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Here are 31 films I consider to be great horror films. I tried to make the list as diverse as possible, featuring stories from all forms of horror. I also attempted to make this list nearly free of typical Halloween favorite list mainstays (Sorry Freddy) and have more lesser known or celebrated titles. It’s October 4th, so I guess you’re behind already. This list isn’t in any particular order, so have fun. Happy Halloween!

Oh, and some content warnings: many of these films contain graphic violence and gore and in some, sexual violence. Watch at your own risk etc. Each film has it’s trailer linked to it, so take a gander and see what sticks!

  1. Safe (1995)
  2. Inside (2007)
  3. Burnt Offerings (1976)
  4. A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night (2014)
  5. Cure (1997)
  6. A Tale Of 2 Sisters (2003)
  7. Candyman (1992)
  8. Under The Shadow (2016)
  9. Sisters (1973)
  10. Eve’s Bayou (1997)
  11. Trouble Every Day (2001)
  12. The Brood (1979)
  13. 3 Women (1977)
  14. Let’s Scare Jessica To Death (1971)
  15. Compliance (2012)
  16. Martha Marcy May Marlene (2011)
  17. May (2003)
  18. The Fits (2016)
  19. Ganja & Hess (1973)
  20. Hush (2016)
  21. Ginger Snaps (2000)
  22. Don’t Breathe (2016)
  23. Possession (1981)
  24. White Dog (1982)
  25. Fatal Attraction (1987)
  26. Happy Birthday To Me (1981)
  27. Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me (1992)
  28. Hausu (1977)
  29. The Skin I Live In (2011)
  30. Ms. 45 (1981)
  31. Under the Skin (2014)

Request for @coachboom who asked for either Megatron or Tailgate (and since I haven’t drawn either of them before I though “why not both?”)

I fully support the idea that Tailgate gets Megs into video games (albeit certain types) so yeeeeeaaaaaahhh idk what to say :}

Also Megatron is by far the most VISUALLY CONFUSING creature I have ever tried to draw and I love it. I came up with like five new insults for the guy while I was drawing him lol.

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“Didn’t you know? Women have to be strong in order to survive.” - 春野 サクラ

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Hi! Do you have any tips as to advertising services for artists in artist alley such as button-making(which is my case specifically)? I've tried to get the word around but I guess I'm just not that great at advertising.

Nattosoup:  Hand out buttons pressed from your machine!  Be sure to include a cute graphic (so they keep the buttons), but make sure your service and contact info are also available.

It’s difficult advertising a new service- as people tend to prefer to patronize what they know.  You can try coupons and scratch off deals to make your advertising a bit more fun as well.

Kiriska: Hit up online communities too. Ask your friends if they’re interested, or if they know anyone who might be interested in those services. Maybe even consider getting adspace on some webcomic sites.

Honestly though, I think button-making specifically is probably a hard sell because the services are pretty widely available already, and many artists already own their own machines. I think it’s fine to advertise them and just generally let others know that you’re available for those services, but I wouldn’t bank on there being constant customers for it, regardless of how well you advertise.


who are you, to come and claim something
that isn’t yours?
who are you to say, im lesser because i don’t
crave a lover like you all do?
i have arrows in my eyes that fly at high speed
and pierce the hearts of unbelievers.
and who are you, to mark my name as unworthy because
i dance in a so cold moonlight?
what’s your voice against my howling to the stars?
trust me when i say, the first ones to fall
are the ones who are afraid.

- artemis taught us how to shoot  / e.a


“Guess what?’ Fitz said.
‘I don’t know,’ Jude said. 'What? Narnie smiled?’ He glanced at her for the first time.
'When you guys see a Narnie smile, it’s like a revalation,’ Webb said, gathering her towards him.
Jude stopped in front of her and, with both hands cupping her face, tried to make a smile. Narnie flinched.
'Leave her alone,’ Tate said.
'I need a revelation,’ Jude said. 'And you’re the only one that can give me one, Narns.”

