i guess it counts as such for the fic


Pair: Bucky Barnes x Female! Reader

Word Count: 1132 

Warnings: Angst….I guess…? 

A/N: I hit another follower milestone so to celebrate, I wrote a fic! It’s not amazing since I wrote it all today but hopefully you all still enjoy! :) 

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Bucky still hesitated when it came to opening up to others or meeting new people.  He had built very high walls for himself especially during his time with Hydra.  Hydra turned him into something he wasn’t, they made him fear all emotions other than hate making him an unbeatable weapon.  Although he knew that his title as “The Winter Soldier” did not truly define him, it clearly made many fear him, himself included.

When you were first introduced to Bucky with the help of Steve, Bucky immediately fell in love, however, just the thought of him being in love made him immediately push you away. Feelings scared him and he couldn’t afford to harm a person like you, someone who was so kind, genuine, and selfless.  So Bucky did what he does best, he built his walls higher shielding himself from you.  

You knew that Bucky was distancing himself from you, however, you were determined to help Bucky in any way you could.  You saw how he was suffering both mentally and physically.  You could see how his cheeks grew more sunken in or how the bags under his eyes grew darker and how the colors of his once piercing blue eyes slowly turned to a dull grey.  

You decided to help him in any way you could whether it was make him a cup of tea in the morning, give him a bottle of water after a workout, or simply send him a smile whenever you two crossed paths.  You knew it wasn’t much, but you thought that could at least break the barrier between the two of you.  

Bucky noticed the little things you did, how he always woke up to the smell of green tea lingering in his room or how a mysterious bottle of water would end up on the side of his towel when he was in the training room or how your eyes lit up every time your eyes met.  However, the more you pushed towards helping him, the more he stepped back.  

Bucky began locking his bedroom door before he went to sleep so you couldn’t give him your daily tea.  He began working out during times he knew you weren’t in the tower and eve if you were there, he would make sure the gym door was locked as well.  He made sure to not make eye contact with you whenever you two walked past each other in the hallway.  Bucky knew that he had to keep pushing you away.  If he didn’t, he would only fall more in love with you and hurt you which was the exact opposite of what he wanted to do.  

No matter how hard you tried to help Bucky, the man you cared about deeply, the more he pushed you away.  Your feelings for him grew everyday you stayed at the tower.  You didn’t know why since the two of you barely exchanged a couple of words.  However, he was a mystery, a mystery you desperately wanted to solve.  

After several weeks of you trying to help Bucky, you slowly began to give up.  

You stopped waking up ten minutes early to make him a cup of tea, you stopped tiptoeing to the training room with a bottle of water in your hands, you stopped smiling at him when you both saw each other down the hall.  You slowly stopped making an appearance at the tower all together.  The room in which you were staying at slowly became more vacant as the days went on until your room was completely packed and cleared leaving only the scent of your perfume lingering in the air.  While no one really noticed your slow disappearance, Bucky did.  

After you had officially left, Bucky almost felt a sense of relief.  As much as he hated to admit, he knew that if you were no longer at the tower, you would not be in danger because of him.  However, as time continued to pass, he felt empty inside.  He missed the smell of green tea that woke him up in the morning.  He missed watching you try (and fail) to discreetly place a bottle of water by his belongings.  He missed hearing your laugh echo throughout the tower, or seeing your smile which always made him feel warm on the inside, and how you never seemed to worry about what others were thinking of you.  

Bucky realized that the more days spent without you there, the more he began to want you.  He thought you not being there would help him get over you and over those unknown feelings but instead it became worse.  Bucky began to go insane, insane over the fact that you weren’t there, that your laugh could no longer be heard, or your smile was no longer seen.  

And when Bucky reached the brink of pure insanity, he went charging through Steve’s door almost demanding him to say where you were, where you had gone, where he could find you.  

“I don’t know Buck.  The last time I talked to her she said she would be in Manhattan.”

Before Bucky let Steve say another word, he left the tower and left his place of hiding.  When he was on the streets driving past thousands of people, he didn’t seem to care, he didn’t seem to care what they were thinking, he didn’t seem to care if people knew who he was or who they thought he was.  The only thing on his mind was finding you.  

