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Be Kind

Pairing: Jensen x Reader
Words:   1171
Requested by Anonymous:  Hi! Can I request either a Jensen or Jared x reader (your choice!) where she their PA on set and they’ve had feelings for each other for a long time, but she’s afraid to move forward because she knows how harsh the fandom can be and she’s scared of getting close to him?

A/N: If you want tagged in anything, just let me know.

         “Good morning, Y/N,” Jensen smiled as soon as you walked onto the set with two cups of coffee and your usual planner to keep track of everything Jensen was supposed to do that day and the coming days.

           “Good morning,” you smiled as well. Being a personal assistant for Jensen Ackles was the best job you could have ever asked for. Not only did he treat you like a normal person, but he treated you like a friend, “I have coffee.”

           “Because you’re amazing,” he said, taking the coffee you offered him.

           “I try,” you grinned, taking a sip of the other coffee.

           “So, what’s on the agenda for the weekend?” Jensen asked as the two of you walked toward where he was going to be filming a scene.

           “You’re actually free this weekend,” you told him.

           “So, that means you’re free?” he asked.

           You nodded, “I guess that’s what it means too.”

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“If everyone in LOGH were on tumblr” headcanons collection

(based on a LINE conversation I had with @gasexplosionatthescalpelfactory

Should you visit the tumblr of LOGH characters, here’s what you may find there.

Bittenfeld :
Pro wrestling gifs. Schwarz Lanzenreiter fleet (spamming a lot with it), pictures of tiger (yes, including cute baby tigers, with #awww as tag).Daily spamming about how he hates a certain person we don’t even need to name. Taking selfies on the bridge of the Konigstiger, or on special occasions (#me and muller at mein Kaiser’s wedding #he was so godly omg #also Oberstein You d*** )

Annerose :
Cooking recipes and glorious food porn pictures (occasionnally reblogged by Reinhard, implying that’s what he wants his big sis to make this one dish in particular). Kircheis liking every post. Frederica reblogging the recipes. Occasionnally sending asks to Annerose for cooking tips. Annerose answers with videos « So today I’m answering a question from…Frederica…Again !^_^’ ) ».

Eva :
She’s not on tumblr but on pinterest.

Eisenach :
Created a tumblr and made a slew of one text post, the last being « checkmate ». Then abandons his blog.

Mittermeyer :
Reblogs social issue stuff. Reblogs recipes from Annerose when he thinks it might interest Eva. Later on, baby products reviews and tips. Some selfies with Reuenthal, who isn’t really paying attention and stands in the background looking good.

Reuenthal :
Posting fancy alcohol and photography. Occasionnally female models, or reblogging the selfies he took with Mittermeyer. Vagueposting.

Women, ladies, models, reblogging/answering the longest quarell thread with Schenkopp. Reblogging/answering the longest quarell thread with Dusty (who ends up ignoring him). Reblogs wishes his followers address him on Treizember 36th.

Linz :
Holds a blog for the activity of the Rosenritter. Pics from the training sessions or equipment. Also posting doodles he makes and portraits of the people around him.

Reinhard :
Alternating intense blogging and total inactivity. Uploading some pics of the Brunhilde. Reblogging the recipes from his sister only to tag it with #want #heavy breathing.  Vagueblogging and/or complaining about things like « Yet another party I don’t want to go » « I hate my hair today, I hate Flegel’s everyday » « Fraülein got a cold and I got to read all this fanmail on my own…One looks like Bitten’s handwriting. I guess that’s just my imagination » « Hair looks shitty again today. I don’t even bother to go out. Will pretend I have fever. Yeah. Let’s do it. ». « No battle today. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORED ». Reblogs a vaguepost from Reuenthal and gets paranoid about it : « IT WAS ABOUT ME WASN’T IT ». Reuen makes it worse : « idk maybe ». Mittermeyer browses his dashboard and sees Reuenthal flaming. Screws his tablet’s screen in rage. Aside of the fight is a massive angry vagueposting on mein Kaiser’s blog.

