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Tips on Developing OCs/characters
  • How would they react to a mistake? Failure? Causing any sort of problems for others? Write a scene in which they mess up or cause a problem, and their attempts to fix it
  • How do they cuddle or hold others? Describe them cuddling someone who they love. Do they hold or are held? Where are their hands? Why would they do it in this way? Add descriptions and details on how comfortable they are in certain positions or with certain people.
  • Describe in detail their ideal partner, and all their characteristics. Instead of focusing on your character traits, focus on how other’s traits bring out their own. What are their opposite personality type? How do their traits meld with other’s?
  • When creating a backstory, start with their personality now, and work backward. What events shaped their social connections? What caused them to be bold or shy? Cautious or risk taker? Trusting?
  • In what situation would your character be “in their element”? Put them in a situation that is the opposite of their element, or out of their comfort zone. What happens when they are at a loss of control?
  • Write a scene in which your character is dealing with extreme and small emotions, like loss and heartbreak. Death of a loved one, and also the loss of a book or toy. Divorce, and the rejection of a pet while sitting on the couch. How does your character react in these two different situation?
  • What would open your character up to a sexual relationship? How would they handle a one night stand compared to a commitment? Describe their emotional state after a rape, or some other sort of assault or harassment. How would they feel if that harassment came from someone they trusted?
  • What might their final words be? What one sentence can complete their life, or finish their arc, or give closure to their loved ones? What would those words mean to them, or to others?
  • How would your character like to be remembered? By their achievements, their words, or their relationships with others? How would someone describe your character to someone who had never met them, as if they were describing a historical figure? What would they include, adnd what would they leave out?

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“Hmm, question is now. Just how good are you?” Squints at. Only one way to find out. A cook off! “We’re having a cook off this weekend. You against me. That should keep the division members entertained.” Kensei said folding his arms.

Uh, I guess we can do that.”

     How good was he?  
That was hard to say exactly. 

“Is there anything specific we
have to cook, cause I’d like to
get my ingredients in order.”