When he arrived in Manhattan, he immediately stopped at your favorite coffee shop that he heard you always talk about.  He frantically looked around the place to see if he could spot you through the crowds of people.  

Suddenly, the sound of your laugh made him freeze.  He could recognize your laugh anywhere.  He turned to face you, a sense of relief washing over his body, however, once he took another step forward, he noticed that you weren’t alone.  He saw the back of another man, another man who was making you smile, another man who was making you laugh.  

And when Bucky saw this he stopped dead in his tracks.  He began to get furious at the other man who was able to make you smile this way.  However, he knew that he had no right to be mad, you were happy, and that’s all that should really matter.  

So Bucky turned around, got back on his motorcycle and took one last glance at you.  He memorized the way your hair flowed with the wind, the crinkles on your face when you smiled or laughed, and how your eyes lit up every time you spoke.  Bucky smiled, a thing he rarely ever did, and left.  

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JEALOUSY // masterlist

Request: hello! first of all, i wanted to say that i LOVE your writing !! i know this request is super lame, but i’d love to read something about kylo getting jealous and then i dont know you can choose the ending sbdj thank you so much, hope you have a lovely day :-) + Ok but imagine that you and Kylo are just starting out in your relationship so when he sees another officer flirting with you, he goes ballistic.

A/N: Thank you to the two who requested these! Sorry it took so long but here it is! Thought I’d do two requests in one since they’re quite similiar. This is more, I guess you could say, ‘romantic’ than angsty or fluffy as most of my fics are…enjoy!

Warning: None

Word Count: 2.8K+

Being in a relationship was something Kylo Ren never had thought of, not with the life he had of constantly living in a state of fear or anger. Having a significant other was, in his mind, useless. There was no need to have to worry about someone else when it was enough to worry about himself, specially when he’d have to open up to them. It was enough that his self esteem plummeted even more–if it were possible–after the battle on Starkiller. There was no way the man could find himself wanting to be with someone.

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Seven Minutes in Hell

believe it or not, this was actually conceived as a joke over this post. THen it kind of became it’s own thing. I’ve never written an actual makeout scene before, so enjoy I guess?? I’ll be spending the next few hours in the corner rethinking my decisions. Total word count is a little over 4k, so most is under the readmore.

“This is very flattering, really. But I can not honestly say whether or not I could agree. Until recently, I wasn’t even aware you were all romantically involved with each other. I don’t intend to be ignorant, but I am in this subject, and frankly it’s a little overwhelming.”

Aaron could remember when he sent that message, over a chat messenger at the very unexpected 3am proposition to join the closed polyamorous relationship between Hercules, Laurens, Alexander, and Lafayette. There had been a good ten minute stretch of silence, of Aaron staring at the ‘writing a message’ ellipses icon across the four other usernames.

Aaron had waited. Laurens responded first with a winking emoticon, which really should have been the first clue. Alexander responded with a panicked admission that he hadn’t really meant to send that. Hercules followed immediately with an assurance that, though accidental, the request had been serious. Lafayette responded with the suggestion that if being overwhelmed and ignorant was the problem, both could be fixed and they’d be glad spending as much time as it takes to do so.

Yes, Aaron remembered sending that message. He was grateful for it, really. But sometimes, just sometimes, he regretted it. Because those four? Aaron would never be rid of them.

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A/N : this  mini - series is for @writingthingsisdifficult​ ‘s ‘SynsMonsterChallenge’.. It was super fun writing this and I really hope you like it. Thank you for being the beta :)

the fic takes place in season 7 between episode 8: ‘time for a wedding’ and episode 9: ‘how to win friends and influence monsters’

Pairing : eventual Dean x Reader

Word count : 500ish I guess. I write really less. 

Monster Alert: Nøkken - demonic being, they are water-creatures in human- or horse-like form. It is a beautiful, a talented musician, playing the violin  and tricking people into jumping into the water, and then drowning them and a shapeshifter, that changes into a white horse, letting young children ride on its back and then jumping with them back into the water.

