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“I know he loves her now,” she said, “and I’m only a memory that he tries not to visit too often.” She paused, looking so at peace, but in the saddest way possible. “I guess I just hope that he thinks of me from time to time. When he sees a sunset too beautiful for words, or when our favorite artist releases a new song, or when he passes my street. I just hope that sometimes he remembers what it felt like to be nineteen and so in love that it was almost like your heart might burst. I hope that he smells my old perfume and he can’t shake the picture of me running outside of my house, barefoot, to jump into his arms. I just want our love to still be important, you know? I just… I hope it lingers.”

“It sounds like a beautiful memory,” I told her. “How could he forget?”

She smiled. “Darling, everything fades with time. Even the most vivid of moments — realizing, for the first time, you’re in love, or your first kiss, or even the day it all came crashing down around you — fade as new moments pass. I just hope I was important enough to last a little while longer.”

—  excerpt from an unfinished book #136 // Thinking of you because Ed Sheeran released a new song

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What has been your most favorite work of art in all of the shadow hunter series, and can u show me by posting it?

That’s a very tall order as I have drawn literally hundreds of Shadowhunter pictures over the years. I think the current count is well over 400 pictures. 

So…. picking a favorite out of that many is not easy lol. But if I narrow it down (a little) to drawings I did as fanart, not paid projects… I guess my favorites would be these. But I’m very happy with a lot of the flower cards and the new coloring book pages too:

Jonathan Shadowhunter meets the Angel


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I cannot stop day dreaming about Olivers bday party. It prob going to be at the loft. Of course everyone else will leave first, 'giving them the room. When he finally goes to leave I NEED Felicity to get up on her tip toes and kiss him on the cheek whispering "Happy Birthday" and then I just want him to say fuck it and kiss her. REALLY kiss her. And scoop her up and go upstairs. And at some point, whisper the words, "I want to come home." Then I can die happy. Or just be dead. Whichever.

Anon, you beautiful soul!! Way to go guessing the loft! I don’t know what I did to deserve this, because I NEVER get messages like this one, so thank you. Ugh, my heart is so very full from the picture you’ve given me that I ended up writing a *short* spec fic about it. (Based on recent spoilers, I know most of what I have written here ain’t gonna happen; but alas, I started this fic last month and wanted to finish it anyway. My Oliver deserves a happy spec fic on his birthday.)

Here’s my new favorite photo to set the stage. LOOK HOW HAPPY THEY ARE. I’M FINE.



Felicity’s cry echoes across the expanse of the loft, her words bouncing off its high ceilings, sending all party guests into an unprecedented silence.

Oliver stills, every fiber in his body already tightening, already on edge, ready to pounce to protect her if need be– He relaxes a little when he realizes Felicity is not, in fact, reacting to any sort of danger. Instead, she stares with wide, horrified eyes at the knife he’s still gripping, hovering over the direct center of the cake. The cake he was just instructed to cut himself. The cake covered in exactly 32 little plastic arrows, all pointing towards the center to form a giant O.

Yet he knows that look means trouble of a different sort…a Felicity-sized and always important portion of concern.

“What’s wrong?”

Oliver quickly makes eye contact with the rest of the group, just in case anyone’s picked up on something he’s missed. But everyone appears just as confused as he is by Felicity’s new state of peril.

Felicity visibly swallows as she slowly tiptoes towards him. She licks her lips once, hesitating before meeting his gaze; and he can practically see the wheels spinning behind her eyes, as she calms herself down and tries to explain.

“I just mean…you should have the corner piece, you know? Because it has more frosting. You like frosting, right? Everyone loves frosting.”

“Felicity…” He has no idea what she’s hiding, but he can tell something’s off.

“You know what? I’ll just cut the cake. I mean, you already do so much, the least I can do is cut you a piece of cake.” She’s taking the knife from him and already cutting off a corner piece, before he can even try to stop her, all the while muttering something to herself. He leans in a bit to try to hear, but Curtis and Quentin have resumed their conversation across the table, so all he catches is something along the lines of “What was I thinking…”

God, if only he knew. He’s spent years learning to understand what Felicity Smoak says, let alone trying to make sense of what could possibly be going on inside that beautiful head of hers.

“There. That is your piece.”

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What Made Me Smile This Week:

Sunday: My brother and I watched the USA v Mexico soccer match tonight. Soccer makes me smile so much.

Monday: I got a call from the hospital that might be doing my Spinraza injections. For months now, I’ve been waiting for my insurance provider to decide if they are going to pay for this new drug that will stop the progression of my disease. Whenever my phone rings with the hospital’s number, my body goes into complete panic—nervous sweats, rapid heart rate—as I prepare for what could either be the best or worst news of my entire life. The call I received today ended up being a minor update that they are “still working on insurance pre-approval.” Dismayed, again, I texted my girlfriend the non-news and she lovingly helped me refocus and keep trucking. Her infinite support makes me smile.

Tuesday: Last week I ordered some new clothing for myself online, which is always a shot in the dark, since my body most closely resembles a lopsided baby giraffe with muscular dystrophy. But the clothes arrived today and everything fit perfectly! It made me smile to celebrate the fact that I’m big enough for a child’s Medium t-shirt.

Wednesday: Today began the hectic and sometimes stressful process of preparing all 200+ runner bags for our upcoming 5K. Every year around this time, I forget how to do a Mail Merge to create labels, but I re-taught myself today, and that made me smile. An even bigger smile, though, was made by Sarah’s hard work and organization skills to ensure the bags got properly filled in a timely manner. She’s a well-oiled, one-(wo)man assembly line, and her enthusiasm for our upcoming event makes me smile.

Thursday: I have a new favorite food. Step one: cook mini Ore-Ida tater tots in the oven. Step two: place two slices of Cooper cheese on top. Step three: douse in honey mustard. Step four: smile.

Friday: Last night, I commented on a picture of Mitzi’s special beer and cheese soup, and this morning, guess who shows up at my door with a huge container of it, plus additional containers of their signature mac and cheese and braised beef? Thank you, Mitzi’s! Your generosity is astounding and makes me smile.

Saturday: The 5th annual Laughing At My Nightmare 5K was an enormous success! Preliminary counts show that we had record-breaking attendance and revenue, but we’ll do a thorough count this week. Most importantly, everyone had a great time running and laughing their way through a rain-drenched morning in the heart of Bethlehem, all so that we can continue providing equipment to people living with muscular dystrophy. That makes me smile!

