i guess ill put it in the

how would u guys feel about me having a rando save and me postin it like whenever? like no queue or huge story or anything lmk

ALSO HOW DO U FEEL ABOUT SUBTITLES OK IM GOING THROUGH A CRISIS AND I HAVE SUBTITLED PICS IN MY QUEUE AND I LIKE THEM BUT DO U???? like idc if u think it’s ugly i mean does it make it easier or harder for u to read if u want ill put up an example post or something idk.

anyway im gonna go make cute sims i guess

(also ill get back to nsb soonish)

anonymous asked:

I have to say, the "not you" post really hurt. I have a stutter and social anxiety, and I guess that means I'm not accepted in the community? I get it, I freak out and should go kill myself, but I know that about 15 million Americans have social anxiety just like Evan. You're saying that what these 15 million American think and feel is not valid. Mental illness is real and not a joke. I'm sorry, I tried to put this in the most respectful way possible.

Oh my goodness of course you were trying to be respectful, anon! Thank you for bringing this to my attention. (You’re not freaking out by the way everyone’s emotions and opinions are valid and I want you to know that yours are 100% valid!) I in no way believe that the things people with mental illness feel and go through aren’t valid! They definitely are. I don’t think Mac was trying to discount people with social anxiety like Evan’s, she just believes that his portrayal isn’t like the kind of illness she suffered from. Everyone is different. That being said, it is like the illness that others suffer from! I have never in my life discounted a mental illness. (Or at least I don’t think I have but if I have please tell me and I will work to fix it). In my previous post I was really just trying to help a friend. She was getting hate and I didn’t like seeing that. She’s always been kind to me. I’m so sorry if anything I said gave you the impression that I do not care about people with social anxiety or any other type of mental illness. I myself have struggled with anxiety. I find it hard to look people in the eye when they talk to me and it kinda feels like there’s a burning and clenching in my chest? Idk. This isn’t about me this is about you feeling ok and safe around my blog, which was always my intention. I hope we can continue our conversation. Thank you for talking to me, anon. I’m sorry if I did anything to hurt you, I really am.

lovelyisthenight  asked:

OK SO i was planning on joining the stream for the haikyuu stage play, but ended up having to do something at the last minute (and if i don't cut myself off here i'm gonna ramble forever sry) so i was wondering a) when your next stream will be, and b) if you will ever stream the other stage plays? the streams sound like a lot of fun and i would love to join sometime!

Aw I’m sorry you missed today’s!! Next stream probably won’t be until next week sometime! I’m moving on Tuesday so I’m going to be super busy this weekend and early next week! So maybe Thursday??? I’ll let you guys know.

AND OF COURSE ILL STREAM THE OTHER STAGEPLAYS!! I’m hoping to find them soon (whenever they get subbed and put online I guess) im also going to be streaming mob psycho 100, boku no hero academia and MORE HAIKYUU PERIODICALLY! These streams are so fun and I have no plans to stop doing them anytime soon so I hope you can make it to one!! :D

how do 38 people reblog a post of mine and none of them put anything in the tags how am i supposed to know what yall are thinking? do you love me? are you laughing at me? i guess ill never know because yall dont tag anything 

i love little shop of horrors bc seymour is like “i guess ill feed this dangerous carnivorous plant some of my own blood :/” and the audience is supposed to be like NOOOOOOO DONT DO IT!!!! but like its so funny bc we’re really pretending that if any carnivorous plant hobbyist came across a previously unknown and dangerous carnivorous plant that needed blood to grow they wouldn’t at least consider this option. like if you have ever witnessed a carnivorous plant chat or forum for .4 seconds u would know that if little shop of horrors happened irl you bet ur ass the carni community could not be trusted to put human priorities before the priorities of a strange carnivorous plant species bought for $1.25

Garnet Tells Jamie Off

An alternate ending to the episode “Love Letters”.

(Read the rest of the comic under the break!)

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picture this.

Originally posted by swagmama

elijah mikaelson x reader

warnings: smut, swearing and adorable smitten elijah.

prompt: elijah finds your private photos and gives in to his desires.

you were temptation and you didn’t even seem to realise it. wether you were sitting with a book on your lap, reading quietly to yourself or stretched out in bed in your tight fitting tank top and underwear, catching elijahs eye as he walked past. 

you’d been living with the mikaelsons for two years, and ever since elijah had laid eyes on you, he’d been smitten. at first, it was an innocent kind of love, wanting to hold you when you cried or wash your hair after he’d ran you a bath but that had escalated quickly to catching himself staring a little longer than usual - eyes darting to your cleavage and well rounded ass before back up to your eyes. 

