i guess i quite like this photo

Guess whos muslim black trans and not tryna take photos rn (they/them)

Im nonbinary, and ever since I was 3 ive never quite felt like a girl. Id always do “boy” things and scream when people called me a girl. When puberty hit, I would cry and throw big tantrums when i saw bras. Sometimes in the middle of target lmao and we all know how black mommas react to shit like that. Anyways speeding up the story, I came to terms with my transness late last year. Although I present femininely and wear a hijab, im anything but a girl.

Its still a huge struggle for me, esp finding other trans muslim people to talk to or other trans black muslim folk, but days are lookin up! Im ready to come out to some close friends and some school mates itll be a blast. I’ll try to take care of myself and keep an optimistic beat.

Thanks for listening and happy trans day of visibility!




My wife, @shipperhipster, my cap, and me as Winter Soldier with a trio of EPIC photo ops at @wizardworldcomiccon-blog Austin 

I was quite dorkily pleased to discover seeing him in the flesh, yes I do actually have the same shade hair/eyes.

And dayumn Seb handles that rifle like a pro - and is sooo much taller than I am X3  

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Were the Antwerp costumes made new and what happened to them?

I believe the Antwerp costumes were a mix of old and new. Some of the costumes is said to have originated from Basel, and when comparing photos of selected costumes that seems to be true. Red Death, for example:

But I was told the Basel costumes were in a quite sad state when they came to Antwerp, so some had to be completely redone, and some were scrapped alltogether. In this case it looks like they got new costumes from West End. The Aminta dress is basically identical to the contemporary West End ones, for example. So if I were to guess, I’d say the Antwerp costumes were a mix of newly made items from West End, and vintage stuff from Basel.

Now, where did the costumes go when the Antwerp production closed in the summer of 2000? I suspect they were split between the Copenhagen production (opening autumn 2000) and Stage Entertainment, who incorporated them into the Madrid production (opening autumn 2002). In Copenhagen the Elissa skirt is particularly recognizable:

As is the b/w 1st Managers dress worn by Carlotta:

Copenhagen had gotten all the Stockholm costumes. In the cases where the Copenhagen costumes doesn’t match the Stockholm ones, it’s either because they got supplements from Antwerp, or brand new stuff from West End.

So in short: Antwerp costumes came from Basel and West End. Afterwards they were split between Copenhagen and Stage Entertainment (Madrid). Though there’s also the possibility that stuff was also kept, or shipped elsewhere. :)

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Not about the drama going on, (but I guess it kinda is) how do people know Ju is keeping Ashley away from Andy?? I try to stay out of bands personal lives, but I keep seeing that get said everywhere. How do you keep the 2 people who own the band away from each other???

It seems like she’s keeping him away from everyone. I mean he’s not hanging out with anyone but her it seems. In fact I’m quite surprised to see photos of him with old friends/family on tour right now. 


I ordered a few things with my prints on it from my own redbubble-selection, to check how good the quality is. :D And I have to say I’m quite happy with the mugs, the scarf and the metal print. ^^ Tuli helped taking photos, then adopted the scarf. I guess I can’t have it back anymore… She has been sitting on it for two hours by now and only gave it back for like… 30 seconds to take the photos. After photo one she decided: “That’s enough, give it back.“

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Nickname: online people usually just call me Charr 

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Hogwarts house: Hufflepuff ^-^

Pokemon Team: Instinct

Favorite color: maybe red?? but also black and green,,

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Since you're getting quite a few people admitting they have a crush on you. I guess I'll come out and admit it, but I'm too much of a wuss to do it off anon since I don't want to make things weird between us. And you're breathtakingly beatiful. Thought you should know that since that nsfw photo was probably nerve-wracking to post, and I just like telling you how pretty you are.

Woah woah!!! This is so sweet anon! :’) you made my day a lot better tbh

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When I saw Phantom London (it was a Saturday matinee) Celinde did actually have a wig like Rachel's short one-- maybe even a bit shorter. It looked absolutely ridiculous on her! I'm guessing it was because her long wig was in prep for the night show or something?

I know she’s had two different ones for quite some time. But the shortest one doesn’t strike me as quite as short as Rachel Barrell’s short wig?

(above is Celinde C. in her long wig, left, and her shorter wig, right)

Though these photos are a year old. It might be that one of these wigs have been replaced, or maybe it’s starting to become a lot thinner and hence looks shorter? Or the curls being tighter? Thank you for the imputs!


Guess who just got snapchat and decided the best way to use it was to take photos of a children’s book? Yaaaaah.

I found the children’s book at PowerBooks ATC for only P100 (I think). There are other heroes in the series like Mabini, Aguinaldo, Rizal, Andres, Antonio and Juan Luna, etc.

