i guess i ship it today

i’m glad we’re all in agreement that shardilver is a good ship bc now i can post all the stupid things i’ve drawn with them lol :^)


I’ve actually had this rolling around in my head for weeks and it was funny when I first thought of it. Sometimes I am self-conscious of my dumb ideas.  

My kink is Keith being appreciated for his own individual quirks, characteristics, hopes, dreams, wants, needs, achievements, and flaws that are unique to who he is instead of him being reduced to a blank slate that fans fill with how they think he should be or act like as one half of a ship.


JM (to JK): Why do I like you so much?


more new crystal gem jasper crushin on pearl

As someone who spends a lot of time alone with an animal, let me say that Lucretia definitely got in the habit of talking to the Voidfish during her year alone. Sometimes if the Voidfish wasn’t in the room she would forget and just kind of talk to an imaginary Voidfish. 

Sometimes they had coherant conversations! Fisher is a smart jellyfish. Sometimes it was more like;

Lucretia: *drops something* See, this is why we can’t have nice things. Because everything is garbage and we’re all going to die

Fisher: *worried jellyfish noises*

Lucretia: I know, buddy. I want to die too. But we can’t, can we? Because then a giant disc of living darkness would eat all of existence unstopped. And that would be bad. 

Fisher: *hums*

Lucretia: That’s a fair point. I guess we can not die for today. Do you want to find some stories to eat? Goodness knows the locals won’t be using them in a year or so. 

After a few months of isolation it got the point where they’d shout at each other across the ship just to have company. Fisher would blare random music notes and Lucretia would yell back something inane like “Yes, I know” or “I’m on it, Captain!” The Voidfish would follow her around the ship and make noise at her, because it realized how lonely she was, and she would have very serious conversations about the fuselage and the engine and her past and anything else that came to mind with this bouncing, growing (constantly curious, way too rambunctious) fish. 

When everyone else got back they were a little concerned about the way Lucretia kept turning to the Voidfish and randomly saying things like, “If we don’t find something to eat other than transmutated tree bark things I’m going to stage a mutiny and throw everyone in the brig. First I’ll make them build us a brig,” or ask it about its thoughts on religion and the Hunger as a representation of internal emptiness and external consumption. Worse, sometimes the Voidfish would respond in what sounded suspiciously like musical sentences, leaving everyone with the unsettling impression that the still very tiny, baby Voidfish deserved contributing editor status on Lucretia’s journals now. 


Today I found out that as a fanartist I was probably given too much power

(14/2 is Yamagata’s birthday and 15/2 is Kinoshita’s and I was drawing them for it and then I wondered)


Context: As part of a new storyline after a wizard got retired, the bard and monk got shipwrecked on an island and rescued by a warlock.

Warlock: I can lead you to the nearest city if you like.

Bard: Sure, how far away is it?

Warlock: About three days. (Laughs) unless you can make a boat out of all this scrap wood from your ship.

Bard (ooc): (laughing) I wanna try to make a boat out of all this scrap wood.

Dm: (amused sigh) Okay, bard. Roll…survival, I guess?

Bard: *Nat 20*

Monk (ooc): I think we just broke most of what we were gonna do today.

Bard (ooc): (laughing) I didn’t think it was gonna work! I just wanted to be a smartass!

Long story short, the DM threw a giant octopus at us out of spite. We got inked.

Jealous - Harry Hook

Request: Can you do a Harry hook x daughter of Hades? 

 Warnings: None I think 

 A/N: I quite like this one!


 You paced around in circles of yours and Harry’s shared loft. You were absolutely bored without your boyfriend, he had gone to work a night shift at Ursula’s Fish and Ships unexpectedly. Leaving you alone to yourself for a couple hours. Usually you’d enjoy this free time to yourself. But today, you missed Harry especially. He was so spontaneous there was never a dull moment. You guess walking around your loft was better than walking around the Underworld with you father, Hades. 

 Time went on and you were still bored out of your mind. You searched through the whole loft to find something entertaining. Even search around Harry’s closet. Which, to your surprise you found a tattered up, stuffed bunny rabbit with the name “Mr. Cuddles” on it. You laughed to yourself at how much Harry was soft deep, down inside, also how uncreative he was.

 'Mr. Cuddles? Really Harry? That’s all you could come up with? He looks more like a Fredward Montgomery FancyPants The Third to me.’ You thought to yourself. ‘Man, I really am going crazy all cooped up in here.' 

 You decided it was finally time to leave the loft and go look for Harry, maybe him and Uma needed help at the shop. You walked over and were immediately greeted with a kiss to the forehead by none other than Harry Hook. 