What made you smile this week?

📷: Jeremy Cohen




 REQUEST: “Can you do an imagine of Jack and Crutchie hanging out with a girl who is like an older sister to them?”

 SUMMARY: Ever since Y/N got a new job, she hasn’t been able to see Jack and Crutchie very much, and she misses them. 

 A/N: this is really short, but i didn’t really have any ideas. it’s kind of (really) bad but oh well i guess. it’s definitely not my favorite, but i hope you enjoy it!


 Y/N watched silently as Jack painted. His hands couldn’t seem to work fast enough for the picture in his mind. Crutchie was sat off to the side, watching and talking. She knew Jack brought him sometimes to keep him company and provide conversation while he worked. The younger of the boys was vividly describing a story he’d heard from a third-hand source, and Jack would give periodical grunts and laughs. His hands and arms were covered in paint, as was his apron. Already she could tell what he was painting.

 "Your paintings of the sky were always my favorite,” she spoke. Both boys were startled, whipping around to face her. She gave them a small smile, walking closer to them. “I especially love the night sky: when all the stars are out,” she grinned. 

 "Y/N!“ Crutchie hopped down from where he’d been perched, sitting on a small stack of crates. He used his crutch to steady himself and she closed the distance between him, enveloping him in her arms. He hugged back just as tightly, grateful to have the girl who was practically his sister back to visit. Jack was already waiting when Y/N and Crutchie pulled apart, wiping the paint of his arms with a wet rag. He gave her a sheepish grin and she laughed, bringing him into an embrace anyway. 

 "What brings our favorite goil here? Thought you had better things to do at that new job of yours?” Jack joked, earning a playful shove from the older girl. When she turned 18, Y/N had finally found a job that didn’t require selling papers through hot summers and freezing winters. Instead, she was working at a theater like Medda’s in a different part of the city as a performer, occasionally helping with the backdrops. It provided good pay, and she’d actually made enough to get her own place, but it did mean that she wouldn’t get to spend everyday with the two boys that had become like her little brothers.

 "Oh, I actually only came to brag about my new job,“ She grinned, earning an eye roll from Jack. “What’s it like, your new job?” Crutchie asked, eyes wide with excitement and wonder. Y/N sighed happily, sinking down to the floor so she was sitting, waiting for the boys to join her. 

 "It’s wonderful,“ she breathed. “I get to spend every other night on stage singing. The world is so different when you’re under those lights, with all those admiring eyes on you. Especially when you know that you were the one who painted the scene behind you." 

 "Well, you can thank me for that - did teach you all you know, after all.” Jack gave a big, prideful grin. He wasn’t lying, he’d been the one to teach Y/N how to paint, just as Y/N had taught him how to sell papes. She had taught Crutchie as well, coaching him through using his leg to his advantage. 

 Crutchie spoke up and said something, earning an immediate response from Jack, but she could barely hear them. Even sitting there with them, they felt so far away. She missed them. She missed them so much. She watched as they laughed and fooled around, wishing she could still see them everyday. 

 "You okay Y/N?“ She didn’t realize there were tears in her eyes until Crutchie pointed it out. She wiped them away quickly, sniffling a little. 

 "Yeah, I just - um,” she took a shaky breath, looking up at the boys. Her boys. “I really missed you guys.” She could tell they felt the same just from the looks on their faces. "I miss this - just being with you guys, laughing and stuff. I don’t know, it just doesn’t feel like home over there, not without my brothers.“ 

 The minute she said brothers Crutchie let out a small sob. It seemed she’d made the both of them cry as well.

 "C'mon Y/N, it’s supposed to be happy when you visit,” Jack joked some, sniffling and wiping at his eyes.

 "Maybe I should’ve stuck with being a newsie,“ she thought out loud.

 "No.” She looked up in surprise at Crutchie. “Absolutely not. Youse got a good job now, with a place o’ your own. And you just got so happy talkin’ ‘bout it.”

 "Crutchie’s right,“ Jack pitched in. "You may not be with us, but you’ve got yourself a good life.” She nodded some, taking a deep breath. They sat in a triangle, all trying to stop crying. Then they looked at each other and started laughing, and they didn’t stop. They just kept laughing. And when Y/N held her arms open wide, both boys came barreling in for a hug. They all clung to each other, somewhere in between laughing and crying. It felt so nice to just be with each other again.

 "For what’s it worth,“ Crutchie whispered, "we think of you as our sister, too.”

 "We love you, Y/N,“ Jack joined in.

 "I love you guys too. So much.”

