i guess i'm doing all of them then

what it feels like telling people about any of your “unpopular” ships


Here’s my take on Dante and Ari, when they first met, and then, as they slowly grew into young men.

I guess I can understand that many people have a fear of snakes. Recently I saw the latest episode of the “new” Fear Factor, where people had to lay in containers while ball pythons and boas were placed on top of them. I couldn’t help but feel pure jealousy. Sometimes the camera would focus in on a ball python with the intention of you (the program viewer) thinking it was some “dangerous creature”, but all I saw was an adorable puppy in that moment.

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Hi! If you're still doing the character/outfit requests, may I request H-4 with Allura? May we use them as icons?

Y’all are free to use any and all of my drawings as icons if doing that strikes your fancy y’know, haha

Someone online was translating lots of Osomatsu-san fanart for people and I asked if I could draw them something back since they’d been doing all of this for free. They asked for a bee Karamatsu and, well, that’s my specialty these days, isn’t it?


White Shadow

alternatively titled: an ode to married life (hehehe) 

Day 3 of Royai Week:  Catalyst
Rated: K | Words: 1111

It builds up.  Bit by bit, it accumulates slowly within her.

They’re small things she tells herself, but even grains of sand become deserts.

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  • Friend: well I guess I'll just get back with them
  • Me: *looks directly into the camera*
  • Cameraman: ok everybody reset we have to do the shot again "me" keeps looking right at the lens every fucking time
  • Me: I'm just trying to be RELATBLE
  • Cameraman: ain't nothing relatable in waisting film
  • Me: but we don't even use film it's all digital
  • Cameraman: *looks directly into the camera*
Mpreg Fic

So in the newest baking video (shook) Phil said something about an “Mpreg Fic” when they were talking about how huge Dan’s dungarees were, and started making baby noises?

Well, you’ve guessed it.

Your favorite piece of trash







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Hello, friend! I sometimes feel bad that I like games like Mystic Messenger because I know the characters are much older than me (I'm at the end of eighth grade), so I was wondering if you could do a RFA+V+Unknown reacting to a Highschool Freshman MC. I 100% understand not wanting to put a romantic relationship for any of them, so it's all up to you, I guess! Also, I'd just like to know, how has your day been?

i know the feeling dude, even though i’m 18 i still feel too young to date most of these guys  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ don’t feel bad about liking these types of games, they’re a lot better than many other addictions!

 this is going to be platonic relationships where they basically just view you as their little sister, as i don’t want our lovely characters to seem like pedophiles

my day has been awesome btw as i actually celebrated my birthday! thank you for asking, how was yours? i hope it was good ♥


  • He was honestly expecting you to be a lot older, probably even older than him as you were so mature
  • Honestly thought Seven had pranked him again when this young (admittedly cute, but in an “awe, she’s adorable” way) girl showed up at the RFA party and blushingly introduced herselfu
  • He apologized a lot that he had mentioning wanting to kiss you!
  • You kissed his cheek to tell him that it was alright and he blushed awe cute
  • Let you play video games with him and made sure you ate healthy
  • He’s basically a stereotypical brother


  • ????
  • He felt so extremely guilty for coming of as this creepy old pervert who flirted with you
  • Literally apologized so much you had to tell him to shut up
  • After he had gotten over the initial shock, he was basically acting like your guard, watching over and protecting you 24/7
  • “All men are wolves, MC!”
  • He swore to give you the big brother he never got, and was supportive of everything you did
  • unless it was dating


  • Well, you already felt like her sister
  • She was suprised by how young you were, but mostly because you reminded her of herself - she had also been basically grown up at that age
  • I swear she’s actually like a mom, always making sure you get enough rest and actually have time to enjoy your childhood
  • She changed up her offer a bit, asking you if you would like to help her out in the café with her during the weekends, so it wouldn’t affect your school work


  • He was so confused
  • He didn’t mean to be judging, but how could someone that tiny understand him that well
  • He did feel slightly creepy for saying suggestive things to you on the messenger, but hid it until you brought up that he seemed bothered
  • Would still spoil you to no end
  • Loved to see you play with Elizabeth, as it was the purest thing he had ever seen


  • Of course he already knew from his background check
  • He did also see from your social media that you were smart, mature and responsible, especially for being so young
  • He honestly found you adorable, so he didn’t lie when he described you as a “cute girl” for the RFA members
  • Didn’t tell them your age just to troll them tbh
  • Felt just as protective over you as Saeran


  • When Seven told him about you and asked if you should join the RFA, he was kind of hesitant
  • Would you be able to organize something as big and important as the party?
  • Always the trusting person, he decided to let you give it a shot, seeing as Seven described you as seemingly responsible
  • He was extremely happy that your youthful cheeriness brought joy to all the gloomy members! He appreciated you!


  • He did feel kind of bad to trick such a young girl into Mint Eye’s plan
  • But as he had heard for years, “the younger they start, the better they get”
  • Suprised by how difficult you were to trick, but that only made him more positive that you were perfect for the plan
  • When everything was over, he was actually really glad to be part of your childhood, as it gave him the chance to experience it for himself

Some anons asked for Xros Wars! Lapidot and I couldn’t say no :3c so here a redraw from a scene from ep 50~

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Ooh, how about Hunk and Lance? Or Shiro and Lance? Or Coran and Allura? THANK YOU.

All wonderful pairs! So why not draw them all? :’)

Here we have Lance doing something stupid and using Hunk to hide from someone’s wrath (your guess as to who that might be lol), some Angst for the angst writer, and some younger Coran and Allura~ 

I hope you like them! :’D

Me on a date
  • Me: Do you watch Shadowhunters?
  • Them: yes!
  • Me: OMG did you see Malec in the new promos???
  • Them: I don't ship malec
  • Me: that's weird, but I guess it's impossible to assume EVERYONE loves Malec. Or that people ship anything at all
  • Them: Oh no I ship Alec with someone else
  • Me: Who? Meliorn? Simon? Raphael?
  • Them: Clary
  • Me: ......
  • Me: *shoves breadsticks in purse* yeah I'm gonna have to go...