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Bad Moon Rising: Part 4 [Modern!Kylo x Reader]

Summary: Kylo takes you on your first dinner date. Another unassuming outing ends up revealing some interesting information.  

Part 1 // Part 2 // Part 3

A/N: I’ll admit, I’m excited about this chapter and where this is going! There will be AT LEAST one more part. We’ll see how that goes, and where the series goes after that. Enjoy!! (Also, I’m clearly terrible with summaries so please bear with me.)

Warnings: Language.

Dinner with Kylo had gone well. That night, he took you to the diner close to your house. You actually frequented there a lot, and you wondered if he knew where you lived.

“Hey, Y/N. Good to see you,” the waitress greeted.

Kylo looked at you with a puzzling look. You smiled back.

“You too, Maz.”

“How do you know Kylo?”

You shot a glance across the table. It was his turn to smile at you.

“Happenstance,” Kylo said through his grin.

“Well, I’ll be back with your drinks. The usual?”

“Yes, ma'am,” the two of you said in unison as Maz walked away.

“So,” you began. “You come here a lot, I presume.”

“I do.”

You hummed, thinking.

Kylo continued, “I’m more of a night owl.”

You hummed again. You could have assumed that much.

“Tell me about yourself,” you said, leaning back in the booth. You needed to start a conversation. Or something.

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ViVi 2017-06 Interview

T/N: This issue celebrated the end of Ayu’s Deji Deji Diary with a long interview. The 1st diary started in September 2000. Ayu and ViVi take a look back. 

I translated two chunks of the interview which I liked most. In other words, this isn’t the entire interview.

Q: Everyone was constantly looking forward to seeing a new “ayu”. Short blond hair, teardrop sunglasses — You set many fashion and make-up trends.

Ayu: However, when I look back at these photographs now, I realise there were a few times when I only liked something for a second, or I didn’t even like something all that much. I guess that’s also interesting in itself (laughs).

Q: What? Really?

Ayu: I wasn’t lying or anything like that. At the time, the feeling “I absolutely need to keep changing [my look]” was simply stronger than whether I really liked an item or not, I think. This also meant that, whenever I did find something I could like forever, I’d change it eventually, because always looking the same wouldn’t be interesting. I wouldn’t be able to entertain through my appearance? That’s why I would suddenly darken my hair although I preferred bright hair, and I would alternate between a tanned look and white skin. Things like that.

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Hm. I bet Madoka would eventually become a top-tier WALPURGISNACHT. Or maybe an entirely new classification would have to be made in her honor.

Ahh… You know, back in the last episode, there was that scene where Homura was pointing out on the map where the WALPURGISNACHT was “forecasted” to appear, and Kyouko even called her out on how odd it was that she knew. I guess we can thank her time traveling for the info.

(If the WALPURGISNACHT isn’t that giant floating silhouette from the cold open of episode 01, I’ll eat my hat. I’m guessing that was the last timeline Homura was in, before she arrived in this one… But that doesn’t quite explain why this timeline’s Madoka dreamed about it.)

anonymous asked:

Is your secret kink something you will eventually share with us? (P.s. if I'm guessing from that pic, I'd say wearing black, 4 some, or very dominant appearing men??? Idk, more pics would probably allow better guesses)

there is only one other human who knows my secret and i’m not really to the point where i’m comfortable sharing it with anyone else. i’m tagging things with that tag for my own benefit, for a fic that i’ve been working on for a while now. 

Prince!Ashton - Part 10

Parts: 1  |  2  |  3  |  4  |  5  |  6  |  7  |  8  |  9


“Ashton?” I whispered quietly as I walked a little closer.

His head snapped up, his hair falling around his face, revealing his tear-stained cheeks. His eyes widened in shock and realisation. “Y/N?” he whispers in disbelief.

He tries to get up but falls to the ground, his legs unable to support him. He must have been sat that for a long time. The sight made my heartbreak, knowing that I was the reason he was in such a state.

I walk closer to where he was flailing on the ground. He stops and looks up at me. I crouch down so that our faces are aligned. I could now see how puffy his eyes were, dark circles underneath from lack of sleep. They began to brim with tears as he looked at me. 

His hands reached up and cupped my cheeks. They were cold but his touch was warm. I closed my eyes for a moment, embracing the feeling of his hands on my skin. I had missed his touch.

“What are you doing here?” he whimpers, his eyes darting over my face in disbelief.

“Michael came and found me, I didn’t realise you were doing this badly” I say sadly, pushing his messy hair away from his face. His head tilts into my hand.

“Y/N, you have to know, I never wanted to hurt you, I just didn’t want you to see me as the same man as my father. I’m nothing like him I promise” he rambles desperately.

“I know” I say in understanding. “I shouldn’t have assumed all the royals were like him. I’m sorry that you thought you couldn’t be yourself around me” I say looking down at the floor shamefully.

“No. You’re the only person I can be myself around, the real me not some King, just me” he smiled sadly at me.

I smile back at him as I play with his hair, running my fingers through it gently. I slowly move my hand down to caress his cheek. His scruff tickles my palm. “Ashton, How long have you been sat here?” I ask in concern.

Ashton just shrugs.

“Michael says you’ve been in here for four days. Ashton you’re the King now, you can’t just sit in your room the whole day, the kingdom needs you.” I say gently but the seriousness was there.

He sighs. “I know. I just-” he sighs again. “I just couldn’t face it.”

He rests his head on my shoulder, nuzzling into my neck. I had never seen him like this, so vulnerable.

I pull away and move to stand. Ashton looks up at me with worried expression on his face. “Where are you going?” he asks, panic lacing his voice.

“To prepare you a bath, you need to get cleaned up” I say with a reassuring smile.

Ashton visibly relaxes, he grabs the wall to help pull himself to his feet. He stumbles over to me, wrapping his arms around my waist, leaning his head on my shoulder. I tilt my head into his, relaxing into his embrace.

“Thank you.”

“I haven’t done anything.”