college jungkook

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  • first things first
  • i wanna start a seventeen au blog? because my faves??
  • and then everyone will only request like wonwoo and vernon and joshua and jihoon
  • okay anyway
  • jeongguk
  • my son jeongguk
  • he’s like i’m a pretty intelligent kid,,, i should go to college
  • definitely wanna avoid stuff with english because gross that’s such a weird language like what’s up with this i before e that has more exceptions than words that follow the rule??
  • and idioms wth
  • definitely don’t wanna do something with math better to avoid at all costs actually
  • probably wanna avoid something that has a lot of hard complicated formulas too
  • tbh jeongguk is really thinking art but then people tell him he’s gonna starve on the street because people nowadays don’t value culture and aesthetics and put money before everything
  • so jeongguk is like well the only valid option would obviously be
  • biochemical engineering
  • that’s right my dudes
  • and his parents are like dude wth that’s like combining all the things you specifically said you don’t wanna do in the future but when jeongguk gets his mind set on something, well damn he gets his mind set on something and now jeongguk can think of nothing better to do then biochemical engineering
  • he’s like wow i cannot wait to *googles what biochemical engineering majors actually do*
  • and his family is so so concerned but they’re like whatever we will let him live his dreams tbh,,,
  • honestly i can see ouran au in the near future…
  • but anyway!!
  • jeongguk is like um yikes well community college does not have my major so it’s probably a good idea to apply for some universities
  • tbh jeongguk doesn’t even mean to apply for an american school, he thinks the school that he’s looking at is an international school in korea?? but no no no it’s a school off in the grand old USA, and he doesn’t seem to get that fact
  • so boy done applies there, not realizing what the heck he’s signed up for
  • surprise, guess what school ends up giving him the most money
  • that’s right, the american one does
  • and that’s when jeongguk realizes that the school is in america because wait just one minute here that picture on this email most definitely looks like the statue of liberty
  • i could really see jeongguk doing college in new york because wow!! he is such a lively and fun-loving, confident kid and new york city is my favorite place in the world i’ve been there twice so i can say that in all confidence
  • but like also it has so much to do so his thirst for adventure and fun would never be quenched and he would always have something to do?
  • from like going to the famous museums or shopping downtown or all those wild food trucks?? and also like broadway my love omg
  • and so for this au he goes to american school in new york!! his parents are so willing to send him over tbh because new york is rad and in this au he has like an aunt and uncle over there who live like three hours away or something so his family know that he always has someone to count on if he ever needs someone\
  • he also has another person to count on,,,
  • his roommate,,,
  • park jimin,,,
  • it is to be noted that this isn’t in relation to the other college au’s because i am so inconsistent :)
  • anyway jeongguk flies over and he’s like wow college i am in love except he gets lost on the way to his dorm tbh and he probably ends up knocking on the wrong dorm door and he walks in on seokjin,,, standing there shirtless,,, taking selfies
  • and jeongguk is liKE OMG HI THERE UM YIKES GOTTA BLAST
  • and jin is pretty chill he gets all red but he’s like “um,,, you aren’t taehyung?”
  • “no i’m jeon jeongguk, i thought this was my room but i guess nOT”
  • and jin is like mom mode activated and he’s like hold lemme get a shirt on and then i can help you find your actual dorm there child
  • jeongguk gets all pouty and he crosses his arms over his chest like i am not a child i am an adult okay
  • but nah jeongguk is still a baby
  • anyway jin is like oh you’re roommates with jimin, that’s awesome, he’s such a sweetheart he’s in wellness walking club with me and we have acapella and cooking clubs together, and also-
  • jin is interrupted because jimin comes to the door and his eyes are all red and puffy and he sniffles “oh you’re here seokjin.”
  • and jin is like !!!
  • and jeongguk is like ???
  • jimin is all upset because he thought his roommate wasn’t gonna show up and he was gonna be alone the entire year and when he sees that jeongguk is his roommate he like tackles him and he’s smiling and jeongguk is screaming that he’s being attacked
  • but him and jimin are actually really close and they love each other very much and they spend nights talking about their crushes and sneaking taehyung into their room and talking about life back home and their families
  • jeongguk probably gets into a lot of clubs he seems like someone who would spread himself thin trying to do everything
  • he would definitely be in anime club
  • there is no doubt about it and everyone there worships him because he’s hot as hell and they probably try to make him get up and cosplay as something dumb like sasuke or something
  • can he be ritsu kassanoda too yikes
  • yes he can it’s my au
  • okay besides weeb club he would be in the wellness walking club which will now make an appearance in every single au i write
  • also ends up joining the soccer team okay and he plays goalie and damn he’s amazing he pitches shut out after shut out and his coach is like man how’d you get so good at this?? what kind of prodigy school did you go to?
  • and jeongguk just smirks like “dancing”
  • he would be on the dance team with hoseok and jimin too when it’s the “off season” for soccer (but when is there actually an off season)
  • goes to meditation club but nobody knows about this one tbh because like wow yes he’s a genius and yes he’s an amazing soccer player
  • but damn his major is hard and he does so much on top of school that he totally wears himself out but he doesn’t know how to say no to people or put himself and his health first sometimes
  • he’s not very good at sharing his feelings either so everyone always thinks he’s confident, smiling jeongguk when in reality he’s struggling to keep it together
  • and that my friends, is where you come in
  • you and jeongguk have art history together right?
  • you have this little baby crush on jeongguk right because who wouldn’t, he’s absolutely stunning?
  • but he has little everyone fawning over him and you’re like there is no way that he would notice me in a class this size, with people like that ogling over him? like what the heck
  • okay but class is ending and you need to talk to your professor really quick so you’re in no rush to pack up your bags
  • you kinda notice jeongguk taking his time too? but you’re like maybe he needs something too
  • but then there’s this loud thud and you spin around and jeongguk is on the floor, totally unconscious
  • you scream a bit and run over to him and you kneel on the ground and you shake him gently but boy is gone, he is completely passed out
  • your professor is calling someone to come and collect him or something??
  • you keep shaking him and calling his name and you’re like omg please be okay please be okay
  • the professor is like the phone isn’t working i’m gonna run and get someone please wait here with him
  • and he rushes out the door
  • you keep shaking jeongguk and you’re so stressed out but luckily for you he seems to be coming to his senses
  • yah, he’s definitely stirring and you can hear his breathing start to pick up
  • you help him up and you put his head on your lap so that he’s more comfortable and stuff
  • idk i’ve never passed out, only like for a few seconds so
  • but anyway his eyelids flutter open and maybe he wasn’t as knocked out at you thought he was?
  • he looks up at you and he smiles so softly and you can tell that he’s very confused and still out of it and you’re not even sure he’s actually awake?? and like mentally conscious??
  • “oh my god are you okay”
  • he nods and he closes his eyes again but he seems more aware and like awake??
  • “i forgot to eat” he mumbles and he exhales real slow
  • when the paramedics come, jimin is in tow
  • and yes, he confirms that now that he thinks about it, jeongguk hadn’t been eating, he was so busy with schoolwork and extracurriculars
  • poor jimin blames himself and jeongguk weakly tells him that he’s perfect and fine and did nothing wrong
  • they leave with jeongguk right?
  • jimin turns to you and he gives you a tight hug and you’re like !!!
  • “you saved my best friend oh my god thank you so much”
  • he gives you his number so he can update you about jeongguk and keep you posted about everything
  • jimin does just that tbh and he’s always like here is a picture of me and jeongguk snuggling in bed, because he needs more protection
  • here’s another picture, but this time i am spoon feeding jeongguk with jin, see him in the background
  • here’s a picture of yoongi using jeongguk as a human mattress!!
  • you feel like you get to know all of them through the updates and everything and it’s super sweet!!
  • one day, you’re chilling in the library, and someone comes and sits across from you and you’re like lmao stranger danger
  • you look up and there is none other than the jeon jeongguk
  • he has a breathe right strip on his nose and his hair is tucked back under a beanie and he’s wearing a flannel and doc martens and it’s a nice look
  • you get all blushy and you’re like wowow hi there!!
  • he smiles that bunny smile and you’re melting because is he even real probably not yikes
  • he has something in his hand and he hands it over to you and it’s this little plastic bag and inside are these totally misshapen cookies?
  • “seokjin helped me make ‘em. they taste better than they look, i swear they do”
  • you’re all !! because that’s so sweet you hope they aren’t poisoned lmao yikes
  • so you take them and he kinda gets all shy “yah thanks fo real though”
  • man i had a college au and yoongi took lots of pictures of jeongguk and i’m getting flashbacks’
  • “oh, thanks for putting up with jimin too, he can be so extra sometimes”
  • somewhere in the distance jimin feels a sudden pang in his chest
  • “well i wasn’t gonna let you die out,,, on the floor,,,”
  • and he laughs and you’ve never heard a more angelic sound before and suddenly things seem okay
  • after that you and jeongguk are close
  • buds even
  • usually when you guys hang it’s in the bangtan group setting though because he’s not one for one on one relationships, not this early in the game
  • he thrives off other people and the attention that people give him?
  • he loves the group setting, because let’s face it, jeongguk stands out
  • looks, personality, talent, he’s above average
  • he likes being in the group because it obviously sets him apart and he wants that
  • because he’s been into you low key for a while too
  • like every lecture he would shamelessly check you out and he’s so happy that you’re so thorough with your notes?
