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Percy/Annabeth Swap
  • Ok so I was thinking about what it would be like if Percy was the one who went to Camp when he was seven
  • So imagine an AU where Annabeth’s stepmom was actually nice and Annabeth never ran away
  • In this AU, Percy’s the one who ran away when he was young
  • Sally died when Percy was only six (I know, I’m so so sorry), and Gabe wasn’t exactly willing to look after him
  • Gabe knows someone who runs a care home in Virginia, so he takes him there
  • But Percy isn’t willing to go to it because anyone who is a friend of Gabe is not someone he wants looking after him
  • So he runs away in Virginia, and decides to look for his real dad
  • It’s only been a few days when he meets his first monster, a hellhound
  • Percy’s next to a river when he sees it, and desperately he jumps into it
  • Despite the current, he manages to swim to the other side pretty easily, but his clothes are wet (at this point he doesn’t know he’s a demigod, so he hasn’t learnt how to use his powers properly)
  • Shivering, he ends up in an empty alley, when another monster shows up
  • This time, it’s a sphinx, and Percy would’ve been killed for sure if a blond boy hadn’t come out of nowhere and stabbed it with his sword
  • At first Percy’s scared by this boy and the dark haired girl with him, but they soon convince him it’s alright, they’re like him, there’s no reason to be scared
  • They tell him they’re called Luke and Thalia, and they explain that he’s a demigod
  • “What’s your name, kid?” Thalia asks
  • “My name’s Percy,” he responds, “Percy Jackson.”
  • From then on, Percy’s life becomes a bit easier
  • Sure, they’re still on the run, and they still have to face monsters, but Percy has friends now
  • He admires Luke completely, and pretty soon he’s his role model. Percy will do anything to try and impress Luke.
  • Thalia’s like the big sister Percy never had, and always knows what to say to cheer him up. In the aftermath of Percy’s mom’s death, she’s a massive help
  • Of course, Thalia adapts to the big sister role pretty quickly. It’s almost like she’s had practise
  • Percy starts to get better at facing monsters
  • He starts training with the dagger Luke gave him, determined to do well
  • After a while, Grover finds them, and leads them to camp
  • Like in canon, Thalia is turned into a tree as she sacrifices herself
  • That hits Percy hard
  • Luke’s changed too
  • Luke still looks out for Percy, and helps him through that stage, but he’s more emotionally detached
  • In the beginning, Percy stays in the Hermes cabin, because he’s unclaimed
  • Every night, when he offers food, he prays his parent will claim him
  • Chiron takes sympathy on Percy, having developed a liking for the boy
  • Finally, two years later, Percy’s wish is granted in a game of Capture the Flag
  • When Percy moves into the Poseidon cabin, he’s lonely at first
  • He misses his friends from the Hermes’ cabin, like Travis and Connor, but he remains friends with them
  • He soon gets used to it, but he misses being in the same cabin as Luke
  • Luke’s training harder and harder these days, and it’s almost like he’s shutting Percy out
  • Later, Luke goes on his quest, and when he comes back with the scar, Percy can see he’s more angry, but when anyone brings it up with Percy, he denies it vehemently
  • By the time Percy’s 11, he’s well settled in camp, it’s his home
  • He has friends (Grover’s his best friend), and he’s become really good with a dagger, since he trains with Luke’s dagger all the time
  • He knows there’s a prophecy, and it’s got something to do with when he turns sixteen, but he doesn’t know exactly what it says. He does know that Chiron won’t let him go on a quest because of it
  • One day, Chiron says there’s a gifted demigod at the school he’s been teaching in
  • Grover brings her to Camp, but not easily: they suffer from a minotaur attack on the way, and apparently the girl’s father was taken to the underworld
  • The girl’s knocked out, and Percy volunteers to look after her, and the first thing he notices is her blonde princess curls
  • (Update: Part 2 can be found here)

To all the fans that won’t be able to watch sherlock tonight: I understand your pain. Come here let’s hug

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i want to stop feeling bad now thanks

A continuation of this that I didn’t think I’d actually do but…here it is anyway.  Again, Blackmadhi, with implied past Blackbright/Phantomquill and a lot of focus on Simon’s mental state.  Deals once again with Simon’s PTSD and includes descriptions of a panic attack.  Approx. 2600 words.