Benemunde :
Hateblog against Annerose. Tons of aristocrats following/reblogging her stuff. Reinhard finds out. Vaguepost diarrhea on mein Kaiser’s blog, flourished of creative insult against the Annerose hatedom members. Benemunde replies by screenshoting Reinhard’s post and mocking it. Flegel reblogs « LMAO, IT’S THE BLOND BRAT »

Meanwhile on Kircheis’s blog :
« my dad grew a new orchidea specie » [with a picture of said flower]. Annerose reblogs.  Animal Crossing related stuff. The quiet life of Siegfried Kircheis.

Oberstein :
Opens a blog, puts a dalmatian as the avatar and a black and white theme. Not a single post in it.

Mecklinger :
Poems, art reproductions, his own creations. Rare but existing : posts of men with creative moustaches.

Julian :
Posts pictures of his cat being fat and lazy. Tries to chose the angle so he doesn’t photograph all the stuff Wenli hasn’t cleaned in the flat.

Yang :

Imagines he could make a blog full with interesting history content, pictures, commentaries. But is to lazy to even make the blog.

Mashengo :

Would have a blog with deep contents, sometimes hard to understand.

Hilda :

Has a secret blog no one seems to knows about. She is A HUGE ANIME FAN. Especially a Versailles no Bara Fan. Used to have sleepovers at Baroness Westphalen’s and binge watched the episodes. Posts proud pictures or shelves weighed down under a ton of manga and dvds. Reblogging artworks, fan art, gifs, ANYTHING. May have a crush on Reinhard because he looks like Oscar.
One days face a dilemna : « I just found out my crush watches Berubara when pretending to work – I knew this hairstyle change was too suspicious OMG SHOULD I TELL HIM I LIKE THE SERIES TOO. ».

Meanwhile on Reinhard’s blog : « OH NO SHE KNOWS NOW. »


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bro, kissanime, i love your site, but wtf is this???

*ahem* I suck at putting my thoughts in an eloquent and coherent manner but I’m going to try my hardest to do so without sounding totally assholish and stuff. Please forgive me if I sound “bitchy” or overreacting to this topic but this is something I feel the strong urge to address.

I’m not gonna lie: I use KissAnime for my good ol’ anime needs. Yes, I know I should be watching it legally, but that’s a discussion for another day. I came here to rewatch episodes 7 and 8 of Yuri on Ice because, as the entire fandom knows, these episodes were very impactful (7 with the kiss scene, 8 with the #PrayForMakkachin). 

So I scroll on down, going past season 3 of Haikyuu!!, smile at the fact that Yuri on Ice is now ranked #2. 

And then I see the tags.

“Genres: Shounen Ai, Sports”.

Okay, okay, sports is understandable. After all, that’s exactly what it is - a sports anime. Figure skating falls under the sports category, just like volleyball for Haikyuu!! or soccer for Days or rugby for All Out!! It’s pretty self-explanatory.

But this…this other tag? The Shounen Ai tag? Now that piques my curiosity, heh, because, ya know, Yuri on Ice is to shounen ai as Code Geass is to romance. It is so completely far from shounen ai (and, to an extent, yaoi) that I am failing to comprehend why the mods tagged it as such.

If I were to describe shounen ai to someone who couldn’t tell the difference between that and yaoi, I would say this: “Shounen ai focuses on the more romantic relationship between males while yaoi, as you know, is the lustful, sexual aspect” (If any of you have a better explanation that my crap one, lol, feel free to give one). KissAnime describes shounen-ai as “anime whose central theme is about a relationship (or strong affection, not usually sexual, between two boys or men. Shounen ai literally means ‘boy love’, but could be expressed as ‘male bonding’.” Anime that is considered shounen-ai on KissAnime (and by a lot of people, I guess) are Junjou Romantica, Loveless, Gakuken Handsome, Sekaiichi Hatsukoi, Papa to Kiss in the Dark, DRAMAtical Murder, and Gravitation (out of all of those, I’ll admit that I’ve seen some of Junjou Romantica and Sekaiichi Hatsukoi, and I’ve watched all of Gravitation and I own all of the Gravitation manga]). I’ve also read my fair share of manga that are considered shounen-ai or yaoi, so I like to think that I’m fairly educated within this subject. I may not be able to go super in-depth with it like someone who likes this genre could, but I know enough.

