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Drawing answers and an update

Here i is again! I am managing to get back to drawing again so i sneak in a few here and there. I am quite happy with the feedback that i got from my recent drawings and of course, lets face it, It was a fan art of pretty big artists so that pretty much did the whole deal.

But, enough about that. I decided to try my luck on drawing some questions for you guys. It’d be a pretty good way to connect with you guys and i guess it’d be more fun that way. So yeah, here’s a little introductory doodle

If you guys wanna know more about my character then ask away, if you want to know something direct and personal from me then… again…. ask away! Don’t be shy with questions, I am pretty open about things aaaaaand I hope to hear from you soon!


I’ll be doing the same on twitter too btw, so ask me there too if you see fit,


Another quick coloring job to pass some time. This time @sho-n-d let me butcher one of his cool drawings, he didn’t really but I changed some stuff here and there, hope he doesn’t mind.

So here she is, the cute Shimakaze. I really like her and been meaning to draw her for quite a while but just hadn’t been struck by the will or inspiration to do so. Here’s the next best thing tho… really liked the way she came out if I say so myself. Anyways, I kinda wanna be more active so… see you around I guess/?

Why CS is the ship of dreams

Now I’ve never really done meta for ONCE and I wouldn’t go so far as to say this piece is one but… I’ve just seen waaay too much worried, dissatisfied or downright angry CSers recently and…

Disclaimer 1: the CS fandom still is and, I believe, will always be the best fandom I’ve ever been in. So this is in no way a critique of the fandom or even of individuals, I just wanna see some satisfaction on my dash so I guess I’m gonna have to put it there.
Disclaimer 2: I’d also like to point out that I’m not saying people aren’t allowed to be dissatisfied, I’m just offering you a more positive point of view, the possession of which I have found very useful in life. 

So with that out of the way…I don’t like to brag about my perfect ship but…

why CS is the ship of dreams

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  • Me: I want less suffering and more light stuff, give me some romance, give me some Caryl! (please?)
  • Gimple: Did you say you wanted Richonne? Here! take this bottle ep that’s headed your way!
  • Me: I mean…I guess? That’s great but how about some-
  • Gimple: Carnid? Lookit these teenagers being cute, heartwarming, right?
  • Me: That’s not what I mea-
  • Gimple: Yeah we’re not even gonna show Tara’s reaction to losing Denise because why would they wanna see that…oh shit, wrong chat. Wow you’re still here.
  • Me: What’s that about Tara though-
  • Gimple: Hey, look I think I know what you’re asking for and I’m gonna give it to you. Have this scene of a guy Carol just met flirting with her. Aren’t they adorable? You wanted more Carol right? Don’t say I never gave ya nothing.
  • Me: Listen, man…this isn’t funny anymore…
  • Gimple: I’m just fucking with you, I got something amazing in the bag for ep ten, you’re gonna love this shit, gif the crap outta it, spend weeks/months/years dissecting vague words and hidden easter eggs….
  • Me: *develops a sudden eye twitch*
  • Gimple: Sorry gotta go…about to starve, beat and emotionally torture Daryl. The fans love that.
  • Me: ...
Calum //Highlight// inspired by @clummyhood

He’d be watching you do your makeup with a curiosity so fixated it made you giggle every time you glanced over to see him staring in the mirror. His head would be ever so slightly tilted to one side as he watched you tediously applying your usual amount of makeup. He’d have his lips parted open and his eyebrows softly scrunched together, as if he really was studying everything changing on your face. When you’re done with everything else, you reach over for your favorite highlight and put it on the desired places of your face. “Oh wow-” Calum comments in awe. “What’s that stuff supposed to do? Just make you sparkle?” You turn to him with a smile, “I mean, yeah I guess. It gives you a glowing appearance.” By the look he was giving you and the way he looked at the product in your hand, you could tell he wanted to try it on himself. “Do you wanna see what it’d look like on you?” You ask him, knowing all too well he’d probably be too embarrassed to ask for himself. He simply nods with a smile at the ground as he pushes his hair back with one of his hands. You lift his chin up using a couple fingers and can already see a faint blush on his cheeks. Not wanting to point it out and make him uncomfortable, you sweetly smile at him as you brush a few fly away hairs from his face and kiss his cheek. Using a brush, you start to dust a gold tone highlight to complement his skin color over his cheekbones. However, almost immediately, he bursts into a wide smile that reveals all his beautiful wrinkles. “Sorry, it tickles.” He chuckles turning his head away to settle before coming back to your brush against his face. He closes his eyes with a little grin on his face, either from still being ticklish from the brush- or from actually enjoying the fact you’re putting highlight on him. After applying the highlight everywhere else you thought essential, you finish with brushing some down the bridge of his nose and at the very tip. You tell him when you finish and he walks over to the mirror for the reveal. He laughs at first as an initial reaction to seeing himself differently than usual. But he calms down to move his head around, watching how the light reflects off his skin in different ways. He looks like he likes it but also isn’t sure what to make of it. “This is so weird” He smiles as he turns back to you. He wraps you in his arms before giving you a sweet little kiss. You don’t see him willing wearing it out and about but at least he gave it a shot to see what it looked like.