After that first night, Simon would be lying if he said that things hadn’t gotten better with Nahyuta within the next couple of days.  

The investigation seemed to run smoother, and even though they still bickered some, it was mostly teasing, and the two prosecutors would smile at each other after delivering some half-hearted insults. Yes, once in a while they would actually get frustrated, but that was mostly due to the contrasts in their personalities.  Luckily, it would not really last.

Nahyuta was even able to find a local restaurant that specialized in Japanese food, and surprised Simon with that one evening, which had made him smile rather happily instead of just giving one of his trademark sly smirks.  He could have sworn he saw Nahyuta’s cheeks tinge pink after that, but perhaps he had just imagined it, because the foreign prosecutor had turned his face away.

Even the nights had gotten a little bit better, if only because Nahyuta had been able to drag him out of his nightmares almost as quickly as they began.  Each time he slept, as soon as Fulbright’s face materialized in his mind, Nahyuta was gently shaking Simon awake.  It was poetic, Simon couldn’t help but think…when Fulbright’s face – only existing in his unconscious thoughts – disappeared and Nahyuta’s took its place. At times, Simon had felt an overwhelming urge to reach out and touch the other prosecutor’s features…his cheeks, his hair, his lips…if only because Simon wanted to make sure that he was real.

And that his face was actually his own.

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so after a long time i decided to doodle some more bill!sans

Ya know what’s weird?

I haven’t watched any of the latest season of OUAT, but I don’t want to unfollow any of my old fave Rumbelle blogs - because even if I don’t watch the show anymore, you’re all so nice and cool and friendly and just a part of my tumblr experience now and it wouldn’t be the same without you - so I still see a lot of Rumbelle/OUAT on my dash. 

Even though I haven’t written Rumbelle fic in over a year (didn’t even do RSS this year… just wasn’t feeling it) I’m still seeing everyone’s promos and nominations and stuff for @theespensonawards. And it’s just adorable. Like, I haven’t read much Rumbelle since I basically quit the show, but I’m so happy everyone’s still writing for this ship and making art and supporting each other.

So, while I don’t think I’ll be making a new version of my usual “Please Nominate Me For [Insert Category Here]!” post, I seriously wish every author and artist and shipper out there the best of luck in this year’s T.E.A.s!

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I guess this is a good thing if you have TS4.

But is it going to be like TS3 where you have to cater to them EVERY TRUCKING MINUTE?

If so, I’ll pass.

My dash is going to be loaded with pictures of them now…

real talk though:

sinnoh remakes??? or……….sinnoh sequels

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aish Sahna i dont want to find it out, if you leave me istg i'll come and get you back. You're my baby. ** oppa when is the food arriving?? I cant resist anymore :(( *pouts more* but i still want the kiss tho. You're such a tease. But if you can get me kiss knk Youjin i wouldnt mind *giggles* ily btw can you reach the chocolate for me??? Its kinda hard being a shorty :/ and oppa! You're gonna make me blush *covers face with hands* can you ask rocky to come over?? Bc hes not answeirn me ugh -🦄🙊

SH: Yup, I’m your baby! *gif* So I’d never leave you, Y/N~

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I hope the food gets here soon, though… I’m hungry!!

MB: Well… *grabs chocolate off the shelf and hands it to you* I would be happy to oblige~ *leans toward you*

*realizes what you said* Wait… Why would you want to kiss Youjin?? Do you-

*doorbell rings*

SH: Oh, food’s here! *jumps up to go answer it*

*comes back and lays food out on the table* Dig in, you guys!!

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MB: *stares at you while eating*

*grumbles* Why don’t you just ask Youjin to text Rocky, Y/N…?

SH: Huh? *glances between you two* Did I miss something??

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