i guess im not over him


o shit waddup the character designs are here ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

I’ll be posting the actual tattoo designs later on. Here’s just the general idea. 

So, as promised, more on my Sun/Moon Spirit AU!

  • Adrien wears a lot of clothes due to him being the sun spirit, he is constantly exposed to the heat.
  • And onto that, another reason he wears a lot of clothes aka the giant robe is because he has a lot of scars and all sorts from battles, the heat and just general angsty shit (more to come on this next time)
  • I’ll give you this though; because Mari has rejected him for…decades, sometimes he gets lonely which is why out of the two, he is more likely to go to his human version so he can to interact with people.
  • But, their human forms have restrictions. 
  • To transform into their human versions, they have to take off their respective earrings. 
  • They have a limited amount of time in their human versions, as the time passes, their tattoos begin to fade and they cannot, at all costs, have their tattoos fully faded and gone. 
  • If the tattoos fully fade, they become mortals, and as much as Adrien does want to become a mortal, the balance of basically everything in the universe goes to the shits and basically we might die.
  • Due to his excessive use of his human version, he is often scolded by gods. Adrien has never gotten his tattoo fully faded but he’s had some very close calls. 
  • Mari has every constellation on her back as tattoos and as time passes for her in her human form, the constellations disappear one by one. 
  • Both Adrien and Mari are saddened about their losing connection to humans. They were once actively interactive with the people way back then but during the heavy times of industrialisation and of course, environmental issues, sometimes it’s hard for both to reach out. And this has definitely affected both physically…
  • Mari fell in love with Human Adrien in the time of the French Revolution when he fought as a soldier. 
  • In their spirit forms, only animals and chosen humans can sense Adrien and Mari.
  • Birds love Adrien and can sense him more strongly than any other animals and tend to follow him around in his spirit form. 
  • Spirit Adrien has seen Human Mari….more to come on this later. 
  • I’m not going to reveal all of this yet but here’s the thing; the spirits don’t just watch over the people for decades without doing anything…
  • And Mari and Adrien are definitely not the only spirits around. 
  • That’s it for now but yeah….def some more soon ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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This is kinda random but this idea has been stuck in my head: what if mc just liked to go out and sit on the roof at night to look at the stars and one night their s/o catches them (I'd imagine Jumin would flip his Shit tbh)

need some cute ass fluff in my life so im doing this sorry


  • when he first finds MC, he doesnt say anything
  • he just stares at them, smiling
  • god, i am so lucky
  • how can just the mere sight of someone make me so, so happy?
  • i swear to god, i’ll never get tired of this view…
  • “hey there, cutie. you looked cold”
  • Yoosung sits down beside MC, wrapping his arms around them along with a blanket
  • they’re both inside the blanket together, snuggling on the roof while MC stares up at the stars and Yoosung looks mostly at them
  • he rests his head on MC’s shoulders and closes his eyes, soaking up the moment with them
  • “Yoosung? you’re not gonna fall asleep, are you?”
  • as Yoosung answers he wraps both arms around MC, smiling and breathing in the night air deeply
  • “so what if i do? even sleeping on the roof is warm with you~”
  • MC giggles a little and pulls the blanket over him more, resting their head on his


  • he sees MC and instantly has to join them
  • “hey baby, whatchya doin?”
  • he would catch them by surprise and talk in a cute voice
  • “oh, Zen! i was just looking up at the stars…”
  • “do you care if i join you?”
  • MC scoots over and pats the space next to them
  • “of course not!”
  • so Zen climbs out to the roof and sits next to MC, putting an arm around them and rubbing their arm in an attempt to warm em up
  • him and MC look up at the sky together in silence for some time before Zen decides to turn his attention to MC
  • after a few seconds of staring, they turn to look at Zen, too
  • “what is it?”
  • Zen looks into their eyes for a second of two, smiling, and leans forward to kiss them
  • MC can feel the smile in his kiss, and shudders a little when his hand touches their face
  • “nothing, i just wanted to do that” Zen says almost mater-of-factly through his smile, then turns back to the night sky
  • MC gets all flustered even though kissing Zen is something they do all the time, and he pulls them closer, running his fingers through their hair


  • as soon as she sees MC, she runs into her room to grab a jacket
  • “MC, what are you doing on the roof? do you need a jacket?”
  • Jaehee awkwardly climbs on the roof and drapes the jacket over their shoulders
  • “i was just looking at the stars, Jaehee! sorry if i worried you…”
  • “im just worried about you getting sick”
  • “i know, i know…”
  • they sit in silence for a few moments before Jaehee speaks up again
  • “you know, they way you look at the night sky is quite endearing”
  • MC feels warm suddenly
  • “r-really?”
  • Jaehee scoots closer to MC, wrapping an arm around them
  • she quickly pecks their cheek before looking up at the stars again
  • “really”