“You came back to me.”

We stood there for a while in silence, just holding each other and embracing the others company.

There’s a sudden knocking on the door.

“Go away”Ashton shouts. His tone was not as angry as before, but it was obvious he didn’t want us to be disturbed.

Michael pokes his head through the door. His eyed scanning the room until they land on us. A small smile graces his lips as he looks at us. He was obviously happy that his little excursion had payed off.

“I hate to disturb you but Prince Luke is on his way”

“What. Why?”

Michael simply shrugs his shoulders.

Ashton groans as Michael leaves the room.

“Who’s Prince Luke?” I ask in confusion. Having lived away from the city and taking no interest in any of the royal families, I had no idea who this prince was.

“He is a prince of the neighbouring kingdom. Our parents always tried to make us become best friends. I don’t dislike him, but we’re not as close as Michael and I.”

“Okay, you should get ready and I should get back to the village”

“NO” Ashton says a little too quickly. “Please stay, you just got here, at least stay for the Prince’s arrival, there will no doubt be a banquet” he pleads.

“How can I enjoy a banquet when those in my village barely have enough food?” I say.

Ashton chuckles, much to my confusion. “You’re too good for this world” he sighs. “There is always lots of food left over, I’ll help you take it back to the village when it’s over. Just stay. Please” there was desperation in his eyes, despite his attempt to hide it.

“Okay” I smile at him, resting my hand on his shoulder gently.

He smiles before wrapping his arms around me once again, holding me tightly. Eventually I pull away, “Right let’s get you cleaned up yeah?” I say raising an eyebrow at him. He simply nods his head and follows me over to the bath.


After helping him bathe and making him eat something he was looking somewhat like the Ashton I remember.

“You should probably get some sleep” I say as I sit down next to him on the edge of his large bed.  

He nods his head. “Will you join me? I get it if you don’t want to, I just think it’ll be easier-”

“Of course” I cut him off with a smile. He climbs into bed, lying on his side. I join him, climbing into the sheets so that I lie facing him. Our bodies were close but not touching. Ashton looked at me, his eyes trailing over my face, a small smile on his lips.

“I love you” he whispers, just loud enough for me to hear. “I never thought I would find anyone who could see past the power and the title, but you do, you treat me like a normal person and you have no idea how much that means to me.” His eyes never leave mine as his feelings spill from his lips.

I smile at him. “I never thought I would find someone who I would let my walls down for. I guess I thought I could manage on my own. I know I can, I just don’t want to anymore.” I say quietly.

“I love you Ashton” I breath.

A wide smile appears on his face. I close the distance between us, gently pressing my lips against his. He responds, moving one arm to tangle his fingers in my hair. We hold each other there, not moving, our lips pressed together breathing each other in. It wasn’t passionate or needy, it was simply loving. 

I eventually pull away, gazing deeply into his hazel eyes. He shuffles closer to me, wrapping his arms around my body and nuzzling his head into my neck. I run my hands through his hair, gently soothing him. 

Soon I feel his breaths slow as he drifts into a much needed sleep. I close my eyes, enjoying the moment that I found myself in.


The Journey Home, Chapter 1

Kagome Higurashi was dead. At least, she thought she was. She couldn’t remember dying. She couldn’t remember much of anything, really, other than a vague sense of urgency, a pressing need to find something. Or someone. She couldn’t remember. But she knew she was dead, she had to be dead. There was no other explanation for the place—or the non-place—in which she found herself, everything off-white and foggy and inert. 

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Bucky x Reader 

Requested by anon: Reader has mind control and loves messing with the all of the avengers but has a soft spot for Bucky. 
A/N: Since the reader’s powers are so close to Wanda’s, she and Pietro don’t exist. Kinda AU then? idk 

Warnings: none

Word count: 1774

Originally posted by enochianess

Joining the Avengers had initially left you feeling intimidated and unsure if you could ever match up to gods and geniuses and superheroes with huge (HUGE) muscles. But after your first training session in the gym you quickly realised you could hold your own. What good were all those muscles against you when all you had to do to stop your opponent in his tracks was to think it so? 

Well there were some benefits to all those muscles you had to admit.

Steve was shocked to find himself dancing rather provocatively in front of everyone just moments after asking you “Show us what you’ve got kid.”

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Science teacher

This is my first story so it might be a little bad but i hope you enjoy it!

I was fourteen-years old and in the ninth grade. Mr. Jovelo had been my science teacher when I was in the sixth, seventh and eighth grade.

Mr. Jovelo was in his thirties and very tall, 6'4. He was always well-groomed, clean cut, attractive and well built. He had very dark black hair, that was always neatly trimmed, brown eyes, full lips and an always ready smile. And a bubble but that made all the girls swoon, it was a lot more difficult for a horny, gay teen-age boy.

Mr. Jovelo had us do an group assigment with three other people. Usually i went with my friends and started the questions on the board. “Ok class, you have to answer in complete sentences” he said, finishing writing up the last question.

Now Mr. Jovelo is usually never careful were he sits, he’s sat on more kids in his life than chairs. Mr. Jovelo always says its an “accident” but i feel like he does it on purpose. I’ve never been sat by him before, but with a butt like that i wouldnt mind.

My shoulder partner called over Mr. Jovelo and came over to my side. My partners,including myself, didnt notice him coming and he just sat on me. I froze, i didnt know what to do but to enjoy it.

Im usually quiet in the group so my partners didnt notice i was under him, but he did. Mr jovelo started wiggling around and bouncing up and down a little. I instantly got hard and almost came on the spot. Finally Mr. Jovelo realized and got up.“Sorry i didnt see you there..” he said with a smirk, “but must i say you’re pretty comfortable to sit on” and winked.