 "Love, what are you doing here?“ Harry placed kisses all across your face and arms. He was like a puppy greeting its owner after a long work day. 

 "I figured you and Uma might need some help.” At that exact moment Uma came around and put a tray on your head and gave you a pat on the back. “So I guess that’s a yes?” Harry and Uma both nodded.

About 45 minutes had past and were uneventful, except for Harry flirting with the occasional girl, or boy. Usually it didn’t bother you, because flirting was just part of Harry’s personality. You knew he meant no harm by it, he loved you, you knew that in your heart. But when you saw him flirt with a beautiful girl with big, green eyes, and black, wavy hair, you were livid. She was gorgeous. She looked like a freaking mermaid! The sight of him using his hook to push her hair made your blood boil with rage, and your hair turn to fire. Your hair always did that when you were excited, angry, or embarrassed. Your dad was the former ruler of the Underworld, after all. You were angry, but when the girl blew Harry a kiss, your hair burst into full on flames. Your hands began coming hot and burned the metal tray you were holding. 

You couldn’t take the sight any longer, you had to do something. You marched right over to Harry, pulled him by the collar and smashed your lips to his. He immediately kissed you back and wrapped his arms around your frame, pulling you as close as humanly possible. Both of you completely forgot about that girl. When the both of you opened your eyes, she was gone. And a sigh of relief escaped your lips. 

 Harry laughed, “What was that for? Not that I didn’t love it, because you should expect more of that when this shift is over… but what for?" 

You pursed your lips, "Nothing, can I not kiss my boyfriend?” You hair began sizzling once again. 

 "Were you.. jealous, darling?“ Harry smirked and traced his finger across your lips. 

 "Harry Hook! I was not jealous! I don’t get jealous.” Your hair was completely on fire now, alight from embarrassment. 

“Mhm, and that’s why your hair is on fire right, love?” He tried touching it but immediately singed his finger. 

“Alright fine, I was a little jealous. I don’t feel comfortable with you flirting with people like that anymore.” “Darling, I’m sorry. I never meant to offend you in anyway. I love you, and only you, till the day we die and even after that. I’ve always promised you that, and it’s a promise I intend to keep.” Harry tilted your chin up and placed his lips on yours for a quick kiss. “You know you’re actually pretty hot when you’re jealous.” Your hair got hot with embarrassment for the millionth time that night. “Literally.” Harry laughed. 

You pushed his shoulder, “Hey, I have nothing to be embarrassed about, because I found Mr. Cuddles in your closet today.”

Harry’s jaw dropped and this time he was the one with a fire red hue to his pale cheeks. “Hey, leave Mr. Cuddles out of this! He’s innocent!” You bursted out in laughter and grabbed Harry’s hook off his hand, running away in the process.

“Seriously, Harry? No better name than Mr. Cuddles?” You yelled, so Harry could hear from behind you as he chased you.

You heard him yell “You’re gonna pay for that (Y/N)!" 

 And later once you two got home and were alone, you really did pay for that.

anonymous asked:

after watching the new episode i was wondering if it possible for TodoBaku or is there moment that show Bakugou doesn't really mind about Todoroki in the later chapter ? and what's your opinion in TodoBaku ? how do you see their relationship ? Thanx :)

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh what a good great unexpected question - personally, I don’t ship it romantically one bit, but it is one of my favorite dekusquad/bakusquad relationships - I guess you might consider it something similar to an accidental sort-of-friendship neither of them seem to actually have noticed yet? It’s definitely a unique relationship for either of them, at least… they make it clear more than once that they Do Not Give A Fuck about the other’s personal struggles, I just can’t see them talking and finding sympathy in each other, but that just ends up giving them a kind of blunt and no-bullshit relationship that doesn’t stop them from working together when needed. I don’t know how to properly explain it, honestly, but they’re fun! 

I don’t know how much spoilers you want so I’ll keep this as vague as I can, but they do happen together more than either of them would like, and their relationship is a really amusing one for me - Todoroki actually cracks jokes with Bakugou around, though always with his neutral face and making fun of Bakugou himself when he does, and the way he has of just straight out ignoring Bakugou’s insults and fire-spitting and answering as if they were having a civil conversation is weirdly entertaining tbh

I wouldn’t say that Bakugou “doesn’t mind Todoroki”, but he does end up having way more important things to think about than his one-sided rivalry with him, and once he starts settling things with Deku the narrative mostly moves to push in that direction, which means that every interaction he has with Todoroki is either on neutral grounds or in the middle of forced cooperation, pushing any antagonism they might have to the background, really - also, the more the story goes on the more Bakugou becomes civil with the rest of the class, so there’s that too! Anyway, they’re fun to me, I wish to draw more of them in the future tbh

Anon said: I do laugh at Bakugou’s reaction on the podium bc visually its animated funny. But u r right that the whole thing is fucked. How is that even appropriate to do to him? And it takes until after his fight with deku many arcs later for All Might to say “we maybe sort of neglected this kid’s mental health.” Like wtf. It upsets me sometimes to think just how much All Might just doesn’t even *see* Bakugou. So much is wrong about this, from putting Bakugou on display to forcing the medal on him.

