going to school every day.” [x]

Music Series: If I Knew by Bruno Mars

As I sit typing this Music Series story, I have nearly fallen asleep 4 or 5 times, not because I find it boring, but because I’m lacking slee. Not a good thing when you’re supposed to be working rather than sleeping or writing. It’s all Harry’s and James’ fault. 4 hours of sleep per night while working 10-12 hour work days does not a good situation make. No regrets anyway. I apologize if it’s crapily written. (Is crapily a word?)

At any rate, here is what developed, using Bruno Mars’, ‘If I Knew’. This song can be interpreted in a happy or sad sense, so I chose happy! Here is a link to this song in my Spotify playlist called, I Love You Long Time (but will also be found soon in a new playlist called Gloomy Poops): https://open.spotify.com/track/7lXOqE38eCr979gp27O5wr

I hope it makes sense! xo



Oh, oh I, I was a city boy

Riding to danger’s where I’d always run above and is hurt

I wouldn’t have done all the things that I’ve done

If I knew one day you would come

“What are you doing?” she asked him.

Harry’s mind popped back into reality as his girlfriend of several months looked at him with an annoyed look on her face.

“What?” Harry asked, confused.

“What’s wrong with you lately?” she questioned, frustrated. “You’ve been acting weird all night long. We finally get a night we can get out and go to a party and all you’re doing is hiding in a corner, not talking.”

Harry shakes his head, looking at his drink. “Sorry. Not much in the mood for socializing tonight, I guess.”

“Whatever,” she replies. “I’m going to get another drink.”

Harry nods and watches as his girlfriend walks away, then walks slowly through the rooms of the house where the party is happening. Harry has been coming to this friend’s party for years and usually enjoys himself. But the last party he attended he thought would have been his last. He was tiring of ‘making appearances’, which was the only reason most of the people came to begin with. 

How could you have known that after the first time you attended the party, that only a couple of weeks later, you would have been dating Harry Styles? The friendship happened quickly and easily. Harry found you intriguing and fun, and had asked for your number before you left. You never expected him to call, thinking he had probably gathered dozens of numbers at parties.

The two of you hit it off quickly and before you knew it, your relationship had blossomed into something beautiful. Both of you were enjoying being together, so when months later the pressures of being in a relationship with a celebrity became overwhelming for you both, you mutually decided to split, parting as friends with no animosity.

The next year at the party, Harry was eager to see if you would be there. His life had been busy and he missed you. When he saw you walk into the party, he became excited, until he saw the man beside you, his arm around your waist and laying a kiss to the side of your head. Harry felt deflated, not realizing you were with someone. He had hoped for the two of you to go spend some time together and talk, possibly even try being together again. Now his hopes were crushed, and after talking with you and meeting your boyfriend, Harry sulked, happy for you, but no longer wanting to be there and left.

The following year you had seen Harry walk in with his girlfriend in hand. You had heard he had been dating around with a few different women, never knowing what was true and what wasn’t, before finding someone well-known in his world, even seeing some photos of the two of them together. He appeared to be happy, you thought. You were still involved with the guy from the previous year’s party, but hadn’t been happy in the relationship lately, so you had been looking forward to seeing Harry again. You were curious to see if you could tell if he missed you as much as you missed him, but being around him and his girlfriend for a while, you forced yourself to be happy for him and give up on it.

So when you received your invitation to attend this year’s party, you hesitated in deciding whether or not to go. You had long since broken up with your boyfriend, and was not seeing anyone at the time. You couldn’t even think of anyone you would want to invite, so you made the decision to go alone.

Harry notices when you walk in. You look really good, he thinks to himself. You glance at each other throughout the evening, catching glances and small smiles. His current relationship had begun feeling flat and boring, but he figured it was better than being alone. The only reason he agreed to come to the party this year was the hope that you would be there. So when his girlfriend leaves to get a drink and mingle, Harry walks up behind you.

“Hello, love,” Harry says near your ear.

You turn sharply and see Harry standing near you, smiling at you with those dimples that always make you melt. You had been missing him a lot lately, everything about him really.

“Hey!” you smile, accepting a tender hug from him.

You enjoy a few words together, but when Harry’s girlfriend walks over, turning up her nose at you and wrapping her arm around Harry possessively, you get the hint that you are no longer welcome, even as kind and apologetic as Harry is. You take your cue, tell Harry how good it is to see him again, then walk to talk a bit with acquaintances.

Harry isn’t enjoying himself. As he makes his way out to the pool area of the home, leaving the noise of the party inside where it was warmer, he walks out into the cool night air, sipping his drink and admiring the night sky.