“Uh, a-anyways we need help with question four…” i said. He helped us find the answer and left. Throughout the whole assignment i couldnt stop thinking what he said, you’re very comfortable to sit on. While i was replaying the moment in my head i forgot we were going over the questions

“Jake…JAKE” Mr. Jovelo almost shouted. I was frozen, embarresed by my daydreaming i could speak. “Fine if you won’t answer,I’ll see you after class”

“So jake why didn’t you answer the question today?” Mr. Jovelo said. “I-i was distracted” i answered. He got up from his seat and approached me, “ Was it because i sat on you?” he said with a smile that makes everyone melt inside. I didnt answer unsure of what to say.

“I felt your little friend was a little excited wasnt he? I bet you would like me to sit on you again wouldn’t you?” Mr. Jovelo said patting his bubble butt.

“I guess i would” i said without thinking. He laughed and sat back down in his chair “Take a seat i want to give you something”. I sat in the chair infront of him. Mr. Jovelo pulled out a plastic cup and poured in a liquid i couldnt identify.

Taking this as a sign i drank it, it was sweet with a bitter after taste. “What was that?” i asked. A smirk quickly appeared on his face. “Oh you’ll find out eventually”. What did he mean by that? Suddenly my vision clouded, the last thing i saw was Mr. Jovelo mouth, can’t wait till we get home.


I woke up in a strange room. I looked around but it was too dark to see. Where am i? I tried to get up but i couldn’t. My body couldn’t move and the air was kind of stuffy. Suddenly the weight on me lifts off and a wave of fresh air hits me. “Good morning sleepy head” a familiar voice said, “ Do you enjoy the view” he said showing off his giant bubble butt. Ive never seen a butt so huge, his underwear seemed to be at the point of breaking wanting to release those two huge mounds of meat

Once my vision cleared i saw Mr. Jovelo standing over me, he was a giant from my point of view. “Whats going on Mr. Jovelo?” i asked confused.

“Remeber that drink i gave you? It shrunk you down to 4 tiny little inches, now you’re a little ant compared to me.” A rush of emotions ran over me, a little more turn on than scared and confused.

“What about my family and my friends? They’ll worried sick about me, i have to go back to my normal size please” i said. Laughing he said “ Oh don’t worry about that i told your family you were sent off to a program in London for a couple of years, to will improve your science skills and they ate that up like hungry wolfs” he said confident in his plan.

I stood there unable to speak. I couldn’t think or even function with all this information. “But why me? Why not anyone else?”

He got face to face with me “Oh thats easy, ive known you liked my ass for years,and youre the smartest in the class so it made sense to pick you for my made up story” he said. But there was still something bugging me more than anything

“What am i even doing here in your house anyways Mr. Jovelo?”. He released a big burp that almost knocked me down. “ Ive been working on that drink for years, mixing differnet chemicals to shrink a human completely and once it was done i had to test it out on someone” he laughed and continued “ I always needed an ass slave to worship every inch of my ass and you seemed to fit what i looked in for a slave”.

My heart almost left my body. I was taken away from my family,friends and my whole life to become an ass slave.

“Mr. Jovelo this is crazy!! You have to-” i was interrupted by another burp that succsefully knocked me down this time.

“Oh Jake do you think i care? Now if you dont mind its time for me to watch tv shows” he said standing up.

His ass blocked the light and all i could see was his ass eating at his underwear and a sweat line going down his beautiful crack. I stood there in fear and lust seeing his ass approach closer and closer.

“Oh and jake?” he said stopping “ Dont call me Mr. Jovelo anymore… Call me master from now on, and you’ll be addressed as slave"  and with that final sentence his bubble butt engulfed my tiny body


I’ve lost track of the time under his sweaty ass. I didnt have any trouble breathing but man it reaked really bad in there. Soon after i realized my tiny face was on his asshole.

Great. This is what i have to do untill i die, living servicing my science teacher.

In the middle of my thought he let out a wet fart. “I hope you dont mind, I’ve had at least 60 deviled eggs for dinner today and they make me very gassy” he said as he farted once more, longer than the last one

The smell was unbearable i couldnt stand it. I almost threw up each time i inhaled. “Slave i want you to purify my farts, i don’t want to smell a thing when i fart, slave and if i do you’ll experience the worst punishment of smells in your life” he said farting again.

Afraid and not wanting to face this punishment i inhaled his fart, gagging each time. “Thats how its done slave very well”


Hours went by and countless farts were released. “Ahh i think i might hit the hay slave”

He got up and fished me out from in between his ass and set me by the counter. Dazzed i didnt move much. “I just wanted to see you one more time before bed slave” he said charmingly

“Hope you enjoyed our little session today, because its about to get a lot better” he said

He grabbed me and started moving me towards his ass. “Mr. Jovelo please dont!”
He stopped suddenly and brought me close to his face. “I told you to call me master, slave.” he said, “ since i feel nice today and this is your first day you’ll face something somewhat similar”

He set me down and pulled of his boxer briefs. I was mesmerized by the sight, his ass cheeks were bouncing with freedom and his cock and balls were huge. He left the room and came back with a thong

“What is that?!” I asked. He picked me up and placed me in the little pocket designed for a shruken person. “Oh its something to help you remember to call me master”

He put on the thong, he spread apart his ass cheeks so i would meet his asshole faster Once he finally got my face on his asshole he let go of his mounds closing me in a fart oven.

“Do you like it? I designed it myself. Now everytime i fart you can smell purify the fart! Aren’t you glad to have such a generous master?” he said farting

“This is inhumane-” i was cut off by a wet fart. “I don’t want anyone smelling any farts tomorrow slave, we’ll be going to school where you’ll sniff my farts all day without anyone knowing but me” Mr. Jovelo i mean… My master said

“Well nap time slave!” he said and layed down.
I couldn’t sleep through night with my master farting every 5 minutes, like a ticking bomb.
Tomorrow wouldnt be any better

anonymous asked:

I'll just leave this here, do you ship the art club leader(Geiji Tsuka) with Ayano? Cause he is hot. Actually, do you thunk Ayano is shippable with any club leader and any person in game?

