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Another fun thing about Spring Day

… That everyone has seemed to miss. (At least I haven’t seen anybody notice, please let me know if you did!)

In the lyrics in the MV, Namjoon sings in his second verse something like “alone on the Snowpiercer”.

 Snowpiercer is a 2013 movie set in a dystopian future when the earth is covered in snow and therefore uninhabitable. Humanity is on a never-stopping train (The Snowpiercer, I’m guessing Namjoon is talking about the actual train) that goes a year-long route around the earth over and over again. At the very end of the movie, the oppressed people figure out that the snow has been in fact melting, and that spring is on its way. The rich and happy people never noticed because they were too busy living their luxurious lives with no worries.
I have no idea if this is helpful or necessary at all but I really wanted to share because this movie is very good and holds a lot of symbolism and important messages. There has to be a reason why Namjoon mentions it, right? Or?

Okay, rant over. I really like this movie, and found it really cool and interesting that it was mentioned.

talking to cas abt how we plan to reboot the glas

- john is fucking there and we get to see his tragic backstory and development

- the main character is kyle and gay is his bf bff and john and hal are like mentor figures

- I’m not doing that parallax bullshit yet tho let hal be happy first pls

- good and gay relationships all around

-work on the art style

- carol has a beautiful girlfriend (can u guess who)

- I mean hal isn’t gay but like whenever he goes to earth some random blond dude cameos and keeps hugging him?? and they never let each other go??? 🤔 also why is the flash super friendly with him like did they just fall asleep on top of each other??? huh odd

- itty

- give hawkgirl some cool scenes when they go to earth too like she isn’t too involved with the lanterns but I just really like her¯\_(ツ)_/¯

- yellow and green space lesbians please like a romeo and juliet story but none dies

- beat the shit out of sinestro man

- go into detail abt how each lantern is specially chosen for their rings (creativity, fearlessness, commitment etc)

okay so theres an episode of whats new scooby doo where the gang goes home on valentines day, and i guess the studio really wanted to avoid the implication that daphne and fred were sleeping together because daphne and velma live together and fred lives with shaggy and scooby 

but that attempt at avoiding anything risque backfired spectacularly because now it just seems like daphne and velma are a comfortably domestic couple and fred is trying to learn how to live with his boyfriends over excitable and really hungry great dane


wanted to draw a DjWifi comic but got carried away too much (mostly with coloring, omfg) 
its also partially Volpinino? (or how is it called??) i guess…. this awkward moment when you think that one superhero is as hot as your girlfriend and you hate yourself for it

*goes away*

ah, no, theres bonus:

au where transforming also makes adrien and marinette very hungry

they can be found making mug brownies and sitting on the floor eating doritos at like three am after patrol

jokes aside, can we just talk about bum killing or even helping kill jieun is 10 times worse because bum can relate to jieun. he was in her shoes once. catching themselves falling in love with sangwoo - his kindness, his sweet nature - only to find he’s anything but. entire perception of sangwoo’s character crumbling before their frantic eyes. jieun will go through the same bout of disbelief bum did, the same tears, the same fear for her life and while her pleas mirror his own, bum will have to kill her. he’s going to have to kill someone who was in the same shitty position he was months ago. that’s pretty huge.

How was your week?
  • What she says : good,nothing exciting
  • What she means: eyewitness and skam are still gone and it feels like a part of me is gone too and I just need to be reunited with my gay babies and the longer this goes on the more I believe that we're not going to get an eyewitness season two but we have to it's not right if we don't..but other than that good I guess
Check Please/Back to the Future AU

Okay, so when Bitty wears his puffy vest, it has always reminded me of… well, you’ve guessed it, Marty McFly from Back to the Future.

This Back to the Future AU needs to happen.

So, this is how it’s going to go down.

Bitty needs a final science credit to qualify for graduation, but the only class he can get into last minute (and doesn’t require a prerequisite course he doesn’t have) is Theory of Physics for Non-Majors that’s taught by an eccentric professor who may or may not sound like Rasputin from that one animated Anastasia movie that Bitty secretly loves. (He has a crush on Dimitri, okay? But who doesn’t???)