  • like he knew about you, you’re so cute and wonderful and such a sweetheart and he believes it’s fate that brought you together that day even if the circumstances were kinda !!
  • so now you two have each other in the same friend group and jeongguk could ask for nothing better
  • because yes he wants to date you and kiss your face all over but he also needs the time to get to know you better
  • but he never misses an opportunity to do things with you
  • he always invites you to his games and you probably wear his jacket to everyone and he’s like internally dying on the field because wow you guys look like an official couple he’s in love!
  • he would probably take you to broadway like save up a lot of money and give you tickets for your birthday or something??
  • and you two see wicked and you look so couply that old people just look on you and smile happily
  • tbh at the end of defying gravity he ends up sobbing his eyes out and he goes on this rant about how elphaba isn’t even the evil one, she’s just misunderstood by society and he’s having a fit and the only way you can get him to calm down is by hugging him tight and stroking his hair and whispering to him
  • what a hot mess
  • he always loves taking you to the art museums!!
  • i think jeongguk would really be into modern art because he loves loves loves seeing what the younger generation can do, and the things that set us all apart from our parents and grandparents and everything
  • but he also loves all the ancient classics and he’s especially fascinated by greek sculptures??
  • he always brings his sketchbooks to the museums and draws everything he sees
  • and then he would turn to you and be like well this is great and all but “you’re the real artwork here”
  • he would wink and smirk at you and you would roll your eyes because flirt alert
  • that rhymed lmao good one ally
  • he loves taking you shopping too and he’s like well time to spend all my money,,, on things i don’t need,,,
  • he’s such a shoe person you cannot convince me otherwise
  • he gets you matching doc martens and hoseok is like smh you two are so in love
  • he loves trying to impress you with all this hardcore engineering stuff and you’re like wow buddy, maybe if i was, idk, smart, this would make more sense
  • “i’m gonna genetically engineer my dog to speak”
  • “i’m gonna report you to the government”
  • tbh he’s such a child
  • he drags you to anime club and he’s like well i guess we gotta cosplay now,,, cosplay a cute couple cosplay,,, even though we aren’t dating because i’m afraid of forming attachments to people,,,
  • im not saying tamaharu
  • but im saying tamaharu
  • tbh it’s been like four years? three years? since i actually watched anime like idk who anyone is
  • but he would also love bringing you out to the soccer field and like no matter what level you are in the sport he’s like practice with me
  • and he would get all heart eyes when you kick the ball and he saves the goals
  • and whenever you would score on him he would start laughing and then chase you around and when he caught you he would pick you up and spin you around
  • also forces you to come to the gym
  • tbh it’s mostly so he can sit there and bench like two twenty and impress you
  • you always make sure he doesn’t spread himself too thin
  • like one time
  • jeongguk joined a club he’s not really into but he’s way too sweet to say no, right?
  • it’s like something really ugh like maybe cross country
  • and he kinda stops showing up because he’s exhausted and he doesn’t have time and he can barely get himself to eat let alone get up and go running
  • they keep texting him and the poor baby cannot say no so he’s sitting on your bed, crying as he’s pulling on running shoes
  • and you’re heart is breaking because jeongguk always puts others first and he always puts on this happy face and nobody really knows that things get to him
  • so you grab the phone and you call that number
  • “look here you carton of rotten milk, jeongguk has politely told you at least a million times that right now isn’t a good time for him? can you not respect that? i know your little team might fall to piece without him, but he’s gonna break into a million if he doesn’t get a break anytime soon. please leave him alone or else all hell will break loose, thank you!”
  • after that, nobody pushes jeongguk to do things he’s not up to
  • and after that, you, jimin, seokjin, and yoongi all get matching jackets that say “jeongguk protection squad” on the back and you all have different colors and they have flowers on them and they’re really cute!!
  • okay but like you and jeongguk flirt with each other like nobody’s business
  • and you’re like wow maybe one of us should confess,,,
  • jeongguk is like lmao nOPE
  • because yes he really really really likes you but i don’t see him as someone really eager to form romantic relationships just because wow those require a lot of work and i think jeongguk would be scared that maybe he would end up doing all the work in the sense he loves more than the other person
  • like what if he’s willing to love unconditionally, and you’re not?
  • he doesn’t want heartbreak, oh no, not at the college level
  • he’s gotta focus on his job and his future and yes he wants you to be a part of his future, but no he doesn’t want to have his future crashing down because he loved too much
  • but boy makes a dumb mistake
  • there’s an on campus art show!!
  • and remember how i said jeongguk draws everything he sees
  • well jeongguk draws you, a lot
  • like whenever you two are chilling or studying, down at the museum, waiting for one of jin’s swim matches to start
  • and there’s one drawing he’s really fond of in particular?
  • and it’s titled my love right
  • it’s a water color piece of you and it’s from this one day he took you to see the stars out in this little grotto near the edge of town
  • and as you stared on at the constellations in awe, he sketched you lovingly and-
  • that’s what he chooses to enter and there’s lot of stars in the background in dark hues but your face and clothes and hair, they’re all in warm colors, like reds and pinks and oranges and yellows? just to make it different and to have this neat contrast going on
  • but your eyes, he makes them the same colors as the stars and they look like they have stars in them, but why wouldn’t they? that’s how jeongguk views you anyhow
  • boy totally forgets that you of all people, would maybe show up to the art show!
  • jeongguk hangs low the night of the art show because he’s humble and gets so sheepish when dealing with compliments, because he has a lot of stuff up
  • but that piece, it’s in the front of the room in a large frame and it’s like really showcased
  • taehyung and jimin know all about it right,,,
  • so they call you up and they’re like you wanna go to the art show with us? yoongi has some pictures in there, and i heard they have free cake
  • you’re like lmao why wouldn’t i go,,,
  • so you do go
  • and you’re browsing all the art and you’re blown away by it all
  • one of yoongi’s pictures captioned “young love” sends a chill down your spine though because that’s a picture of you and jeongguk’s matching shoes sprawled out across your dorm floor along with art history notes and energy bar wrappers
  • as you meander through the exhibits, jimin and taehyung get more and more giddy and excited and you kinda- are you five or something
  • but they will not tell you what they’re so excited about and you’re like okay i see how things are gonna be
  • you huff and wander off by yourself because wow they’re being kinda suspicious and yoongi’s picture is still kinda got you in a weird mood
  • you wanna text jeongguk about it
  • so you pull out your phone and you go to text him but then someone tugs on your sleeve
  • it’s a girl, you think like maybe the grade under you?
  • she kinda stands there silently, staring at you and you get all embarrassed like maybe she has the wrong person?
  • but then she asks “hey, are you the one in the big painting up there?”
  • your brows furrow because okay what big painting, this night is getting weirder and weirder so you ask what she means and she takes you by the wrist and drags you over to the painting
  • and low and behold, it is you
  • you cover your mouth with your hands and just stare at it because it’s so much to take in
  • between the way it look slike aesthetically to how accurate it is to like, the actual like, message behind the painting?
  • tbh you probably tear up and you just can’t even think straight because this is the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen?
  • you’re like what do i do, what do i do
  • you don’t even need to think much about it after that like you just grab your things and you race out of there
  • jeongguk is eating ice cream and playing pokemon on his DS
  • you’re out of breath and you kinda jam your key in the door and you rush in
  • jeongguk is startled to see you because he thought you were with jimin and taehyung the entire night?
  • but nah, here you are, up in his room, looking like a total hot mess
  • “hey, what’s up with you?’
  • and you’re like just be normal, just be normal
  • “jeon jeongguk i’m in love with you too”
  • yes, nailed it
  • jeongguk chokes on his ice cream and you’re like omG
  • but he starts laughing soon after “i think i need cpr”
  • “and im being serious, come over here and kiss me”
  • and then you two kiss all mushy and he’s really clumsy and it’s really sloppy but you like it because he pulls you down on the bed with him and runs his hands through your hair
  • you two spend the rest of the night cuddling and he names his pokemon after you and tbh he gets a little too overboard with the affection and when jimin comes back he walks in and jeongguk peppering your face with kisses
  • he tells jin and jin promptly calls jeongguk to give him the relationship safety one oh one talk
  • he makes jeongguk put it on speaker so you can hear it tbh
  • cutest couple ever
  • like he shows you at least twenty seven sketchbooks filled with drawings of you
  • okay but imagine like they win a big soccer game and they hoist goalie jeongguk up on their shoulders all cute
  • and he wriggles to get down and he runs over and pulls you into a long dramatic kiss instead
  • all his teammates get the big cooler and dump it over the two of you
  • tells you that he will genetically alter your kids so that they all look like him and you’re like who said i wanna have kids with your coconut head self
  • besides you’ll be in jail before that happens
  • say he’s gonna try to genetically alter himself that he can grow a few more inches and you just say you’re leaving the dorm to take a nap with yoongi or something and he gets SO offended
  • he gets a jacket that has your name and then protection squad on it tbh and you two always match
  • you always make sure that he is healthy and he always makes sure that you are protected
  • probably does squats with you on his back like he did with yoongi
  • and loves you unconditionally tbh the end

