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If you listen closely you can hear the sound of the Seijou third years laughing at Oikawa

(shoutout to @letsbetrashcans who noticed the wristband in my last kyoken post - I might headcanon the dog as as far out of the closet as they get, yes)


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I saw you, you’re a hero. Like a for real superhero which is…I’m not like a groupie stalker type, but oh my God! That is so cool.

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Mini Matchmaker Bonus Scene (Steve AU Series)

Characters: reader x Steve, OC Justice Rogers, Sharon (mentioned)

Summary: Having been dating Steve seriously for a few months, the relationship is moving forward rather quickly as another holiday of sorts approaches. 

Warnings: none! Fluff. Illness I guess. Eh. 

Word count: 1816 (yet another failed drabble. heh.)

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A/N: So I lied a little, Part 4 isn’t the end I guess but this popped into my head so I wrote it. Also it was kind of requested by SOMEone for me to write a “birthday holiday” part attached to this fic so HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY DARLING KATIE!!! ( @rogersxbarnesx ) Technically it was yesterday and I didn’t forget! I just have literally the worst timing ever. :D I really hope you like this, my dear! 

Mini Matchmaker Series Masterlist


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Children are wonderful. Children are gifts. Children are the future…or whatever. You love kids. But kids are also germ-infested cesspools just waiting to infect unsuspecting souls like you. But that’s what you get for serving others.

Grabbing yet another tissue from your purse, you blew your nose and apologized once again to your cab driver and assured him you hadn’t touched anything. He made a disgusted face, but said nothing. These days, you normally took the train into the city, but to minimize the exposure of germs to strangers, you had taken a cab to and from work today. You had taken the past few days off due to illness, but there were a few things you just had to handle yourself.

After accomplishing the bare minimum and grabbing a few files you could work on at home, you called it a day. Your head was pounding again and the faucet that had become your nose refused to stop dripping. Approaching the house, you used a card to swipe and pay, along with a generous tip, to avoid handing contaminated cash to the poor driver. Using your sleeve, you opened the car door and headed up the steps.

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Garnet Tells Jamie Off

An alternate ending to the episode “Love Letters”.

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So i was going to finish this for real but my school laptop is being turned in tomorrow and I need to wipe it so i figured “fuck it send it out now i guess” Maybe ill come back to this who knows

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Trans boy Yurio wouldn't really work in the plot... Forcing him to be the "prima ballerina" would be transphobic. I headcanon Trans girl Yurio, where she is forced to let go of toxic masculinity and embraces her feminine self. It would make Yurio's story be one of self-love, not gender dysphoria. What do you think?

????????? i disagree because actually I don’t see how trans girl Yurio would work. Yurio gets upset when JJ misgenders him and calls him a lady which is probably also why he hates him so much. Yurio also says there’s only a little bit of time before his body starts to change, which, if he’s dfab, would obviously put his skating career in danger cause he could be discovered as being trans. also it’s not like trans boys can’t be feminine….

trans boy Yurio’s story CAN be about self love, idk why you think it couldn’t?