  • oh my god, what is MC doing out there?!
  • they’re going to catch a cold like that!
  • “darling? why are you on the roof at this time of night? and in your pajamas?”
  • when MC turns their face is red, and they nervously pushing some loose hairs behind their ear
  • “oh, J-Jumin! i was just looking up at the starts…they’re so pretty tonight”
  • Jumin’s heart softens with MC’s words, and his concerned look instantly melts into a smile
  • “well if they’re as pretty as you say, i’d like to see them myself”
  • this is where Jumin Han, still wearing his suit, awkwardly climbs onto the roof through the window
  • MC giggles as they watch him
  • “okay, im here”
  • “finally”
  • Jumin tries to fix his hair, smirking at MC in response to their joke
  • he takes off his suit jacket and drapes it over MC’s shoulders
  • he sits next to MC, hugging his knees as they stare up at the night sky
  • as much as he wants to join them, he just cant take his eyes off of MC for even a second
  • “Jumin! you arent even looking up!”
  • “hmm?”
  • he hadnt even realized he was staring
  • he reaches out, pulling MC close to him and wrapping an arm around their shoulder
  • “i guess i just love the way the stars look reflected in your eyes”
  • as Jumin pulls MC in, he places a soft, warm kiss on their cheek, then nestles his head into their neck
  • the sensation tickles MC a bit, but they just kiss his head and continue to look up at the stars


  • “come here often?”
  • when MC turns toward the window they see Seven leaning out of it, his arm resting on the window sill
  • “only when there arent any clouds”
  • Seven climbs onto the roof as if he’s done it a million times
  • “i like to come out here too, but mostly just to get away from you”
  • MC smiles and playfully pushes on Seven’s arm 
  • Seven responds by wrapping both arms around MC and pulling them in between his legs
  • he unzippes his jacket, then zips it back up around the both of them, hugging MC from behind inside the big hoodie
  • “what the heck are you doing?”
  • “you looked cold! what else was i supposed to do?”
  • Seven rests his chin on MC’s shoulder, looking up with them
  • he points out stars, planets, and constellations
  • he even has this cute trick where he knows where all the letters of the alphabet are in the sky, so he can spell MC’s name in the stars
  • after taking about stars and space and aliens for awhile, Seven decides to end the conversation by littering MC’s cheek, neck, and shoulder with little kisses
  • “love you so, so much. you know that, right?”
  • MC awkwardly cranes their neck so they can look at Seven
  • “i love you too, more than anything”
  • Seven places a small, uncomfortable kiss on MC’s lips before they turn around again, and he wraps his arms around them even tighter and pulls then closer as he returns to resting his chin on their shoulder

can u tell how much a crave physical affection? lol

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listen to this my dude... madison is a pretty intimidating fella. he may be short, but he got some serious biceps, a stare that could melt glaciers. shit, the man is always calm but when he loses his temper? fuckkkkk. mads is an intelligent man, manipulative when he wants to be and determined. but then you look at him, he sneezes and falls over

oh i like where this is go—

help him ple a se

what are the signs thinking right now
  • Aries: "did i do enough push-ups today? btw i love my ass omg i love myself im so fucking hot"
  • Taurus: "where that pizza at tho"
  • Gemini: "omg my instagram's lit af i love myself i am literally goals"
  • Cancer: "i'll just have to get over him i guess... and learn from my mistakes" *DOESN'T LEARN FROM THEIR MISTAKES AND DOES THE SAME MISTAKE 20 times*
  • Leo: "omg wHO WAS THAT GIRL ON the train she wAS SO fuckN HOT SHES MY SOULMATE I SWEAR"
  • Virgo: "uh-oh i still haven't started that assignment and it's due 90 years omg im SO LATE"
  • Libra: "i'm so glad that i made my friends' day better"
  • Scorpio: "i canT BELIEVE THAT that fucking bitch/fuckboy is my ex omg i still cant believe that i gave them an actual CHANCE"
  • Sagittarius: "which bitch do i slap tomorrow hmmmmmm"
  • Capricorn: "how do i get more money bc i need that gucci coat and those adidas slippers"
  • Aquarius: "damn im so popular but im insecure i need to fix that"
  • Pisces: "where thE FUCK IS MY FAME im TOO PREcious & inTERESTING TO NOt be famOUS im a fucking gem why is this universe so cruel to me what did i do like bitch I NEED THAT FAME & MONEY RN BECAUSE I NEED TO BUY CLOTHES & DONATE THE REST OF MY MONEY"

aint-nothing-but-a-drifter  asked:

Hey Bucky! I love reading about your perspective on life. I was wondering, have you bonded with Tony over non-consensual body modifications? And, has he/does he help out at all with the technical support of your arm?

tony and i have talked about our super fun experiences with becoming cyborgs, yes, and i guess we bonded? honestly though tony and i spend a lot of time geeking out about science and engineering. im nowhere near his level but when hes stumbled across something that really gets him excited he likes to share it with anyone who will listen and im one of the few people in the tower who is genuinely interested in that stuff. bruce is too but is interests are more focused. so often tony will just burst into whatever room im hanging out in and begin ranting about whatever neat science thing has happened. often he is still smoking from whatever explosion he just accidentally set off. 

tony and i mostly bond over cars. both of us are car nerds–or gearheads, if you wanna be picky about it–and we spend a lot of time working on the cars tony already has or just chatting about cars in general. natasha joins us a lot too, believe it or not. she has strong opinions about cars, both as accessories for her various covers, and as getaway vehicles. eventually i think it just kinda turned into an actual interest in cars. so she and tony and i argue cars a lot, because the rest of the avengers couldnt care less. clint drives an ancient pickup truck that is probably more bullet holes than steel, thor is half convinced that every car is gonna hit him (to be fair to thor, hes been hit by cars a lot) bruce just drives whatever, and steve seems to think that cars are some sort of range weapon. 