Yeaaaaah so I disneybounded as Belle today and, after a HECKUVA LONG ORDEAL, got to meet Gaston! Which was amazing and slightly nerve-wracking and got an awesome selfie.

He demanded to know if I dressed as a secondary character deliberately, then I said I identify with Belle on a deep spiritual level, and I tried to add that I found him attractive, unlike her, but somehow it came out wrong and he got SUPER INSULTED because how DARE I not think he’s gorgeous (he then asked the rest of the line if they thought he was the most handsome man there and that was why they wanted to meet him), and asked if I would take pictures with him. I sighed and was all, “I guess I have to, don’t I?” And he made me stand really close, then he wrapped an arm around me and kept making smolder faces while I kept making annoyed faces. Before I left, I asked if I could take a selfie, and he said, “As long as MY face is in it!” which ended up producing my new favorite Disney picture.

That’s literally all I wanted to do. That was my goal for the trip. I have achieved it. I met Gaston while Bounding as Belle. Tomorrow I shall attempt to meet Belle at Epcot, but if I don’t, I met Gaston, and that’s all that matters.

(Which begs the question…what would happen if you took the 2017 Gaston to DisneyWorld? Like if you woke up one day and he was there in your house and you took him to Disney? And then he met the face character of himself? I need to know!)

Hey everyone! I’m Sara and I’m fairly new to the studyblr community. I started this blog to get me motivated for college and to share things about my academic life when I start in the fall.

About Me:
-I’m 18 years old
-I live in Michigan
-I was born in Egypt, I speak Arabic, and I’m Muslim
-I’ve been learning French for the past four years and I plan on continuing it in the future along with other languages
-I start at Michigan State in the fall and I’m majoring in Neuroscience and minoring in Genetics
-I plan on going to medical school
-My hobbies include amateur photography, sewing, knitting, reading, and playing the guitar
-As you probably guessed, I love hockey! My favorite teams are the Pittsburgh Penguins and the Toronto Maple Leafs

What you can expect from me:
-Planner pictures! I use an Erin Condren but I might BuJo along side that
-Notes, even though they may not be the prettiest
-Random bits of advice that probably stem from my own mishaps

Studyblrs I admire: @apricot-studies
@academiix @aescademic @aestudier @bionctes @cardiacstvdies @em-spacestudy @studydiaryofamedstudent @studyign @studywithinspo

4/22/15 Upd8 P2: Vriskagram


Ahem, apologies. Favorite character and all that. SQUEE! *cough*

Reaction and speculation below!