It’s actually quite detailed for a children’s book, so I suggest you guys go ahead and grab a copy of it. Or even better, of the entire series.

last fittings before i depart to Poznań for Pyrkon Fantasy Festival C: to sum it up - it’s been a long and a very troublesome process of making this costume, there are things i still don’t like and would change (but for now i’m like 100% done with it), but overall i guess it looks quite presentable. i hope photographers will do their “magic” and the final photos (after retouching and stuff) will look astonishing.

*there’s no belt because i’ve got it already dismantled for packing, and ofc i’d not have been able to take a photo with the gloves on ;p*

now i have to find a new project to work on, i like to keep my hands constantly busy ;p

April 14 1969 - John & Paul recording ‘The Ballad Of John & Yoko’ at Abbey Road studios after working on it briefly at Paul’s home on Cavendish Avenue in St John’s Wood, London. The photo above was submitted to author Dean Johnson via Facebook & my source is here.

'Well, guess who wrote that? I wrote that in Paris on our honeymoon. It’s a piece of journalism. It’s a folk song. That’s why I called it The Ballad Of.’ - John Lennon, All We Are Saying

'John was in an impatient mood so I was happy to help. It’s quite a good song; it has always surprised me how with just the two of us on it, it ended up sounding like The Beatles.’ = Paul McCartney, Many Years From Now


Places I passed by yesterday (^-^)

I made a long walk to a crafts meet up in Hamburg :)
The weather was wonderful and I took many photos that day :3

Hamburg has many different kinds of architecture so it never gets boring to walk along a street :D
You can see a lot of old bunkers too :)
These were built during world war 2 and have been there ever since.
Some have been converted to storage buildings or event spaces other seem to just be there :D
They are quite common int he residential areas of Hamburg :)
I guess they are still around because it is very difficult and expensive to demolish them.

I want to try stand up paddling at some point :3
It looks like fun but that event looked weird because they remained stationary for some time and barely moved :D

Another detail I like on many older houses in Hamburg are their balconies :3
I like those a lot :3
I feel like most modern balconies are not made for use but rather to look nice to the architect which means that if you put up plants or leave something on them they start looking crowded or ugly while the old ones look more endearing once you put something personal on them which makes them more like “your” balcony and “your” flat while those new ones will always remain the architects balcony/flat :D

I liked those forged hinges on the doors of that building and the mosaic on the floor :3

And another happy graffiti :D
I like those too :D
They make me smile ever time I see them (I wouldn’t smile if someone put it on my window though :D

Now I took so many photos that picking the ones to publish is hard (´・_・`)

Anyway last week was quite nice :3
I went to some events and took care of some paperwork :)
I have to do quite a lot of paperwork because I’m still unemployed and because some things about my student status were not quite clear to me but I finished most of it and now most of what I can do is wait for things to reach my mailbox :D
I hope that I’ll get a reply to my applications soon (^-^;)
I need to write more applications too…

Now that I cleared my workbench from most of the things I piled upon it I piled new things on it :D
Soon I’ll share more things with you again :)

I wish everyone a great weekend with sweet dreams and a source of a stable income (^-^)/

Dear Outlander fandom;

Over the weekend during Comic Con the Outlander facebook posted a picture of Sam holding his Funko doll. Now, I thought it was a great picture of him and I LOVED the Funko doll (my Thor one could use a friend that’s a little tougher than Robert from Enchanted…not that I have a Robert doll) but…quite a few people seemed to disagree with my opinion…

This is an example of some of the comments on the picture…

“Why does He look like a girl??? Hate the way he is wearing his hair!!”

“I wish Sam would wear his hair like Jaime! I hate that slicked back look. Looks sooo greasy.”

“Sam you look skinny in this pic you need to eat more”

“where has that gorgeous body gone??? He looks gay in this photo. I think he is.”

“Never would have guessed that was Jamie Fraser! Looks like a girl!!!”

“When he’s Jaimie his hair is more rugged and he’s all scruffy and dirty and wearing a manly kilt. He’s too pretty as himself.”

“He looks like he lost a lot of weight. Where are his big muscles and sexy ass? He even looked great on all the cast interviews… What’s going on?”

“Too thin,too girly….not a fan of these pics….”

“I love Jamie. I like Sam. Fix yer hair like Jamie’s and ye’ll be beating the lassies off with a stick!” … “I was only suggesting he fix his hair differently to be more rugged looking. I fully understand that no one can go around dressed as a character all the time! Women, like us, enjoy looking at the characters and dream of being in a fantasy world with them. Knowing we can’t in reality we still like to see their real selves resemble just a tad…example, Sam’s hair to be more like Jamie's”

“Sam!!!!! Lose the comb over! Where’s our Jamie?”

“Thank you! His hair is kind of scary in this pic!”

“Sam…where is your Outlander hair? Get it back!”

“Jamie- change the hair. You’re losing your masculinity”

“Are his muscles fake in the show? He looks so skinny in this picture. Love the smile but this is an effeminate version of Jamie Fraser.”