Wait a minute! The art club leader have a name now?! I have been trying to find since the moment I saw him and the other club leaders! Or I just searched too early…Oh well I’ll find out eventually. And I did! XD

So yes! I would ship Ayano and Geiju! Emotionless and mysterious girl and an equally mysterious and silent artist? Heck yeah! And you’re right he’s hot 😚

And for Ayano being shippable…Yes, absolutely, I definitely think so! 😆
I don’t know why but I guess its Ayano herself, from her simple appearance to her personality that could clash to any personality. Or is it the rarity or oddity in the pairing (I ship weird okay).
And even though she is emotionless, Ayano seems willing to learn (only because it gives her advantage in order to get Taro), it could make her catch up with the other club leaders’ talents and make her an equal to them.

Wow! I did an ask that didn’t have to wait for months…

ask-thespiderqueen-and-thesteels  asked:

The spider Queen appeared before him in spider form and transformed back into a human once within a whisper away, she extended her arms and lowered her chest slightly as if to bow respectfully. "Ahh," she breathed out in relief and smirked, "my, I did not expect this." She took a good look at the other, "Thresh, I expected a more fearing persona. Though, I cannot judge. A rat with a blowdart is still menacing despite its appearance."

Thresh was a bit confused at first but eventually just brushed it off, “Yeah. I guess. Who are you?” He asked not entirely sure what someone of her nature would want with him of all people. Maybe his reputation? He wasn’t sure. Of course he wasn’t going to try to piss her off at all. She seemed like she could break his neck without thinking about it and he wasn’t about to test that theory.

Number 12.

Prompt: @superunnatural-imagines requested Number 12 from the dialogue list: “Stop saying things that make me want to kiss you.” 

Synopsis: After Mary leaves, both Sam and Dean are shocked. But no one is as upset as Dean. You decide to go and check up on him, using everything you you know about him to help make him feel better.

Words: 1294.

Warnings: You and Dean are both drinking but you’re not drunk, Dean’s pretty down on himself. This takes place after 12x03. (Its Really Cheesy/Fluffy so idk if y’all need this or nah)

Characters: Dean x Reader, Sammy’s in there too!

Originally posted by dustydreamsanddirtyscars

Dean had always told you stories about Mary. He told you everything he remembered about her, from the food she made to the lullabies she sung – which were mostly soft renditions of Hey Jude. From what you heard, she sounded like a wonderful woman. The moment you first met Mary, you felt like you had known her for years, you were able to talk to her as if she was your own mother, and nothing ever felt awkward between the two of you. Sam and Dean had never been happier the first time you all sat for a meal together. Things finally began to feel somewhat normal.

But you never expected Mary to leave. Watching her walk out those doors broke your heart, but seeing Sam and Dean’s expressions, watching Sam’s face fall, seeing Dean step aside as he refused a hug from his mother… You couldn’t describe how it made you feel.

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[ENG TRANS] HARU*HANA VOL. 36 w/ SEVENTEEN (Hip Hop Unit Interview)

Q1. What are the Hip Hop Team’s charms?

VERNON: (I know this sounds obvious), but rap!

S.COUPS: Also the songs that the rappers can sing.

VERNON: Ah, that’s right. The melody that the rappers can sing.

S.COUPS: Since all of us entered as vocal members in the beginning, we can also sing. The vocal team’s singing and our team’s singing each have their own different charms (to them).

WONWOO: Our freewheeling/carefree side is also charming.

MINGYU: Our relaxed/composed side is also an advantage. When each team is given a task or assignment, the other teams are trying to quickly quickly get it done but we’re like “Let’s do it later~” or “Let’s do it slowly and comfortably!”… with these kinds of feelings, we’re not that pressured with time. Even when we’re like “I don’t think we’ll be able to do it~” we eventually manage to do it all. (laughs)

INTERVIEWER: Sounds like the other teams would be envious (of this).

VERNON: Now that I look at it, there was a time when Hoshi hyung was envious of our sense of freedom. Hoshi hyung was featured in the hip hop team’s song called <Fronting> so when he stood on stage with us, I guess our appearance of rapping freely looked good.

Q2. Please introduce the members’ charms.

VERNON: Wonwoo hyung looks like a cold guy but he’s actually a prankster that often plays pranks. He pokes people with his hands (laughs) and he has unique/peculiar gags as well… they weren’t that funny during our trainee days, but nowadays they’re a quite funny.

S.COUPS: When you hear them without giving them any thought, they’re pretty funny. They’re the type of gags where when I’m brushing my teeth at night and if I think about it once, it makes me laugh. (laughs)

VERNON: Also, his body totally suits my preference. I’m envious of how he’s muscular/chiseled even while being thin/slender.

WONWOO: Mingyu’s visuals are really good. He’s the tallest & handsomest in the group. Done! Ah, that was difficult. (Laughs)

MINGYU: S.coups-sshi is super reliable. Since he’s like Seventeen’s shield, he’s a leader who takes hits from swords or arrows… (laughs) instead of us and so I feel that because he has that sense of responsibility, he’s cool… and (I can also feel that) he’s always thinking of the team.

S.COUPS: There are many rappers that are talented and cool, but Vernon is the most influential rapper to me. When we’re together, it feels like a synergy effect comes out. Because his personality is quite natural, he makes people around him laugh and creates a good atmosphere. Seventeen’s mood makers are Dokyeom and Seungkwan, but the hip hop team’s mood maker is Vernon.

VERNON: I don’t purposefully try to lift the atmosphere… I’m just talking normally but everyone (just starts to) laugh. There have been times where I sometimes didn’t understand what the other party was saying so I started talking about the wrong thing. (laughs)

Q3. Are there any rules or appointed tasks within the Hip Hop Team?

MINGYU: There aren’t any specific rules. What everyone obviously has to do is write the rap lyrics that they are in charge of writing.

S.COUPS: If everyone doesn’t write good lyrics, then we can’t make a high quality song and so we have a thorough sense of responsibility. Even though we also worked on the album with the (whole) team, the longest time was spent with (us) 4 people.

