i guess idk

warning I'm ranting

tbh am I the only one who like…. wishes jewish people could be supported in our excellence? Like other groups can be proud and flaunt and show off their businesses and celebrities, and they 100% deserve to do that!! But like every time a Jew tries to, tries to create something or show off or say “look at this cool, proud Jewish celeb!” They get shut down and yelled at and suddenly everything they do is problematic and they can’t be proud. Like, let jews be super proud and talk about being Jewish and let us talk about stuff and celebrities!!! Let us be Jewish!!!

Our identities aren’t always fucking political and not everything we do is bad. A Jewish person who puts Magen davids on every design? Awesome!! A Jewish person who constantly talks about being Jewish??? AWESOME!!! Jews who maybe want to talk about Israel and enjoy it a little bit, and go there and say “I loved my time in Israel” because it’s the only truly safe country or state or smth for us? THEY ARE FINE. Because everyone hates us and we NEVER get to enjoy ourselves loudly. So leave us be.