“The haircut is so wrong! Not our Jamie!”

“I cannot even see the resemblance from Sam….and Jaime. Sam looks a bit effeminate for my “ Jaime” in this pic…..”

“What did he do to his hair?? Omg stop that.”

“I like movie Jamie better, here he looks to young and thin here”

“lost a lot of weight? & the Comb over confuses me! Doesn’t look like Jamie?”

“Ummm… where r Sam’s shoulders? When did he slim down so??? Nothing “Broad” in this pic… gag”

“This is not the Jamie of outlander. He needs to hide or wear his kilts all the time. Along with hair and what happened to his body pray tell?”

“What happened to Sam’s(Jamie’s)muscles? He looks too skinny, he looks like he lost too much weight”

“Love the curl in his hair, but not the comb over. Reminds me of Donald Trump”

“Could not have picked a tinier, more femmy guy for a huge Scottish warrior. So disappointed.”

“This guy looks nothing like James. In fact it almost looks like a girl.”

“The top of his head looks like Nicole Kidman?!”

“Wow. Bad picture. Looks like he should tell you to put the lotion in the basket”

“That hair is scary”

“That can’t be Jaime. His hair , face & body don’t look anything like him ! This guy looks little , frail and kinda feminine..?”

“What’s with the hair? Too girlie!”

“Why does He look like a girl??? Hate the way he is wearing his hair!!”

Yeah. Those were not comments on a private fan page. Those were on the official Outlander fan page. That Sam follows. All of those comments were put somewhere Sam could EASILY see them.

I mean…I don’t even know what to say about this. I really really don’t.

I have NEVER seen a fandom behave like this. Oh I’ve seen in fighting, I’ve seen drama, I’ve seen insults thrown at characters that aren’t as well loved. I know damn well fandom can get nasty at times and I’ve seen it. I’m NOT entirely surprised when the fandom gets bullying and nasty amongst each other (although really, it goes beyond anything I’ve ever seen) but this??? I have never seen a fandom be SO insulting to the male lead, especially not in a place HE CAN SEE IT!! What the hell kind of behaviour is this from a group of grown ladies?? I mean…when is bullying ever okay?

Not to even mention a good portion of these comments seem to be from people who don’t understand reality vs. fiction. Where’s Jamie? Ummm…nowhere. Yeah that sounds harsh but that’s where Jamie is. He doesn’t exist. Jamie was not invited to Comic Con, Sam was. So why in the world should he look like Jamie? He’s not a play toy to fit into your fantasies, he has no obligation to keep his hair or facial hair a certain way because you like it more. He’s a grown ass man, with his own mind and his own personality and should do whatever the hell he’s most comfortable with. He does not exist for your pleasure.

And when I tried to defend him I was told he was an actor and he expected people to criticize his pictures and then when I pointed out that acting did not negate his humanity, I was told that I was clearly just trying to pick a fight. No, I was trying to act like a decent human being. Actors sign up to act. Yes, they have to make sacrifices to do so. Yes, they give up privacy and yes they know their looks are going to criticized a lot more than anyone else but that does not mean it’s okay for fans to talk like this, especially not somewhere that he can see it. It’s still incredibly rude and uncalled for. If you want to discuss it, go to one of the millions of private groups and leave it there. Because all of us? We’re supposed to be fans. End of story.

It doesn’t mean you have to like every look he wears. Of course not. That’s insane. He’s had some appearances that I haven’t loved but I don’t say anything, especially not publicly because he doesn’t dress or do his hair for me.

Also because I realize he’s Sam. Not Jamie. SAM.

So in summary, don’t be douches. I know that seems exceedingly hard for this fandom but just…stop being douches. He’s a human being. He has feelings. He doesn’t deserve to be insulted and he doesn’t deserve to be treated like he needs to be Jamie 24/7. Just…let him be him.

And if you REALLY feel the need to say something why not be I don’t know…decent about it? Like “I like his hair in a man bun better, but can’t go wrong with that smile!” instead of…calling him girly, scary, gay (that’s my favourite, how does one look gay???), or comparing him to Donald Trump. It’s not hard.

(PS. His hair was actually a side part. Not a comb over. A comb over suggests hiding baldness…which one “fan” did suggest he was doing… a side part is the look he was rocking)


I’m really not sure what to say that would relate to these photos sooooo I guess I’ll just introduce myself.

I’m a fat Filipinx femme from California–who’s good at selfies. I get nerdy about women’s of color feminisms, critical race theory, and the pedagogy of social justice. I work in higher education and the exploration of my racial, mental, and sexual identities are always challenged by the fantastic students I work with. I say ‘hella’ quite frequently. I like gastropubs and sea creatures. I follow my heart and I’m kind of a big silly.

I’m both imj and theywontstfu! Say hi! And for those of you who are about to go to college, congrats! And feel free to ask me any questions you might have about navigating uni!