I also know that what I am about to address has been addressed many times already by people who can talk about this way better than I can. There have many a people who have beautifully discussed why Yuri on Ice isn’t a shounen-ai, and my points are more or less the same. But, there are still people who still say otherwise (and some of them have been more than a bit rude about it), so I will be glad to restate and add-on to these points and spread more awareness.

Yes, Viktor and Yuuri kissed. I’m still geekin’ out over that - the whole fandom is, too. It’s not really because everyone is a bunch of crazed fangirls and fanboys, but because we realized just how fucking important that kiss was. We all know about Japan and its view upon homosexuality. We all know about its strict censorship laws and the more conservative thinking it has, and we definitely all know how homosexual characters are treated in anime (for those who don’t, here’s a hint: it’s not that good). Honestly, homosexuality is something that is joked around with in anime, and I’m sure plenty of you know what I’m talking about: the ones that are in denial about their sexuality until the pretty female lead comes along and sets them straight (no pun intended); the ones whose homosexual tendencies mean that they are weird and strange as fuck; the ones who harass those of the same sex for shits and giggles. Yeah, there are many who seen that type of anime or read that type of manga. Those are tropes that, when I was younger, I didn’t think much about, but now, I know that even though it’s for the sake of so-called “comedy”, those are tropes that are impressionable and can produce harmful effects. 

And we also know about the tropes that happen in shounen-ai or yaoi. I can hear some people now saying, “But shounen-ai has gay characters in a gay relationship and I’m 10,000% sure that is Yuuri and Viktor so????” And you’re right - shounen-ai does have gay characters in a gay relationship, but that relationships in shounen-ai and yaoi, unlike Yuuri and Viktor’s, have a tendency to be not fucking healthy. I’m not sure if there’s a shounen-ai manga or anime that portrays a normal, romantic relationship between the two male leads, but I sincerely doubt, because the things that keep the fangirls comin’ back for more are seriously messed-up. Once again, y’all should know what I mean: the whole “He treats me so coldly and says emotionally scarring things to me but I know that deep down inside he totally loves me!” and “We may have had plenty of sex and we admitted our love and affection to each other but eh, I’m still not sure about this???” and “We’re two dudes that happen to kiss and do other romantic things but it doesn’t really mean anything honestly - whoops, looks like I’m in love with I think I guess lol” and, most especially, “I’m going to be so servile to his every whim and overly-fucking-emotional and he’s like, barely emotional and is obviously the dominant one because there’s no such thing as being equal but it doesn’t matter because he loves me!!!!” That last one I’ve seen in a lot of uke-seme arguments, which basically goes as “Saki cries a lot and he overreacts so much while Tsuya is stuck in nonchalant mode but sometimes he hugs Saki after refusing to acknowledge his existence for months on end so obviously Tsuya’s the dominant and their ship name should be Tsuki!” (Saki and Tsuya are Names I Made Up™). And yes, I was one of those people, and hell, I’m guilty of writing things involving some of those very tropes as recently as my junior year of high school (I’m currently a senior). But I have since made an effort to stop all of that because I’d realized that a normal, meaningful relationship is where the two people are shown as equals, not who’s submissive and who’s dominant (which is why idgaf whether or not someone complains if I put MikaYuu or YuuMika or USUK or UKUS and I’m going to stop there because that’s going to lead to my thoughts about ship names).