First thing of note: Vriska has a new symbol! Oh come on, there was no way this *couldn’t* be her symbol. It’s a very well-done looking one too.

And here we are, new Alpha!Vriska, to the tune of “Moonsetter” no less! What’s she up to?

An Instagram parody? Interesting. I’ve never even touched Instagram (thought I’ve heard of it), so this probably doesn’t have as much impact for me. That aside, looks like we’re getting a ‘montage’ of her time on the meteor. Hell yes!

Heh, Karkat still got clobbered by John’s ‘bucket message’!

Unfortunately, this becomes mildly depressing when you realize that shortly after this, THIS happened:


Bwahahaha! Rose looks very unimpressed. This is just so…Vriska, it’s hilarious!

Uh oh, Gamzee…But wait…I thought Terezi came to Gamzee in the original timeline…?

Let’s see:

Whoa, it was never said Terezi was the one to make the ‘first move’. It just…happened. See, THIS is why I make a point to check EVERYTHING when writing this stuff. If Gamzee was coming onto Terezi like he was here, given her absolute *crap* self-worth after killing Vriska…Dang, I knew it was an abusive relationship but this just makes it creepier.

Unfortunately for Gamzee, Terezi in ‘this’ timeline is far less open to his advances.

And of course.

Given the tension that defined their relationship for so long, it’s heartwarming to see that the ‘Scourge Sisters’ are finally back together. Vriska had been trying to mend bridges with Terezi for a while, right from their first conversation actually, but Terezi was understandably resistant:

And during Alterniabound:

When Murderstuck happened, as we know, in the original timeline Terezi tried *really* hard to convince herself that Vriska was the bad guy who needed to be brought to justice. But it also began to become clear that despite her best efforts, Terezi still cared for her:

And in the original, ‘doomed’ timeline where Vriska survived occurred because Terezi couldn’t go through with it:

Sadly, Paradox Space forced Terezi’s hand, leaving her the wreck we knew in the original timeline. In THIS timeline, however, John’s retcon powers gave her a ‘third option.’ This panel really says it all:

Moving on:

Hey, Rosemary!

Oh, hi Vriska. Check out the ‘Light Aspect’ coffee cup she has.

Kanaya and Rose look un-amused that she killed the moment. Look at her face though, what a dork (though isn’t everyone in Homestuck a dork?).

So, does this mean Vriska’s presence interfered with Rosemary? Very possibly. On thinking about it though, that would probably be for the better.

…Oh god, please don’t kill me Rosemary fans. But remember what Karkat said in the ‘old’ timeline concerning Rosemary?:

Rose and Kanaya became worrying codependent on each other, to the point it damaged Kanaya’s relationship with Karkat. And was implied to have interfered with Rose and Dave’s relationship in turn, given one of Dave’s lines at the end of the trip:

Rosemary is a nice pairing, definitely one of the more compatible ones. But if a relationship gets to the point where it starts damaging your other ones, that’s probably not a very healthy relationship. Vriska’s disruption was needed to prevent the above from happening.

I haven’t looked into Rosemary much, so I can’t really say much else definitive. Does this mean it won’t be a thing? Not necessarily. But Rose and Kanaya *cannot* shut themselves away from the others like they did in the ‘original’ timeline. And Rosemary didn’t get off on the most ideal foot either in the old timeline, considering Rose kissed Kanaya while *drunk*. How drunk? Drunk enough that as soon as the kiss finished she started falling down the stairs with a smile on her face, seemingly oblivious to what was happening:

What’s more, Rose remained drunk for most of the trip, and Kanaya refused to address it until the end. What’s worse, it’s stated Rose *lied* to her about alcoholism being a thing:

I don’t know guys. I can see the appeal of Rosemary, but looking over how it occurred during the ‘original’ timeline…Starting a relationship while inebriated is already shaky ground, there’s the implication Rose was drunk to some degree for most of it, and then there was the ‘not leaving each other alone for less then a minute’ mentioned by Karkat which probably contributed to the failure to acknowledge Rose had a problem…

Again, I haven’t done as much looking into Rose and Kanaya as the other patron troll-kid pairings, but I’m seeing enough red flags here that Rosemary not being a thing in this timeline over the course of the meteor trip was probably for the best.

(Again, don’t kill me Rosemary fans! I’m just the analyst, and aside from JohnVris I’m indifferent to pairings.)

I wanted to stop at this panel to note Dave and Karkat are getting along FAR better in this timeline then they did in the old timeline. But then again, a lot of the tension between them in the old timeline came from the fact that they were in a ‘love triangle’ of sort, with Terezi being a mutual romantic interest:

But in this new timeline, John advised Terezi not to date Dave OR Karkat:

Seems she took his advice. Considering how her relationship with Dave crashed and burned in the original timeline, and how she and Karkat…just weren’t going to happen, it was probably for the best. Also, it allowed the two boys to be friends from the start.

Case in point. But look, Rose is drinking. In the original timeline, this was where her problems started. But as we know:

Rose didn’t become a drunk in this new timeline.

And that would be why. Vriska has never been one to ‘tiptoe’ around an issue. That kind of brutal ‘There’s a fucking problem here’ attitude was something the meteor crew needed.

THIS is where I went ‘Wait, fuck, I RECOGNIZE THAT ART STYLE!’ That’s the style of the Homestuck fanartist, ikumaru! Holy crap, they actually got draw for an HS flash! Must be a hella proud moment.

Congratulations, ikumaru! You’ve always been one of my favorite fanartists, and I’m so happy you got to contribute to the comic like this!

On another note, damn the DaveKat is strong in this one…

Oh, HEY, I was wondering about this after ‘She’s 8ack’:

Also in the ‘new’ version of the scene, Terezi still has her glasses, which means she’s still blind, which in turn means Aranea never got to her. I wonder if this version of the meteor encountered the A1 trolls at all…

Guess this easily answer that question. Also, watch the numbers I added, they’ll be important in a few here. These are some absolutely *adorable* pictures, and it’s great to see the A1 trolls again like this (Hey, I rarely dislike a character and the A1 trolls are no exception):

That Scorpio symbol…You know, I thought Gamzee was initially talking about Aranea in this scene (give her [S] GAME OVER stunt) but he’s probably actually talking about Vriska. Either way. Kurloz doesn’t look happy at the news (And Cronus giving Mituna a hard time as usual in the background).

Oh wow, the other Vriska’s ghost wasn’t erased. We FINALLY get an answer to that question.