tony does do my arm maintenance. last time my arm broke it was because he summoned the iron man armor across the city while i was stuffing the insides full of glitter. it broke all of my metal fingers. tony fixed them all except my middle finger, which is currently stuck in flipping-off position. doesnt bother me much though because i do that a lot anyway 

You'll Miss Me When I Go

Part 2:

By the end of the meeting Keith was sure he hated Lance.
He was loud, obnoxious and never stopped talking.
Keith may of been able to forgive most of this if the guy actually had a reason to be at the meetings.
Grieving for himself?
What the he’ll is that supposed to mean?
Like what did he delete his Facebook and decide he needed coinciding for it.
No matter who was talking or what they had to say, Lance had a comment or a joke.
It was like he was laughing at all their suffering.
He was even smiling when Hunk told them all how hard he found it since he lost his grandfather.
Keith was losing it and Allura seemed to notice.
“I think that’s all for today thank you all for coming.” She said standing up.
“But we have at least ten mo-”
Coran was cut off when Allura directed his attention to Keith who had been glaring at Lance for the last ten minutes.
“Ah yes. I do have somewhere to be so we shall bring the group to an end until next session.”
“Sweet I’ll call the bae to pick me up.” Lance joked jumping to his feet and pulling out his phone.
Keith wondered what kind of woman would be crazy enough to stay with that weirdo.
“So any plans after this?” Hunk asked leaning his elbow on his knee to support his head.
“Not really.” Keith shrugged. He had planned on spending the rest of the night at home alone waiting by the phone for any word from Shiro.
“Well you do now.” Hunk grinned standing up and grabbing his backpack.
“Hunks tradition, after every session we go get ice cream.” Pidge explained trying to look uninterested but something about her tone gave away the fact she was actually looking forward to it.
“I don’t know… I mean I wouldn’t want to intrude.” Keith decided to leave out the fact he wasn’t sure he could stand much more of Lance before putting him on his ass.
“Awww come on, first Lance won’t come, now you don’t want to come.” Hunk groaned throwing his arms up in the air dramatically.
“Wait Lance isn’t coming?… erm I mean sure I suppose I could go for ice cream.” Keith smiled slightly as Hunk threw his arm around him and Pidge.
“I see you’ve replaced me already Hunk.” Lance said jokingly.
“Please you know I’m just after the buy two get one free ice cream deal.” Hunk replied laughing.
“Ah I miss ice cream so much. Almost as much as you three are going to miss me until the next session.” Lance winked flirtingly causing Keith to cringe.
“Yeah miss you like the plague.” Pidge smirked.
“Ah you know you love me young pigeon.” Lance laughed obnoxiously ruffling Pidge’s hair.
“That’s a filthy lie and you know it.” She snapped without any real venom.
“Babe get your ass over here.” A tall man with incredibly long white hair leaned in the door way with a hand on his hip.
Lance’s grin grew as he did as he was told.
The man leaned down wrapping his arms around Lance possessively and kissing him on the top of the head locking eyes with Keith.
“Hey babe go get me a drink I something ok.” He said tilting Lance’s face up to him.
Lance blushed and nodded before running off eagerly down the hall to the drinks machine.
“So who’s this little cutie?” He asked cocking his hip to one side as he ran a finger along Keith’s jaw line.
Keith jerked away staring at his guy who must of been Lance’s boyfriend. “The names Keith and don’t touch me.”
“Oh a feisty little kitten I like that.” He chuckled “well Keith it is simply wonderful to meet you. I am-”
“This is Lotor, he’s Lance’s boyfriend.” Hunk sounded strange. Like he was… angry. Keith didn’t know Hunk very long but he just didn’t seem like the kind of guy that could be angry at anyone every.
Lotor glared at Hunk before his seductive smile returned “as the fatty said I am indeed with Lance… for now.” He winked and Keith felt very uneasy.
He didn’t like what he had called Hunk and despite Lance’s flaws he felt like he could do better then this jerk. But it wasn’t really his place.
“Shut up Lotor Hunks perfect!” Pidge yelled taking a step forward and had to be held back by Hunk to stop her from taking a swing at the man.
“Oh yes I’m sure he is. And that’s why Lance is hanging around him and not me.”
“You know what!” Pidge shrugged Hunk off and looked ready to pounce when Lance returned holding a bottle of coke.
She stopped in her tracks and Keith couldn’t understand why.
Why would Lance being there stop her from defending Hunk?
“Ah thanks babe.” Lotor took the drink kissing him on the head before taking a sip, which he promptly spat out and threw the bottle against the wall causing everyone to jump.
“You know I have diet!”
“Sorry bae I’ll erm… I.”
Lotor sighed “oh my sweet idiot, your lucky your so pretty, no one else would put up with you.”
“Guess im lucky you love me then.” Lance joked but Keith saw a slight shake to his hands and a nervous glance to Hunk.
“Yeah sure I do. To make it up to me you buy some me dinner.” Lotor purred grabbing Lance by the wrist and pulling him out.
“Ok… sure.” Lance glanced over his shoulder waving “I guess I’ll see you guess next session.”
With that he was gone.
“Wow…” Keith mumbled in shock.
“Yeah… Worst thing is it’s the happiest I’ve seen Lance in a very long time.” Hunk said staring after Lance like all he wanted to do was wrap him up and keep him safe from the world.

———————————————part 1: https://langsty-mc-langstface.tumblr.com/post/160449627965/youll-miss-me-when-i-go

I think that the significance of this shot, showing Kakyoin waking up, is both him realizing that he just technically had a sleepover (likely his first) at a friend’s house, and realizing that he has people that care about his general well being. He’s in a nicely prepared room, with what appears to be a cup pitcher of water and a note (?) behind him.