Basically, the point is that shounen-ai is full of these tropes and points that do not accurately show how a true homosexual relationship works, looks like, etc. They usually pander to fangirls’ (and hell, I guess the author’s) fantasies or whatever. As many people have said before me, Yuri on Ice is taking all of those tropes and kicking them out the fucking door. It’s true, it really is true. Take a moment to reflect on how Viktor and Yuuri have treated each other, how they have interacted with one another, how they have shown their love and respect for one another, and compare it to the tropes that I’ve mentioned (and the other points that other people have made but I did not mention here). Do they look like they fit what would normally make a “good” shounen-ai story? Do they really have that kind of toxic relationship to you? 

No, no they do not. 

All of their growth and development are not representative of your stereotypical shounen-ai story. Nothing is rushed, nothing is idealized. Viktor and Yuuri care for one another, they treat and view one another as equals. If one makes a mistake and accidentally hurts their partner (as we all seen when Viktor made Yuuri cry), then they realize the mistake they’ve done and takes the time to hear how their partner feels instead of shutting them up with a magical kiss that will make everything all better. Yuri on Ice does not solely focus on romance, which is usually the case with shounen-ai. It’s a fucking figure skating anime with all the fucking figure skating terms and stuff that just so happens to have a nice, refreshing, developing, and well-portrayed romantic relationship between two characters that happen to be male. The main focus is Yuuri winning the Grand Prix. And that “male bonding” KissAnime mentions is fucking vague. At this point, Haikyuu!! is a shounen-ai. One Punch Man is a shounen-ai. FMA, Code Geass, Rurouni Kenshin, Black Cat, Inuyasha, Erased, Attack on Titan, One Piece are all shounen-ai  because they all have male bonding. Wow, who would’ve known that?!

This brings me back to their kiss, that kiss that gets me fucking grinning every time I think about it. Just because they kissed doesn’t automatically make it shounen-ai, and it’s so fucking weird the genre was added like that when it is simply not the case. To mark Yuri on Ice as shounen-ai will produce a certain reaction to those who have never seen, and frankly, that reaction will most likely not be good. Yuri on Ice isn’t the first anime to portray a healthy and normal relationship - apparently No. 6 is (now, I haven’t seen that anime, so I’m not going to talk much about it). But it doesn’t matter whether or not it’s first, second, third, whatever - it’s the fact that Yuri on Ice basically said “Fuck you” to all of the harmful tropes that so many have grown accustomed to seeing in anime. They are literally making history, and I’m just so fucking proud of MAPPA and the director and the writer. Until the day Kubo and MAPPA come out and says “Yuri on Ice is shounen-ai!”, then it shouldn’t be identified as such.

I doubt the tags will change; the mods on KissAnime have a tendency to be really iffy characters. But I hope they change it. I’m sorry for this rambling mess, but I felt as though it was something that needed to be said. Feel free to add-on or give your own thoughts. Now if you don’t mind, I’m going to continue my original goal of rewatching those two episodes and being proud.

Cheers to Yuri on Ice for making history.

Just What I Needed

Here is part four in “Salt And Pepper”

Pairing: Jeffrey Dean Morgan x Reader
Words:  1161

Read “Behind Brown Eyes”
Read “Back In The Saddle”
Read “Sweet Emotion”

-The reader has had a long week. Jeffrey is there to help her relax-

Thank you @mamapeterson for looking over this for me!!

A/N: If you want tagged in anything, let me know. :)

 It had been one of those weeks. Long, seemingly never ending, and draining in every way possible. All you wanted to do was go home, take a warm bath, and get into bed to sleep for the entire weekend.

            You were so tired when you got to apartment that you didn’t notice Jeffrey’s car in the parking lot. You unlocked the door and walked in, stopping in your tracks when you heard music coming from somewhere in another room.

            “Jeffrey?” you called out. The door had been locked and he was the only other one with a key, so you knew it had to be him.

            “Come here, Baby!” Jeffrey called from your bedroom.

            You put your stuff on the counter and walked through the apartment to your room. Jeffrey was standing against the bathroom door with a cheeky grin, “What are you doing?” your tone portrayed how exhausted you were.

            “I’m welcoming my girl home.” Taking in your slightly run-down appearance, he asked, “You okay?”

            You shrugged, walking toward him. “Just had a long week.”

