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The Serpent Or Me - Part 2 (Bughead/Serpent!Jughead x Serpent!Reader)

Jughead has never cared about fitting in, as long as he has Betty and the gang he knows he has his place in Riverdale. However, Southside High has brought him an odd comfort and new friends very easily. The serpents have taken him under their wing, one in particular y/n has started to show him how things work in the gang. Jughead starts to grow a fondness for y/n that feels uneasy, he’s stuck between two worlds. Where or who should he choose?

Part 1

Characters/Pairings: Jughead x Betty (Mentioned), Serpent!Reader,

Warnings: Kissing, one swear.

Word Count: 1441


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Y/n’s POV

Time for another day of sub-par education at Southside High.

I parked my bike up and looked up to the entrance. A familiar pair of eyes connected with mine. That would be my new friend and the latest addition to the gang, Jughead Jones. He gave me a slight wave, distracted by the phone call he was taking. As I got closer, I could see a smile spread across his face. In the few weeks I’d known him, I’d not seen him that happy. I wondered who was on the other end of the phone call.

‘…I gotta go, I’ll text you later. Bye Betty.’ He put his phone away as I approached.

‘You look happy? You feeling okay?’ I joked.

‘I had a moment of weakness. Back to sarcasm and misery now.’ He smirked at me. The bell rang for first period. I gestured to the doors.

‘Shall we? English is just calling our names.’

‘Yippee.’ I raised my eyebrows at him. We walked into school and did the usual check through security. The joys of going to a school with criminals. Yes, I occasionally came under that category but we’re not all gun crazy.

‘Hey, I know you’re a sucker for Shakespeare.’ I teased.

‘Keep that on the down low. Remember I’m supposed to be some scary serpent now.’ He noted, with a hesitant chuckle. We reached the door of our class. I winked at him.

‘Your secret’s safe with me Jughead.’ He gave me a sly smile, his hand scratched the back of his neck.

‘You can call me Jug you know, most of my friends do.’ It’s wrong that I thought of the Serpents first, but they’d be happy to hear this, I was progressing quickly. Jughead had started to trust me and that could only mean good things for the gang. I nodded at him, smiling back.

‘Okay Jug, time to help me understand A Midsummer Night’s Dream, cause I have zero clue.’ He rolled his eyes at me before we headed into class.

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Mark Andrews - “But, I said I love you.”

Prompt: “But, I said I love you.”
Requested: by anon
Warnings: None
Words: 1600+
For @houndofjustice-imagines 1.5k celebration 

“We don’t have to do this now” Charlotte said sitting on the floor of your bedroom with Becky and Liv. It was a Friday night, two of your best friends were back in town for the first time in a long time, you should be out partying and having fun, instead, you were sitting in your bedroom with take-out Chinese food surrounded by cardboard boxes. 

“No I need this done now” you sighed looking around the room, everything made you want to burst into tears. Most of the stuff was your boyfriends Mark’s. Well, ex-boyfriend now. 

When Mark showed up in NXT all the girls fell for him immediately. The hair, the face, the body, the wrestling ability, the accent. Everything about him made girls swoon. You, not so much. You had just come back from a three-month injury and you just wanted to get back being in the title picture. And because you were the only girl that didn’t take an interest in Mark, he began the chase.

It started with little conversations, passing by each other backstage at NXT, then after a few weeks, he would be at the gym whenever you were there and then at the performance centre he would watch you and help you learn new moves.

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frequently asked questions:
  • what’s ur name? daphne, but i’d rather you call me prim!
  • why do you have two names: prim/daphne? when i started this blog, i use prim as my pseudonym because i was simultaneously writing stories on another website and for privacy reasons, i had to keep my identity a secret.
  • what’s your mbti? i usually take the personality test once a month and although it changes like every single time, i am usually either an enfp or esfp.
  • where are you from? im from the pilippines, i live and grew up here and yes full-blooded filipina.
  • how long have you had this blog? i made this 2014 i believe but i only started posting stuff and being active in 2015? so that’s approx. 2 years i believe.
  • how old are you? i recently turned 18, my birthday is: 10th of april, yes year of the rabbit and yes, an aries.
  • can you please be my pen pal? i would honestly love to become your penpal but unfortunately, i still have no frigging idea how it works, how to send them, how much and all the exhausting details about it.
  • what do u use for the doodling on photos and the circle thingy (palette?) on your driving lessons photo? for the doodles i usually just use photoshop (on pc) and the app you doodle or sketch (phone). as for the palette, you can use adobe color.
  • i can’t save my adobe colors picture! that is normal! i usually just screenshot mine but im still not sure if there’s a better way of saving pics.
  • why didn’t u answer my question? i am usually bombarded by heaps of questions every single day to the point that i even overlook some messages. i’ve been really busy as well because of my CETs prep and school works. i try my best to respond to your messages around 1-2 days after you sent them. thank you so much for your kind understanding!
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here’s a little embarassing thing about me: i am! so! obsessed! with! my! gadgets!