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Classical Music

OK so I was forced into an AP class, but this might as well have been an AAAP class. NONE of the kids in there played any games. These fuckers studied when they got home, and did nothing BUT that, until it was time to go to bed, rinse and fucking repeat. So I have been begging for a while that the teacher play music during tests. Silence makes me uneasy, and I have been proven to do better on tests with music. So he decides, god, I guess ill do it. So then he goes on this big speech about how the only good music that should ever exist is classical, and that all over music is trash. So he puts on classical music from pandora.

The fucking skyrim theme song starts playing. No one gets the joke. The fucking teacher is slowly bobbing his head to this lovely nordic opera while my face is turning blood red trying not to start crying. I decide..yeah im going to fail this class anyway.

I wait for the kick in, where they scream “RRAH” in the song, and, once this happens, I scream with the same intensity of the singers. I got detention for that. No shame though

im just thinking about that time pearl let steven fall and like….just…

can you even imagine…your parental figure betraying your trust like that and then before you can even confront them they start talking about how sad they are, turning on the waterworks, making you feel bad for them… leaving you no choice but to try and comfort them….you, the CHILD, who was just left to FALL and DIE being put in a position like that directly after. and then making a call back to this in last one out of beach city with “that was scarier than that time you almost let me die!” just adds insult to injury

really sucks for us that were abused as kids because we KNOW exactly how this feels. we know what its like to have your feelings and safety disregarded and then forced to be the bigger person when that same adult lets their emotions come before your fucking well being. to have this in your fucking show where the mission statement is to teach little kids about healthy relationships, healthy conflict solving, etc. is fucking atrocious. the fact that it didn’t even stop here and we continued to have pearls emotions and mental suffering put before other character’s wellbeings is fucking unacceptable and hurtful. it just sucks. you tried to give us a complex mentally ill character but what we got was the chance to relive our childhood abuse and be told its ok because they were hurting too. 

Aunt pidge

Y'all can’t tell me that pidge is the perfect aunt, bitch I don’t care what ship, let me just put pidge as the fucking aunt who would team up with you to prank the parent.

* The fucking aunt who they would call if they can’t finish their paper that’s due the next day and help them with it because she’s a fuckin genius .

*Imagine that the parents were going out and pidge was the babysitter,

* You know she’d let that child do anything,
Scary movies (check)

*What is a bedtime? Pidge has no clue, she lives off dark roast coffee

*the little galra baby that has a bedtime of 8,( because you think shiro can’t handle being the black palidin? Hi welcome to being a father ! No sleep and stress are part of the job description) is up at 2am with pidge playing Mario kart battles that end in legit calls to the parent saying “ so I know you just finished dinner but how much was you tv?”

* “Pidge why is Rey covered in flour?“umm ya see hunk said he liked peanut butter cookies.. so do I.. so we tried to make them for science. Key word tried.”

*So if pidge is a scientist at some place like NASA she won’t have that much time , so let’s say she’s on holiday and visits, before the door opens fuckin a little seven year old just screams “DAD AUNTIE PIDGE IS HERE” “oh great the gemlins back..”

*Before she can open the door she’s fucking attacked at the ankles “AUNT PIDGE LOOK AT THIS ROCKET PAPA GOT ME! ITS LIKE THE ONES YOU HAVE!”

*Two words :glowing stars
* Like the ones on the ceiling! But like everywhere


*Pidge.. do you have any idea why Mathew is calling me hunkules
*“Look in the mirror hunk”
*Hey Pidgeotto​ why is the kids book’s on the inside have a taped in picture of dat boi
“oh shit waddup ”

*“So.. what’s new Rey?”
“This is Rover number 403 see! Its a robot!
“get you kid to change the things name or you can count on me to explode it out of sadness”

*“Now kiddo, what do you say to the kids on the playground when you get to school? ”
*“When do you think time will stop?”
Well close enough

*“You know, you look nothing like your dad,…. Hey munchkin where’s you dad’s stash of eyeliner? *“PIDGE I SWEAR TO GOD IF I JUST SAW ON YOUR STORY THAT YOU PUT WINGS ON MY BABY I WILL BAN YOU FROM MY HOME *“Hey Lance ,why does Rey look pissed 24/7 ?” “Ask Keith I don’t know” “kEITH I SWEAR TO GOD IF YOU TURNED MY NEFEW EMO AT AGE 3 ILL CUT OFF YOUR MULLET BE FOR LANCE CAN