His forehead is carefully bandaged, and his earrings are neatly put away as well.

I’m sure after months of Dio controlling and invading his thoughts, it’s a nice respite for him to just be able to lie in silence and contemplate the events of the previous day.

It’s a really subtle addition, but I’m really glad DavidPro decided to put something like this in, because you can only really appreciate it after learning Kakyoin’s backstory.

what are the signs thinking right now

Aries: “did i do enough push-ups today? btw i love my ass omg i love myself im so fucking hot”

Taurus: “where that pizza at tho”

Gemini: “omg my instagram’s lit af i love myself i am literally goals”

Cancer: “i’ll just have to get over him i guess… and learn from my mistakes” *DOESN’T LEARN FROM THEIR MISTAKES AND DOES THE SAME MISTAKE 20 times*


Virgo: “uh-oh i still haven’t started that assignment and it’s due 90 years omg im SO LATE”

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okay so i discussed this w my friend and i can't stop thinking abt it!! but can u write smth for pro overwatch player jungkook? thank you so much and take care !!

,,,,you got me i love overwatch so i had to write this,,,,

  • pro dps player and he mains mccree,,,,although sometimes he switches over to widowmaker on some maps or just for the memes because his fans call him widowkook 
  • before the objective unlocks he does the mccree dancing emote and laughs his butt off in the booth
  • actually does a good job of protecting the teams healer (which,,,,,you guessed it im putting all of bts into this au. it’s jin. he mains zenyatta.) 
  • but puts his own sprays over taeyungs LOL
  • you’ve been a fan of his since he was just a streamer and not on a team
  • and to one of the playoffs you bring a sign with a photo of jungkook when he just started gaming (bowl cut, high school uniform and all)
  • and apparently hoseok,,,,can’t stop laughing at it??? and he points u out in the crowd and jungkook sees u and is like oh MY goD whERE dID u GET thAT
  • and you’re hiding behind the sign trying not to laugh out loud,,,,and also not blush,,,,
  • but after the game,,,which you’re super glad jungkooks team won you get line for the fansign but hoseok spots u and is like !!!!! hey!!!!! ur the one with the jungkook sign!!!
  • and ur like gfhkvldfs yes,,,that’s me and he’s like pulling you out of the line and toward where the rest of the group is 
  • and jungkook sees you and the sign and rushes over and is like “this photo??? is from my second stream????? i look so bad???”
  • and you’re ,,,, well you’re like no!!! u look cute
  • and hoseok is wiggling his eyebrows and elbowing jungkook and he’s like “use that mccree charm on them ;)” and jungkook is like WHAt mCcREE CHARM leaVE mE aLONE
  • and ur still clutching ur sign like!!!!!!!!! ur so close to ur fav pro player,,,,and jungkook,,,,,,the videos and streams do him no justice hes EXTRA cute up close
  • and jungkook looks back at you,,,,,cutely being confused and embarrassed 
  • and he’s like “don’t mind hoseok,,,you know,,,,he’s like That” and ur like if it’s ok,,,can u sign the board??
  • and jungkook is like oh!!! sure!!!!!
  • and u both revert to nervous kids 
  • only to have hoseok pass by and be like “jungkook tell them mccree’s line!!! im your huckleberry ;))))”
  • and jungkook is like pLEASE HOSEOK D O N T 
  • and ur like oh my god oh my god,,,,but then quietly under his breath jungkook is like cough cough im ur huckleberry,,,and ur heart like skips a beat??? he’s so adorable
  • and when you look down at his signature,,,there’s a number next to it and jungkook is scratching the back of his neck and he’s like i,,,,i don’t have any ‘mccree charm or whatever,,,,but if ur free,,,,,after the tournament is over,,,,’’ 
  • hoseok from somewhere: THATS A GOOD COWBOY MOVE JUNGKOOK

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I need your opinion! I really think Phil has a partner, the whole him going away for a few days just after his holiday just makes no sense other than that, especially without Dan. And now he's watching Love Island which is a really girl thing to watch he said a "friend" made him do it and watching stuff your partner likes is just a really normal thing to do

i really think phil has a partner too!! tbh i think its a bit unfair because he is dating a fan, and like, thats blatant favoritism :/ but when they started dating phil had a much smaller following so i guess its okay? i dont know its been ages so im kind of over it but that dan howell sure is a lucky guy :// 

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hi. johann here. i guess im calling out all three of them with this but uh itd be really nice if taako didnt find me whenever i play the violin and start breakdancing. i mean the moves are sick gotta admit but its really hard to get into the jam when hes doing flips all over the place. also if magnus and merle can stop egging him on by chanting "flip wizard" over and over super loud thatd be cool. bye



Characters: Dean Ambrose x Reader

Content: Sexual Content, NSFW, Daddy Kink, Choking. 

Summary: Dean storms backstage after WM32 enraged, finds You and drags you off to release some of his anger.

“Come with me. Now.” Dean barked at you while grabbing your arm. You’d been sitting backstage while the makeup girls finished off your look, getting ready to head up to Gorilla to go over your match plans again.

“W-w-what. Where are we going?”

He was dragging you down the aisle of the backstage area, fingers digging into your arm as he pulled you along. You wanted to protest but you weren’t sure how he was going to react.