Blessed words all of them - it’s why I’m such a fan of the idea of Bakugou without even noticing switching his role model to Aizawa, actually? Aizawa’s the only adult figure in the whole manga who’s constantly been there for Bakugou, he has his future and mental health and reputation constantly in mind and works his ass off to try and help him along as much as possible, he takes note of everything Bakugou goes through, every switch in mood and worsening in personality and interpersonal relationships, and he’s always incredibly fast in nudging him towards the right path again - and Bakugou noticed. He trusts Aizawa to know him, follows his directions and accepts his advices, believes he’ll have his back without an ounce of doubt, that’s the tutor/student relationship Bakugou deserves 

I understand that All Might has a lot of problems of his own and he’s just learning to be a teacher anyway, but he found it in himself to be there for Deku, while Bakugou has been obviously staring at his back for the whole length of the manga and it took All Might 120 chapters to notice, that’s just plain sad

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Im sad n tired any thoughts for nurseydex or Dexrarepairweek day today (rare m/m ship)

pal i am always ready to talk about nurseydex

•listen. we all talk about holster and his reality tv addiction but nursey watches the bachelorette, like, religiously. dex pretends to hate it but eventually he gets into it too

•"uh excuse me how the FUCK could she send taynor home when she told him they had a CONNECTION on the first date and kailor admitted he might still not be over his ex???“ -nursey, probably

•"why the fuck are you asking me? but like, if i had to guess, i’d say it’s probably because she realized the connection with taynor was more physical than anything and she’s still willing to see how her feelings for kailor might develop”-dex, probably

•they both want weird ass pets. have to routinely be talked out of buying exotic lizards online by bitty and it only works because they don’t have any great place to set up a proper habitat in that drafty-ass haus

•dex is also a big cat person, though. he tends to end up rescuing barn cats a lot??? and they have kittens????? so sometimes nursey will get random snapchats of dex over the summer with like four kittens on his lap and he just…melts

•dex is a big midnight snacker and sometimes nursey will wander downstairs and find dex stuffing his face with cheese at like 1 in the morning by the light of the fridge

•"don’t look at me like that, derek"

•nursey loves carly rae jepsen. he refuses to make a workout playlist without at least one song from emotion AND emotion side b

•okay okay so like once before they were dating-dating but while they were friends-leaning-toward-heavy-sexual-tension nursey was talking to someone back home about dex and accidentally called him “my boyfriend” without thinking about it

•random aunt: “oh wow derek you have a boyfriend???????? what’s his name”

•nursey: “wait no”

•nursey: “dex i love you so much. you mean so much to me and i can’t imagine my life without you”

•dex, with tears in his eyes: “that’s really gay”

•dex has several dozen memes of possums making different faces and sends them to nursey to exclusively describe his mood


They’re there with them and today they shall be awakened

Art by my friend Straw

This is still his old stuff from before…I’ll be out tomorrow too, gonna just leave this at the front of the Window

(Possession-ish AU by the way; does it count as “possession” when both minds exist in the same body…like isn’t “possession” more “completely taking over”?)


Yesterday was the first day of the laven week! YAY! But since I’m completely useless and I need the stars to align to be able to manage drawing my otp, I’m pretty sure this will be my only contribution o<-<



aka, the terrible streamer au where Lance is an overwatch streamer who thinks he is the bestestest widow and one day there is this one Hanzo named Keith on the other team who keeps picking him off early in game and bc of that Lance gets demoted.

The chat ships them, Lance hates him.

Juno Crawford, everybody! ❤

Okay, I was supposed to do this yesterday, but I had to study for law class, AND GUESS WHAT, the professor ditched us. Talk about a waste of time. Then I basically procrastinated until today because I had to get an Elias headcanon out of my head. (I might post it once I’m done. *wink wonk*)

So out of all the genderbends, I ship Juno with Lewis the most, probably because their pictures sit side by side in my gallery. When I took a quick glance I was all like, “Oooh, they’re cute, I ship.” Even though I am always pro-Elias, I am not going to let go of my ship just yet. (*^﹏^*)