So, Bitty and this Physics prof get on surprisingly well and the Professor says that he’s been looking for a lab assistant this semester. Bitty, after checking that it doesn’t interfere with his hockey schedule, takes the job because he could use the money. (Going to see Jack in Providence so often is starting to add up quickly.)

Bitty’s job is mostly filing papers, picking things up around the lap, and helping the Professor with various experiments and projects he’s building. Most of the time, Bitty has no idea what’s going on when the Professor starts talking Physics. Bitty nods along and holds stuff like ends of wires and stuff like that. It it seems to make the Professor happy.

One evening, Bitty gets called into the university labs. When he gets there, the Professor announces that he’s invented a time machine! (Said time machine is also powered by some illegal plutonium, but uhhhh, if Samwell admin asks, that’s not true.)

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Chrobin Week Day 1 - Coming of Age

This was really just an excuse to draw this comic that has been sitting in sketches for too long. It’s probably not really fitting with the prompt but ya know.. age.. birthdays?? Anyway here’s the story. Whenever a game asks my birthday, I always give a random date that’s around a week or so from when I start playing, because I don’t wanna wait around for my actual birthday to see what happens. Believe it or not, I randomly picked the day right after Chrom’s birthday. So here’s how it goes in the story, I guess.


Some of my favorite questions and answers from the Facebook Live video:

Question: If you’re driving in your car, what are you listening to?

David: Well, honestly the last couple days I’ve been listening to my album because I’ve been rehearsing in the car. And I’m just happy that I didn’t have an accident where my car goes off the road and my own album is playing and I die. Because that would be horrible. The worst.

Okay I have a couple of questions. Your kids.

David: Yeah

They look just like you.

David: Mmm

I mean, I know we don’t want to talk too much about your kids obviously, but they look just like you. Jeez. That’s cool

*David Laughs*

I guess you’re the dad

David: Yeah exactly

Can I touch on the other stuff? I mean, 1993 your life changes

David: Yeah X-Files stuff, yeah

I mean these guys they’re my assistants but they’re truly here because they’re freaks with X-Files

David: X-files, really? At your age?

*off camera* Yeah!

I mean they said “Tommy, do you think he could call Scully?”


David: You know, when you’re not rolling

That last question though… 👀

Title: Ten Second Car by safferpenn
Pairing: Harry&Louis & Liam&Zayn
Word Count: 14k
Rating: Explicit


“How is it today?” Harry replies, smiling so his dimples pop out.

“You’ve been coming in here for 3 weeks, and you always ask how the ham and cheddar is. I can tell you, it was shit yesterday, it was shit the day before & guess what Curly? It’s shit today too.” Louis smirks, as he finishes, purposely not making eye contact with the beautiful curly headed boy.

Harry just stares at him, wide eyed and completely endeared with this sassy boy. Is that flirting? Harry’s sure it is. And where did that nickname come from suddenly and why does it make him feel so weird.

“I’ll take the ham, please.”

“Suit yourself, Curly.”


AU in which Harry goes undercover to catch illegal street racers robbing rigs and instead falls in love with the bad guys brother.

Based off of The Fast & The Furious (2001) in which Liam is basically Dom, Louis is his brother, Zayn is Liam’s boyfriend, Niall is their right hand man and Harry’s undercover and in love.

Read here on ao3

Edited 1/22/17

I really like the hc that Crowley’s yellow eyes aren’t the only snake thing about him n he’s got scales instead of skin in some places n stuff like that. I have this scenario in my head that I haven’t been able to work into a fic where Crowley usually likes the finest human food but sometimes he just. Gotta eat a tasty looking snake food because it looks too good. And once the cottage gets an infestation and Aziraphale is like “oh gotta call the exterminator i guess” but Crowley. He doesn’t call the exterminator he gets into an old set of clothes and tears up the baseboard while Aziraphale is out for the day intending to get the house put back together before he gets home so Aziraphale doesn’t find out this embarrassing thing he’s going to do. But he just finds the rats and pounces on them and unhinges his jaw and goes to town. But Aziraphale comes back early and walks in on him swallowing a rat whole. And is like “my dear what the fuck.” But Crowley can’t answer because he has a fucking rat halfway down his throat

The Signs and locked doors

Aries: tries to open the door, fails, swears, tries again, yells at the door as if it was a person

Taurus: gets someone else to open the door because they’re too lazy

Gemini: didn’t even try

Cancer: can’t open the door, goes home to write a song about a door that was locked