This is such good writing.

Ok so…the police officer enters his house thinking he saw a kid, the kid then hides under the sink.

And we see him hiding…somewhere. We assume BASEMENT.

But then the officer’s like he can only be hiding in the wardrobe.

He somehow missed that there was a basement I guess.

Anyway this is great cuz not only does it trip a character out, it then trips US and Sangy out, cuz it turns out he’s not in the basement.

I just wanna point out that in visual storytelling, this is a great way to increase the emotional impact of your story.

You get creative with angles and build up the audience’s perception, fool em a few times, and then pull out the carpet from underneath them at the last second with a reveal.

Great writing, man, I love this manhwa.

If only the fandom wasn’t so annoying…

But that’s irrelevant at present time.

Okay I guess it’s time to explain something cause I just got a lil annoyed at some blog who wanted to throw “pedophilia” around as a way to describe otayuri.

Pedophilia is a term for a mental illness that is uncontrollable sexual desire towards CHILDREN. Do NOT throw that shit around when describing a newly turned 18 yr old and a 15 yr old. They’re 3 years apart, the only major thing being that Otabek is of age and Yurio isn’t. When someone turns 18 in highschool and is dating someone younger than them, the same fuss isn’t made so calm your shit.

I don’t even care that much one way or another for OtaYuri. I think it’s cute, as friends or as more. But claiming that a ship like that is “pedophilia” is completely degrading the severity of the actual cases of pedophilia! Read and think a little bit before you throw shit around! I don’t care if you don’t like it as a ship but don’t start using big serious words to make yourself seem better off.

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I'm back! What happened in the brandom while I was gone?? ~ snickers-is-alive

Oh hey, @snickers-is-alive !! Nice to see you, friend!!! Well, it’s peace week! @klondike-bar-unofficial is gonna do an official announcement soon but I just wanted to say this in the early morn’ too so people don’t think the purge is still going on. Also, uh,, I guess it depends, how long have you been gone? Cus either way there’s probably a lot that you’ve missed but I don’t wanna waste your time summarizing stuff you already know,,


Sitting on the bar stool, staring at your drink, you havent tooken the time to notice to curly headed man staring at you from across the way. Tonight being the first night out since the breakup with your fiancé of three years, you were feeling alittle bummed out. Wishing you could go back in time and change some things.
“Mind if I sit?” You hear a voice say behind you. “And let me guess, you wanna buy my drink?” You mock him as he sits down, seeing the curly headed man. “Well, if you need another, which it looks like you do, Ill buy it for you” he says, looking at you as you just take the final swig of your drink.
“Im Slash” he says, sticking out his hand, shaking yours.
“I knew a Slash before. Im Y/N” you say, smiling at his politeness.
“I knew a Y/N before” he says, remember back to high school. “Actually, you remind alot of her”
After a couple hours of talking,
“Another one, please” you say to the bartender. “So tell me about this, Y/N” you say, turning your stool to him. “I dont wanna get into it right now. But whats your story? You look pretty bummed out”
You take a sip of your new beverage, “Ill give you the brief. Came home, found fiancé in bed with my bestfriend, left, never wanna go back” you say softly, as he looks over you. “His loss” he says, turning himself back to the bar. “What?”
You glance over to him. “His loss. You’re beautiful. I dont know why anyone would cheat on you” he says, playing with the napkin in front of him before lifting his eyes to yours.
A rush of adrenaline over takes your body, as this nice man sits in front of you. You werent drunk, but you definitely needed to forget your ex and this man was definitely attractive and saying all the right things.
As you both lean in, his plump lips softly touch yours as his hand cups your cheek.
Departung from eachothers lips, “Im sorry” you chuckle, laying your head on your hand. “Dont be. You needed to forget about that douche somehow” he says, almost reading your mind as you look at him. You knew there was now a connection between you too.
“So where are you from?”
“Los Angeles” he says, pulling out a cigarette. “Me too” you say, “Really? What school did you go to?” He ask, taking a sip of his beer. “Fairfax High” you say, doing the same.
Slash pauses almost shocked, “Are you- Y/N L/N?” he asks, turning to you. “Yeah? Wh-? Oh..my..god. Saul?! Saul Hudson?!” You say in amazement, jumping off the stool, wrapping your arms around eachother. “I knew I knew you from somewhere!” He says, looking over you, “And I knew Ive seen that hair before!” You say, ruffling his curls.
After hours of catching up with your long lost friend, Slash takes you to your apartment, “I dont want to go up there” you say softly. “Wanna come with me?” Slash says, moving a hair out of your face. “Y'know, I was head over heels for you in high school, Y/N” he says, looking up at your window and back down to your eyes. “You were? How come you never told me,” you say softly, “Slash, I felt the same way”
Slash looked at the ground, “I wanted to follow my dreams. I dropped out, started with a band and now we are touring the world. I never heard from you again and not a single day goes by that I dont think about you. Y/N, I never stopped being head over heels for you” he says, stepping closer to you and placing his hands on the side of your head.
You gently place your lips on his as it felt amazing to rekindle with your long lost friend before saying,
“I never stopped either”