Early that morning, a young woman perched up on a rock near the sea, a shotgun in her hand. She sat there motionless, waiting for her prey. They were all around her in the water, but none dared to show themselves; they knew who she was, what she was capable of. They probably could have ambushed her, but they didn’t want to risk it. The mere fact that she was here with a shotgun meant she was here not to kill, but for answers; which was a billion times worse than death.
One of them got too nervous, and the water rippled; the others immediately scattered. A loud shot disrupted the silence and a sleek steel bullet came tearing through the air and water, hitting the creature square in the chest. It stiffened, the steel affecting it immediately. The huntress then dived in, and the others watched helplessly as she dragged away one of their brethren.

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soft klance things

  • keith always straightens out the hems of lance’s shirts because them being folded bothers him. lance just smiles and lets keith do his thing
  • whenever keith gets into a Mood, lance’ll come and lay his head in keith’s lap and start talking, about anything, just to see if he can make keith smile. 
    • and when keith finds lance crying at night because he misses his family, he takes lance’s hand and kisses each finger. 
    • “one,” he says, counting after each kiss. “two. three.” they both count, and on ten their mouths meet and lance feels a little more calm, focused. 
  • keith gets out of the shower and his long hair is sopping wet, so he shakes it like a dog to get lance all wet. 
    • “stop! you’re the worst!” lance is yelling, but he’s also laughing.
    • his revenge is to take a towel and vigorously rub keith’s head until his hair poofs out. afterword he’ll sit, legs spread out and keith between them resting against his chest, and brush out keith’s hair. 
  • early morning jogs around the halls of the castle, talking softly to one another, voices echoing in the quiet.
  • lance finds a machine in the castle that takes sound and converts it into a holographic light display that fills a room. 
    • lucky for them, keith’s ipod was in his jacket pocket when blue abducted them. 
    • he plays soft vintage melodies from the beginning of the millennium while he and lance slow dance. lance’s arms are looped around keith’s neck, keith’s head resting on lance’s shoulders. soft blue lights like waves fill the room and pass through them.
    • “does this count as a bonding moment?” keith asks slyly, still not letting that go. 
    • lance grins and kisses him. long, and deep as a well, savoring it, savoring keith.. “Hm…I guess so. I’m cradling you in my arms, aren’t I?”
Writing is Hard, Part 5: Headcanons

Summary: Dean shows the reader that there’s truth to a famous headcanon.

Read Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

Warning: Smut

Word Count: 3000ish

A/N: This is all written with love for fan fic. I’m teasing, not putting it down in any way. Hope you enjoy! (Sorry, tag list is closed!) XOXO

“Reading anything good?” Dean asks.

Sam’s inside the gas station, picking up some snacks instead of listening to this conversation, so your face doesn’t feel the need to flush with embarrassment. Dean already knows exactly what you’re reading.

“I guess,” you tell him. No need to feed his ego by telling him how hot the story is.

“What is it?”

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Until Next Time (m)

[4:38 AM] Jimin: film yourself for me

[4:38 AM] You: Ur kidding

[4:38 AM] Jimin: do it

[4:38 AM] Jimin: i know the day just started but do you know what i’m craving for breakfast?

[4:38 AM] Jimin: i want to get a taste of your heaven

Synopsis: Who would have guessed that a stranger you met through an online game would quickly escalate into a cyber fuck buddy?

Originally posted by emmareader

Pairing: Jimin x Reader // Gaming!AU

Genre: Smut & a dash of humor

Word Count: 5086 of regrets

Warnings: sexting/phone sex, dirty talk, filming urself

A/N: porn without plot? more like porn that grew a plot // fuckboy-ish Jimin ahoy

s/o to @yoongimnida for releasing my caged beast because this fic was welling at the bottom of my list

& @sugajpg for having the “porcelain moon shine bright” on us tonight

[10:22:05 PM] erectchim: um. who are you

[10:22:13 PM] seokjinsaga: has left the server.