Q4. What is a memorable memory you had with the team members?

S.COUPS: Just before the album was completed, there were a lot of days (where we) stayed up all night. It was always around 4 in the morning when we wanted to go back to the dorms from the practice room and the sun would be rising. We would be going back while saying things like “today was also a full/busy day, huh. We worked hard!”…All those things became memories.

MINGYU: Making the song together itself is a memory. Every moment is really precious.

VERNON: It’s really difficult making the hook (the chorus of the rap), but this time because we finished it quickly I realized that our chemistry must have gotten better.

S.COUPS: Since we’re all aware of the fact that each of us is going through a hard time, we can also help (each other) when we’re writing lyrics or getting stressed. The process leading up to the release of an album is really tiring, but no one showed a disagreeable face or their exhaustion and so I’m really thankful that they all kept up (with everything) really well.

WONWOO: I’m also always thankful to the members.

VERNON: I’m actually the youngest in the Hip Hop team and I’m really thankful for how they all cover for me/protect me even when I make mistakes. I’m the type of person who doesn’t stop doing something until they are satisfied (with the outcome) and so because of that I also take a really long time when I’m writing my lyrics…

S.COUPS: We write down our parts whenever they strike us (in our minds), but Vernon is actually the type that takes his time by continuously making modifications. We just wait during that time.

MINGYU: Yup, it’s okay, just be relaxed and write slowly. (Laughs)

Japanese to Korean Translation © d0rem2
English Translation © v-hansolchoi | Take out with full credits please!

Someone please write me a fic where Mycroft continuously gets John alone, like for a moment in the 221b sitting room or at the Diogenes Club after he’s been summoned, and have Mycroft slowly, powerfully, seductively start hitting on John. Nothing too out of hand, but obvious in its intent. John wouldn’t like it, and would be mostly confused by it at first. He’d scramble to appear calm after Mycroft flirts, but it’s hard to hide the fluster from Sherlock who always comes into the room right after. Eventually, Sherlock would hear Mycroft and swoop in to save John from what is clearly unwanted attention. They’d hash out their feelings and live happily ever after.


“You appear nervous, Doctor Watson. Tell me: do you find me frightening? I never would have guessed but you’re exhibiting clear signs. I know it’s not because I’m a man; your preference has always been a bit obvious. You don’t still have that silly crush on my little brother, do you? I thought you’d be over that by now, John, considering all you’ve done this past year to prove yourself an honest, family man.”

“Mycroft. What the /hell/ are you implying?”

“I thought that was rather transparent. Do think it over, Doctor. I’ll be in touch.”

I Hope You Understand

Title: I Hope You Understand

Genre: Angst, Illness

Word Count: 2, 953

Warnings: Cancer, mentions of vomiting (but not too much), kinda sorta talks about death (but no character death), idk man, it’s just really sad :/

Description: In which Dan does something unexpected, but honorable, while reminiscing Phil’s struggle with cancer.

Author’s Note: I may or not almost cried while writing this…Told in first-person perspective. (Please remember that this is fiction.)

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shinee world 2016 (kyocera dome, day ii) ♡ 160515

when introducing “kimi no sei de”, jonghyun asked the members what they thought about shinyan. taemin said that he thought that they were cute. jonghyun then went on to ask key what he thought.

key: well, when i first saw it, i thought that it was made by a fan and that it was cute and just forgot about it. but, then, it appeared on the news and had the sm japan logo on it and i thought: “this is OFFICIAL?!
jonghyun: i wonder who came up with the idea.
minho: maybe it was our boss?

at this point, they continued with with trying to guess who had come up with the idea and jonghyun eventually summed it up by saying “everyone, it wasn’t us!” he went on to ensure the audience that they would make sure that their performance wouldn’t “lose to the cats” and sang the opening tune of the song - ending it with a meow. he also imitated the arm flapping from the music video. (source: ipipie + onewfigure)

Chance//Isaac Lahey Imagine

(Gif isn’t mine so credit to owner)

Pairing: Reader/Isaac

Word Count: 1760

Warnings: cliche, fluffy Isaac!!

Plot: Y/N is a human, and begins to feel left out and useless when the pack has deal with the new supernatural problems, and keeps her out of it to ‘keep her safe’. Although Isaac is a part of the Hale pack, he notices her left out and talks to her. 

A/N: This is just a short little imagine, fluff thing I wrote bc I love Isaac with all my heart. This imagine takes place in season 2, before all the new characters and also includes the cocky new werewolf Isaac, along with the cute cuddly one we all know and love! I wrote this imagine because I miss my baby so much and all I want is for him to come back from France. Also, we all need some Isaac fluff to lighten the mood after the finale. So please enjoy, and if you like this feel free to request and check out my other imagines!



“So what movie are we gonna watch tonight?” You smile as you sit down next to Stiles in the cafeteria. After a long, boring week at school, it was finally Friday and time for your annual movie night with your best friends. Ever since middle school, almost every Friday you, Scott, and Stiles would get together at one of your houses and watch a movie together. Eventually Allison joined in, with the occasional appearance of Lydia, and now it’s kind of a tradition for all of you.

Stiles looks everywhere in the cafeteria but at you, and you sigh already having an idea of what he’s going to tell you. “Lemme guess. I’m being ditched to go deal with ‘horribly dangerous supernatural stuff?’”You say already rolling your eyes.

“What? No… I have to… help my dad at the station…” Stiles says shakily. 

“You already no you’re a terrible liar, why even try?” You say, trying to hide your smile because of your anger. 

“Eh, I don’t know it was worth a shot.” He shrugs. “Anyway, we can’t watch a movie tonight because we have to do more research on the Kanima.” Stiles sighs, knowing how upset you’re going to be. 

“Oh great! Am I actually invited to this research party or do I have to stay home to ‘keep me safe’?” You say with sarcasm.

This time Scott speaks up and says, “Y/N, you know we only want to protect you. I don’t know what I’d do with myself if you got hurt!”

