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Young Sirius Black Imagine - The Grim (Part 1)

     I sat alone, under a tree by the lake, studying.  It had been a long day, and this seemed like the only place I could go to focus and be alone.  I was doing my Divination homework, which was usually a chore, but today it served to take my mind off of things.

     I had just finished writing the last sentence in my dream journal entry for the day when I felt something furry bump into my arm.  I turned to see what it was and froze - I was face to face with a massive black dog!

     Maybe the Divination work had made me nervous or something, but that dog seemed kind of familiar.  As I took it in, I remembered something we had learned the other day, about a dog called “the Grim.”  If I remembered correctly, the Grim was an omen of death.  But I couldn’t be dying.  Right?

     I started to move hesitantly away from the dog.  I had never seen one at Hogwarts, now that I thought about it.  Something just wasn’t right here.

     But before I could get too suspicious, the dog licked me and started wagging its tail.  I guess it had sensed that it was making me nervous before, but this was normal dog behavior.  I relaxed.  This dog couldn’t be the Grim.  The Grim probably didn’t even exist.

     I smiled, reached up, and scratched it behind the ears.  Seeing this dog around really made me miss my pet golden retriever back home.  But any dog was better than no dog, and I didn’t want this one to leave.  So, I continued to pet it as I finished my homework.

     I was considering taking the dog back up to the Hufflepuff common room with me, but once the dog saw me packing up my stuff, it fled.  It was almost as though the dog could understand what I was doing.  But that was silly.


     The next night, I found myself sitting out by the lake again, waiting to see if the dog would show up again.  And it did.  This time, I had come prepared with a ball, to see if it knew how to fetch.

     I threw the ball, and the dog just looked at me, unimpressed.  I got the feeling that it was judging me.

     I laughed and scratched it behind the ears when it deliberately looked at the ball, then back at me, then lay down with its head on my lap, allowing me to pet it while I did my homework.


     A few days passed, and the dog and I fell into a sort of routine.  Every night, after dinner, I would go out to the lake and the dog would arrive soon after.  Then, I would pet it while I was doing my homework.

     But one night, about two weeks after I had met the dog, it was rainy.  I really didn’t want to do my homework outside, but I was worried about the dog, and so of course I went out.

     It was really cold, and when the dog hadn’t shown up in ten minutes, I started to get nervous.  I couldn’t focus on the Potions essay I had brought to write, and it wasn’t because of the light rain.  A half an hour later and I was downright scared that it had died.  After all, it seemed domesticated - dogs like that weren’t meant to live outside.

     About an hour later, I had finally given up and was packing up my things with numb fingers, when I heard a boy’s voice.  “Hey, what‘re you doing outside?”

     I looked up, stuffing my hands into my pockets for warmth, to see Sirius Black, a boy from Gryffindor.  He was tall, with longish black hair (almost like the dog’s, I thought to myself) and a crooked smile.  I could see his breath, and only then did I realize how cold I was.

     “Are you waiting for someone?” He sounded almost amused with himself, but I couldn’t work out why.

     “No,” I responded quietly.  I finished gathering my things, embarrassed.

     Sirius offered me a hand when I started to get up, and I took it.  His hand was very warm in mine.

     “God, you’re cold,” he said, pulling me closer to him for warmth, “How long have you been out here?”

     “Not that long,”  I said, “Maybe an hour.”

     “An hour?  Come on, let’s get you inside,” Sirius said.  He wrapped his arm around me to keep me from shivering, and we walked up to the castle together.

     When we finally got inside to the warm hallway, he turned to face me.  I hadn’t noticed until then how close he was holding me, or maybe I had noticed and I hadn’t minded, but I stepped back awkwardly.  Sirius was known around the school for being a huge flirt.

     “Now, why were you outside?” he asked me quietly.  “Is something wrong?”

     “No,” I said, embarrassed again.  “It’s just, I was worried about this dog.”

     “A dog?” he repeated, with a strange smug expression.

     “Yes,” I said, “I keep seeing this big, black dog around by the lake and I thought it would be cold and alone.  But, at this point, I think it might have died.”

     It hurt to speak the truth.  I had really started to care about that dog.

     Sirius frowned.  “I could be wrong, but I think that a dog living up here by itself would know how to keep warm and dry.  Unlike you,” he added, smirking.

     “At any rate, it’s probably fine.  You can look for it tomorrow, but until then, you should go dry off and change into some warmer clothes.  Goodnight,” he said, smiling at me.  “I expect I’ll be seeing you again soon.”

     I had no idea what he meant by that, but I supposed I wouldn’t mind seeing him again.  Not in the least.

Sorry, I know I have some requests that I haven’t finished, but I’ve really been wanting to write a young Sirius Black one for a while.  Hope you enjoyed it!