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I haven’t been on tumblr for more than 5 minutes since Friday and I know I’m a little late but I wanna join the fun (and I’m all made up today) so here’s my face! 💕

Name: Hannah
Age: 27
Zodiac: Scorpio
Favorite Choices book: The Freshman/Sophomore and Endless Summer
How long have you been playing Pixelberry games: About a year now 😊

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Oh oh bruiseshipping! And greencheeleader/Chen and Lloyd I don't even know name :'p And congrats for followers!

Bruise and greencheerleader for you, dear anon!


1. Who drinks all of the coffee?

They are both coffee-holic

Jay: *walks into Cole’s room and sees so many coffee cups*

Jay: How many coffee you drunk?

Cole: I don’t know, you tell me.

Jay: *remembers that he have coffee cups on his work table as much as Cole have*


Jay: Fair enough.

2. Who brings up adopting a pet?

Again, both of them

Kai: *hears yelling from Jay’s room*

Kai: *walks in* Hey, what’s going on in here?

Jay: I say we adopting a cat!

Cole: NO, I say we adopting a dog!

Jay and Cole: *starts yelling louder*


Kai: *leaves a room*

3. Who kills the bugs?

They both don’t like to kill the bugs, they just bring them out of bounty

4. Who cooks the meals?

Cole but we all know how this ends

Jay: *walks into kitchen* Is something burning?

Cole: *leans on a corner* Just my desire for you.

Jay: Cole, this toaster is on fire.

5. Who starts getting into holidays way before they should?


Jay: Happy Halloween!

Cole: It’s August…

Jay: Happy Valentine’s Day!

Cole: New Year was yesterday…

Jay: Merry Christmas!

Cole: Seriously, it’s June!

6. Who initiates the couple selfies?


7. Who forgets the birthdays and anniversaries?

Cole, all the time while Jay remembers everything

One time, Cole forgot about Jay’s birthday and was apologizing to him on next day but he had no idea that Jay wasn’t even mad(he just can’t be mad at Cole for long).

8. Who always ends up with too much junk food after grocery shopping?

Cole, of course~

Jay: Oh hi, you’re already back?

Cole: Yep.


Jay: Is that a little box of muffins?

Cole: *hides box in a shelf* No…

Jay: Is that a big box of donuts?

Cole: *hides this box in another shelf* Totally not.

Jay: Is that a cake?

Cole: *hides cake in a refrigerator* I don’t know what are you talking about.

9. Who nicknames the other?

Cole loves to give Jay a cute nicknames~

GREENCHEERLEADER (yay, my second otp :D)

1. Who drinks all of the coffee?


2. Who brings up adopting a pet?

Lloyd is the one who loves animals but Chen is the one who brings up adopting a pet

[the door bell rings]

Lloyd: *come to open the door*

Chen: *holds up a kitten* Hey, babe, let’s adopt this cat!

Lloyd: Chen, I-

Koko, who was just literally walking by: Oh no, not another one… Lloyd, I like your boyfriend, but this is a thirteen cat in this month!


Garmadon: :D

Koko: No, we not gonna drown that kitten… again.

Garmadon: D:

3. Who kills the bugs?

Chen is really afraid of bugs, so Lloyd is the one who kills them

4. Who cooks the meals?

Both of them but…

Chen: *shows his ugly-baked cake* Hey, darling, look!

Lloyd: It’s great, babe!


Lloyd: *shows the most beautiful chocolate cake that Chen have ever seen* I bake it for you! Do you like it?


Chen: Marry me.

5. Who starts getting into holidays way before they should?


6. Who initiates couple selfies?


Chen: Selfie~!

Lloyd: Babe, it’s your practice right now.

Chen: Selfie~!

Lloyd: Chen, we have a class right now.

Chen: Selfie~!


Chen: Awesome, isn’t it?!

7. Who forgets the birthdays and anniversaries?


Lloyd and Kai: *talking about something*

Chen: Hey, Lloyd, guess what day is it today?

Lloyd: Friday?

Chen: *tries not to cry* It’s our two weeks anniversary! How could you forget?!

Lloyd: Oh my god! No, don’t cry, babe! I love you! Forgive me!


8. Who ends up with too much junk food after grocery shopping?


9. Who nicknames the other?


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Completed Day 3 of Phase 2 of the Evolution of a Goddess Challenge!! Took a picture of my baby biceps/shoulders for flex friday and also bought myself a pint of halo top because I had a mighty craving. ALSO I DID 30 BURPEES??? 

Also I got an A on my Theroigenology exam! Also I definitely had two pieces of pizza at our dinner meeting for a club I’m in but to be fair 1. It was my absolute favorite pizza place and 2. I needed fuel for the gym and 3. I”m supposed to be eating more??? 

Tomorrow I have a whole day long workshop for our club (which is not ideal because I want to be studying) so honestly, I’m thinking of just eating the food they have? I don’t know. We’ll see how I feel I guess. I also want to try and go for another 2.75-3 mile run tomorrow, since Thursday’s went so well, and also next day of the challenge!!! 

(Also I have to make my meal plan for next week which is less than ideal but necessary.) 


2017.03.22 💃 Jazzercise Dance Mixx

I worked in the yard quite a bit this afternoon, and truthfully, my back was not pleased with that. I did all low impact in class tonight, and some even .. super-low, I guess you’d say.  I’m fairly surprised that I got anything in peak, but I did try to pump my arms as much as I could.

I have got to get to the chiro … maybe I can get in there on Friday as I’ll be going to help out with my elderly friend on Thursday night. Her niece is in town, so she’s been spending most of the time with her now. Anyway, got sweaty and apparently breathed hard, and my back didn’t go out, so there’s a plus!


🌈 friday selfies 🌈