“What’s the big deal if I help you guys? I’ll stay out of the way of the fights! And besides, you let Stiles go to everything!” You retort, crossing your arms in a childish way to help get your point across.

“It’s different.” Scott says quietly, trying to calm you down.

“How is it different? Because he’s a human genius and I’m just average? Well thanks Scott. Since it seems like my presence isn’t needed anymore, I’ll make myself useful elsewhere.” You snap, standing up, making sure they understand how annoyed you are. You may not be as smart as Stiles, but you didn’t think that meant you couldn’t be of use to your friends. 

“Y/N, you know that’s not what I meant! Wait!” Scott says beginning to stand up.

“No Scott its fine. I’ll leave you all to talk about your supernatural problems that you so desperately want to keep me out of. I should probably go study if I wanna be as smart as Stiles anyway.” You finish, turning around and walking out of the cafeteria. You feel like you may have been a little harsh, since they did say they were only trying to protect you. But it’s not fair! Stiles is just as human as you are, and just because he’s a genius he gets to help with everything! You’re sick of it! It’s not like you’re not aware of the supernatural world. You were the second person Scott told about his werewolf abilities. You just can’t understand why he won’t let you help. Lost in your own thoughts, as you’re walking out of the cafeteria you bump straight into someone, making them drop all of their books. 

“Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry!” You apologize, not even looking at the person before bending down to help pick up their books.

“Don’t apologize gorgeous, It’s my fault. I wasn’t watching where I was going.” You hear a voice say. You look up to be met with the most beautiful blue eyes that you’ve ever seen. Shivers soar through your body when you look at his face and realize that this is not the same boy that you’ve had a crush on. It’s a werewolf. You are kept out of a lot of things supernatural, but Scott always makes sure to tell you the people you should be cautious of. Of course your luck causes you to run into one of the most gorgeous guys in Beacon Hills High School, who just so happens to be a part of the Hale pack. You quickly stand up, handing him his books and brushing off your clothes. 

“Yeah.. um I have to go to class now… sorry again for bumping into you.” You put on your best fake smile, and turn around beginning to walk the other way. You’re about to let out a sigh of relief, before you feel an arm wrap around your shoulders, causing your heart to speed up intensely.

“You see Y/N, I’m a very observant person, and I couldn’t help but notice the way that your pack has been treating you lately.” Isaac says smugly, obviously hearing your heart beat jump at his touch.

“Scott just wants to keep me safe, from you know, people like you and the rest of your pack.” You answer gaining a little bit of confidence. It’s just Isaac. Isaac Lahey. A boy you’ve been going to school with for years! The fact that he’s a werewolf doesn’t change anything. He’s not going to hurt you! And even if he was, he wouldn’t do it in a school setting! Or would he?

“Oh you won’t need protection from us Y/N. I would never let anyone, especially my pack, hurt you. The real problem at hand is the Kanima, and all Derek and the rest of us want to do is get rid of it. Scott has no reason to be afraid of us.”

“Scott isn’t afraid of you guys or Derek.” You answer. “He just doesn’t agree with your opinions on things.”

“Do you?” He asks. “Or do you just believe in whatever Scott tells you too.” 

“I think you should remember that this is one of my best friends we’re talking about here.”

“Well I think you should remember the situation we’re in. All of us could be in serious danger, and all of the disagreeing is not helping any of us.” You look down, knowing that he’s right. When you don’t answer, he decides to continue. “Look, I’ve liked you for a while now, even before I was a werewolf. But because of how I was before, I barley had the courage to even talk to you. Well look at me now! I have the strength and confidence that I’ve always wanted! Scott may disagree with what Derek is doing, but he’s not taking into account the people on the other side of the story. My life has done nothing but improve since I was bitten. Same with Erica and Boyd. So how about you give me a chance. We don’t have to tell Scott right away if you don’t want too. We can see how things play out.” The two of you reach your next class, and you turn around to face Isaac.

“Alright, we can give this a shot. But Scott and the rest of my pack can’t know.” 

“Great! I’ll pick you up at 7!” Isaac says quickly kissing your cheek and walking away to his next class. Shocked with how forward that was, you slowly lift your hand up to your cheek, touching where he kissed it. You better not regret this.


Hearing a knock at the door, you take one last look in the mirror, grab your bag, take a deep breath, and answer the door. You’re finally going on a date with Isaac, who has been your crush for the longest time, and you know you should be excited, but you can’t help but feel a little bit worried. The door opens to Isaac, who immediately smirks when he sees you.

“Ready?” He asks. You simply nod in return, following him out to the car.

“When did you get a car?” You question, since you normally only see him on his bike.

“It’s not mine. Derek let me borrow it.”

“Derek Hale let you borrow HIS car?” You reply shocked.

“Yes, but he did threaten me to take care of it. Anyway, let’s get going shall we?” he walks up to your door opening it for you. You thank him and get into the seat.

“Where are we going anyway?” 

“It’s a surprise.” He smiles, getting into the drivers seat and starting the car.

“C’mon you can tell me.” 

“What’s the fun in that?” He laughs, making your heart skip beat at the beautiful sound. 

The two of you drive in silence for a while until Isaac stops the car outside of the woods.

“Uh, Isaac? Why are we outside of the woods?” You ask confused. Hoping that you weren’t wrong in agreeing to go out with him.

“You’ll see. Just close your eyes and take my hand.” He says taking your hand in his, him leading the way as you trail behind him. 

“Close my eyes? What if I fall? We’re in the woods!” You say cautiously as you close your eyes. 

“Don’t worry babe, I’ve got you.” He says, causing a light pink blush to appear on your cheeks. Isaac leads you for what you think is about 5 minutes, until he stops, walks behind you and grabs both of your shoulders. He leans down to your right ear and whispers, “Open your eyes.”

You open your eyes and are met with the sight of beautiful lights strung around all of the trees, and a blanket set up with a bunch of food placed on it. You’re speechless, and you’re heart feels like it’s beating out of your chest. 

