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Bee Movie: What’s your weirdest ship?

my literal only two ships are Two/Jamie and Ruby/Sapphire, bc even tho there are a lot of fictional characters I’ve loved over the years, I never felt that strongly about any romantic relationships until just a couple of years ago.

I guess this could be the two fauns from Spyro 2 haha. the weird bit being that they’re just these flat, task-providing NPCs who have literally no other role, but there’s one area at the end of the game with a Tunnel of Love and they’re one of the couples that can spawn on it.

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I want more fan content about these guys haha.

I AM FORCIBLY REMOVED FROM [X]: Have you ever gotten kicked out of an establishment?

shocking backstory time: I’ve been suspended from primary school twice. once for arguing with a teacher about something and then allegedly grabbing her arm and generally making a scene (I was actually just attempting to get out of her grip but admittedly it prob did look p bad to everyone else), and I forget what the second time was over but I’m certain it was basically the same deal.

I was a v over-emotional kid who had frequent enough tantrums (most likely minor meltdowns now that I’m older and wiser about having dyspraxia, now I can silently panic to myself if there’s a concept I’m not grasping fast enough in, say, a situation when all eyes are on me and be rational. not so much when you’re a little kid), so I got in to trouble over that a loooot. these two occasions were the only super severe times, tho. I’m usually p embarrassed about the way I acted back then but I don’t mind sharing this at all.

Let Pearl Say Fuck: What’s your favorite swear word?

1. tit.

2. tits.

3. titty.

also ‘shit’. I’m such a non-swearer for absolutely no reason but if I were I’d use it more often bc it’s so versatile, idk what it is about it but it’s a great comedic word.

Me, an intellectual: Do you think you’re smart?

academically? no. my maths skills are appalling, I’m not a strong critical thinker, I can’t retain anything after studying, but I do know practically every detail of the things I enjoy and I’m great with general knowledge.

I’m prob too hard on myself, tho. I think a lot of my insecurity over my intelligence comes from other people measuring how smart a person is by how good they are with numbers.

Pepe The Frog: What’s something you find oddly satisfying?

low-poly 3d models, they’re so nice and sharp. I imagine a lot of it comes from stuff still looking like that as I was growing up, so it’s kind of a familiar visual to me.

the well-rendered kind, obv haha. because you know there’s a difference between:


I hope you didn’t mind reading though all of that haha. thank you! <3