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I just love how in that little interview with Murata on how he draws Saitama and Genos he said he tried hard to draw Saitama so carefully. I love the fact that the cute factor even came to his mind. Though he failed in avoiding making Saitama too cute, especially the sulky face he drew Saitama with in the manga because I just want to wrap him in a warm blanket and give him all the hotpot with extra cabbage he can eat. And despite trying to draw Genos' eyes as empty they're still expressive.

It’s actually really nice to see how much intention Murata’s put into drawing the two of them over the years~ It’s true that Saitama‘s look is so simple, that even drawing him a little differently makes him look completely not like himself (something I know is hard from trying to scribble him ^^;) And yeah, earlier on in the manga both Saitama and Genos looked a lot more cutesy~ And while I didn’t mind in the least (cute egg and toaster is the best~), it’s nice to see him try to…get who they are across more in the way he draws them. It must especialy be weird to draw Saitama, who has to look apathetic(?) most times but then very driven and heroic at other times.

….I wanna squish him he’s cute ;w; / / /

And Genos! The comment about getting the ‘emptiness’ in his eyes (could be translated as emptiness though it meant atmosphere), makes a lot of sense to me actually. Genos is an orphan, after all, had everything he knew and loved ripped away from him all at once, of course his eyes would look hollow after that, once he gave the rest of his life to seeking revenge. But what’s weird about that is that both the emptiness in his eyes and that in Saitama’s eyes are…both pretty sad to think about………/ / / / /

And like it was  kinda mentioned in the interview, since they both mostly talk to each other, it’s like as they bond it becomes more apparent how empty they’ve both been…how empty they still are, actually. Like they’re both working on it together, but that doesn’t change that neither of them are in the best of places……..////

I wanna squish Genos too, he’s so sad ;_; / / /