“Hey,” he hears your familiar voice say as you approach him.

Harry smiles as he sees you walk toward him in the darkness. He leans to you, kissing you gently on your cheek, grabbing your hand in his.

“It’s good to see you again, love,” Harry says, his eyes not straying from you. “How’ve you been?”

“Surviving,” you say with a slight grin. “You?”

“Doin’ alright,” he says, realizing he was still holding your hand and letting it go. “I’m happy to see you here. Party’s kind of boring, just between you and I.”

You giggle and grin. “Have to agree with that. I thought coming out here for a few minutes would help, but it’s just cold,” you laugh.

Harry smiles, “Yeah, we haven’t even been here long and I’m already ready to leave.”

Your smile begins to fade a bit before you paint one on in its place to hide the disappointment. “I guess I waited too long to say hi then.”

“No,” Harry said. “No, I have a reason to stay now.”

Now, baby, now, baby, now, baby

Oh, oh, oh, I, I know it breaks your heart

To picture the only one you wanna love

In someone else’s arms, but I wouldn’t have done

All the things that I have done, If I knew one day you would come

“You know,” Harry starts, “The only part of these parties I enjoy is talking with you.”

You smile slightly. “Why do you think I’m out here in the cold?” Harry giggles at you. “So boring inside, and your girlfriend wasn’t having me talking to you. Sad when there is a house full of people and you would rather be cold by a pool of frigid water.”

“God, I completely feel that,” Harry says, closing his eyes for a moment before looking up into the sky. “Really beginning to hate these parties. You’re absolutely the only person here that I enjoy my time with.”

You look through the large glass doors into the party, seeing Harry’s girlfriend talking with a group of people. “Don’t let her hear you say that.”

Harry looks into the doors and sees who you are looking at and sighs loudly.

“Don’t seem so happy, Styles. People will think you’re in love,” you grin slightly, teasing him. He looks at you without smiling then takes a drink from the glass in his hand. You didn’t understand the look on his face, but you assumed you had said the wrong thing. “Sorry.”

He grins slightly then looks at you for a moment, prodding. “And your boyfriend?”

“Um,” you look down for a moment then back toward the party. “Broke up with him. I realized I wasn’t happy and I knew there was more that I wanted…and that wasn’t him.” The deliberate wording of your comment, and prominent stare at Harry, makes him understand your implication as he swallows hard. Harry looks at you intensely as the two of you hold your stare. The undying attraction was undeniable between the two of you.

Harry’s eyes search yours then look away. In a short moment you see a smile on his face as he looks at you again. Your own smile appears as you question what he is thinking.

“What?” you ask hesitantly.

“You know what I want to do right now?” he asks with a mischievous smile. You look at him questioningly. “I fancy a bit of a swim. Care to join me?”

You look at him with a shocked yet excited smile. You love a good dare or challenge, and the two of you had taken many together in your relationship, but in that moment you think he is crazy.

“Come on, love,” he smiles. “Either you want this or you don’t.” His deliberate wording is noted by you as well, hoping maybe he meant it the way you took it. Harry holds out his hand to you and you laugh, taking it in yours, and running along beside him as the two of you hastily jump into the deep end of the pool.

Now, baby, now, baby, now, baby

Oh, baby, please, let’s leave the past behind us

So that we can go where love will find us

Yeah, will find us

I know once girls would leave me

But I know that you believe me

The two of you emerge out of the surface of the cold water and promptly look at each other laughing. You swim to the edge and Harry swims to you, hugging you tightly, kissing your cheek sweetly. He looks at you again, his adrenaline running high. He sees your lips, trembling from the cold water, then instinctually leans to you and kisses you with such intensity that you question if you’re losing your breath from the cold or from his kiss.

Harry leans away from you once again, his eyes trained on yours, trying to determine your reaction to him kissing you. Again he presses his lips to yours as you share an intimate kiss in the cold pool water. He feels your lips tremble and looks at you.

“I’ve missed that,” he says, holding your face in his hands. “I’ve missed you.”

You look at him wanting nothing more than for him to kiss you again.

“I’ve missed you, too,” you reply.

Harry ghosts his lips across yours, while planting light kisses on your face. “Missed out on so much time with you. Lost years.”

You look at him, your heart pattering more rapidly as you nibble his jaw lightly, hearing him moan softly against your ear.

“I want this again,” he tells you. “I want you. I can’t take any of it back. Can’t get back the time we wasted with other people. But we can start again. Can’t we? You feel it, too?” You whisper ‘yes’ as he kisses you again with a desire that warms you quickly in that cool water.

He looks at you, kissing your lips softly and caressing your face, then pulling away, he takes your hand and smiles a huge smile at you.