you know what I wanna see in Milo Murphy’s Law tbh?

like. Bradley has a pretty obvious crush on Melissa, right?

what I wanna see is Bradley realising that Melissa’s not gonna leave Milo for anything (not in a “dating” way, more a “best friends to the end of the earth” way), and, like, deciding to face his fears, go out on a limb (probably literally haha), and spend some time with her and Milo and Zack. they just roll with it of course (although maybe Milo’s freaking out internally because someone else willingly spending time with him XD)

possibly as a “this is the only way I’ll have any sort of chance with my crush”, possibly as a “why does she like his company so much?”, I dunno. I’m sure peeps with a better grasp on his character’ll have better ideas XD

and he obviously gets caught up in the ~shenanigans~ but it’s not too bad actually, it’s even kinda fun

and basically he comes out of it with more confidence or something, and some new friends

maybe he then asks her out, maybe she asks him out, maybe neither of them do anything, don’t know don’t care *shrug*
I don’t really care how the crush part works out (or doesn’t), I just think the situation’d be fun for character development and such

side note: I really can’t see Melissa and Milo as anything but moirails/platonic bffs tbh (me, a filthy Homestuck? why yes, yes I am :33). not unless their dynamic changes dramatically, and it’s pretty awesome the way it is at the moment so I don’t really want it to change
(I mean, I’m not super into ships right now, don’t have any major stakes in anything, but I’m liking the idea of Melissa/Bradley, Milo/Zack, and Milo<>Melissa :P)


I put on my jeans with the holes in the front
I’m tryna pick out just the right outfit to get your attention
You in that plaid shirt could give me a heart attack
Thinking to myself this could be trouble but sometimes I like that
I can see my breath in this cold night air
You put your hood up you look so good that you know I can’t help but stare
You got a hold on me

I danced across the parking lot
So nervous but I laughed it off
Now I can’t stop looking at my phone just wanna see your name

When I close my eyes all I see
Is me right there in his front seat
His headlights pouring down my street
I try to forget but I can’t lie
His words keep me up at night
If it’s four thirty and I can’t sleep
You don’t have to guess
What’s keeping me up at night
What’s keeping me up at night

Sitting on the tailgate, head on your shoulder
I love that you drove all the way out here just to get closer
Last night our phone call lasted for hours
I was in my bed whispering, trying not to wake up my sister
Outside my front door, when you drop me off
before I go in take a second just to breathe in this moment
Reality sets in

Maybe I don’t like your shoes
And you might think sometimes I’m rude
(Well that’s true)
But still you find a way to never let me sleeeep

When I close my eyes all I see
Is me right there in his front seat
His headlights pouring down my street
I try to forget but I can’t lie
His words keep me up at night
If it’s four thirty and I can’t sleep
You don’t have to guess
What’s keeping me up at night
What’s keeping me up at night

I couldn’t stop this if I tried
When all the streets whisper your name when I go by
I’m making wishes bout you, heading to my car
Running through the summer rain, screaming at the staaaarssss
(What’s keeping me up at night)
(What’s keeping me up at night)

When I close my eyes all I see
Is me right there in his front seat
His headlights pouring down my street
I try to forget but I can’t lie
His words keep me up at night
If it’s four thirty and I can’t sleep
You don’t have to guess
What’s keeping me up at night
What’s keeping me up at night
You’re keeping me up at night
You’re keeping me up at night

This song is the title track of our album “Up At Night” coming out in May!! Pre-order it on PledgeMusic.com/Cimorelli!!