Oh yeah, about the numbers, it was mostly to make sure and also show…I count only ELEVEN Pre-Scratch trolls here. Why is that significant? Well, are we forgetting?:

Where the hell is Aranea!?

Oh man, after [S] GAME OVER, the fact she’s currently unaccounted for make me hella nervous.

Vriska looks a little in shock, and can you really blame her? *That was supposed to be her original fate.* Yet it’s only through the effort of her ‘other self’, John, and the ‘other Terezi’ that this version of her was able to live. While the original Alpha remains in the dreambubbles, dead and never having gotten the chance she did. It’s a version of the ‘who’s the ‘real’ self’ dilemma we’ve seen reoccur across the comic. This meeting had to have had an impact on her.

Why are we suddenly with Jane?

Vriska!? Having apparently taken over Gamzee’s role in the B2 session, apparently:

I still wonder where those time boxes came from…

Tavrosprite! Which means Jane in this timeline actually got a proper sprite. Interesting…

It looks like Vriska is making sure the B2 prototypings get done.

…Wait a second…

If we assume that Fefetasprite:

And Erisolsprite:

Are still a thing in this timeline, and we assume that ARquisprite is about to become a thing in this timeline as well:

Combined with Tavrosprite, and…

I actually made a visual to help represent:

Guys, assuming the other B2 sprites are the same, all the trolls are going to be alive in some form for the first time since Murderstuck.

And considering how we’re now approaching the ‘endgame’ with this being the final ‘real’ Act…I am smelling something epic in the making here, if I’m right.

It does look like Vriska learned her lesson and matured over the course of the three year trip. Look at her expression when she curls up with Rose and Kanaya. For the first time *ever*, she was actually hanging around with friends like a normal teenager. No ‘game’ hanging overhead, no Spidermom to worry about, no ‘blood caste reputation’ to worry about, no nothing. Look at how *relaxed* she looks for most of the Flash. The scene with her in the lawn chair, a drink, and Gamzee fanning her was kinda symbolic in that way: For the first time, she’s no longer under pressure, and can focus on being herself, instead of focusing on what she thinks other expect her to be. As she told John towards the end of A5A2:

Though she wasn’t able to fight Jack, it seems like she followed through on the rest of this.

I do wonder how exactly her encounter with her ‘alt self’ went down, considering it was immediately after that we saw her with her trademark driven smirk. However, the fact it immediately flashed to helpful Tavrosprite (in the process helping Tavros, who she regretted killing) shows that it’s different this time around. She’s assumed more mature, and is hopefully closer to actual ‘hero’ now. I wonder what’s she planning…

I just saw the upd8 schedule and it looks like we’ll get a week break before the comic will start upd8 every week day, with the occasional week break. Oh man, I am going to be *busy.* And I am going to love every second of it.

Hope you enjoyed!

Proof that they’ve used different babies.

Yes, that’s exactly what this is. Take a look.

Before we begin, know that there are different types of noses. These are two of them:

In the three pictures beneath Freddie has a Celestial type of nose.
Also all are in black and white and clearly supposed to be the new born Freddie.

In the three pictures beneath Freddie has a Fleshy type of nose, which is VERY different from the celestial nose. Notice the last with Daisy, which is extremely notable. Also all are in color and clearly supposed to be the 2,5 month old Freddie.

Worth mentioning is that the fleshy type of nose is a very characteristic facial feature and genetically inherited, but neither Louis, Briana or any of their parents has this type of nose. 

Okay okay, now let us all respectively take off our Larrie’s or Anti’s goggles and look at this objectively.




And no, Babies noses doesn’t change like this. They develop, grow and become more defined but IN NO WAY do they change basic structure like this.

I personally believe they used three different babies. The (maybe) doll in B’s hospital pic, the one with her brother and the one with the sunglasses (maybe more). They all look exactly the same to me, as in the-baby-hasn’t-even-changed-facial-expression-type of the same. 

Then they used one baby for the early new born pictures (the top ones, which might have been photoshopped even) and another one for the newest 2,5 month old baby (Ann-Marie’s perhaps? A rented baby? Briana’s cousin who was also pregnant maybe?). However my guess is that the latter two are real babies, but obviously not the same.

Sorry, I don’t have a lot of followers so I just tagged my favorite blogs to get this post out there for all of you interested to see :)
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@theinsanefox tagged me to answer these 10 questions and come up with 10 new questions and tag people.

1. What was your favorite toy as a child?  If not a toy, then a favorite memory? A stuffed something my mom had made for me. I don’t even know what it was supposed to represent as it was just a lump with arms, but I loved it nonetheless. :D

2. Do you have any pets?  If yes, what kind? (pictures are always appreciate too! :D) A rescue cat :)

3. Who was your first OTP? Ummm I guess it was Ryden like a decade ago when I crashed headfirst into bandom :D

4. If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be? Japan.

5. You win the lottery, what’s the first thing you buy? A house. Well okay, first I’d buy a goddamn expensive bottle of champagne to celebrate, but then I’d buy a house.

6. Favorite drink? (Can be alcoholic or non-alcoholic) Coffee. Or sparkling water.

7. Recommend a book! (Seriously, I’m a slut for new book recommendations) Brave New World by Aldous Huxley. Or Blind Assassin by Margaret Atwood. Or the series called Memory, Sorrow and Thorn by Tad Williams.  So many good books out there, so little time…

8. Favorite animes other than YoI? (If not anime, other TV shows?) YOI is the first anime series I’ve gotten into… But I like Studio Ghibli / Hayao Miyazaki movies. For non-animes, well, the show Firefly is and will forever be my favorite series. (When I die, bury me in a coffin shaped like the Serenity while this song plays in the background thank you goodbye.)

9. Are you an early riser or do you sleep late whenever you can? I like to get up early, because I feel like there’s more time to do things during the day… but sometimes I slip and my sleeping routine turns upside down, like this summer when I went to bed at 4am nearly every night and then woke up late…

10. Favorite weekend activity? Writing/drawing/reading. I’m kind of an introvert so if I spend a lot of time with people during the week I like to relax alone during the weekend…

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jerinaso01  asked:

24, 47, 77, 126, 216 :D

24: Cats or dogs?

Why not both! While I prefer cats i also love a big fluffy whuff x3 (not a fan of tiny yappy purse dogs tho… yeesh)

47: Favourite animal?

Uhhh DRAGONS! duh!

77: What is my current desktop picture?

It me :P

126: My current project?