No Control - Isaac Lahey smut

- Hey anon, sorry for the long wait, but I hope this makes up for it :)

About season three of characters? I think? Like 3A/3B between type of thing, before Kira, after Lydia and Aidan together. Hope that’s okay :)

Request; I was reading like all of your imagines and OMG I’m in love with your blog omg. Anywayys I was wondering if I could have an Isaac smut where you go to the school dance with him and you guys are grinding and stuff and he gets really turned on so he takes you to the locker room and idk maybe some like rough hickeys and bondage (like tying of hands and stuff) idk though just whatever your comfortable with thank you

Warning: smut, I guess it gets a little rough, so there’ll be mild swearing and light bondage. Also, I’d say it’s quite long… (about 5 pages on word?)

It’s gonna be a bit more graphic I think, longer, but also found it difficult to write bondage in a locker room? Idk, not read much like it etc, I tried, hope it’s okay.


“Y/n, you don’t need to be invited to some school dance, all right?” Lydia told you after you complained that Isaac didn’t understand when you’d been hinting you only wanted him to invite you.

“I know, I just wanted to go with him,” you sighed, leaning your back against the lockers next to hers.

“If you really want to go with him, ask him yourself!” she huffed, putting her books in and then closing the door. “Seriously, you can do it. It’s not a massive problem. Plus, I’m pretty sure he’d like that too,” she said with a slight smirk.

“Ha,” you scoffed, “You’re funny. I almost couldn’t hold back my laughter,” you told her sarcastically, adding a roll of your eyes before walking off to the exit and she only chuckled, walking after you. You waited for her to catch up since she was your ride home. “To some guys it must be so weird to get a girl to ask them out. I mean, trust me I know this, it must completely destroy their masculinity,” you sighed, walking past the bikes and towards her car. You’d asked one guy out before and it really didn’t go down well for you, or for him.

“That’s so untrue!” she exclaimed, ready to fight you on it. “It’s totally nice and at least they know that you do want to be asked out. Plus, saves them the pressure and nerves. Trust me, some guys find it cute and sexy,” she told you as you rolled your eyes. You were used to the idea of boys doing the asking and girls doing the part of being pretty and enjoying everything because they said yes to the right guy. But then again, Lydia was right, as always, and you knew it.

“Maybe, but I can’t do it,” you finally said. “What if he just doesn’t wan me to go with him?” you sighed for about the hundredth time that day.

“Then he doesn’t, and we’re going to make him regret that decision by making you look the hottest you’ve ever been,” she grinned, opening her car down and you got into the passenger seat.

“That does sound quite fun,” you smiled, at which she cheered a little, laughing as she pulled out of the car park.

After picking up your dress from your house - and agreeing to your mom and dad’s rules about when to come back and blah blah blah - Lydia drove home to get ready with you and Allison, who was already on her way there. The three of you helped each other out with hair and make up and of course with the worries of how your dresses looked but all of you left the house happy with your appearance. Both of them had dates, but they insisted to go with you to school and meet Aidan and Scott. He and Allison were only going as friends, but he thought it appropriate to invite her.

“Hi girls,” Scott smiled as he got out of Stiles’ jeep.

“Hey,” you smiled as you got out last and Lydia locked her car. The group of you walked in, giving your tickets to the freshman manning the desk before you entered the room and you couldn’t help but let your jaw fall at the amazingly decorated hall. Instead of some place you do exercise in, everyone in your year was dressed up to have fun and forget about school, assignments and tests, just to dance, drink punch and talk.

“You want to dance?” you saw Scott and Allison get up as you smiled to her to say it was okay while they walked from your table to the dance floor.

“Lydia?” Aiden asked.

“We’re staying,” she told him and you couldn’t help but chuckle.

“Go, I’ll be fine. Have fun, I’ll just drink some punch,” you said with a grin as she looked at you but then rolled her eyes, pulling Aidan to dance who shot you a thankful look and you shrugged. They deserved to have fun. It was nice of Lydia to think about you, but you really would be fine.

“Hey, uh, you wanna dance?” you looked up to see Stiles smiling, a hand extended.

“Don’t you have-“

“She gets it,” he waved his hand and grabbed your hand, pulling you up and to the dance floor. “Can’t have you sitting all night, right?” he grinned, which relaxed you immediately. You were lucky to have such nice friends.

“I guess not,” you replied, smiling, as the two of you started dancing. Well, Stiles’ movements were a little questionable, but you had fun.