“Then let’s go!” he says laughing. You laugh, holding his hand in the water as he pulls you along behind him up the pool steps and toward the house. As he opens the balcony doors and the two of you step inside laughing, you are both struck immediately by the dozens of onlookers you had forgotten even existed, who are gazing at the two weirdos walking inside dripping wet and laughing. You stop in your steps, seeing the look on everyone’s faces, some in shock, some nearly ready to burst into laughter. But none more intimidating than the look on Harry’s girlfriend’s face as she walks slowly toward where you both are dripping onto the tile floor of the great room.

“What the fuck are you doing?” she yells at Harry. “And with her?”

You pull your hand out of Harry’s grasp and step back slightly. He looks at you and whispers a quiet, “Don’t leave” to you. You take another step away from the two of them but remain close. Harry looks from you back to his girlfriend.

“Maybe we should step out and talk for a moment,” he says to her quietly, glancing around at the other people.

“Or maybe you can just tell me what the fuck is going on?” she says loudly. “Why is my boyfriend walking in soaking wet from the pool with his ex?”

“Look I never meant to hurt you,” he says honestly, “but I’ve not been happy for a long time and…”

“So you waited until we were around dozens of our friends to…what? Fuck your whore of an ex in the pool at a party?” she roared. Harry, angry at her words, started to interject but she continued. “She only comes to these parties to try and get your dick in her mouth again, and apparently now you’ve let her!” She turns her attention toward you. “Who the fuck do you think you are, trying to steal my boyfriend? He’s with me now, you disgusting troll, so stay away from what is mine!”

“Enough!” Harry yells at her. “This isn’t her fault! It’s mine! I’ve lied to myself and to you for too long now and I won’t do it anymore! I’m done wasting my life being unhappy with you when the only woman I’ve loved for years now has been her! We’re over!”

Your eyes become huge and you swallow hard as Harry turns to you, takes your hand, and pulls you through the crowd of people toward the front door. He leads you to his car, opening your door, then getting in his side and slamming the door shut. After a short moment, he looks at you and sees the stunned look on your face as if you had been slapped. The look on his face makes you chuckle and soon you are both laughing nervously.

“I’m sorry she spoke to you that way,” he finally says. “But I’m not sorry it happened. I feel more happy right now than I’ve felt in a very long time.” You feel him take your hand.

“Me too,” you add. “You’re sure this is what you want?”

“Always has been, love,” he says, as he kisses you softly. “Wish I could take back all the years we missed together, but I hope you’ll give me a second chance to prove to you we belong together. Was the wrong time for us before, but it’s right now. I hope you feel it, too.”

You smile at him and kiss him, assuring him you feel exactly as he feels.

Baby, I, I wish we were seventeen

So I could give you all the innocence

That you give to me

No, I wouldn’t have done

All the things that I have done

If I knew one day you would come

If I knew one day you would come

It’s a bit late because its a bit past 300 but still. 

Thank you to every single one of you for this wonderful journey till now ! I’ve been starting to practice watercolor recently, something I was never confident with. 

I’m trying my best to practice as much of my weaknesseses as possible and already, if I look back at when i first started this blog, I feel like I improved a lot ! Only with drawing this bitchy birb.

I havent done watercolor in years, literally,so I guess it didnt turned too bad ?

Still, I’m happy I got to share these with you and I thank you all for your support and kind words even when I wasnt feeling well. It made me feel lucky to have followers like you guys, you are awesome !

Unlike Revali, confidence is not my strongest quality but I’m willing to push it asside and do my very best cause thats what you deserve !

Stay awesome guys !

Generic, nothing-to-be-done-but-treat-the-symptoms viral infections are the worst. Give me an ear infection that I can throw amoxicillin at. Give me coxsackie virus, so when the fever appears, I know he’s already on the mend.

But don’t give me something that has to “run its course.” Ugh.

So, guess what Ray has?

Poor boy has been a hot, clingy, whiny mess today. Hottest temp I measured was 103.7. Pushing Motrin and Tylenol around the clock (when he’s awake), and the doc told me to give Ray the dosage for a 24-pound child (Ray is 4 ounces shy of that mark).

Fingers crossed we’re able to both get some sleep tonight…


Solas is in the Fade conflicted with his emotions, the spirits try to help… sort of. 

I Won’t Say I’m In Love -Hercules - Disney


If there’s a prize for rotten judgement

I guess I’ve already won that

No Dalish is worth the aggravation

That’s ancient history, been there, done that!

