i guess ill post them all

Garnette/Banchomp/Puppet Shark

I couldve probably done better on the name. Haha This one was a so great to work on. I even recorded it from sketch to finish, and then unintentionally deleted the video. X.x Theres always next time I guess.


I found the sprite artist!! @pkmnfusionprof Go check them out they have some fantastic fusions!

Unrelated note:

I will resume posting speedpaints on my youtube channel very soon. The computer I did all my editing on needed some repairs and is now back in working order (yay for being a nerd!). If there’s anything specific you’d like to see me do or have me explain shoot me a message and Ill do my best to make a video of it.

Have a lovely night everyone!

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One night my boyfriend and I were at a friend's house with a group of friends, watching movies.We were under a blanket, he was behind me when he started touching my ass, rubbing my nipples and fingering me. I was so wet and turned on ! We ended up going to another room,locked the door and he took my clothes off, pushed me down and ate me out so good I couldn't stop moaning. I gave him head and the heat didn't go down from here ;).When we got back I couldn't stop giggling,evrybody guessed

Turn It Off (Reprise)

I’ve got a feeling
That I’ve been feeling
Ever since we met on my very first day
You said I had a problems
And told me how to solve them
I promise, I’ve tried not to feel this way

I turned it off
Like you said to
I turned it off
That’s what I thought I was supposed to do
I felt a feeling that just didn’t seem right
I tried to turn it off like a reading light
I turned it off

Ever since I was young, I never had anyone
I was too focused on work for anything of that kind
But then I met you, and it all seemed true
And I started to have strange feelings inside
It all feels so wrong, but I’m sick of lying…
Please don’t turn away, oh, please don’t start crying

I tried to turn it off
For eight miserable years
I repressed all my pains and fears
I turned it off
Just turned… it… off

My feelings for Steve just wouldn’t leave
No matter how much I tried to pray them away
When my parents found out, all they did was shout
They told my it was wrong to feel this way

They said I was bad, that I was sick
Then they taught this ‘nifty’ trick

Turn it off…
*they kiss or something idk*

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This isnt really a request but could you show us how you draw bodies?

oh heck yea! ok so like, in my style at least, it’s all about shapes and bein loose

honestly i don’t usually use skeletons, but when im doing a pose that im struggling to capture ill turn to them (like that draw of me on the 600 post, i didnt use a skeleton, but for most of the actual requests i’ve used skeletons) 

i guess i like. try to keep a basic understanding of anatomy like, the elbows bend halfway down ur middle and arms go all the way to the midpoint of the thigh, but i do take creative liberties (like legs and arms are Noodles and legs go for Days) 

idk man i want to be a character concept artist so stickin with shapes (a wide variety too! jeremys body is a triangle while michael’s is a square) helps, drawing everyday and being relatively fine if it isn’t perfect also helps


I’m curious to listen to what the wide world of OP’s have to offer. For fairness (and because I’m feeling like gushing), here’s some of mine! These songs have actually helped me out during rougher times in my life by giving me the spring in the step I need, so here’s to you, ya weeb songs!

departure! - Hunter x Hunter OP 1-6

This song is used for every OP with changed visuals each time, and it looks great for all of them! I specifically chose 3 because I love the Phantom Troupe. Anyway, I love this OP because the song always puts a spring in my step (a common theme among these), and helps me feel energized and confident when I need!

The Rock City Boy - Fairy Tail OP 8

Fairy Tail was the first anime I watched all the way through and I saw it with my girlfriend, and this song was our favorite out of all of Fairy Tail’s great openings (Fiesta, Yumeiro Graffiti, and Masayume Chasing was a VERY close second). Like the show it’s based on, it has it’s flaws, but I still absolutely love it’s high-tempo energy all the same. It’s mostly that opening riff and the melody that hits in the chorus. So nice!

Great Days - Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure OP 7(and 8?)

Anyone who’s been following me knew this was coming since I havent been able to shut up about this song or the anime it’s from. Honestly, all of the OP’s from JJBA are fantastic (specifically looking at Bloody Stream and End of Za Warudo The World), but this one is by far my favorite with an energetic and memorable opening to a “beezer” chorus! I put the full version of the song for the video because the song actually contains a small hint to the villain’s abilities.

Papermoon - Soul Eater OP 2

I just think this is a neat song, and they made a pretty slick OP to go with it so hey how bout that!!

