i guess i should be tagging pizza

tagged by: @narcasse

tagging: @magicandmysterymanor @flamboyantxgoth @mad-eggs-onthewall @mikiriandmokoro @miles-xanthous

what should we call you: Chey
birthday: May 28th
gender: A (Agender, they/them)
orientation: Demisexual/panromantic
age: 20
languages you can at least somehow communicate in: English, I can understand and communicate a little in ASL but I’m not technically proficient

favorite cocktail/drink: Zero Pepsi Max
favorite candy: CHOCOLATE
favorite pizza: Pineapple 
favorite meal: My dad’s family’s Burmese chicken curry over white rice with shredded coconut and my mom’s family’s South African curry. So I guess the simple answer is just curry.

best memory: My last day of C-Tec, it’s a bittersweet memory but it means a lot to me.
best friend: I got a lot, but the closest is my spicy little red head friend.
best relative: My bio mom and my step-dad.
best pet: Calista, my favorite little angel may she rest in peace.
best celebrity: Not much for celebrities myself.

one random fact about you: Mun has the cutest boyfriend in the world. Love ya, bae~ ;3c
one random fact about your day: Started my day with a three mile walk. 
one random fact about your muse: I am multimuse but given the person tagging me, I’ll be using my beloved twin tacticians. Both Robins exhibit the gift of intuition and are quite good at not only detecting lies, but reading a person’s actions to the point of predicting their exact moves. Examples: the hierarch in chapter 7, Validar’s attempt to steal the Fire Emblem in chapter 21 and later chapters.
one random fact about your job/school: I’m actually quite lazy and prefer to move at my own pace. If a teaching method being used on me doesn’t provide the stimulation I seek, I become bored very quickly and tend to ignore the lesson, only to go on to find information for myself. That doesn’t mean I’m hopeless though, I was an excellent test taker and regularly ranked in the top percent in my class. Because of this, some of my teachers just let me do my own thing and found that I did better because of it.
one random fact you wish was a fact but it isn’t: I wish I was more disciplined. I’m working on it, but it’s going to take time.