i guess i never published any of those

  1. No, I should not warn people that the book I’m advertising has gay content because gay content in no way requires warnings. You might as well ask me to put a warning on it for containing an aircraft carrier. It’s just not something anyone needs warning over, and if anyone is offended by this unwarningworthy content, they frankly deserve to be.
  2. I have never hidden anything about the LGBT content in my novel. It’s published by an LGBT publisher so it’s kind of expected it has at least one LGBT character. I’ve spoken often here about that main character, and have never hidden that she’s gay in any way shape or form. I didn’t mention it specifically in my latest post because I’m focusing on other selling points for the third book. The people most likely to get Book 3 are those who have read 1 and 2 and already know it has a gay lead, so I was posting about the content they’d want to see in the next book.
  3. I’m guessing you’re one of those people who’s “Okay with homosexuality so long as it’s not confronting me” people. So surely I’m expected to explain how the gay content in Valhalla and its sequels is not “confrontational.” I have after all maintained that these are action, not romance, and have little of the latter. But because I absolutely loathe your mentality, I’m going to take quite the opposite stance on this one:
  4. Valhalla and its sequels “confront” you with HOMOSEXUAL INTERCOURSE. That’s right- Each of these three novels has at least one instance of HOMOSEXUAL INTERCOURSE. That is to say, intercourse between homosexual individuals of the same sex. I’m sorry, was I supposed to warn you that I was going to mention HOMOSEXUAL INTERCOURSE? Because if you’re offended by HOMOSEXUAL INTERCOURSE I’d hate to unexpectedly “confront” you with any HOMOSEXUAL INTERCOURSE. So consider this your “warning,” Valhalla does indeed contain… Wait for it… HOMOSEXUAL INTERCOURSE.
  5. It’s been over a year since I got an idiot such as yourself writing in to complain about Valhalla’s gay content so forgive me for indulging in a public reply, but for the love of god if you think a book needs a warning because a girl gets a crush on another girl you have serious social problems and need a solid smack in the monitor to tell you to grow the fuck up.
  6. And of course, I could never turn down a chance to use such an ask as an advertisement. So by all means everyone reading this, read Valhalla by Ari Bach: Because it contains HOMOSEXUAL INTERCOURSE.
I've been quoted plenty already, no worries
  • Journalist: tell me about why you write slash, why don’t you write about heterosexual romances like a normal person?
  • Me: O_o Well, let me try to explain some wider trends that you seem to be failing to notice, as well as give you some of my personal sentiments on the subject.
  • Journalist: Here, I've paraphrased what you've said about general trends as if they were personal statements, and put some words in your mouth, and presented it all as a direct quotation. So are you gay, straight or bi?
  • Me: Please don't paraphrase me and publish it as a quotation. I never said some of those things the way you're presenting it.
  • Journalist: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Guess I can't use any of your quotes now if you won't let me modify what you said into something kind of different.
  • Me: ...is this how you normally do journalism?