remember how i keep on telling you i’ve been really busy with my preps for CETs and how my parents imposed strict curfews and schedules to maximize the little time i have to study? yep, that’s not exactly how it’s been working out with my life right now. i do study but i occasionally check on my phone, respond on messages on tumblr, tweet things, watch 2 or 3 unrelated youtube videos after finishing like 3 or 4 academic ones and many many more! this is why as most of you might have noticed, despite being “busy,” i still regularly respond to your messages, check on my tag, reblog your stuff, despite running a queue. it’s equally embarassing as it is horrifying. and i feel terrible about it. although i must admit that i’ve had a pretty legitimate and respectable outcomes, at the end of the day, i know i can do better. and guess who’s the culprit who keeps on distracting me? yep, that’s right: my one and only treasured possesion- my cellphone.

two, three, or four years ago, my mother began noticing this quite destructive addiction of mine. she will often times call me out, saying things like: “hey, you should spend more time with your family.” or “i will definitely confiscate your phone if you still act like this in a week.” and of course i was threatened as heck because i dont want to lose my cellphone. so, i will pretend i don’t use it in the morning but later that night, when im all alone in my room, you will see my hiding under my blankets laughing all by myself because of dank memes™ or googling cute dog pictures. being the ‘milennial’ and 'god they’re just being lame because they’re obviously not from my generation’ am, i did not know then the extent of my obsession. not until recently!

there is nothing wrong with using technology or gadgets. if anything, they help us become more productive and practically make our lives way, way easier! however, like what they all say, a little much of something is not a good thing! and the same goes with my so-called gadget addiction.

while scrolling through my feed one time, i stumbled upon this article written by emma on messyheads entitled “cant call, im in cuba” published two months ago. and i was frankly baffled. she opened her article with a scientific study concluding that an average person spends right about 300 times a day checking on their phone. yep, you got that right: 300 freaking times of checking on my emails, my twitter, tumblr, responding to messages, et. and while that figure might seem surprising to you. i’ve read another article stating that an average person spends right about 5 hours per day just doing their thing on their mobile! yep, that’s right five freaking hours of looking on that lil bright screen! and just like what emma said on her article, there’s way too many things that you could do on the span of just endlessly scrolling through your dash like finishing an entire course for my CETs preps/reviews, cooking 10 different dishes, working on my painting, working on my embroidery skills, finishing a harry potter book, etc! and you know what this literally made me realize? technology defeated the purpose of helping me become productive because instead, i end up being even more unproductive. and did achieve anything from all the things that i’ve been? absolutely nothing. the even funnier part is: i have absolutely no idea what i do with those five freaking hours! i mean, time flies so fast when you’re enjoying something, that’s true but i dont even know if im exactly enjoying what im doing because if anything, it only makes me feel even more guilty and terrible about it!

i already have no idea where this text post is going but i guess while writing this i was able to realize a couple of things: my patience significantly declines and i tend to appreciate little things less once get too caught up with my phone.

1. patience: the thing about me is i am an incredibly, commendably patient person. i wait for my turn and i believe in its power and value that is fundamental in becoming an ethical person. however although this is very embarrasing to admit, i have realized that using my phone massively declined my patience. how did i know? well, it took me an entire day to write this post because when im done with like a sentence or two, i tend to get distracted with my notifications and wander off of my notepad and start interacting with people. i know there is nothing wrong with that because the world practically revolves around the internet right now. but unfortunately, when i became addicted with my mobile, i am no longer just using it because i have something important to accomplish; rather it became an itch that needs to be scratched and i use it just because i want to instead.

2. appreciation: this is quite frankly probably the saddest part about my cellphone addiction. you know how much i love the little things about people and the world, right? yep. however, due to this addiction, i tend to focus more on my cellphone screen and not the beautiful things around me. i mean, sure you can google #goals stuff or see even more aesthetic things on tumblr, but i think there is still nothing more beautiful than having the chance to see something magical first hand! furthermore, when im out with my family for dinner, i have realized an even more heartbreaking thing: we no longer converse the way we used to! because instead of communicating or asking for menu first, we ask for for the wifi password and live our social media life instead. i mean, sure we still talk but im not that stupid to not realize that it’s not like it used to be when my brother and i were 11 or 10. it’s an ugly realization that i hope would eventually change.

i have nothing against the usage of social media as a platform to express yourself or to get friends from all over the world. i believe, as a matter of fact, that it is one of the most revolutionary things that this planet was able to create and i frankly believe that it will be for a long, long time. however, i think it is also still very important to shut out of it once in a while, give yourself a break, a breather, and just enjoy your life the way our ancestors or grandparents would even without the internet.

try turning off your gadgets once in a while and i promise you will see a significant difference and feel more comfortable with your own skin! because although it feels good to live a life that’s filled with so many notifications, attention, and validation from all over the world, it feels even better to just have a little space outside the boundary with fresh air, lots of trees, and flowers, where you could be yourself.