It starts with a swarm of messages from unrecognizable usernames, one stranger flooding after another. You get a sudden impulse to turn back and explain to the other players that you made a typo in the server name, admitting it is all a mistake, but you freeze when your cursor hovers over the chat bar. All you have to do is exit the game but you choose not to and surprisingly, you hold no regrets.

[10:22:20 PM] erectchim: this is a private server

[10:22:29 PM] erectchim: how did you get in here?

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Sleep Deprived

Summary: You’re exhausted and really just need some sleep but Bucky is nothing but trouble.

Request/Prompt(s): -4,31,62,76,9 Preferably in that order?

4. “I’m too sober for this.”
31. “I haven’t slept in ages.”
62. “If you can’t sleep… we could have sex?
76. “Please put your penis away.”
9. “You can’t banish me! This is my bed too!”

Warnings: swearing, mentions of sex, super mild smut I guess? maybe?

Word Count: 1910

Originally posted by iheartmbm

Exhaustion crept through every inch of your body, slowly dragging your thoughts into an irritable whirl. It had been a stressful few weeks, and coming off of a daunting double shift the only solace was the idea of a shower, bed, and cuddles. The idea of curling into Bucky’s warm body while you fell asleep was the only comfort to motivate your last few steps up to your apartment.

The second you turned the key in the lock and pushed the door open that comforting feeling shrank to nothing, replaced by a heavy tension. You set your things down as the excited shout of several voices assaulted your ears. The boys were over, judging by the late hour, they were also up to no good.

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beneficial (m)

word count: 13780

a/n: this literally took weeks to write and plan, and i’m so happy with the way it came out :)

|| You’ve been friends for as long as you can remember. So you guess it has its perks.

> Friends with Benefits! Jungkook


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New environments were never a comforting thought for a young child. Y/FN Y/LN was no exception. Having moved into a new suburban home close to her kindergarten, Y/N didn’t have many friends to begin – if any at all. The world seemed too big for her tiny mind. Five years of living and Y/N was still as shy as they come.

The first day of kindergarten arrived, and Y/N wanted to show off her new glitter shoes – the ones that glow and sparkle in the sunlight when she’d walk. Of course, she was way too shy to ever ask her classmates what they thought, and to her, it was almost as if they never cared. Swinging her feet as she sat in her chair, listening to the teacher introduce herself, Y/N bowed her head, shamefully staring at the shoes she thought would bring her friends.

A tiny, chubby cheeked boy with straight black hair turned his attention towards Leg-Swinger, her pretty hair put up in pigtails as her shiny shoes rocked back and forth. His straight and stern face was tough for a fellow five-year-old, his eyes staring at the little girl across the room intently. Diverting his attention back to the teacher, the little dark-haired boy began to swing his feet.

Mrs. Park had finally released the tiny children, sending them off to the playground. The sun beamed down as Y/N sat on the edge of the sand box, her tiny legs burying her shoes and hiding the glitter. It was embarrassing – all the other little girls had regular pink Barbie shoes and the boys had their trucks and racecars. Y/N had glitter.

“I like your shoes, lady.” A tiny, squeaky voice piped up from behind Y/N, making her tiny body shake and whirl around. Her eyes landed on a timid boy, his hands wringing the hem of his shirt as his hard gaze met her surprised face.

“Y-you do?” Y/N questioned, pink rushing to her cheeks. A reassuring and forceful hum rumbled his throat as he nodded vigorously. His black hair bounced as he nodded.

“I’m Jungkookie,” the little boy nervously pointed, “Who are you, lady?”

Y/N’s nose crinkled as she crossed her arms over her chest, “I’m not lady, Jungkookie.”

“Then who are you?”


“Y/N,” Jungkook swallowed, “You’re pretty.” He blurted out before running away, the dirt flying from his shoes as he ran.

“Wait!” Y/N called out, watching him disappear into the playground slides. Turning back to face the shoes buried in sand, Y/N’s legs slowly pulled out, letting the sand fall off from the glitter.

Someone actually likes her shoes.