So those are four of my favorites!! And that’s just from shows I’ve seen! I know I haven’t seen a lot of anime yet, but I’m more than happy to hear what awesome openings you all enjoy, so post your favorites! I’d love to see them!!

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My dude&I decided to go on a day trip and we borrowed my moms car. At the end of the night we were making out&iwas sitting on top of him. I was wearing a dress&he reached up and took off my bra, suddenly he lifted my dress&started sucking my my nipples.That was the first time has ever done that& I guess he could that I really liked if because I grabbed the back of his head&pulled him closer. While his other hand rubbed my pussy. This dude pissed me off because he forgot to bring a condom🙄

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I get that V and RIka have an abusive relationship and all, but I think it's a bit unfair that you're attacking the people who admire V's love for her. It's unconditional love, he loves her despite her mental illness. i love all your writing but you made other posts just shitting on rika and you need to stop demonising her and it makes me want to unfollow. She's mentally ill and can't control herself it was v's job to make sure she gets the treatment she needs and he didn't do that.

This ask is so fucking wrong that I don’t even know what to start addressing first.

I’ve said this in the tags but I guess not everyone reads them - loving someone shouldn’t harm you in ANY way. Loving someone shouldn’t jeopardise your safety or health. It shouldn’t make you feel anxious. It shouldn’t leave you traumatised. It shouldn’t make you do harmful things that you otherwise wouldn’t have done if you weren’t involved with that person. This obviously goes for ALL types of relationships - familial, platonic, and in this case, romantic. Fuck outta my face with that “unconditional love” bullshit. V was manipulated. Rika kept saying some emotionally manipulative shit to him like “you don’t love me, prove to me that you do”/“don’t leave me like everyone else has” and even fucking BLINDED him just to prove a point to herself. V’s relationship with Rika negatively impacted him - throughout the game, everyone talks about how much he changed; how he’s gotten more isolated, more quiet, etc. and everyone assumed that it’s because of her “suicide” but she was alive. It was his relationship with her that changed him, not her faked death.

What you’re basically saying is that you acknowledge that their relationship is abusive, but it should be excused because Rika is mentally ill. Again, I’ve said this before, but I’ll repeat - there is literally no excuse for abusing someone and/or treating them like shit, especially when it’s someone who genuinely cares about you. In Rika’s case, she was still capable of making the decision to not harm her partner. Yes, I agree that V shouldn’t have let her live out her delusions, but at the same time, it’s not his responsibility to make sure she goes to a therapist, gets medication etc. because she was still at the state where she was capable of making decisions.

I don’t think you realise that defending Rika’s actions with the “but she’s mentally ill” excuse is the thing that’s actually demonising her - it paints mentally ill people as abusive assholes when that isn’t the case. If you justify abusers’ actions with literally anything ever and/or victim blame, then please do unfollow me.


heart attack vcr I kyungsoo

Chronically ill, or robotic alien vampire fairy princess? You decide.

[Image is a drawing of a seven-panel comic. In the first three panels, a little stick-figure boy is talking to a stick-figure girl. “Miss Vanessa, how come you’re sick all the time?” He asks. She leans in and whispers, “Can you keep a secret?” He nods. “It’s because I’m a robot made from spare parts, and some of my pieces are broken.” In the next three panels, the stick-figure girl is telling different things to different kids. First, “It’s because I’m secretly an alien doing research on humans.” Then, “Secretly I’m a vampire…on a diet.” And finally, “I’m actually a fairy princess, but I was kidnapped and now I’m slowly running out of magic.” In the final panel, the kids are all shouting their love for the stick-figure girl as she happily walks away.]

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Might I request Rhys/Timothy + 21 for the drabble thing? If you'd like.

“Rhys, what are you doing?” Tim called out, a little panicked as his boyfriend had suddenly rolled down the window and stuck his whole arm and head out the window, which would usually be fine if Tim wasn’t trying to get them home safe after a movie night in the park had quickly turned sour as an unexpected thunderstorm had rolled in. The rain had been fine, at first, but as Tim and Rhys had been getting into the car, lightning had cracked across the sky above them, and only the soothing sounds of his favorite adult alternative radio station managed to calm him down–at least until Rhys had stuck his upper body out the window while he trying to drive!