Kicking open a few doors open he finally settled on an empty room, which was rare considering it was Wrestlemania. Locking eyes with him you could see his pale blue eyes were filled with rage. Dean was in one of those moods where he wanted to fight or fuck. He’d done one of those and that clearly hadn’t satisfied him.

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“I’ll give you a choice.”  Lotor’s voice is loud over the hushed silence of the paladins.

Lance imagines that he’s anywhere that isn’t here.  Remembers the beach and the sand warming his toes, a flower field in his dreams, the training room of the castle.  He even pretends he’s somewhere he’d never been–sitting in Keith’s room, just talking.  It doesn’t matter that it isn’t real.  With labored breaths he tries to think of what it would be like to sit on the edge of Keith’s bed, their knees knocking together, and his chest aches.  

If this were any other situation, maybe something less prone to break his heart, he’d laugh at how pathetic he was being.  How, inevitably, his thoughts always lead to Keith.  

Behind him, he hears the screaming of his friends.  They fade out when Lotor finally breaks the heavy silence. 

“You can either come with me,” he starts, eyes shining in the dark of the ship. The paladins had cut the power supply in an attempt to take out the ship’s defenses.  It unfortunately had not worked.  “Or,” he continues, leaning in close so only Lance can hear and feel the warmth of his breath in his ear, “I will kill him.”  

His heart sinks and sinks.  But no choice has ever been easier.  He decides in a single breath, a single heartbeat. 

“What’ll it be?”

Lance can hear him screaming, his name coming out a bleeding, broken thing from Keith’s throat over and over.  It’s the last thing he hears, the last sound that echoes in his heart, before his own voice spills out, “Yes, yes.”

Family Troubles (Jughead X Reader)

Summary- The reader has family issues just like Jughead. When Jughead finds out he is mad that he didn’t know sooner. (Based when jughead lived in the Drive In.)

Warnings- angst, kissing, crying, alcohol, maybe triggering??

Requested- Yes! by @bvreathe

A/N- My fist real requested imagine! Also, I’m like really busy with school and stuff so ya don’t expect your requested stuff to be on time lol. ALSO my ear hurts rlly bad rn so ya. Anyways… enjoy!

“Leave me alone!” You yelled at your mom as she came closer to you.

“Just give me the money, Y/N!”She screamed back.

You had a little bundle of money in your hands that you had earned from working shifts at Pop’s. It was rightfully yours and your mom was trying to take to buy god knows what. 

“No! It’s mine!” You yelled stuffing it in your pocket.  

Your mother looked at you with cold eyes, like you were the worst person on the entire planet.

She suddenly reached out and tried to take the money from your pocket. 

“Stop!” You screeched and stumbled back.

“Y/N. I swear to God. Give me that money. NOW!” You mom reached for the money again but you leaped back, colliding with the couch and falling into it. 

“Get a job if you want money so bad!” You yelled as you dodged your way out of another one of your mom’s attacks. 

You mother suddenly pinned you down on the couch. You looked into her eyes with fear as she grabbed an empty beer can from the floor and held it over your head as if to hit you with it.

“Give. Me. The. Money.” She said quietly as you quickly grabbed your money out of your pocket and handed to her. 

She let you go and put the money in her pocket. 

“Now get out. You’re such a pain. And take your brother too… I’m sick of his crying.” She said as she plopped on the couch, opening a bottle of hard liquor and turning on the T.V. 

“W-what?” You stuttered, tears welling up in your eyes. 

Your mom had never kicked you out before. Where were you going to go?

“Am I speaking Chinese?” she exclaimed, “Get. Out. I’m sick of you right now.”

Tears began to run down your cheeks.

“Where am I gonna go?” You asked quietly. 

You mom looked at you and shrugged, “Don’t know… Maybe you can find your father and tell I’m to get back here already.” 

You gulped and ran for your room. 

You swung open the door and quickly ran to your dresser. You stuffed everything you could into the bag and then went into the bathroom and grabbed your toiletry stuff. 

Once you had finished packing, you went over to the small bed beside yours.    A small boy that had all of your features lay sleeping in it. He was four. You quickly waked him.

“Wake up, John… We gotta go.” You picked him up out of bed and set him on the ground. 

“Wha?” He rubbed his eyes. 

“Get some clothes and put them in this bag.” You handed him a bad and he did what you said. 

“Now, Get on your coat. It’s cold.” 

Once he did so you both headed out. The living room was silent except for the T.V., which was playing a cop show. Your mom was asleep on the couch, the liquor bottle still in her hand. You sighed a long and sad sigh.

Your mother was a good person at heart. She really was. But, ever since your dad left, 2 years ago, she had turned completely different. She turned to alcohol to make her feel better. She lost her job. She went spilling downward. And she took me and my brother with her. 

As the hour neared mid-night, it was cold. the wind rustled the tree branches as you walked with your little brother down the streets of Riverdale. You didn’t know where to go. There was nowhere to go. You couldn’t let your friends know about this… They already had their own troubles. 

Maybe we can rent a hotel… you thought. But then you remembered: your mom took your only money. 

“Y/N, I’m tired.” Came a whiney voice from John.

You looked down at the sleepy boy. He sucked his thumb and rubbed his eyes.

You had to find a place for you to stay. 

Then you saw it: The Drive In.

It was dark and no one would be there this late at night.

“Come one, John just a little further.” You said and pulled him along.