[Spirits:] Who’d’ ya think you’re kiddin’

She’s the Earth and Fade to you

Try to keep it hidden

Harel, we can see right through you

Boy, ya can’t conceal it

We know how ya feel and

Who you’re thinking of


No chance, no way

I won’t say it, no, no


You swoon, you sigh

why deny it, uh-oh


It’s too cliche

I won’t say I’m in love

I thought my heart had learned its lesson

It feels so good when you start out

My head is screaming get a grip, Wolf

Unless you’re wantn’ her to cry her heart out



You keep on denying

Who you are and how you’re feelin’

Dready, we’re not buying

Falon, we saw your mask crackin’

Face it like a grown-up

When ya gonna own up

That ya got, got, got it bad


Whoa: No chance, no way

I won’t say it, no, no


Give up, give in

Check the grin you’re in love


This scene won’t play,

I won’t say I’m in love


You’re doin’ flips read our lips

You’re in love


You’re way off base

I won’t say it


He won’t say it, no!


Get off my case

I won’t say it


Boy, don’t be proud

It’s O.K. you’re in love



At least out loud,

I won’t say I’m in love

Lena’s about to do something sinister and Supergirl was there to stop her and she’ll be like..

“Why are you doing this?”

Lena: “I do good things and people judge me anyway. So whats the point of trying?”

Kara: “You are not your brother nor your mother.”

Lena: “But Im a Luthor.”

Kara: “You are, but your name doesnt dictate who you are. And it doesnt determine your destiny.”

Lena: “Then who am I Supergirl? Cause for what Ive been thru lately, it sure feels like hell to me. And so I guess if anyone already think Im the villain of this story then so be it.”

Then Kara will suddenly wrap her arms around her and Lena will try hard to scream and push her away.

She took all the beating and seems poised to fall but Kara never let go. Until the screaming slowly died down, until the shoving stops. Until Lena’s head was rested on Kara’s chest. Her shoulders shaking as her tears stains its emblem.

And when she was done she look up and said

“Why do you believe in me so much.”

And Kara’s be like…

“Cause I know that people do some bad things from time to time, but it doesnt make them a bad person. And you Lena… Are a good person to me.”

  • Magnus: If there's a prize for rotten judgement
  • I guess I've already won that.
  • No one is worth the aggravation.
  • That's ancient history - been there, done that!
  • TJ, Mallory and Halfborn: Who'd'ya think you're kiddin'.
  • He's the Earth and heaven to you.
  • Try to keep it hidden.
  • Honey, we can see right through you.
  • Boy, you can't conceal it.
  • We know how ya feel and
  • who you're thinking of
  • Magnus: No chance, no way
  • I won't say it, no, no
  • TJ, Mallory and Halfborn: You swoon, you sigh, why deny it, uh-oh!
  • Magnus: It's too cliché
  • I won't say I'm in looooove
  • Magnus: I thought my head had learned its lesson
  • It feels so good when you start off
  • And now I'm is screaming get a grip, dude
  • Unless you're dying to get cut straight off
  • Oooooooh
  • TJ, Mallory and Halfborn: You keep on denying
  • Who you are and how you're feeling
  • Baby, we're not buying
  • Hon, we saw ya hit the ceiling
  • Face it like a grown-up
  • When ya gonna own up
  • That ya got, got, got it bad
  • Magnus: Oooooh
  • No chance, no way
  • I won't say it, no, no
  • TJ, Mallory and Halfborn: Give up, give in
  • Check the grin you're in love with
  • Magnus: This scene won't play
  • I won't say I'm in loooooooooooooooove
  • TJ, Mallory and Halfborn: You're doin' flips read our lips
  • You're in love
  • Magnus: You're way off base
  • I won't saaaaay it
  • Get off my case
  • I won't saaaaay it
  • TJ, Mallory and Halborn: Dude, just be proud
  • It's OK you're in loooooooooove
  • Magnus: Ooooooh
  • At least out loud
  • I won't say I'm in looove
  • Alex: 'Sup, bitches. What are you doing?
  • Magnus: Nothing!
  • Alex: ..... Can I call you Meg now?
  • Magnus: You were here the entire time, weren't you?

Soooooo this has probably been done many times already, but how about a Bumbleby Beauty and the Beast AU? As in like. A multi chapter fic. It’s probably been done before so I guess there might not be much point in me writing it. But anyway. If it has been done, does anyone have a link?


Thanks for tagging me @f4rfields !!!!!!! This meme has been going around and I’ve been wanting to do it! So, as you can see, I am a big fucking gay, emo, mess. That’s like the best way to describe me. 

I feel like everyone has done this already??? So, I guess I tag everyone on here who knows me irl. Y’all can fucking do this if you want.


sooooo this has probably been done already ,