Pretty soon, you started to relax and enjoy yourself before you totally let go. Through the night, you had danced with Danny and Ethan as well, and then each of the girls. You were in the middle of dancing to one of your favourite songs with Lydia and Allison before you suddenly became aware of someone else joining you.

“Mind if I cut in?” Isaac asked you and the girls, who just grinned and nodded, practically pushing you along with him. Since it was a fast paced song, the two of you just went crazy, laughing along before the song changed to something even faster, making Isaac pull you closer to him. “Who invited you along?” he asked, almost shouting above the music.

“No one!” you replied.

“I have now,” he laughed as you turned around and he pulled your back towards him, letting you feel a rumble in his chest as he let out a very low, almost inaudible growl. “You look hot, Y/n,” he told you, his hands holding you by your hips as he fisted the material of your dress.

You didn’t know how exactly to answer, but you had to smile. You weren’t dating - not yet - which was why you weren’t so surprised he didn’t ask you to the dance, but you did flirt a lot. It was obvious to everyone that you were about to date, he just had to work up the courage to actually ask you…

However as you guys continued to dance, there was something inside of you that was lit on fire by the spark of his encouragement, pulling you closer and closer and breathing on your neck as he chuckled since you didn’t shy away for his touch. You were pretty close by now and you weren’t sure if you could call what you were doing dancing, more just grinding. Which he seemed to like… He only pulled you closer and then you felt his lips on your neck before he spoke. “I feel like now would be a good time to move to the locker room, if you want?” he asked and you grinned even wider, biting your lip to not let out a squeal of happiness. Okay, you’ve made out with him once, but you were begging to everything and anything to have something more this time.

You grabbed his hand from your hip and the two of you made your way out of the gym. He tugged you towards the locker room, finding it open, but he made sure to lock it, precisely by picking it with his claws before he turned towards you. The music from the other room was pounding through the walls, though a lot quieter.

“Are you going to do something or will I have to wait for the next school dance?” you asked, a hand on your hips now, but what you didn’t realise was that it tugged the side of your dress up a bit more, making his eyes attract there in a second before he took a deep breath in, your perfume driving his sense crazy as he took a few steps towards you, before he pushed you against the lockers and attached his lips to yours. It wasn’t as sweet or urgent as those two other times. It was a lot more urgent actually - as if your kiss was the only thing that gave him air- and definitely rougher. But you really couldn’t complain, especially when his tongue just pushed its way into your mouth and mingled with your own.

“I don’t know how you could turn me on like that, but Jesus, I’m not letting you get away with it,” he groaned as your hands tangled themselves with his hair. You smirked before pushing his head back to your lips and you tried to be the dominant one in the kiss, which, for once, he allowed.

You traced one hand down his neck, lifting up the collar of his shirt and loosening his tie with the other. He smiled, pushing your head back by connecting your foreheads. “That stays, what won’t, is your shoes,” he looked down, seeing more of your cleavage than your shoes, but you really didn’t mind. In fact, you only pushed your chest out more, arching your back from the lockers as he reach both hands behind you, his eyes on the top of your breasts in the strapless dress. “Fuck, you’re beautiful,” he moaned, pushing your chest agains his and not bothering to unzip your dress as he pushed his face into your neck, trying to find your sweet spot.

“Isaac,” you groaned as he lowered a hand, sliding it to your butt and squeezing it as you kicked your shoes off and jumped, letting him push you into the lockers more and wind your legs around his torso. He attacked your neck, nipping, biting, sucking and leaving lots of hickeys as you thanked everything that you decided to leave your hair down, straight. You let out a few moans as he left a trail of hickeys, grinding into you like you did on the dance floor and pushing you into the locker every so often when you let out a different type of moan, sending shivers and waves of pleasure up both of your spines. You had your hands in his hair, pulling your crotch closer to his, making you gasp as he blew a light puff of air over the third hickey and also felt a hard object at your thigh, which, if you were honest, definitely did not feel like his belt buckle, or his phone.