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Mirrors // Jungkook

Drabble game request: Jungkook + “Don’t argue. Just do it” + Friends with Benefits au | for @jungkookjpeg & important banana anon

Word count: 3,460 words (idk what happened)

Character: Jungkook x reader

Warning: Smut. A little bit of exhibitionism and a much graphic smut. Please read with much caution.

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Holy Pt. 2 {Luke Hemmings Smut}

RATING: A for angst and S for smut
REQUESTED: yesssss!!! so many ppl wanted a second part so here u go!! 

guess who’s back!!! well not rly bc i have so much work to do but i managed to churn out this monster fic in like….3 days lmao ! just letting u guys know, it deviates from the religious aspects that r mentioned in the first part; this part definitely deals more w their relationship and there’s literally sooooo much angst so y’all can thank me for that later ;-) anyways, hope u enjoy!!!

[part 1] [masterlist] [come yell at me]


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Was fixing up an old sketch of Lance as an elven archer. Laid a mask layer and slapped some rough shading in prep for making it a fully coloured one which will later become a print. Will also do the other paladins. So I guess this counts as a WIP.

Also this pic is from my fic ‘The Fallen Paladin’ which can be found here . It’s only one chapter so far and Lance wont be appearing till a little later along with nerdy barbarian Hunk and sassy rogue Pidge.

a 12.04 fic ft. Castiel. ~1.2k

inspired by this headcanon and this train of thought

Castiel’s never really thought of himself as a people-person. That would entail of him to be a people in the first place, it isn’t as if he had much opportunities to know many humans other than the Winchesters anyway, and– 

He digresses. 

Of course, he would account himself as having gotten better at the whole ‘talking to people’ thing than he used to be, but seeing how he wasn’t able to talk to Vince Vincente’s sister without Crowley’s breaking-and-entering just few days ago, improvement doesn’t mean much. 

So, the fact that the Winchesters are even worse than him when it comes to talking to each other… should be telling. 

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Strings of Fate - Part 4

(Part 1) (Part 2) (Part 3) (Part 4) (Part 5) (Part 6)



Soulmate AU
“Funny how I finally got what I always wanted, but it was given to you instead.”

Warnings: mentions of blood, maybe swearing? 

Word count: 3109

A/N: I am so happy I finally managed to post this! I know I’ve been missing from tumblr but school has been really busy and guess what? I AM NOW A CERTIFIED POLYGLOT!!! aaaaaaaagh! I’m so happy because I Invested so much time into this certification for the past few weeks (hence, my absence from tumblr) but I’m finally done and winter break is near, so I hope you’ll get another chapter really soon

Anyways, enjoy! and thank you to @wingtaken @aubzylynn @mellifluous-melodramas and @poe-also-bucky for being such amazing human beings

Originally posted by bellasmith45

Two days later and you’re sitting on a park bench, your third cup of hot chocolate in under one hour safely tucked between your hands, the steam rising softly from the thin layer of foam.

Nat is late.

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Oops (Bucky x Reader)

A/N: Woot woot! It’s Bucky’s turn! I’m sorry this is kind of short but I needed time to work on AWTY part 8 so yeah. @pleasecallmecaptain thinks she’s probably going to get second hand embarrassment while reading this fic just like she did while reading Poatte, and she’s probably right…. so enjoy!!

Prompt: Bucky and reader decides to get two sets of gifts, one present appropriate to open in front of the team, and one saved for the bedroom. Guess who mixed up the presents?

word count: 800

Originally posted by annutystan

It was Christmas Eve and you were giddy with excitement as you gathered in the living room with all your friends surrounding you. Presents were laid out underneath the extravagant Christmas tree that Tony had set out. It was brightly lit with so many lights with a beautiful star that sat on top of it. It was the annual Christmas gathering and everybody had blown their money on gifts but you knew that everyone was just as excited to see the person’s face when they opened their present. It was money well spent. This year, you had somewhat of a crazy idea. The only other person in on it was Bucky. Being your boyfriend and all, you decided to be extra nice this year gift him two gifts instead of one. And as promised, Bucky did the same. Though you both agreed that one would be put under the tree and the other one, not so innocent, would be opened later in the evening, alone.