You neared The Drive In and quickly helped your brother through a tight entrance in the gate. You did the same. 

You neared the little building where they projected the movies. You would sleep there tonight. 

As you fumbled with the locked door handle you neared a noise from inside.

maybe its just some rats… you thought to yourself. 


A huge crash came from inside.

you gasped. That was not a rat. 

You quickly grabbed John and hid on the other side of the building. 


the door had opened. 

Holding your breathe, you cupped a hand over your brother’s mouth for him to stay quite.

“Hello?” A voice came from around the bend. 

It sounded familiar. Very familiar. 

“Jughead?” You exclaimed and looked around the bend.

“AHHHHH!” A scream escaped the mouth of the tall and thin teenage boy that you looked at. 

His dark hair under a beanie and he wore dark clothes, it was your boyfriend Jughead. 

“Calm down! It’s just me!” You exclaimed, touching his arm. 

“Oh my god! What are you doing here, Y/N?” Jughead asked, looking around.

You shifted uncomfortably. 

But wait. What was he doing here?

“Wait a minute… What are you doing here?” You said pointing at him.

He sighed and took your hand leading you inside. 

“Wait!” you said, “My brother.” 

You grabbed your brothers arm and took him inside with you. 

“Oh my god Jug! I can’t believe that. I’m so sorry.” You said in a whisper as your brother lay sleeping in a sleeping bag. 

You were sitting in the projector room of The Drive In. Jughead had just told you his story, he was homeless and lived here.

“It’s ok. It’s not your fault.” He replied.

You looked at your brother and sighed of relief. He was safe and so were you.

“Ok, now to answer my question… What are you doing here?” He asked, eyeing you.

You look at him seriously. 

“I got kicked out.” You say, a lump in your throat forming.

“What? Why?” He asks. He looked so concerned for you, so caring.

“I got money, for working a few shifts at Pop’s. I was going to use it to buy some good snacks for John and maybe some new school books for myself.” You say, “But my mom took it. She takes all the money I ever get… Birthday money, working money…. I know it sounds stupid but I need that money. She never buys me and John good clothes or good food or hardly anything. I have no money to actually go do fun things. Like get ice cream or go to the movies. All I wanted was to keep some money. But she took it, to buy…Who knows what. She doesn’t always hurt me or John… Only sometimes. When she’s really mad or wasted. Im just glad she kicked us out instead of hurting us again.”

A hot tear runs down your cheek as you finished your last sentence.

“Why didn’t you tell me sooner?” He asks, a bit of anger in his voice.

But you could tell, he wasn’t mad at you, he was mad at himself for not knowing sooner.

“Im sorry. It was my own problem and I didn’t want to drag anyone into it.” You say.

“I’m so stupid. I should have known. I should have guessed. I should have looked at signs.” He began to say to himself, angrily. 

“No, Juggie. Don’t bring yourself down for this. It’s not your fault. It’s no ones fault I’m in this situation.” You tell him.

“I could have kept you safe, Y/N. And I didn’t.” Jughead stated, looking deep into your eyes. 

“Jug. There is no use fretting about it now. It’s over for now. Don’t beat yourself up for this. It will only make me feel worse.” You whispered and smiled. 

Jughead nodded and then took you in his arms. Wrapping his long arms around you and pulling you in close to his warm body. 

“I’m sorry Y/N. You can stay as long as you need.” He says into your hair. 

He hugged you tightly before letting go and kissing you on the top of the head. 

“Thank you Jughead.”

"What Are You Gonna Do!" Monsta x Wonho Smut

Tittle: “What are you gonna do!”

Monsta x Smut Wonho x Reader

•REQUESTED: “Hi! Can you do a Wonho smut with spanking involved and slight asphyxiation (breath play)? Maybe where he gets jealous and he has an argument with you that leads to this? Thank you!!”
(Hope you liked it! ❤️)

“Y/n! What the hell were you thinking!” Wonho said slamming the door to your house. You two were just at a costume party and for some reason he couldn’t handle you looking like a ‘slut’ in front of his friends. “It’s called a fucking costume! And I was more dressed than half the girls there!” You yelled back at him ripping off his coat he made you put on to ‘cover yourself.’

“I don’t think the other girls had boyfriends!” He said yelling back at you. You rolled your eyes and walked to the bedroom to take the itchy costume off. Wonho always got jealous but this time it was his fault. He agreed to the costume until he didn’t realize others would see you in it. “Everyone was fucking staring at you!” He said throwing stuff down on the couch. “Who give a shit wonho!” You yelled back at him slamming the bedroom door not wanting to hear him anymore.

Wonho growled “I fucking care! Why didn’t you tell me it was so revealing!” He said pushing the door open so hard it sounded like it was going to come off the hinge. He walked towards you, you now just in your bra and some shorts you were under the short skirt. You looked at him dead in the eye “what! What are you gonna do Huh!?” You hissed in his face. He clenched his jaw as he picked you up throwing you on the bed. “I’ll fucking show you!” He snarled as he ripped off his shirt and climbed on top of you. “Maybe you just need some punishment to learn” he said with dark eyes.

He turned you so you were on your stomach and looked down at you “this ass” he said slapping it “is mine!” The slap sent chills down your spine it felt heavenly. He slapped the other cheek leaving to big hand prints on your ass cheeks. You moaned with another slap a little lighter this time. You looked back at him and smirked “going soft already” his eyes widened “not at all princess” he said and slapped the already stinging cheek harder. You moaned as his hand connected to your ass.

