i guess ill put it in that tag

how do 38 people reblog a post of mine and none of them put anything in the tags how am i supposed to know what yall are thinking? do you love me? are you laughing at me? i guess ill never know because yall dont tag anything 

jieun is tired of your shit

Garnet Tells Jamie Off

An alternate ending to the episode “Love Letters”.

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LMAO so I read every tag on my artwork and someone left the ANGRIEST TAGS!! 


oh no no klance here

op’s intentions DEfinitely weren’t to make it klance (they were. straight up added extra blush bcos i wanted keith 2 look more gay for lance. guess it wasnt enough. guess i needed to put MAXIMUM blush. theres literally always a backstory to my art when i draw - ie what was happening before the drawing took place. this was straight up klance. cool beans.)

anonymous asked:

Trans boy Yurio wouldn't really work in the plot... Forcing him to be the "prima ballerina" would be transphobic. I headcanon Trans girl Yurio, where she is forced to let go of toxic masculinity and embraces her feminine self. It would make Yurio's story be one of self-love, not gender dysphoria. What do you think?

????????? i disagree because actually I don’t see how trans girl Yurio would work. Yurio gets upset when JJ misgenders him and calls him a lady which is probably also why he hates him so much. Yurio also says there’s only a little bit of time before his body starts to change, which, if he’s dfab, would obviously put his skating career in danger cause he could be discovered as being trans. also it’s not like trans boys can’t be feminine….

trans boy Yurio’s story CAN be about self love, idk why you think it couldn’t?

Thank you, I’ll say goodbye soon
Though its the end of the world
Don’t blame yourself now 

i s2g if i have to see her die again… [transparent]