i guess im going to bed goodnight

when u make crafts bc u love Eugenides but then they’re disturbingly relevant to your life




im still slightly drunk so before i go to bed im going to categorize what kind of drunks different ds9 characters would be

Sisko: philosophical/giggly drunk. Will go off on a tangent about some idea he’s been thinking on, which you WILL get lost halfway through, ending with a very serious look before dissolving into laughter.

Kira: a danger to herself and others drunk. will become convinced she is invulnerable and capable of anything, managing to rope others into her poorly thought out ideas.

Jadzia: happy go lucky drunk. just glad to be there. smiling all the time. will go along with whatever Kira is up to.

Julian: weepy, emotional drunk. every little thing starts him reminiscing over stuff from years ago. feels the need to tell everyone how important they are to him. huggy.

O’Brien: argumentative/fun drunk. can go either way. get him worked up over something and he won’t let go of it, but is otherwise just there for a good time.

Odo: you’ll never notice drunk. even if he could somehow get drunk he’d be so focused on not appearing to be so that no one can tell. the kind that would blackout before you’d guess he’d had anything to drink.


Okz, I finished him faster than I expected hehe….and it didn’t take two hours….maybe 45 minutes or whatever. Anyways it still looks like crap cause I can’t draw good what-so-ever….so…yeah. welp…I think I’m going to sleep….it’s way too late for me…and I can hardly keep my eyes open. G’ night peepz.
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