Wonho pulled your shorts down with you panties and slapped your bare ass. “Look how wet your getting, your enjoying this arnt you!” He said smirked as he leaned down to lick a long line up your folded witch made your arms give out. He chuckled as he flattened his tongue making quick movements against your core. You moaned loudly “best punishment!”

He growled “oh yeah?” He flipped you over now on your bad completely exposed to him. He quickly pulled his pants off “do you want this?” He asked teasing your entrance as he moved the head up and down your folds. You groaned “fuck yes!” He said trying to grab ahold of him to pull him to you. “Tisk tisk” he said pulling away “I don’t think I heard a please baby girl” he said smuggly rubbing himself. “Fuck y-” you started to say but quickly submitted just wanting to feel his cock inside you. “Please Wonho I promise I won’t wear something like that again.”

He smirked “such a good girl” he alined himself as he pushed into you. His rock hard member pushing deep into your warm lust. “Sh-shit!” You said breathy. He stayed there for a second and moved agonizingly slow. “Wonho go faster!” You whined. He looked down at you and stopped. “This isn’t funny!” You said getting annoyed, You just wanted him to move.

“P-please Wonho” you said softly. He smirked as he started to move faster. “Your so sexy when you beg” he said smugly. You didn’t even wanna fight it felt so good. He started to go deeper hitting your core “Fuck!” You screamed, your hands flew to his hips digging your nails into him.

“Your not already gonna cum are you?” He chuckled as he felt your walls tighten around his member. “You better not cum before I do” he said his voice deep. He pounded into you going hard. He leaned down and nibbled on your neck the room filling with the sound of skin hitting each other.

“Im close!” You moaned feeling your orgasm reach. “Your not aloud to cum yet” he growled as he went slower. You whined “please keep going Wonho!” He arched a brow and his finger went around your neck. You have told him before you wanted to try choking but he was always afraid. I guess this was the time to try it? He tightened his grip not to tight but tight enough. “Now you can’t complain.” He chuckled as he started to pick speed back up.

He gulped feeling your orgasm coming closer he must have felt it “you can cum princess, all over my cock” he said groaning loosening his grip a bit but tightening again as you took a few breaths. You moaned slightly it getting broken up from the lack of breath. You never thought choking would turn you on so much but God was it ever.

Wonho slammed into hard hitting your spot “fuck im gonna cum!” He growled as he slammed In and out of you. You came hard all over him your body shaking. He came soon after cumming on your side of the bed. You to were breathing heavy. “Wonho I need to tell you something.” He looked at you raising a brow as a way to say ‘yeah what?’

You smiled at him “I think I’m addicted to this outfit if it makes you choke me.” He just laughed “maybe I’ll do it more often” he said giving you a soft sweaty kiss.


hey there, @aurelche ! Of course I can, love! °\(^▿^)/° thank you for stopping by and trusting me with this request, wowie! and thank you for liking my blog!! I hope you like what I write for this idea! i wanted to keep these together, so i just made a separate post heh ^^; 

this is some sensitive stuff, so be warned! it also might have gotten pretty long…esp zen’s since that was the first one i did;;  [tw: sexual advances, abusive relationships, violence, language]

MC had told them multiple times already. There was no way she was going to have sex with them, not before marriage. “But we’ve been dating for three years, MC.” They had said, “You have to do it with me…you love me, right?” But MC stood her ground. Even when things took a turn for the worse when they slapped her once. “Oh no, I’m so sorry babe,” They said. “I won’t do that again, but..please, just once MC.” The answer was no. Even when they asked again. And they was going to slap her again, too, she could tell. But she managed to excuse herself long enough to make a call..


  • when he got a call from mc asking for help, he had a feeling it was because of her boyfriend
  • mc told him about him pressuring her, making sexual advances when she clearly told him where she stood
  • so zen was on his way over, mc gave him a spare key to their place, so he uses it
  • when he first got that, he was so ecstatic
  • mc’s bf is Confused, but zen wastes no time.
  • “what makes you think you have the right to mc? that you can just have her when you want? why can’t you respect her decision and wait? is your dick going to fall off if you don’t get laid? no. you got hands, buddy. use them.” im yelling i just wrote that omg
  • both mc and her bf is Shook 
  • right now, all mc’s boyfriend can really say is, “it’s been three years-”
  • “i don’t give a damn how many years it’s been! if you really wanted mc, and really appreciated her, you would’ve proposed! but all you want is sex, apparently. you don’t deserve mc.” 
  • mc is literally just standing there, looking at zen like she’s never seen him before because his words hit her hard
  • it’s quiet, but mc finally speaks. “you should go. zen, you stay.” 
  • her bf is like ??? but mc is like, “we’re over. leave my house.” 
  • he’s about to protest, but mc yells “now!” and zen looks like he’s gonna punch him, so he leaves
  • “mc..?” zen asks. “do you really mean that?” she asks
  • “of course.” an immediate answer. “you deserve that and so much more..” he feels like he minus well. “something that i’d work to give you..”
  • mc smiles and walks over to peck his lips. “i don’t doubt that you would”