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Holiday Happenings

A/N: Requests are officially open! I have a posting schedule! I’ll be posting every other day until winter break is over, and then we’ll see how things end up. Masterlist is here. Askbox is here ((i just ask for no smut, instead go to @myalexanderhamiltonjustyouwait for that, she’s like top 3 friend))

**bonus points if you can guess where I’m from after reading this fic**

I also apparently have a thing with photographs and sending them to people?? help???

Word Count: 4333 ((blabbermouth? maybe))

TW: swearing, sexual innuendos, sexual stuff mentioned, children, babies, fake love ((at first ooooo)), not being politically correct/respectful

Pairing: D. Diggs x Reader

From: Mom
Don’t forget to bring the alcohol and this nice boyfriend you’ve been talking about!

You scoffed.

That boyfriend cheated on you before your parents could even meet him.

Before you could even type out a reply to correct her, a voice interrupted your thoughts.

“You have a boyfriend?” Daveed spat from over your shoulder, his words laced with disgust.

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You Scared of Me Now, Babydoll?

Pairing: Negan x Reader

Summary: Imagine you find out Negan has a crush on you

(Requested by @spn-cw123)

Word Count: 1,027

Warning(s): Language, a little sexual tension I guess??

A/N: My first imagine ever, I hope you guys like this! (UPDATE) This is now a full fic! Masterlist so far is here. Please let me know what you think and if you’d like to see more of these in the future :) 

Originally posted by rikkisixx

You sat in the armory, hands busy cleaning and reloading firearm after firearm. You were tired, and the week had just seemed to drag on. Negan had been bossing everyone around lately, but you had just bit your cheek and sucked it up. You knew not to get on his bad side. You had seen a glimpse of it a few months ago on the night you were forced into Sanctuary, and it sure as hell had scared you into submission. Negan was not a man to be messed with, and you learned that quickly.

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Art/Fic people?

1) How many people in Cap fandom do both art and fic? (hmm… the ones off the top of my head are @superhumandisasters, @silentwalrus1, @dorkbait, @coffeestainanalyst, and @artgroves but I’m sure there’s more!)

2) Are any of the art/fic people interested in doing some sort of fic/art exchange where you get to do both of the things?

3) What do you call a fic/art exchange where you make some sort of prompt/request, the other person writes the fic, and then you draw for it?   (While simultaneously *being* the fic writer).

4) Does this sort of thing already exist?  If so, can someone point me in the right direction?

5) If such an exchange does not exist, would people be interested in me running one? 

Week 3: X Marks the Spot

Summary: Yay, it’s the third installment of the sex games series! this one is called ‘x marks the spot’. kind of like “guess that number”, but with a certain spot on your body. Player 1 thinks of one particular spot on their body, and player 2 has to kiss any and everywhere until they guess correctly.

Pairing: Cas x reader (obviously)

Word Count: 2.3k

Warnings: smutty smut, language

A/N: I didn’t proofread this one so pls ignore any mistakes, I’ll go back tomorrow and fix them :-)

Sex Games Masterlist


Warning: NSFW gifs under the cut

“Jeeze, I was wondering if you two were even still alive,” Dean chuckled from his seat at the table as you and Cas sleepily walked into the kitchen.

Cas kept his arm around your waist to help hold you up, a small smirk on his face, knowing he was the reason you were having trouble walking.

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you keep on hitting, but i keep on swinging

Summary: Dan’s an asshole and Phil tries to convince himself Dan isn’t one.

Genre: Angst, fluff, smut

Warnings: lil mention of homophobia if u squint, some sexy times too

Word count: 8k

A/N: i started this fic back in june and i can’t believe i finally got around to finishing it dsjfd this is the longest i’ve written and it’s nothing great but pls appreciate it all the same sobs ;; i also tried going for a laidback style of writing but i realized it wasn’t me so i had to start all over again lmao. ok bye enjoy i guess? <3

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