“You did all of this for me?” You ask, utterly amazed by the view in front of you.

“Erica helped a little, but yeah. You deserve it Y/N. I wanted to make sure that you knew how special you truly are, since you haven’t really been feeling that way lately.”

Not knowing what to do to show Isaac your true appreciation, you turn around and pull him into a kiss. You know your heart beat must be going insane right now, but you could care less. It was a short but passionate kiss. The two of you separate, and he grabs your had into his once again, and leads you over to the blanket. You two sit down, and you cuddle into his side.

“No one’s every done anything like this for me before.” You smile.

Isaac leans down and kisses the top of your head. “You deserve this and more Y/N. Never let anyone tell you otherwise.” In that moment all of your worries about the supernatural flooded away, and you got to enjoy this unbelievable moment with the werewolf who has managed to steal your heart in a night.


I Came Out to My Manager!     

I had spoken several times with my assigned HR representative and she and I planned to have her sit down with him prior to including me. I had sent her some before and after photos of me and said she could share them with him before the meeting just so that it will really sink in what I have been going through the past couple of years (15 months of that on HRT). Also, I believed it would help prevent him picturing the “old me” in a dress. The two photos above are the “after images” he saw. Also, the HR rep and I thought it would be best to give him a little time to digest this before having to respond just after finding out. Anyway, this morning was the planned follow up with all three of us. It went amazingly well! I will try to give a synopsis of how the call went. It only took 30 minutes, but I was nervous so I may have already forgotten a lot of what I exactly said. I was talking a bit fast during the call because of nerves so I did say a lot! I know this might be helpful for a lot of you so I will try to explain as best I could what happened.

We joined the call and the HR Rep (referred to as N from here on out) said,  "Hello, I have C (my manager) here with me in my office and we did talk before this meeting as planned so why don’t you go ahead and get us started.“

I started with a joke saying, "Well C, what’s new with you?!” and that made us all laugh due to the obvious reason we were all on the call (my big news and transition).

That put things off to a good start. I then said something to the effect of, “C, I know it is a lot to take in and I am not an expert yet in how to go about this conversation but I will start by trying to give you some of the background you don’t know about me.”

"I have known pretty much my whole life that there was something off about my life. Every natural instinct with how I would want to interact with people and the world is different than how I have been able to live up until this point. From my parents to society at large, I was lead to behave and act a certain way and it was always at odds with my natural tendencies or instinct. Some people describe being transgender simply as feeling like a woman trapped in a man’s body (or vice versa), but for me it is so much more than that. It is more like feeling you have to suppress who you really are from a very young age while you are being taught to be someone else. I have always done my best to make those around me happy. I did my best to fit in and I did my best to achieve
all I could as a male even though I have been silently suffering my whole life. I have been very successful, if not over-achieving at everything I have done. However, it got to a point where none of that mattered and I had to do something about it.”

“I had first been to counseling for this in 2001. I spent months talking with a counselor who I later understood was not well equipped to deal with a transgender person (a common occurrence at that time and unfortunately still true even though there is better research now).

My counselor was convinced that I had been abused as a child and that this was a disorder resulting from that. It took months of talking through everything she wanted me to explore before she finally was convinced that this was something else. She warned me that my unhappiness over this may worsen as I age (she was right). Unfortunately, very shortly after this, she developed breast cancer, had to stop our sessions, and died months later. I was again left with no support and only a vague understanding of ‘what was wrong with me.’ Also, my wife and
I had our first child on the way. I decided not to start over with another counselor. I could not go through that initial period of convincing them that I had loving parents (although they were strict about policing gender norms) and was never abused by a family member or anyone else. “

As a result, I decided to 'buck up’ and be the best father and husband I could be. I tried to overachieve again. I wanted to make sure no one would guess what I was struggling with internally. I was doing well outwardly. I co-led a men’s ministry for over 2 years. As my kids got older I became a soccer coach and things appeared to be great. However, things were not really great with me. I was suffering. I was gaining a ton of weight because I hated my body and did not want to take care of it. I have never attempted suicide but in a way I was slowly killing myself. While all of this was going on my marriage suffered as well. Of course it did. Eventually my wife and I were more like roommates than husband and wife. During these many years I had continued to research transgender issues. Learning that term alone was incredible. Knowing there were others that were coming out and transitioning and finding relief from this convinced me finally (now that I could define it myself) to accept myself for who I really am. I shaved off my goatee (beard) and began caring again about what I ate. I started dropping weight almost immediately. This internal choice to accept myself is when my transition really began. I also went in to get my hair cut and told her to leave the length and just do a light trim. I had decided to grow my hair out.”

“A few months later, I came out to my wife. I told her I was transgender and that it was not going to go away and that I needed to do something about it. Her reaction was harsh (mostly out of fear). I felt utterly alone and reached the lowest point of my life.”

“About a month later, I sought out help on my own. I went to the Howard Brown center in Chicago where they specialize in working with the transgender community. I met with a counselor and a doctor and not long after I began HRT (hormone replacement therapy). I was beginning HRT with only their support. I was on my own in this socially and I was terrified. Some people begin HRT and feel totally off and they know then that another form of treatment would be better for them. For me, in just about 2 ½ weeks it was like someone finally turned the lights on. I felt like I was finally running on the right fuel. I truly believe that as more and more research is done on transgender issues that it will be proven scientifically that there can be an incongruence in the way that the brain is setup to interact with hormones as the human body develops (in the womb or from chilldhood). Regardless of that, HRT changed everything for me and the happiness that started building in me was incredible. Yet, my marriage was still suffering incredibly. My wife and I started marriage counseling. For nearly 6 months we tried to figure out a way to stay together. Finally, she told me that she could not do this anymore if I was going to stay on HRT. I did not want to lose her, but stopping HRT felt like a death warrant to me. I told her I could not stop it.”