I guess moving and looking for a new job in my field!

216: Favorite fictional character?

Oh god I can’t do this one there’s too many!! I mean they’re all furry characters are you surprised?? Here have a top 5 (in no particular order)

Bowser: Mario series

Drum Bunker Dragon: Buddyfight

Tatsuki Midoria: Morenatsu

Asgore Dreemurr: Undertale

Charizard: Pokemon

tdgal1  asked:


Thanks @tdgal1 for the questions!!

23. Name a fic you’ve written that you’re especially fond of & explain why you like it. 

Obviously I’m fond of Picture Perfect! It’s the first story I’ve posted in an active fandom that has actually gone anywhere.  It’s my baby!

BUT!  I guess I’ll let anyone reading this in on a little secret:  I am currently working on a new multi-chapter fic and I’m ridiculously excited about it!  It combines two of my favorite shows, and I’ve got some seriously great intrigue planned for it.  So be on the lookout!

31. What’s the nicest thing someone has ever said about your writing?

A few people have told me that they are able to actually see the entire scene in their minds while reading.  It may be that they just have fantastic imaginations, but that is SO incredibly fantastic for me because I do the exact same thing when I’m writing.  I imagine everything so thoroughly, and to hear that it translated how I wanted it, that was the best gift ever!

41. List and link to 5 fanfics you are currently reading:

I don’t know how to pick just five!!  That’s a horrible thing to do to me because I read SO MANY!  I’ll narrow it down to five, just for you @tdgal1, but I want every author to understand that I LOVE reading all of your fics, and I’m only listing five because I’d be here for five hours otherwise.

Cross My Broken Heart by @flipflops-pearls

Left To Fate by @missyriver

The Summer People by @olicitysmoaky

A Bat Reaches for the Light by @tdgal1

The Predator by @supersillyanddorky06

I hope that satisfied your curiosity!

Ask Me Any of These Questions


I know it’s a mistake as soon as I search for your number in my phone. It wasn’t hard to find your face, the one of you smiling, my favorite picture I saved next to the number still in my list of favorites. I think about that smile while I listen to the phone ring, trying to stifle away the warning bells sounding off in my head as I navigate my vehicle with a little bit too much alcohol in my system.

“Hello?” Your voice sounds agitated before I even begin. But that doesn’t deter me either. I’m used to this new sound now. The sting doesn’t stab as hard.

“Guess what?” I say, my voice high, distracting you from the sorrow you wouldn’t hear anyway. I tell you how you’re a good person. I tell you how I love that you make people laugh. I tell you that you looked nice in the snap you sent of your choice for your cousin’s wedding.

“Thank you,” you respond. The agitation has subsided… only slightly. My heart drops further. I could probably drive over it. Its shaking like the pedals beneath my feet.

I laugh out loud, swerving through the lanes as I repeatedly speed then slow down, slow down then speed back up, my feet just as confused as my mind.

Why did I call you? What am I searching for?

I backtrack, my nice things not sounding as nice anymore, as I allow my frustration with you to leak out from the package I’ve carefully wrapped. I don’t know what I’m saying anymore. I’m only feeling, only venting in words that don’t sound right out loud.

“Katie, I have to work. I’m not staying on the phone for an hour,” you rant and fume.

Oh, there it is. The anger. Its back.

“I just need five minutes. Can I have five minutes? Can I please have five more minutes?”

I’m begging now. I can hear how pitiful it sounds, the steady vroom of the car doing little to cover the noise of it from ringing in my chest like bricks. You exhale loudly.

“Guess what?” I mumble again. My confidence has trickled away.


“I’m still very much in love with you. Ok? And I need you to be patient with me. Ok?”

My voice is quaking now, my vision blurry in a way the alcohol hasn’t caused. I don’t want to cry.

Ok? It’s what I ask you to say, but not what I want to hear. No. Say it back. Say it back to me.

“Ok.” I don’t know what sound is in your voice now.

Say it back. Say it back. Say it back.

It’s like a mantra in my head, pounding, throbbing, shaking my whole body as I try to keep it together, wanting you to hear what’s said in silence.

“I’ll let you go now,” my voice quivers. I don’t want to let you go.

“Text me when you get home.” I’m not going to text you.

The call ends. I drive a little slower. No tears. No you. Just silence.

why-causeshesdead  asked:

Okay...Last Kiss?

Nope but someone just got my last 2 songs (they we reblogging and asking heh)

but thank you so much for all your guesses this was lots of fun

My Top 10 Favorite Taylor Swift Songs~

1. Back To December

2. Speak Now(I wrote a story around this song and it was the first fanfiction I was actually proud of)

3. Picture to Burn

4. Haunted

5. Ours

6. Better Than Revenge

7. Forever and Always

8. I Know Places

9. Teardrops on my Guitar (The first taylor swift song I ever heard how could it not end up this list)

10. The Last Time

Send a Taylor Swift song to my ask and try to guess my top 10 favorites~

Thank you everyone for guessing I know my top 10 is weird and as a bonus I will give you 11-13

11- New Romantics(it just gets me :) )

12- tie- Our Song and LWYMMD

13- You Belong With Me(Just made me feel like I had someone who understood me and my tomboyishness)

ninth-00  asked:

What influenced your art style? Who are your inspirations?

Hmmm, this is an interesting question! Ive never really thought much about my style and how it came to be. I guess we would have to start from the beginning which was, of course, anime. Inuyasha was honestly what got me into drawing seriously.  

…..and actually here is the first picture I have on my old DA! This was ALL influenced by my love of inuyasha (cat ears, swords, DRAMATIC POSE. ITS SO BAD IM CRYIN.)  DA lead me to new artists who I do look up to like @vaporotem ! Shes honestly my favorite artist that I keep up with who has the best cartoony style out there.

I feel like my art goes through to many changes to say what really influences it, because theres so much stuff that does! From the soft colors and characters of Studio Ghibli to the rough animation of shows like fooly cooly. 

So thats that!


AhhhhhhHHHH guess what came in the mail today!!!!!!

A huge thank you to prismavisionstarot for making this absolutely gorgeous deck. My phone camera doesn’t do it justice at all, so I recommend everyone go check out their website and look at the pictures there. I just took some of the whole deck and a couple of my favorite cards. (I don’t know why, but there’s something about the guy on the Two of Pentacles that REALLY intrigues me…) In the meantime, I will be over here, playing with my exciting new toy. ;)