Leo: can’t open the door *dramatic music plays* “WHY IS THE WORLD AGAINST ME”

Virgo: can’t open the door and complains to someone else about it for the rest of the day

Libra: “I guess I’ll just :) wait :) haha :)” because someone else will come and unlock the door for them, right? haha :)

Scorpio: the door unlocked itself because it feared for its life 

Sagittarius: ‘unlocked’ the door by kicking it but got distracted and ran after some animal and was never seen again

Capricorn: creates a complicated, detailled plan and calculates the probability of the plan actually working

Aquarius: goes through the door next to the locked door

Pisces: thinks about opening the door, arriving in wonderland, comes back to reality, wonders why the door is still locked


1/1/2016 Today we did SCIENCE! Specifically, we booped all the livestock on the nose with a Geiger counter. Nose booping is Definitely A Valid Scientific Technique For Measuring Radioactivity Of Things. 

Then the Small Grey Lump That Goes Meow conducted his own Science, with the hypothesis “Here Is A Thing That Beeps, I Bet It Will Pet Me” so we got a reading on him too. He’s the most radioactive animal here. New Rule for The Small Grey Lump: if it glows green, don’t ask it for pettings.

Contrary to my expectations, Soup-Nose the Goat is actually the least radioactive animal here. Huh. I guess the shielding on the goats’ atomic pile is better than I thought. 

The Outsiders Book v. Fan-Fic
  • Book: "I have nightmares when I'm stressed out."
  • Fan-Fic: *has violent nightmares as soon as the sun goes down, wakes Sodapop up with blood-curdling screams every night, can be compared to the wrath of hell*
  • Book: "Darry's strong I guess lol"
  • Fan-Fic: *gang is watching TV while Darry stands in the corner, lifting cows above his head and doing jumping jacks*
  • Book: "Steve likes cars"
  • Fan-Fic: *Steve actually /is/ a car. He had Sodapop rip his extremities off and replaced them with tires*
  • Book: "We call him Two-Bit because he's always cracking jokes."
  • Fan-Fic: *Ponyboy has a heart-attack* *Two-Bit makes a joke and everybody laughs warmly*
  • Book: "I can be scatterbrained sometimes."
  • Fan-Fic: *gang is sitting in the living room together as Pony spins in circles, speaking incoherently to himself*
  • BONUS:
  • Fan-Fic: *Main OC of a fanfic has the exact same features as their love interest, with a completely coinciding personality to match*
  • Gang Member: Wow, she is PERFECT for me :')

This is Numair. He is a fat, round and fluffy baby. He enjoy cuddling my fiance lots, glaring at me, screaming in my face if he hasn’t been fed, or am two minutes late for feeding him and his brother, Tamir, and yowling at me when I wake up or the phone alarm goes off. I love him I guess. My partner submitted another photo of him through my blog too. It just hasn’t been posted yet :)


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Shawn Mendes x Reader

Word count: 1,310

A/N: I actually had two requests for a similar thing ; “Hi! Can you write an imagine where y/n and Shawn broke up but the fans love her and hate his new girlfriend. And then something goes wrong between the two of them and somehow y/n and Shawn get back together? Thanks!” from a super polite anon xx


“I don’t need to see that.” I say, pushing away my friend’s phone as she attempts to show me the latest photos of Shawn and his new(ish) girlfriend. I was heartbroken when we broke up and I thought he was too. 2 weeks later though with a new girlfriend, my heart was still in pieces but I guess his wasn’t. Deep down I know I still have feelings for him despite my constant denial and fragmented heart. It’s been about 3 months now since he broke my heart and I’ve managed not to read a single article about him or look at his social media, in an attempt to cleanse myself and move on. I must admit, though, when Mercy comes on the radio, I can’t bring myself to turn the channel over so instead I just belt it out at the top of my lungs with the pieces of my heart rattling around in my chest. “But Y/N, all of his fans are literally having a dig at his new girl and are saying they liked you better!” My friend explains. As much as I appreciate that they like me and all, I know Shawn’s heart will hurt for whoever it is that he’s dating. I ignore my friend, hoping she’ll drop the conversation because I won’t be able to handle the memories that intrusively flood into my brain.

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