            “Then I think you need what I have planned.” He held out his hand to you, wiggling his long fingers playfully. “I promise to be the perfect gentleman.”

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dan’s liveshow summary!
  • #danhowell -doesnt want to confuse us
  • danception -hi everyone thanks for joining me on my liveshow
  • he broke the notifications (apparently)
  • still denying the haru pillow 
  • maddieschmid20 is the #1 fan take that anahita got reckD
  • went to norwich for big weekend ofc
  • he saw 5sos and made eye contact with them but didnt speak to them
  • not a huge 5sos fan (ooooooh)
  • saw fall out boy, florence & the machine
  • muse was good. best live band on the planet
  • psycho is a minute too long
  • dead inside was fine
  • mercy had good lights
  • waiting for their album to come out
  • saying probably too much
  • adjusting hair again
  • doesnt say literally anymore
  • charlie charlie challenge was funny (????!!?¡¡¡¿¿)
  • didnt join
  • he says sorry too much
  • guess the crime.
  • actually dont
  • hed love to go to prague
  • snoop dogg explanation
  • they didnt let him explain
  • snoop dogg was walking and taking pics of flowers and tood a photo of phil and then one of both of them
  • just taking photos not speaking
  • phil shook snoops hand
  • guy walked behind and said his wife was a fan (and asked for a pic or something i cant remember soz)
  • maybe snoop dog is making a book or chronicling his life
  • denyed the haru pillow 
  • where is anahitA????¡¡ maddieschmid20 still #1 fan
  • spent some quality time with jack and dean
  • doesnt want to talk about fob
  • something exciting will happen (related to fob around the world)
  • he says we wont guess it but i know we will.. somehow
  • he went to a cafe in a park with tyler oakley
  • frickiN anAHITA is the #1 fan again oh god
  • “hi argentina” (when will he notice latin america)
  • loves train journeys
  • they went to jim & tanya’s place
  • tanya burr is a very nice girl also hillarious
  • such an aspirational couple. they got their life in order
  • “adults that know how to live”
  • no explanation of his shirt
  • muse was fantastic
  • they are working on taking the tour around the world (yay)
  • he has heard about slovenia
  • he had a white board next to him (??¡?¡)
  • he likes living in london
  • #noodan 
  • needs a new macbook, had that one since 2012
  • saw charlie xcx
  • anahita got reckD aGAIN
  • ball pit
  • charlie xcx was crouched on the ball pit and gave dan a look like “i regret doing this” (or sth like that)
  • listened to death grip’s and tyler the creator’s album on the train
  • his mirror is broken
  • new “dinof” (wtf) video soon
  • hes hanging out with connor franta this week
  • death grips is so good
  • he loves lsd by asap rocky
  • got excited about that video bc it was filmed in japan and hes been there wow
  • he will watch some kpop
  • maddie is wearing sunglasses in their photo
  • a lot of 21 pilots fans in the chat
  • the chat got wild bc 21p
  • except for one person lol
  • finds it weird listening to bands he listened as a teenager
  • he feels like atm he listens at music without lyrics. a lot of bands have sad lyrics
  • he doesnt want to listen to that kind of music because he doesnt want to deal with those kind of emotions
  • hes happy with his life atM
  • he listens to hip hop bc its fun but not too heavy
  • emo music is “oooh idk if i wanna go there”
  • dil kissed someone wow
  • what if tabitha ends up like erica preston summer 
  • who knows whats happening
  • hes doing the hands thing (oh g od)
  • hes sure that they will have books available at the tour
  • the book is finished!!!
  • they have finished their contribution
  • now its designer’s turn to do the thing
  • he will suggest to change all fonts to comic sans wow
  • he likes bastille
  • he thinks people will analyze that waffly chat 
  • hasnt seen pitch perfect 2 yet
  • (anime talk oops i dont watch anime)
  • guitar hero 1 is old as heck
  • youtube is one of the best things that ever happened
  • its awful to compare youtubers. this causes mental breakdowns
  • he wishes he could tell them not to worry
  • you need to love yourself […]
  • if you want to be original or creative its impossible to upload videos regularly
  • people should not put themselves under too much pressure
  • people should be happy doing what they want to do
  • everybody gets a hug
  • his hair looks nice today
  • “what does drunk gaming even mean”
  • no interest in doing drunk gaming
  • anahita is the #1 fan again oh go d
  • new phil video yay
  • he will upload more stuff to danisnotinteresting (waffly chats)
  • comments are scary
  • shoutout to diego (????) apparently a guy from younow
  • hes got a job for us
  • he wants to compile those little songs they’ve made
  • he needs our help
  • its 10:02 thanks for watching
  • his best ability is being articulate
  • dont pay much attention to anything hes just said
  • hes gonna work in some danisnotonfire video
  • radio show on monday
  • go watch phils video!!!
  • hes gonna make some fajitas
  • see u next tuesday bye
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anonymous asked:

Can you post a tutorial for your makeup?

here’s a really good link w/ vegan makeup !!!  

and here’s skin care!!

makeup inspo maybe??? 



what you’ll need:

how to:

okay yeah i know it sounds SCARY. i was for me at first but you get used to it and it’s not so scary anymore!!! okay well you wanna make sure your face is squeaky clean and warm so your pores are nice and open so it won’t hurt nearly as much (i dont do this anymore i just go at it but for your first time it might be important) so you can just start right after you get out of the shower or when you’re done washing your face

okay basically that’s all the prep you have to do!!!

  • now something you want to know is don’t over pluck!! you don’t want to make them pencil thin!! super duper important. leave as much hair as you possibly can for a strong brow effect

but plucking is really easy you can just take your tweezers and use them as kind of a protractor like this:

External image

External image

External image

you hold your tweezers right up to your nose to give yourself how much you have to pluck beyond that point (that’s point 1)

point 2 is where your arch should be so line up your tweezers with that so you know how much to need to pluck to get the effect

and your brow shouldn’t go too much past point three unless you want a really dramatic brow and i kinda like that look as well??? so

i usually don’t pluck anywhere above my eyebrow i just pluck the little ones that are out of place @ the bottom

and don’t worry if they’re not perfect because you can fill them in and i’ll FILL you in w/ that information later

ALSO–here’s a helpful chart as to what eyebrows will look the best w/ your face shape that might be helpful:

okay now im going to tell you how i do my different makeup lookz

here’s me w/ semi natural makeup:

basically just like really super duper simple  makeup (4 da beginners)

what you’ll need:

  • liquid foundation*
  • eye shadow that matches your natural hair color or a shade darker
  • blush
  • mascara
  • eyelash curler (optional)
  • shimmery coral shadow (it compliments blue eyes you can also try gold, brown, or just search colors for blue eyes p simple, if you have green, purples and plums are a+, browns look good w/ gold actually every eye color looks good w/ gold, but i guess don’t get too hung up on that…. use whatever color you like the most!!)
  • angled brush 
  • some water (don’t need a lot like less that a ½ a teaspoon)
  • wide brush
  • shadow brush
  • basically just brushes**

how to:

  1. FOUNDATION: take your foundation and put it all over your face. you can use a brush  or you can just do what i do and use the tips of your fingers. (the brush may or may not help your face to not wrinkle?? idk just be gentle whenever you’re applying makeup because the constant pulling is bad for your skin and can cause premature wrinkling or something?? just be kind to your skin) make sure you get it EVERYWHERE. foundation is basically the canvas of your makeup masterpiece (sorry for being corny). the amount you apply all just depends how you feel but remember that foundation is real important that’s why it’s called the foundation
  2. EYEBROWS: now it’s the real deal. okay basically take the little thing that looks like a comb and brush your eyebrow hair all the same way. then take your angled brush and dip that in the water. then find a shadow that matches your hair color well and just get some of that on your brush. then just softly go along the shape of your brow. i like to start at the outside and go in. (it gets easier as you do it more)
  3. EYESHADOW: pretty self explanatory just make sure you’re using a brush and not those things they give you in the pack w/ them that ill cake it on and a lot of the product will get lost in those cushy things basically never use the brush that comes w/ the makeup bc they’re lying to you. if you don’t have any brushes just use your finger
    1. MASCARA: mascara is so important to me and it’s going to be really important to you too. there’s not a lot to say except when you put the wand back in for more mascara don’t pump it because it will make the life or your mascara shorter because it adds air pockets and things and will cause it to clump AND YOU DO NOT WANT THAT. and tips on the eyelash curler: it’s not as scary as you think also i like to use it a couple of times on all different parts of my lashes but that’s just me. also if you want bigger lashes (which i like) after your first application add more @ the tips of your lashes so they get longer and longer and longer and just keep doing that until you can tickle the person next to you with your lashes. also for a doe-eyed look you’re going to want to put mascara on your bottom lashes but you don’t have to do it everyday
    2. BLUSH: i like to do my blush two ways. the first way is my go to way i do it 90% of the time. you just suck your cheeks in so you can find your cheekbones and then apply directly under that so they pop (you want to apply in a line) i use a dark pink blush that my mom hates bc it “dosen’t look natural honey” but im not looking for natural but if you are just find a peach-y coral color and apply the same way. the other way i like to apply which is how i did it in this pic is just like a little under your eyes on you cheeks like you’re a blushing anime character or something to look cute n innocent


    you’ll need:

    • liquid foundation
    • brow stuff
    • darker blush
    • mascara
    • eyelash curler (optional)
    • shadow (optional)
    • black gel eyeliner***
    • angled brush 
    • red/pink lipstick

    how to:

    1. see: Foundation
    2. see: eyebrows
    3. shadow if you want
    4. WINGED EYELINER (probably going to go really in depth with this): get your liner and angled brush and start applying in a near your lashes in a line (as you get closer to the inside of your eye you’re going to want it to get thinner. then you’re going to want to make the wing which might take a couple of tries. the way you can sometimes do it is make the shape of the triangle and then fill it in. also some people take a piece of clear tape if they want the wing to be nearly perfect and they angle it from their waterline to the angle they want their wings. when you have your eyes closed you’re going to want it to look something close to this: 

      there are also a lot of videos!!!
    5. see: mascara
    6. see: blush
    7. LIPSTICK: you want to apply this very carefully. go right along the line of your lips and if you mess up fix it with a cue-tip. you can shape your lips a lot of ways you can check my /tagged/lips if you need help!! 
    8. SETTING YOUR MAKEUP: i personally like to use NYX matte makeup setter but there are lots of other cool brands (my dream brand is urban decay) basically just spray it on your face ??? ya bu NEVER use hair spray because it is tres terrible for your skin and just all around BAD

    THAT’S IT!!!! if you want me to teach you more about eyeshadow like a smokey eye or highlighting or anything just ask!!!! i hope this was helpful please ask me for questions @ anytime!! 

    *some tips about liquid foundation: you want it to look natural as hecK if ur a first timer you should probably go somewhere where they have testers so you can tell if it matches your skin tone before you buy (don’t lie to yourself be true to your natural skin tone). just apply a tiny bit on the back of your hand  to see if it matches and blends well. also consistency is important!! the creamy-er the better!! make sure your foundation isn’t liquid-y!!

    **i own something like this:  http://www.forever21.com/product/product.aspx?br=F21&category=ACC&productid=1000087686&variantid= 

    it has all the basic brushes you’ll need!! it’s just an example to show you what you’ll need plus they’re cheap so they’ll be p good 4 beginners 

    ***eyeliner is basically my lord and savior it’s so important to me wow im getting emotional???? anyway you want gel eyeliner and a good angled brush but probably not the same one you use for your eyeliner and remember the one you’ll buy will come with one but remember THEY ARE LYING so get a good one. anyways i recommend loreal paris 171 blackest black gel eyeliner ….. good 4 all skin tones