  • he gets the call in the middle of a LOLOL round, which he’d been playing more often to avoid his crush on mc
  • but he drops everything to help them 
  • goes over to mc’s place and finds her just about to be slapped by her bf
  • he manages to get in between them on time so that he gets slapped
  • mc gasps and stands up, going to help him, but yoosung holds her back
  • “don’t you dare lay a hand on mc” he says. her bf scoffs, “or what?” 
  • he’s about to hit yoosung again, but somehow yoosung avoids it and hits him instead 
  • “or two things. I make you leave,” yoosung pushes him towards the door. “then I steal your girl.” he pushes him again
  • mc has never seen yoosung like this..and did he just say that?
  • mc’s bf scoffs again, trying to play it cool. “fine, have her. not like she’s gonna give you any, anyways.” and he literally just leaves
  • wow what an asshole
  • mc stares at the door, surprised and confused yoosung looks at the door and then back at mc
  • this is awkward.. 
  • “i guess im single now” mc says. “that- is not what i meant to do” “no..you wanted to steal me from him, right?”
  • “no, mc- you’re your own person-” “yoosung. don’t ever do what he did to me, okay?” he nods “now let’s check your face..”


  • did not need any further info, she just headed over
  • honestly, she never liked mc’s girlfriend anyways because of her crush
  • but this was ridiculous 
  • so jaehee goes over and sees mc backed against the wall, her gf trying to make a move on her
  • jaehee pulls mc’s gf back by her shoulders and steps in front of mc to protect her
  • “you need to leave” she says. “no I don’t, we’re dating.” jaehee huffs
  • “not anymore. and if you want to continue saying that you’re dating, i’ll release evidence of sexual harassment. your choice.”
  • mc’s now ex skedaddles out of there, scared af
  • jaehee now turns to mc and cups her cheek 
  • “i’m sorry, did she hurt you?” “no..but thank you…I..that was a lot”
  • she nods and leads mc to the couch, making her sit and kissing her forehead before she goes to make tea
  • when she comes back, mc asks, “do you think i’m weird…for wanting to wait?” “of course not. you have the right to your body. no one else can tell you that. I know I would be satisfied with just kissing and cuddling you until marriage”
  • oh shit
  • “…jaehee?” “if- we dated, of course.” she tries to clear up
  • “I mean…that sounds like a nice idea..”


  • i kinda like what happened in my other abusive relationship hc, but let me expand on it 
  • that’s what eventually happens, first, mc has to tell jumin about the downside
  • their relationship was going well
  • mc even thought he was going to propose 
  • but he got drunk one night and attempted to get in bed with mc
  • this happened quite often now, though
  • and she told him there was no way
  • mc told jumin for a while and then stopped, so he assumed everything was resolved
  • turns out, it was because he had hit mc
  • and when he came to the penthouse, he also hit jumin
  • so now its really fair 
  • he males mc stay after the meeting
  • “you stopped telling me.” “i was scared..”
  • he pulls her into a hug
  • “you don’t have to be scared with me” “…i know, thank you jumin”

707 / luciel / saeyoung

  • is there in a flash
  • also has on his Angsty Attitude
  • he  just walks through the door and takes his place besides mc 
  • “listen here.” he says, a smile still on his face
  • “see this?” he holds up a flash drive. “i have the power to ruin your life in two minutes. is it really worth a round in bed?”
  • mc’s bf doesn’t believe him, so saeyoung starts spitting out the most random facts about him to spook him
  • it worked
  • “…fine. what do you want.” mc’s bf asks 
  • “i want you gone. never bother mc again. and never let me see you again.” 
  • he bolts 
  • saeyoung then turns to mc and puts the flash drive in his pocket “are you alright?”
  • she nods, pulling him over. “guess he wasn’t the one”
  • he smiles a bit. “no, but lets go ruin his life.”
  • “saeyoung!” “what? he deserves it. you’re too perfect for him. for anyone. for me.” oops that slipped
  • “i’m not perfect..” “….and i’m not that good of a person. wanna date?” “yeah.’

v / jihyun

  • say no more
  • this man is over there
  • knocks on the door like a gentleman
  • gets a very rude answering, but he smiles politely
  • “if you touch mc inappropriately without her consent, I will ruin you” :)
  • what
  • “or better yet, she’s coming with me. you clearly don’t respect boundaries or the preferences of others, including those you claim you love.”
  • he walks in and takes mc by the hand, walking back out
  • but before they leave, v has one more statement
  • “you lost the best thing in your life because you can’t keep it in your pants. i’ll be sure to thank you at our wedding” :))
  • i love savage v
  • mc is just as surprised
  • they get to his house and mc’s just like “…wedding?”
  • and now he’s super blushy and tries to wave it off “oh, you know…you say things..”
  • “how about we date for a bit first?”


  • my asexual bean is having none of it
  • he literally storms over and is so mad
  • punches mc’s bf when he starts badmouthing him and mc
  • “you can’t wait? until marriage? i don’t see why not, you’ve waited this long already. i don’t see why you’re so anxious to get your first time over with”
  • he keeps at this roasting session for a while
  • like a solid 8 minutes 
  • it ends with mc kicking their ex out, who looks like he might cry
  • saeran pulls mc into a hug
  • “he was ridiculous. i’m sorry you had to deal with such a dick.” 
  • mc says it’s okay, but she’s happy he’s gone
  • saeran and her have a talk about sex, actually
  • they discuss how sex isn’t everything to a relationship and that connection is more important
  • “kind of like..our connection.” saeran says and then he shuts up
  • mc just smiles at him and kisses her fingers then pressing them to his shoulder
  • “i like it this way better…” “so do i…” saeran says
  • whoops mc is also ace wowie