“Tim, it’s nice, c’mon!” Rhys laughed, letting the rain patter against the sleeve of his sweatshirt, dripping down his forehead and into his hairline as he tipped his chin back with a smile. Tim worried his lips, half tempted to just tug Rhys back inside the cab of the car, but he was far too busy keeping both hands on the wheel as he tried to navigate back home despite the weather-related traffic and blurry, rain-streaked windshield. 

“W–We’re in the middle of a thunderstorm, and you wanna stop and feel the rain?” Tim cried, voice pitching up into a little yelp. He crawled to a stop at the light, praying the next couple blocks left to their home would pass uneventfully. 

“Don’t be a baby, Tim, it’s just a little rain.” Rhys snorted, shaking his damp hair out as he leaned back inside the car, leaving his arm propped up against the car door. Tim huffed, shooting Rhys a look. 

“Okay, it’s not just a little rain, Rhys, there’s also thunder and lightning and hi you were waving your metal arm out the window in case you forgot…”

“Awww, c’mon Timmy, I’m just having a little fun.” Rhys retorted cheekily, finally pulling his arm inside and rolling up the window. 

“Guess I just don’t find them as fun as you do…” Tim mumbled petulantly, flipping his blinker on as he finally turned onto their street, feeling anxiety uncoil from his chest as he pulled into the driveway. 

“I think you’ll find it plenty fun when we’re all curled up and warm with hot chocolate inside, though.” Rhys smirked, leaning over to give Tim and thankful kiss, which quickly did away with any ill-feeling that was still lingering in the pit of his stomach. 

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On time my coworker waited around for an hour just to offer me a ride. This coworker would constantly say some sexual remarks to me. Like, I'll like you up or I'd spank you so hard while fucking you doggy style. I would say sarcastic remarks to him.( Which I guess turned him on.) I allowed him to give me a ride home. Once we go to my house we stayed talking. Then he grabbed my thigh and started making out with me. Things go so heated we moved to the backseat.

i’ve been in a really artistic / creative mood lately so i’ve been writing poetry about eunwoo, painting and i even went outside to do some photography!! (shocking katy goes outside).

I want to post some of it but i can’t really decide what or where so… itll be coming soon (when i do please don’t save any of it or repost it!! you can reblog and like of course but please do not save :(((( )

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The first time I hung out with this girl our plan kinda fell thru. We were supposed to go to a bonfire but it ended up getting cancelled cuz her friends flaked to go to some bar (she was 20 at the time). So I'm driving her back to her dorm and she invites me up to see if we can find a party or something going on. So as she's making calls I go to the floor bathroom. When I got back she was in just her flannel and underwear. Guess you could say the bonfire wasn't the only bust that night.

Under the cut there are 103 gifs of Priyanka Chopra from her role as Alex Parrish in episode 4 of Quantico. This pack has a trigger warning for guns. All of these gifs are small, HQ and made by me. Please do not add them to other gif hunts, repost, edit or claim as your own in any way, but please do like this post if you save and/or use them. Enjoy!

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so ive hit 1000 followers and

Im honestly really thankful for the support!! n for the fact that you actually think my content is any good. Getting my art noticed has been v helpful for me! 

But I rlly feel like I should stop being as..into it. The fandom, I mean. I guess its a difference between being a fan and being in a fandom, if that makes sense. I still love Bangtan a lot dont get me wrong. But all Ive been drawing for a whole year has been bts and I kinda need to get away from that for a while. Ill still draw them sometimes bc tbh when will I ever get over them. But yk, not as much,,

Basically what Im saying is that I might not post anymore ..? I wont delete the blog if, for some reason, u still wanna see it or smth ? Srry for not posting much in the first place too.

aa i dont know how to end this post so uh

ly guys n all that

so like a month ago i said i was gonna restart my mods folder

and i started

but i totally gave up looool

and now, i wanna do it but for real this time :( like just delete it all. b/c yolo. and b/c my game is kinda broken. like i cant use the search bar in build mode without crashing. the sakura tea at the festivals doesn’t work. etc. makes me sad. also lots of broken meshes in cas.

and summer is starting so ill have lots of time for cc shopping looool. 

the only thing holding me back is all the cc i have used in my current builds for my story. like rip fam. i guess i could export the items and make sure to save them. but idk. big undertaking! sorry yall i go on about this all the time and never actually do anything loooooool.