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Well there are a few reasons I could guess:

1) Bishop is hella expensive. Idk who’s paying him now but he was eating up $5.95M per season in cap space. The Bolts have a lot of talent which means the roster is pretty pricey. This offseason, we have Tyler Johnson and Ondrej Palat coming off bridge contracts, and Jonathan Drouin coming off his ELC. There was always the expectation that Bish needed to be moved for cap space

2) Bish’s contract is ending at the end of this season. Per the Vegas expansion rules, every team needs to leave one goalie exposed who will be under contract in 2017-2018. Bish will not be under contract, Vasy will. Hence, Vasy would be exposed and Bish would not.

3) Last offseason Bish was super super close to being traded to the Flames. He knew he was going to be dealt, and he was ready for it. The Lightning this season have been transitioning from Bish as a starter to Vasy as their starter. It was really only a matter of when and to who.

4) Bc the Lightning knew Bish was going to walk at the end of the season if they didn’t trade him, this way they get something for him. LA probably wants a “more reliable” goalie for the playoffs, and the Lightning might not even make the playoffs, so it’s a good time for the trade.


tfw your stress of how much you gotta do backfires and causes you to procrastinate everything else

my new passion is fallen london and heres my cute persuasive pickpocket gallivanting of lesbos guess what they like doing the most


its lesbean poetry

Why should gender matter in the sns relationship? Guess what. It doesn't.

So I’ve seen people who hear the “If Naruto or Sasuke was a girl everyone in the fandom would ship it” answer with a severe denial of being homophobic because gender has nothing to do with not liking sns, following the argument that if anything the fandom would hate it even more as shown by the negative reactions that follow whenever one of the girls in Naruto series is abused or hurt in any way.

Now excuse me as I try very hard not to blow up in rage and frustration as I explain why I think this is all, alow me to say with all due respect, bullpoop.

What they fail to understand is that the “everyone would ship it” part is kind of an exaggeration and was not meant to be taken 100% seriously. We don’t assume that EVERYONE would ship it, just that a part of the fandom that doesn’t like it specifically because they are both guys would probably like it just fine if it was a het ship.
The first part of their response is valid. It’s not weird if someone just doesn’t like a ship, because they find it too abusive for example, regardless of whether it is het or homo.
But the second part of the responce is not only irrelevant, as I will explain shortly, but it also kind comes in contrast with the first part of the responce. The very fact that there would be apparently VASTLY different, compared to now, opinions about sns if either of them was a girl is so wrong in so many levels it makes me want to puke. 

As a girl who likes to think of herself as an equal with any other guy out there I have a question. To assume that should one of them be a girl, the relationship would be considered much more abusive from the fandom, than it is considered now when they are both guys, suggests that the relationship as it is now should be not considered JUST AS ABUSIVE AS HETERO SNS WOULD BE. Why is that?
I can understand the “gender has nothing to do with it, I just find the relationship too abusive” argument just fine. I can easily accept that.
But THEN the “if one of them was a different gender, then we would hate even more cause then it would be even more adusive” argument makes me feel all kinds of disturbed.
WHY would abusing a girl be worse than abusing a guy? As in WHY would abusing a guy be any less hated than abusing a girl?
Why should the difference even exist in “oh these guys abuse one another I can’t ship it” and “OH MY GOD the guy abuses the girl this ship is HORRIBLE”.
If gender is not a factor then regardless of whether the ship is het or homo shouldn’t the reaction be the same when any signs of abuse are shown? You can’t tell me that you don’t care about the gender and then immediately afterwards tell me that the gender does in fact affect your opinion. 

The equality between Naruto and Sasuke, the fact they both stand on even ground with each other means that even if one of them was a girl, neither of them would be in a less or more favorable position compared to the other.
Their relationship would be neither LESS or MORE abusive. Gender wouldn’t affect their dynamic wouldn’t affect their feelings, their past, it wouldn’t matter at all. They are more than able to defend themselves against one another. But that also doesn’t make it hurt any less.

Conclusion: the second part of the response is not so much about homophobia as much as equality between genders. Or lack thereof, cause apparently girls are so much weaker fragile little things and need to be protected at all costs unlike guys who are not hurt, are sturdy as hell and are not worthy of protection against abuse. Not saying girls should not be protected if needed but why should a guy deserve any less?
Like. Grow up, girls can be strong, they are not incapable of defending themselves and guys are not completely made of steel, they can have weak spots and vulnerable moments. It’s not all black and white.

So yeah this whole response is messed up. And if the sns antis want to prove gender plays no role in their opinions if not the very way their minds work, maybe they should be more careful of what bullpoop they let come out of their mouths every once in a while.

Extra: What would those same antis have to say about sasusaku where THE GIRL manipulates, guilt trips (naruhina also comes to mind here) and generally constantly harasses THE GUY in her efforts to conquer him? (I’m not ignoring every way Sasuke has also hurt her, just reminding people he is not the only abuser in this ship). Cause I HAVE actually come across people saying that if genders were reversed in sasusaku and naruhina, the ships would be hated cause maleSakura and maleHinata would be creepy stalkers and not cute girls in love.
Point is, I think Sakura and Hinata can easily be seen as creepy, manipulative, abusing stalkers instead of adorable characters desperately in love even if they are GIRLS.
That’s what it means to have an opinion about a ship completely unaffected by the gender of the characters involved.

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What do you think about lenka & rinto? Ever considered making them?

i HAVE considered doing rinto and lenka edits a while ago but as of current i have my mind set on not doing them until i have legit nothing better to do bc….. imo rin and len are already kinda genderbends of eachother?? so im like ceebs!!! much like how i don’t plan on doing vflower genderbend bc in a way vflower and v4flower are genderbends of eachother so im like mega ceebs doing either of dat

but if ppl really really want a rinto and a lenka like really want like they’re going to kill me and my family if i dont then sure i guess but for now, i probably won’t pry into that territory!! sorry tiny anon!!!

How Dan and Phil probably broke up #25
  • Dan: *wins another Dan vs. Phil*
  • Phil: all or nothing

you know me too well dammit D:<

> *shows up three weeks late with a doodle just because she gave up several times trying to draw legs* yo

> @ rogue: pls change ur haircut son its impossible to draw

They’re watching baby animals videos

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you know i keep seeing young jack morrison portrayed one of two ways in the fandom and it’s either “uwu innocent bb who doesn’t do anything wrong” or “grade A insufferable asshole” but i prefer to think of him more as the equivalent of “stressed out college student the week before finals who’s running low on sleep and cranked up on caffeine and is one step away from a breakdown because this is too much responsibility he clearly wasn’t ready for and now he’s just winging it i guess”


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