“We decided to separate in late June of 2015. The rest of the year was the most painful time of my life. At first we though it best that my wife move in with her mom and the kids (she home schools them), while I stay in the house and sell it.
Instead, we decided to disrupt the kids lives as little as possible so I got an apartment.”

I nearly lost it here and decided not to go into the pain of moving away from my kids, etc

“One of my concerns C, is that my co-workers may think I just decided to walk out on my family and 'do whatever I wanted to do.’ That is not the case, and I have always put them first before my needs.”

C stopped me there and said, “I can tell you from our conversations and one-on-one meetings where you shared with me about your upcoming divorce and described your interactions with your kids… I can assure you that in my opinion you are an incredible father to your kids and I believe you and your wife did all you could.”

His re-assurance was heart-felt and was great to hear.

I continued, “That brings us to this year, I am at the point with HRT where I do want to transition socially. Right now it feels like I am living two lives and the back and forth is exhausting. Even though I work from home, talking to people like things are just business as usual and having people retain a picture in their head of me of being an overweight, unhealthy guy on the other end of the line messes with my head.” (Explanation, the last time I visited my central office I had very short hair, was 242 lbs, and had a goatee on my face. Now I am down to 185 lbs and have a tough time pulling off 'guy mode’ at all).”

”N (HR rep) had asked me to try to think of what I would need from you C (my manager). Mainly, it is the fact that I know this will be hard on people. It is a lot to take in. With me primarily interacting with people on conference calls, a name change and asking them to use feminine pronouns will be a big adjustment. I have a relatively thick skin, but I will mainly be looking to you and N to help me with communicating the news to our team and perhaps the company at large. Statistically, I am betting that there is at least one other person at our company dealing with this. Possibly even more. If I have to be the first one to bring this up then I guess it just needs to be me. It is time for me to do so.“

I continued, "you both hear my voice right now and I am making no attempt to change it. I do plan to do some voice training as I think this will help with people interacting with me over the phone. However, there is only so much I will be able to do with that. So I know it may raise questions and may also confuse vendors or people we work with outside of the organization. I plan to do my best to not have to go into a 20 minute explanation with everyone I talk to, but I think we all just need to be aware that there will be some confusion and I plan to have a good sense of humor about it. It took me years to accept myself and I can certainly give people some time to adjust.”

I think they were both glad to hear me say that because they jumped on that and said they are happy I have that approach in mind.

We began to wrap up the call by planning to draft an initial email for my immediate team and also one for the company at large. I am going to work on that over the next week (maybe two). Tentatively, this announcement will go out in late February as I also file for a legal name change.

I decided to add one more thing. I shared with them my initial fears about coming out while working at this company. I admitted that this was being somewhat prejudice on my part.. I was afraid of coming out to anyone that works at my company because it is based in Alabama in the middle of the bible belt. I said, “I know there may be some people who say that what I am doing goes against their religious beliefs. I said I will not react well to that if that happens because I went through my own incorrect beliefs about that being in the church myself. I have reconciled this with God and I believe it is not something that is against God. It is another perhaps less common way to be born as a human being. Transgender people have been present throughout history and throughout many cultures. The issue now is more about how our culture has put a stigma on this, automatically assuming deviant and evil behaviors go hand in hand with being transgender. I believe that it is a 'which came first, the chicken or the egg’ scenario. When you push a group of people to the fringes of society of course their behavior and how they choose to cope with life will look different to the 'average’ person. It is my hope that if people with these prejudices exist in our company, that they will see me as an example of someone that does not fit their ill informed preconceptions.”

C followed that up by saying, “you are right to recognize that people may be very slow to change their beliefs, but treating you poorly or in an unprofessional manner because of it will not be okay and please bring it to my attention right away if that happens.”

C thanked me for having the courage to talk with him about this and said “I know you said it is a lot for me to take in, but I recognize that it is nothing compared to what you have been dealing with. I thank you for sharing your story with me and going forward please call me anytime that you need to speak to me about anything.”

N reiterated that if I do experience any negative comments from employees that I should not deal with it on my own and that I should come to her or C right away, because negative behavior towards fellow employees is counter our company’s values.

I really can’t even begin to describe to you all how much of a relief this is. Tears welled up in my eyes after the call and I simply slowly sat back and smiled. I am so grateful to have them both in my corner and I feel ready to face whatever comes my way at work now.

My family however.. that may be another story and I will write about that later.

For now, I still have a major work roll-out to help with this weekend. So, back to the grind!


-Year of Ari, day 29

(EDIT) One thing I forgot to mention that my manager said near the end of the call is that his biggest question is can I share some weight loss tips with him because he was so impressed with my transformation health wise :)

anonymous asked:

I've seen some people saying they think only Cas's feelings will be revealed and Dean and Cas's relationship will end up being about unrequited love - what are your thoughts on this?

I’ve seen this, and tbh this wouldn’t make sense at all to me? I mean I guess they could go that route, but it would be entirely unbelievable to me. First of all, season 8 happened so…yeah season 8 happened. Second, all of the “love saves the day” stuff we saw in season 9 was about mutual love, and if that is to play out as I hope it will in season 10 or beyond, the feelings will need to be acknowledged as mutual eventually.

It is entirely possible they’ll go this route tho, or that it will appear at first to be unrequited, or that Cas’ feelings of being in love will be textual while Dean’s remain ambiguous for a while, or that Dean has a big gay freakout and pushes Cas away only to realize how wrong he had been. It’s hard to say at this point, but from what we have right now it seems to me like the love must be requited at some point down the road.

It’s just…Abner/his human wife, Cain/Colette, Garth/Bess, Jim/Joy, Maritza/Larry…these were all instances of requited love (although we never really got to see Abner and his wife, and Jim/Joy was essentially showing what happens to that sort of love when you don’t give up your revenge). But especially with Cain/Colette, Garth/Bess, and Maritza/Larry it was requited romantic love that was the thing that changed their lives. I fully expect for these parallels to come into play at a later date, although to what degree and how ambiguous it ends up being is anyone’s guess. :3