“Isaac, what-“

“You’re so sexy,” he grunted, his hands at your waist. “Not my fault you turn me on,” he told you, pulling back to see your reaction but you felt too weak by then. You couldn’t even say anything, only let out a noise which resembled something between a squeak, whimper and a moan before he thrust his crotch into you once more, which encouraged you to leave a few hickeys of your own at his neck while you unbuttoned the top pf his shirt. His hands slid under your dress and to your ass before one of his hands wandered to your front and you sucked in a breath while he let out a breathy chuckle. “Already wet?” he whispered into your ear as he undid his tie with one hand while you threw your head back. The pleasure collecting in your stomach was unbearable but something you knew you had to keep in still as he continued to mess around with your feelings down there.

“Isaac, please,” you whimpered as he let out a chuckle and told you to tighten your hold with your legs around him and pushed you up. The moment his hand left, you could still feel your underwear at your core, except this time, you wanted it off. Instead of doing anything you hoped, his hands tied the black strip of material behind your head, making you bite your lip and moan as his touch become slightly gentler. “So what is this now? I can’t see you?” you asked, your voice lower. You weren’t aware you could be any more turned on, but holy shit, this was taking everything.

“Can’t see, can’t touch,” he chuckled lightly as you felt his belt slip out from between you and your hands were tied to the pipe above the locker. He let you be comfortable,  but at least you were suspended enough that you could keep yourself up against him.

“Fuck, Isaac, come on,” you moaned, tightening your hold on his torso and grinding your hips as you could into him.

“Stop,” he told you, a smile hiding in his voice as his hands wandered under your skirt, finding the waistband of your underwear before he yanked them down and then you heard his fly unzip and some material fall. “How does it feel? You’re just putty in my hands,” he groaned as he felt your wetness through his underwear.

“Then fuck me already, dammit,” you cursed some more as his hand once again touched you and you whined out as he began to tease you once again. “I swear-“

“Shh,” he put a hand on your mouth before letting go. You heard something else fall, but you had no idea what was going on. The sense of the unknown excited you, not aware of your surroundings, he could just take you then and there, no questions asked, just pleasure all the way through. “Relax,” he told you in a firmer voice before you felt something other than his hand at your entrance.

You moaned his name as you heard something rip open and in a few seconds, he wasn’t just teasing but was fully inside of you, letting more and more sounds of pleasure fill the room while you struggled with not being able to touch his body, The body you had always crazed so much and now, well now you had it. Or more precisely, he had you and you didn’t mind. Hell, if this was how he made you feel each time he could have you anywhere, anyhow, you just wanted to feel this immense amount of pleasure as your voice skipped more octaves up than ever and you were a moaning mess in his hands while he continued to push himself in and out.

Both of you came with the loudest chaos of noises while he created another hickey on your neck, making you moan once more even though you came down from the top and he had released.

“That’s what happens when I have no control,” he panted out as he untied your hands and let you op down, but he had to hold you up because your legs shook. As he let the tie fall from your face, you stepped up onto the bench behind him and turned him around, kissing him again.

“Then I guess I’m going to have to do it more,” you told him as you pulled away.

“Will you be my girlfriend? Finally?” he asked, his forehead covered in sweat and still not over the amount of pleasure that you both just shared.

“Yes,” you breathed out and giggled as he kissed you once more.

Maybe it wasn’t as romantic as you would have wanted, but sharing your first kiss as boyfriend and girlfriend, in the middle of the boys’ locker room, you on a bench and him without his pants, you wanted nothing else but the boy you had crushed on for that long. And if it meant making him lose control, you were up for it.

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Please request, go ahead, I’ll write almost anything teen wolf related :) -


I first built this weapon in my back yard about three years ago as a simplified take on a polearm weapon and it was surprisingly practical and easy to drill with. Since then it has become my unique go-to weapon for LARPing and now exists in lightsaber form too!

I felt it was fitting that it should be given a place in my D&D campaign

Apologies for shoddy graphic design xP I tried. The “four foot” statistic was a complete guess, but just now I measured the actual thing and it is exactly 4 feet (to within a few 8ths) from hilt to blade tip!


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Can I request some Wallpapers of Bakugō? (His birthday is coming so~)

Sure!! I’ve never tried to make wallpapers before so it’ll be kind of experimental, but of course I’ll do anything for Kacchan’s birthday~ (I also have another graphic in the works so I guess I have my work cut out for me lol)