How much you wanna bet it’s something related to STAR !! It’s a unicorn come on !! This is gonna come back YOU WATCH AND SEE I’m not crazy !! Lol. In all seriousness tho lets talk about Marco and how he kind of grew in a way. He did sacrifice something for star. I feel like he for once felt like a hero you know he finally made his own adventure happen. I guess he is over the whole being a teenage boy thing. Idk that’s just me. HE WILL HAVE TO GO THROUGH PUBERTY AGAIN !!

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I want to see you and tae in a date :3

“I am here to tell everyone that jungkook is absent today, you wanna guess why?????? hE’S ON A DATE WITH JIMIN AAAAAAAAA everyone was waiting for this moment, we were all rooting  for them!! i hope their date goes well. But unfortunatly for you anon, jungkook likes jimin, jimin likes jungkook and i like neither of them in a romantic way. hehehe jikook is too cute tbh”

(y’all don’t forget to send in asks because there’s been a lack of asks recently)
((also, jungkook and jiminie are finally on a date cute cute cute cute cute cute)) 


guess whos trying to make there way back into doing fan-art for stuff me ;w; sorry for being gone for so long man i just wanted to work on original stuff. if you wanna see most of my jekyll and hyde art with my designs of them it’s over at @hj7webcomic .and if your interested in my art in general and wanna support me or am just curious about my own characters there art will be posted over at @fearraiser. i will be posting art here however mostly the glass scientists fan-art.

Kuro chapter 105


Did you know? In English, “Earl” is a title given by the Queen to a noble man and “Countess” is for a woman, however

In Japanese, they’re both said “Hakushaku” (and how would the translators know if Yana meant the female or male sense of the word? There were mistakes before too). 

Seeing how Vincent was burned to the bones (and if the Undertaker says it, that probably means it’s really what happened), I really think he’s dead, so that only leaves Ciel or…

The lockets ARE his treasure after all ;) 

What part of his lockets are the treasure though? The hair? The silver? The memento? Or something else…? (wanna throw in your guesses? don’t be shy!)

A hint if you want? The Undertaker still has his scythe with him and reapers take care of human souls (and where do they go after that?). 
Besides, did you know that in some cultures silver was used as a way to lock spirits? :D

This is based on @hntrgurl13‘s Addiford fluff. While reading, the tune to “Kiss the Girl” began to play in my head, and I started replacing “girl” with “nerd”. Hunter liked it so much, I went ahead and, with her guidance, rewrote the lyrics. Guess who took Sebastian’s place?


Mabel, calm down!


There you see him (Dipper: sha la la)
Nerding there across the way (Dipper: What? Mabel, that’s not how you–*gets elbowed by Mabel* OOF!)
He don’t got a lot to say
But there’s something about him (Dipper: a-bout hi-im...ow, my ribs…)
And you don’t know why, but you’re dying to try
You wanna kiss the nerd

Yes, you want him
Look at him, you know you do
Possible he want you too
There is one way to ask him
It don’t take a word, not a single word
Go on and kiss the nerd

Sing with me now…

Dipper and Mabel:
Sha-la-la-la-la-la my oh my
Look like the girl will try
She’s gonna kiss the nerd
Sha-la-la-la-la-la ain’t it sad
Ain’t it a shame, too bad
She gonna miss the nerd

Now’s your moment,
He’s sweating in tan and maroon
Girl you better do it soon
No time will be better
He don’t say a word
And he won’t say a word
Until you kiss the nerd

Dipper and Mabel:
Sha-la-la-la-la-la don’t be scared
You got the mood prepared
Go on and kiss the nerd
Sha-la-la-la-la-la don’t stop now
Don’t try to hide it, how?
You wanna kiss the nerd

Woh, woh

[Stanley joins in]
Sha-la-la-la-la-la con along!
[Soos and Wendy tackle Stanley]
And listen to the song
The song say, kiss the nerd

Woh, woh

Sha-la-la-la-la-la music play
Do what the MABEL says!
You wanna kiss the nerd

(Dipper: Seriously, Mabel?)

You got to

Kiss the nerd

Why don’t you

Kiss the nerd

Go on
You gotta

Kiss the nerd

Go on and

Kiss the nerd

All right, all right! *smooches Stanford*

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I think better man does define the whole relationship. In her mind it was magical at first but then she realized who he really is when he started pushing her away and treating her badly. So she had to walk away because he wasn't happy and she didn't want to live like that. She got hurt and she knows he's a bad guy but she still misses him. Bam relationship summed up.

i guess you’re right but the way i see it is this: if this relationship was a book, better man would be the cliff notes summary that you read instead of reading the book. but i wanna read the book. i wanna dive in and read every single word. every single sentence. i want to read chapter after chapter. i want to fall in love and then have my heart completely shattered. i want to feel along with the characters – something more than just sadness or disappointment because there was more to the relationship than that.

like i said, i want it all.